A Little Ways Back.   sequel (2nd) to Now on to the Present (N-17)

A Soul for Angelus.   (R/N-17)

Betrayal, Deception & forgiveness: Book One    (PG-R)

Betrayal, Deception & forgiveness: Book Two continuation.   (R/N-17)

Boxers or Briefs?   (N-17)

Cordy the TV Star.    (N-17)

Dream It, and the Heart Will Follow.   (N-17)

Into the Past.   (N-17)

It Is Really Forever. (N-17 version)   Crossover with Highlander

It’s a Woman Thing.   (N-17)

Misunderstandings.    (R/N-17)

Now on to the Present.    Sequel (1st) to Into the Past (N-17)

Out of Whack.    Final Sequel (3rd) to A Little Ways Back. (R/N-17)

Searching for Happily Ever After   (R)

The Fine Line   91/? (R/N-17) Unfinished

The Necklace.    (R/N-17)

The Prophesy.    sequel to The succubus (N-17)

The Succubus.    sort of sequel to It Is Really Forever. (N-17)

The Upper Hand.   (N-17)

This Time Its Real   (R/N-17)

To be Alive or to Live    R

Vamp SmackDown.    (R/N-17)

Who Said You Only Live Once?    Xover with Highlander (N-17)

When Irish Eyes are Smiling.  (N-17) (FB = 1)



The Price of Forgiveness.    (R)