Monster Mash

Title: Let’s Do the Monster Mash         Monster Mash              
Author: Califi
Posted: 15/May/04
Rating: R/N-18 for language and graphic smut
Category: Humor and smut (and an itsy bit o’ angst)
Content: C/A….just read it, lol
Summary: C/A get invited to a special Halloween bash at the Bronze- SunnyHell, and it goes downhill from there when an old enemy gets in on the action!
Spoilers: None: AtS early S2 timeline.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Challenge fic given me by Scorchy [grrr, she is a terror!].NOTES 2: Originally, I said I wouldn’t do it unless Scorch did the smut…but then I decided to try it myself *wibble* so it won’t be anywhere near as hot, but WTH, lol. Hope you enjoy it- and thanks so much for the challenge Scorchy; big licks and other things I can’t type here
Thanks/Dedication:Wonderful ficpic created by Lysa! To Helen for betaring for me- so glad to have the little minx back!- and also she guested in the last part and made it a helluva better fic than it woulda been.- mwah!
Scorchy Challenge: at bottom of page.
Feedback: Pretty please.

Part 1

Please Tell Me I Didn’t…!

“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Cordy mumbled into the hand that partly covered her mouth as she propped up her chin at her desk. Angel merely rolled his eyes in a disconcerting fashion and continued to sift through the post at the check-in counter.

“Why did I let you talk me into it?” she whined a little louder, hiding the little grin when his dark head finally shot up to pin her with an annoyed glare.

“Why did I… you really kill me sometimes, you know that?” his firm mouth tightened for a second before he again dropped his head to the post. The grin spread wickedly.

“Only sometimes? Wow, I must be slipping in my old age- and jeez; stop rolling your eyes, for chrissakes,” she snarked lightly, “God knows where you picked up that bad habit,” she added, rolling her eyes in exasperation.

“I’m like a sponge, I absorb everything,” Angel’s mouth tilted with amusement, which fled at her sly “I can see that, chunky,” as she eyed his ass tellingly.

He wondered idly where he’d hide her body when he finally got to that last straw. Taking a deep; at present, needed calming breath, Angel dropped the post back onto the counter and turned to walk over to her desk, slipping his hands into his pockets in an attempt to stop them throttling the little minx.

“Please Angel, please can we go? – We have SO got to go and show that lot just how hot and sexy and mature we both are now,” his deliberately falsetto voice made Cordy cringe with a mixture of eardrum pain and mortification. “Yeah, all my idea, Cor.” He grinned patronizingly.

“I do not sound like that,” she scowled, scrunching up her nose before sticking her tongue out at him. Angel resisted the urge to swoop down and capture the moist pink tip before it had a chance to slip back into her lush mouth. “Mature?” that got him another quick show and he didn’t complain at all.

“Yeah well- oh okaaay!” she grumbled, “So it was my idea to accept the damned invitation- but that was before I found out how hard it was to get a Halloween outfit three weeks before Halloween!” the grumble had turned into a grouse. He shrugged his broad shoulders casually, not getting the importance of being totally prepared.

“I’m sure you’ll find something good nearer the time,” Angel went to prop a hip on the edge of her desk when the phone rang. As he straightened up again, Cordy surprised him by practically knocking over her chair to get to it first. He watched her grab the phone on the counter with a triumphant grin towards his still half-standing figure and visibly wound down to a casual sexiness that the vampire marveled at even as he ate it up hungrily.

“Hi, Angel’s Investigations; we help the hopeless- oh, it’s you,” her mouth pouted a little as she listened to the female voice on the other end, “No, no, you fit into that category just fine- I suppose you wanna speak to Angel?” Crap. At her words, the manpire in question instantly straightened up as he realized who Cordy was talking to.

He felt really mean and petty, but the rare occasions Buffy did contact him, Angel always felt wrung out afterwards- mainly because it was always hard to slip into the instant tragic-tone of such communications. Hell, he’d left because all of that crap was seriously driving him to a new edge, even for him. Hard to believe the time would come when any kind of contact with his ex-love would end up being a trial.

Grimacing slightly Angel reached out for the phone as soon as he stood next to the brunette, surprised when she swatted his hand away as she listened with raised brows.

“Ohhhh, you want to talk to me? How…. sweet,” Cordy made a gagging motion and Angel forced a gentle warning look on his face before turning his back and letting out a little grin; then he quickened up his pace before she could possibly call him back.

