Back from the Abyss. 9/? (R)
Summary: Wesley is nearing the end of his own ‘beige period’ and secretly meets with Connor to explain things. Angel is still in the deep blue sea and Cordelia has not yet returned. This is where the story begins. (Unfinished.)

In the Light.  3/? (PG-13/R)
Summary: Cordelia finds out about Angel and Darla sleeping together by way of Wolfram and Hart tapes instead of a visit from Darla herself. So in this fic, no pregnant Darla so no Connor. (Unfinished)

Remembering the Dead. 7/? (R)
Summary: A story that reunites C/A – Post S5. (Unfinished)

Shadow of the Beast (R/N-17)

Soulmate.  5/? (R/N-17) Unfinished

Storm. (N-17)

Time To Go Home. 9/? (N-17) Unfinished

When Good Spells Go Bad. (N-17)



Cursed. (R/N-17)

The Same Tonight. (R)

To Brood Or Not To Brood (R)