I’m slowly removing my own fanfic – the ones I was never happy with and also will be reworking some…. and might possibly repost the new work at a later date. Until then, I will be posting them on my Blog as they are reworked. I’m still wavering over removing my own fics from this site completely and leaving only the Archive of other Authors. Will have to think about it a little more.

Cali xx


Breathe Again   (R/N-17) (Reworked).

Closet Showers 7/? (N-17)

Crossed Lines   3/? (R/N-18) S2

Discord   scene of noncon (R/N-18)

Faint Heart   17/? (R/N-17)

Floodgates   1/13 Attempted rape Scene (R/N-17)

Getting to Know You   16/? (Harsh R/N-18)….. 

Let’s Do the Monster Mash   (R/N18)

Made to Order   (N-17)

Mercenary Hearts  15/? (possibly N-17) – reworking/unfinished (2023-4). Hoping I find my missing Muse… 🙁

Right of Possession   3/? (N-17)

Sleeping with Tigers   – Reworking


Candy   (PG-13)

Disclosure.   Sequel to Resolve. (R)

Faking It    (N-17ish)

Hard Choices.   Sequel to Nameless. (R)

Nameless     (R)

Promises 1   First in a series of Vignettes   (up to R/N-17)

Promises 2: Regrets    Second in a series of Vignettes   (up to R/N-17)

Promises 3: Looking for Redemption.    . Third in a series of Vignettes. (up to R/N-17)

Promises 4: Tightrope.    . Fourth in a series of Vignettes. (up to R/N-17)

Resolve.   Sequel to Hard Choices (R)

Visiting Hours    (R)

Want A Picture?  (PG/Rish)

Who’s Taming Who?   Is now posted on my Blog.


Caught   (R)

Just Dust   (R)