Cordy leant against the counter and watched her boss skedaddle, half surprised he hadn’t loomed over her, hovering annoyingly until it was his turn to talk to his Juliet; then she was pulled back to the voice on the other end of the phone.

“What Am I wearing?” Drat! this was SO not funny! “Wellll…. umm…” Cordy wracked her brain trying to come up with something amazing, when she heard a little snort.

“You haven’t got an outfit yet?” Buffy couldn’t keep the smirk out of her voice as the silence dragged. Cordy’s eyes narrowed evilly before replying.

“I have as a matter of fact, and it is so out of this world I can’t even begin to describe it.” A self-satisfied smile spread over her face at her brainwave, adding silkily, “what about you? Got something hot and none-slayery for the big night- or are you gonna go with the whole ‘hey, I’m a slayer; whatever I wear I’m so there already?'” – Not that Target really shouts out Chick with a Killer tude”, and didn’t she know it!

Shaking off the brief twinge of self-pity at the none-designer clothes she now had to buy, she waited or Buffy to answer.

“Wellll…” now why did that sound familiar? ” Um…” Buffy wracked her brain trying to come up with something amazing- “It’s sorta this thing, with a …thing and…” she gave up on that, ‘thing’ line pretty quick.

“I just can’t describe it it’s so hot.” Silence reigned for a few seconds, and then both cleared their throats at the same time. Cordy finally looked at the non-existent watch on her wrist and gasped aloud.

“Oh, gee, would you look at the time? I really hate to do this Buffy, but I have a hair appointment in twenty minutes, so, busy, busy!” she lied through her teeth and blew out a breath of relief when the other girl bought it. “See you on the night, ‘kay?” Cordy pulled a face at the mouthpiece before both said their goodbyes and put down their phones.

“Oh God, what the hell am I gonna wear?” nearly four hours in distance separated the blonde and the brunette but their wails matched in pitch and desperation…

Hi Ho, hi ho, it’s off to the shops we go…

“I just don’t believe this!” Cordy groaned under her breath as she stared wide-eyed at the blonde gazing into the fancy dress store window, “Could my life get any more pathetic?”

Taking a silent step back, followed by another and another and….

“Cordy?” Oh, crappitycrap! Cordy pasted a smile on her face and kick-started her footsteps back to forward motion, she soon found herself face to face with an equally uncomfortable blonde slayer, who’s smile looked as fake as her own; then the brunette’s hazel eyes narrowed suspiciously before widening in unsuppressed glee.!

“You haven’t got an outfit, have you?” She crowed with unhidden delight. Buffy scowled darkly and kicked the sidewalk, scuffing one of her shiny black boots-, which weren’t that bad, the brunette thought with mild surprise.

“I so do,” Buffy returned falsely with an unblinking stare. “It’s just- well I-I washed it and…and…” the blonde struggled for a moment before adding loudly ” –the colour ran; yes! It was not a pretty sight all the black and green, not to mention the blue and red all, all…” she made a swirly movement in the air, words failing her.

“full of the brown grayness of mixed ickiness?” Cordelia added, surprisingly helpful in the girls moment of need.

“Yes! Total complete grey-brown ickiness,” her head bobbing thankfully, with a stupid grin plastered on her flushed face. Both girls cleared their throats and silence lay like a thick blanket. Then Buffy blinked. “So why are you here?” she asked all too innocently. Yeah, right! cordy thought sourly.

“Actually, I’m just shopping in a normal none-get-up capacity ‘cos, hey! I live in L.A.” And the blonde looked totally sucked in- NOT! “Cordy mentally stamped her foot and decided to come clean. “Okaaay, so I haven’t got an outfit either, happy now?” she practically growled, then surprised Buffy by snickering.

After a few seconds, the slayer joined in and soon they were both holding their bellies and howling, totally oblivious to the pitying and freaked out stares of passers by.

“So…. As we suck at bare faced lies, you got any recommendations?” Buffy finally asked, gasping a little and rubbing the stitch in her side absently. The brunette shook her head morosely.

“Nope, for once, I can honestly say I’m completely out of ideas,” Cordy sighed heavily and scowled. Both stood in silence again, but this was a silence of mutual brainstorming- then Cordy’s head snapped up, her wide mouth curled in a sly grin.

“I take that back, Buff; have I got a cool idea or what!” Buffy pursed her lips for a second, a little wary of what the other girl had in mind, but the wicked gleam in those hazel eyes sucked her in and a grin slid onto her face.

“Hit me,” she ordered in a hushed whisper.

