Breathe Again   (R/N-17)

Closet Showers 7/? (N-17)

Crossed Lines   3/? (R/N-18) S2

Discord   scene of noncon (R/N-18)

Faint Heart   17/? (R/N-17)

Floodgates   1/13 Attempted rape Scene (R/N-17)

Getting to Know You   16/? (Harsh R/N-18)….. 

Home Comforts   Sequel to Visiting Hours (N-17)

Let’s Do the Monster Mash   (R/N18)

Made to Order   (N-17)

Mercenary Hearts  16/20-ish  (R – possibly N-17; not sure yet.) 

Right of Possession   3/? (N-17)

Sleeping with Tigers   (N-17)

To Have & to Hold   3/? (R/N-17 maybe)

When Hearts Collide.   2/? (N-17)


12th Day of Christmas    (PG-13)

All I Want for Christmas    (PG)

Candy   (PG-13)

Cold Clarity   (R)

Cordy Branches Out    (PG)

Daydreams    (PG-15)

Disclosure.   Sequel to Resolve. (R)

Eye to Eye…Contact 1   A Challenge from DamnSkippy & sequel   from DamnSkippy  (PG)

Faking It    (N-17ish)

Five & Counting    (N-17)

Hard Choices.   Sequel to Nameless. (R)

How Could An Angel Break My Heart?   (Up to N-17) small series- five so far

In the Dark    (PG-15)

Love Bites    (N-17)

Love Me, Love My Demon   (R)

Melt In Your Mouth.  Sequel to Candy (PG-13)

Memory Lane    Sequel to Voices…  (R)

Moonlighting    (N-17)

Mister Sandman    (N-17-ish

Nameless     (R)

Payback’s a Bitch   S & M!   (N-17)

Payback’s a B**tard    Sequel to PaB….S & M!   (N-17)

Promises 1   First in a series of Vignettes   (up to R/N-17)

Promises 2: Regrets    Second in a series of Vignettes   (up to R/N-17)

Promises 3: Looking for Redemption.    . Third in a series of Vignettes. (up to R/N-17)

Promises 4: Tightrope.    . Fourth in a series of Vignettes. (up to R/N-17)

Raising Angel    (N-17)

Resolve.   Sequel to Hard Choices (R)

Rotten Apples    (R)

Small Favours    (PG)

The Balcony Scene    (N-17)

Visiting Hours    (R)

Voices   (R)

Want A Picture?  (PG/Rish)

Who’s Taming Who?   (R)


A Nibble Too Far   (PG)

A Deeper Shade of Blue   (R)

Autobiography in Five Chapters.    Sequel to Facts of Life (PG)

Caught   (R)

Droplets    (PG-16)

Facts of Life.   (PG)

Just Dust   (R)

On the Brink.  A Darkness Within ‘Short’. (R)

Revelations    (PG-16)

Senses   (R)

Simple  (PG)

Vanilla    (R)

Visiting Hours    (R)

Want.  A Darkness Within ‘Short’. (R/N-17)