If at first you don’t succeed… bully

“Nope, no way, nada, never in my lifetime or any others; forget it; and for chrissakes, leave me the HELL ALONE!” the two young women watched the dark vampire storm across the lobby and up the stairs silently, Then the brunette turned to the blonde.

“I bet we can change his mind in ten,” Cordy pursed her lips, grabbing the other girl’s arm and dragging her towards the stairs.

“Uh-uh- make that five,” reiterated Buffy, then stopped dead. “You’re gonna have to do this yourself; think you can?” Cordy pfft and snorted. “I’ve got a call to make- wish me luck,” with a sly wink, Buffy headed for the phone whilst Cordy sniggered evilly and ascended the stairs.

This was gonna be a piece of cake. Pinching her nose and breathing hard, moisture popped into her now doe-like eyes. Her bottom lip quivered with just the right amount of distress and pinching her cheeks into a flush of red finished the job of upset woman

“Oh, Angelllll! I need to talk to youuuu!” The loud slam of a door made them both jump before shrugging with a grin. Sniffling loudly, and knowing he’d be able to hear her clearly, Cordy traipsed up the stairs.

Buffy smirked when the phone picked up at the other end, and she turned to lean against the counter. “Hi Spike! Feel like having a little fun- NO! Not that kind of fun; get your bleached head out of the gutter, buster! – What are you doing next weekend?”…

Trick Or …Oh Yeah, Trick…

“Good God in Heaven!” Giles staggered back from the front door of the Crawford Street Mansion clutching his chest, his pupils swallowing his blue eyes, and his face the color of flour paste. BuffDar followed him rapidly with a perplexed frown on her face; she didn’t look scary did she? – Well, she wanted to be scary in a cool way, but not in a “run for your lives kinda way.

“Don’t panic Giles, I’m still all heart-beaty and loving the sun; look!” she raised her face to that warm globe in the still blue sky, adding. “I didn’t mean to scare the bejeebers out of you- I never thought to warn you,” Maybe she’d gone a little too far with the pale face powder, she thought with a slight grin; ignoring the “like that’s anything new!” from a certain brunette behind her.

She twirled and grinned triumphantly, “Anyhoo; do ya like?” she asked coyly.

Giles took in her appearance from shining blonde head to red satin-heeled covered feet, his heart gradually settling back into its original resting place. The blonde wore a scarlet sheath of a dress, held up with thin spaghetti straps, the slinky material tightly wrapped over young pert breasts before nipping into her narrow waist and hips. Her bronzed, well-muscled thighs were almost fully on display and were bare of hose, ending in matching red strappy sandals with killer four-inch heels.

“Well?” BuffDar waited anxiously with a small smile on her scarlet-coated lips, touching her well-groomed hair gingerly. Giles cleared his throat, avoiding looking too closely at the excessive white powder use that clashed dreadfully with the horrendous red lipstick and removed his glasses to begin his ritual of breathe, polish, replace. – and above all be tactful he reminded himself sternly.

“Very… racy – this is a Halloween party, Buffy, not a Vicars and Tarts ball, you do realize?” Well, he got the first three down pat. The stifled snorts behind her had her quickly swirling round to glare into the hallway of the gloomy mansion.

“Giles!” she hmphed, turning back to face the ex-Watcher, “I’m supposed to be Angel’s Sire- not a-a-Tart!” she informed him with a very sulky pout. Giles’s eyebrows rose as he mutely checked her outfit once more.

“Well, you got half of it right,” Spike’s sneering voice cut through the uncomfortable silence, followed by a muffled “Owwe! Sod off you wanker!” The slayer felt only slightly better after hearing his yelp of pain and smiled at the gobsmacked man outside.

“As you can see through those very shiny glasses, still of the light and burst into flames time of day, so come on in,” BuffDar stepped back and ushered the man into the hallway like the perfect hostess, closing the door behind her- and bumping into his back when he came to an abrupt halt.

“Good God in Heaven!” Giles repeated, ignoring the “Is that all you bloody well say, Watcher?” from an again abused bleached vampire, this time by a brunette who looked almost uncannily like….

“Druscilla…” Giles sucked in a breath. Although the stunning figure was too well developed and her face bronzed to be the frail vampire’s [thank God one of them hadn’t gone totally gothic!], her dark glossy locks and the rather dated fragile black lace ankle-length dress she wore gave an eerie affect that couldn’t be ignored or unrecognized. Cordelia Chase was a vision of old- world loveliness, and for a moment, the English man was at a loss for words.

“And I’m Spike, or William the Bloody to you- and keep yer eyes off my bird, you dirty old Ponce.” Giles rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, but Spike still heard the word ‘dickhead’ and grinned with new respect; then he reached over to hook the brunette’s arm and pull her towards him, scowling when the dark-haired vampire beside her latched a powerful arm around her small waist and growled at him.

“Okay, keep yer ‘air on, peaches.” Spike smirked and took a conciliatory step back. This was gonna be so much fun! It took all of his self-control not to rub his hands together with glee; it was always a treat to watch his Sire squirm.

Angel, on the other hand did not like this at all. Not. One. Teensy. Little. Bit.

It wasn’t the fact that he was in Sunnydale [not really], and it wasn’t anything at all to do with the very weird truce between his ex and his hopefully potential new love, who wavered between giggling and snarking at each other – Hell, it wasn’t really even the fact that Cordy had bullied and emotionally blackmailed him into playing his evil alter ego; down to the blood red velvet silk shirt and his [he thought] well-hidden leather pants.

Nope, none of those in particular, he could take some things in his stride.

What he didn’t like about the whole scenario was the fact that SPIKE got to partner his CorDru, “Cos we gotta do it right, Angel/us” CorDru had snickered; wench! He could still hear her words earlier as she’d double-checked his appearance with a critical eye:

“No hold’s barred, Angel- except for killing/turning, buddy” Cordy straightened the seams running across his broad shoulders for the umpteenth time. “You have to BE Angelus in attitude and smoothness- which will be hard work since you got that Dorkulitus down pat”

“As long as you don’t go overboard with the craziness” he muttered, shifting as her hot little hands smoothed the soft velvet material across his chest. She finally stood back and took in his pouty mouth and dark frown.

“Look, you don’t have to do this if you really don’t want to, Angel- even though it will totally ruin my night,” she added with a slow blink geared towards making him feel a complete heel if he backed out.

“I don’t like it that you have to hang around with Spike all night,” his real grouse sneaking out. To hide the jealousy Angel turned away and folded the black silk shirt tossed carelessly on the bed by a certain untidy slob of a Seer. ” He’s evil- just remember that.” He reminded her gruffly.

“Pfft! Evil shmevil, hello? He’s got that chippie thing in his noggin- and he’s got his glad-eye on someone else,” she hinted broadly, but Angel was too worked up to notice…

“Time to go! Ooh, I’m actually excited!” Cordy bubbled with a small grin- as long as Xander Loser kept to a quick hi and moved out of range of her internal radar, she was cool. “Come on, Spikey, let’s paint the town…. any colour but red,” she added with an unabashed smile.

The blonde vampire returned the grin and wrapped a leather-clad arm round the curvy brunette, enjoying the half-stifled snarl and furious glare the dark vampire sent his way. BuffDar, oblivious, grabbed Angel/us’ arm and dragged him after the disappearing Ex-Watcher and too-hot looking couple…

Totally Bronzed off!

Angel/us growled for the hundredth time that night as he watched Spike and CorDru slow dance on the tiny club floor; God, she was draping herself like a bloody curtain all over the bleached bastard!

Since they’d arrived at the Bronze, he’d hardly spoken to his seer, who’d instantly dragged Spike off to the dance floor, where she’d gyrated around him until Angel’s teeth almost cracked from gritting them. He’d refused point blank to dance with BuffDar and instead found a dark corner to hide in and sulk, but sadly, the blonde had soon found him again and unusually (and scarily!) chattered on like a none-stop freight train.

He itched and twitched, and felt antsy, but put it down to being surrounded by too many humans- and the Scoobie Gang who still pissed him off. As the night wore on, Angel/us found it more and more difficult to even answer his partner for the night with even monosyllabic words, and when he did, his tone became more acid and unpleasant.

BuffDar eventually left him to it for an hour and caught up with Xander and Willow, throwing annoyed glances at the silently fuming vampire, and even more annoyed glares towards the couple bopping away on the tiny dance floor looking like they were having a whale of a time.

Finally fed up with the way things were turning out, she made her way back to Angel/us’ side and tugged at his sleeve.

“Angel! You’re supposed to be MY partner,” BuffDar complained. “Stop staring and being all growly- you should be acting in character” she added bitterly, never thinking she’d EVER ask him to act like the soulless demon he kept tight under his pale skin.

All she got for her trouble was a careless shrug and a bare flicker of a glance, before his glowering eyes went back to the other couple. She’d never felt so neglected as she did right now- plus SHE wasn’t too keen on CorDru and Spike’s over-acting either; talk about hamming it- bitch!

“Remember Darla, your Sire? At least act like you would if she was here by your side,” BuffDar tried again, her voice hardening a little at his continued dark silence.

Angel/us turned his head abruptly to growl, “I am! – I hated the little bitch!” He spat venomously, causing BuffDar to gasp aloud at his unheard-of crudity, but Angel/us continued on heedless of her reaction.

“I spent most of my time snatching Dru and keeping her in my room for days; the things we did…” he sighed lustily, completing forgetting the glaring blonde at his side as he literally ate Cor/Dru with his darkening eyes.

BuffDar tightened her mouth into a hard line and stamped her foot. When that didn’t work, she reached out and pinched his arm- hard. “Owwe!” he dragged his eyes from CorDru and glared at the small blonde bitch.

“Don’t do that again, little girl,” he growled low in his throat, and her brow lifted challengingly at the veiled threat in those now amber ringed eyes. “Whatcha gonna do? Spank me?” Rather than punch his scowly face, she instead attempted to lighten the atmosphere between them. He instantly shook his head, lip curling slightly.

“No!” in a tone that had her back stiffening “- but Cor’s gonna get a more than a few if she doesn’t stop climbing all over Spike,” the growl turned into a snarl. The Slayer’s spidey senses kicked off as she watched him for a moment, unease crawling through her gut. Bad, BAD memories!

“Angel….” BuffDar paused as the tingle grew and hit her spine, “Are you, you know, okay?” she tugged on his sleeve to get his attention that was again firmly fixed on his seer, the scowl deepening on his handsome face. He reluctantly looked back down at the Slayer. “What?” his tone more than a little irritated now.

She blew out a calming breath and fidgeted under his glare; she really hated it when his eyes flickered all vampy-like. It reminded her of the part of him she had never been able to accept.

“It’s just that you seem to be taking this Angelus gig way too seriously,” she let out a slightly uncomfortable giggle when he continued to stare at her, his expression blanking out without bothering to reply. This was definitely not of the good as far as the Slayer was concerned, and the memories almost flooded her mind to the point of real pain and distrust. She didn’t like it one little bit!

Angel/us’ large body jerked as her words sunk in.

Thinking about it, he had to admit that his demon seemed to be drawing closer and closer to the surface since they’d arrived at the Bronze…. the evil thoughts flitting through his mind almost felt like old times; not so good times. Times when the soul was not even a twinkle in his evil eye- the only thing missing was the urge to kill [except when it came to his blonde childer, that is!] and really, at this moment he should have been seriously worried. But even that seemed too much of an effort, because he just couldn’t seem to care.

He finally shrugged and yet again turned away from the blonde, locking feral eyes back on the other ‘couple’. Angel/us swore down that If CorDru waved and yelled ‘Hi, Daddy’ one more time, he was going to throttle that woman -after he’d shown her fatherly thoughts were so far from his mind, they were on another planet entirely. His face was one big thunderous scowl- and when CorDru’s hand brushed the bleached vampire’s thigh, Angel/us lost it completely and snarled, his game face flickering on and off like a faulty light-bulb.

“That is it! They need a fucking lesson in who belongs to me!” He pulled away from the restraining hand of the dumbfounded slayer and stalked over, drawing his fist back even as his feet ate up the distance between him and the oblivious couple.

CorDru’s hazel eyes widened in shock as she glanced up in time to see Angel/us within feet of them.  Uh-oh!

“Spike”! I think-“, was all she had chance to utter before the blonde looked at her and followed her anxious gaze- and Angel/us’ fist connected with his face. “Angel’s freaking out,” she ending with a stunned gasp.

“You’re forgetting who’s the Master here, boy. Keep your hands off my woman,” Angel/us snarled down at the heap of leather and blonde hair on the floor, totally oblivious to the sudden silence on the dance floor as he grabbed hold of one of CorDru’s arms and practically dragged her towards the exit

“Angel- hold up there, buddy!” It took all of his self-control not to reach out a snap the neck of the small blonde that suddenly appeared, blocking his way and staring up at him with a mixture of confusion and warning.

“Not now, Buff,” Angel/us; large powerful body oozed restrained violence, causing the slayer to instinctively take a step back and tense ready for battle.

“Tough cookies. You’re gonna listen to me whether you like it or not,” she returned with cold determination and green eyes glinting with steel. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she gritted out between clenched teeth.

CorDru nodded her head rapidly even as she tugged at her arm and glared angrily at the dark vampire. “Yeah, Rambo, listen to the nice lady and get a frikkin’ grip!” Flicking a silencing look at the feisty brunette, Angel/us straightened to his full height, giving his seer a quick yank until she stumbled against his side, then turned his head back to Buff-suddenly-not-Dar.

“Hurry up and say what you gotta say Slayer, I have….” he glanced back down at the brunette who had recovered balance and was at present pinching every inch of his flesh that she could, really hard. “…Things to do- And-” he grabbed Cor’s hand for a second with a warning growl, “most definitely someone to punish if she doesn’t cut that out” he added just loud enough for the brunette to hear.

Cor gaped like a goldfish and stiffened. What the hell was wrong with the big dork? He was taking this whole Halloween gig way too seriously for her liking, and if she hadn’t known otherwise, she’d have thought….

“A-Angel?” she caught his hard gaze, her heart thumping heavily in her chest, literally sagging with relief when those golden irises suddenly softened into a warm brown.

“Still me, Cor. Just doing what you asked, don’t fret.” his equally tight mouth softened too, quirking at the edges before lifting his head and facing the confused/angry Slayer

“Look; I’m really Sorry, Buffy, I sorta got into the moment a bit too much. It could also be because I haven’t eaten all day,” Angel/us inwardly smirked at her uncontrollable grimace of distaste at his last words. “Hunger makes me a little antsy,” he added with faint apology in his now-warm brown eyes. Buffy relaxed a little, an awkward smile fleetingly touching her scarlet mouth. As he watched the blonde slowly relax, Angel/us mentally patted himself on the back; humans were so easy!

“Owwe!” his dark head darted low at the hard, stinging slap across his chest and found a pair of annoyed hazel eyes glaring at him. What was it with women always hitting him? Shouldn’t it be him that was in control here? He calmed at the knowledge that the fiery brunette would soon find out who was actually the boss in this relationship.

“You haven’t eaten all day?” her lethal narrowed eyes tore from his with a ‘pfft’ of irritation and turned instead to look at the fidgeting Slayer with a roll of her eyes. “We’re gonna go back to the mansion and get Dieting Dorkula fed, ‘kay?” Buffy finally nodded and stepped out of the way.

“Come on, Skippy; Jeez, I can’t leave you to do anything for yourself, can I? So much for getting some in fresh this morning!” she grumbled, her hand now dragging him out of the club. Angel looked suitably cowed and followed with a dramatic pout.

“I can too do stuff for myself,” he grumbled back, hiding the smirk as his darkening eyes traced the firm outline of her ass as she dragged him behind her. Cordy rolled her eyes again and released his arm, walking ahead to reach the Plymouth.

“Hand them over,” Angel/us reached her side and stared at her small-outstretched hand. She had to be kidding him!

“You’re not driving my car, Cordy,” his dark head shaking his refusal. Her fingers merely wriggled under his nose. He resisted the urge to grab it and tie it behind her back along with the other- that could wait too, he decided with real relish.

“Yeah right, as if I’m gonna let you drive and maybe pass out at the wheel with hunger! – I think not” Angel batted away her annoying hand and man handled her towards the passenger seat.

“The only thing that would make me possibly pass out is the sound of you crucifying my transmission,” he returned, practically shoving her into the seat and shutting the door with a firm snap, stifling the growl at the image he got of what else she would most likely ‘crucify’ later!

Climbing into the car, Angel/us ignored her snarky response and squealed out of the car lot, neither noticing the dark shadow that peeled itself away from a nearby alley wall and stepped into the street.

Ethan Rayne grinned even as he rubbed his hands together.

The spell he’d woven over the Bronze was working a treat, and if all went to plan, Angelus would be back in action well before dawn- the undiluted version sans soul, that is.

“God, I just love Halloween.” He almost giggled before stupidly deciding to sneak into the Bronze and see how the party was going…

Part 2

Scorchy Challenge: her wants were….1: C/A get invited to a Halloween party by the SG at the Bronze.**2: C /B argue via phone over who’s got the best outfit- then both run shopping frantically. **3: They bump into each other, and after a bit of bitchy snark, decide to shop together and go for a theme. **4: They ask/bully Spike/Angel into partnering their Darla/Dr u’s –Spike to be his meanest; and Angel HAS to dress/act like Angelus-sans murdering and pillaging, lol. ** Anything else is just thrown in by moi in an attempt to build a plot, heh, as I’m practicing! Note: originally Scorch wanted B/C to go as S/A, but then we thought it would be cooler if they went as D/D.

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