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The characters of the Angel verse were created by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt. No copyright infringement is intended or implied, and no profit is made.

30+ Author Recommendations + their fic, Collaboration/Challenge fics (completed/WiPs.)

Please be warned that there is a plethora of Adult-rated [R/N-17] content in this Archive: All ratings are CLEARLY marked.



Update: GTC/A will continue until the end of May 2024 (which is close to the date that my Blog DN will expire), as I receive emails requesting that I keep it for a while longer. If possible, £ – wise, I’ll attempt to keep it going after that. 🤞

Thanks again to all those that visit and have been enjoying the contents of GTC/A, which was established almost 20 years ago.

Califi xxx


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11 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this! I got into BTVS/ATS at the end of last year and fell instantly in love with Cordy and Angel. Since finding this site in early October, I have read all of the fics here! Devastated that it will probably be closed soon, but thank you so much for keeping it up for so long! You’ve given us all a lot of joy!

    1. Hi cordycordycordy4,
      Thanks for visiting, and I’m glad you found GTC/A and enjoyed the contents. I’m still debating the fate of the Site, tbh (mostly the Host costs, ugh), and am in two minds – but will make my final decision when the DN is up for renewal.

      Cali xx

  2. I hope none of these fanfictions were deleted 😭 it’s so sad that these shippers have moved on 😭 they are prolly busy in their careers now but CANGEL/CANGELUS is forever ;( if anyone has any of these fanfictions saved onto their hard drive or something pls make a google drive link or something where we can have access 😭 I love Lysa’s and califi’s work.

    1. Hi Yaz,

      I’m glad to say that no fics on this site have been deleted, so all is as it has always been (about 20 years old now). I’m grateful I had many incredible writers agreeing to have their work published on GTC/A. I’m hoping I can keep the archive online for as long as I can afford to (plus, I’m getting on in age now, eek!). 🤞Thanks for commenting. 😊

      Cali xx

  3. I will cry uncontrollably if this archive ever goes offline.

    Thank you so much for keeping so many CA fan works alive.

    1. Hi cangelfan,
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂 Unfortunately, the vast majority of writers have either moved from C/A fanfic or have stopped altogether. The only other Author I know who IS still writing, is Lysa Whitmore (Link to Site: https://lysawhitmore.com/ ). Interest & visits after so many decades (!!!) has gradually fallen to a point where I did consider closing GTC/A, but after chatting to a few peeps, I decided to keep the Archive going as long as I can afford the Web Host I use.

      Cali xx

  4. I love these fan fictions pls don’t delete anything not even the unfinished stuff. Could we like make a discord and talk about Cangelus? I don’t know if anyone is active here anymore 😭

    1. Hi Yas,
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂 As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, unfortunately, the vast majority of writers have either moved from C/A fanfic or have stopped altogether. The only other Author I know who IS still writing, is Lysa Whitmore (Link to Site: https://lysawhitmore.com/ ). This Archive was first established in 2003 (at the time it was a hand coded site until I updated to WordPress to make it easier to access via phones/tablets), so a long time has passed – but the odd comment or showing of activity nowadays gives me a good feeling, lol. I no longer write C/A, although occasionally, I do consider finishing some of the WiPs, but has come to nothing so far. ATM I’m attempting to finish a FIC for another fandom (the Hobbit, Thranduil/OFC), which won’t be posted here, naturally, but on my Blog – and even THAT is slow-going, gah!😚

      Cali xx

  5. I think it would be a shame to delete these works even if they do remain unfinished. They were still sparked by awesome ideas and a love of the characters and shows. The authors also probably put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (or maybe just a little lust and laughter) into writing what they did. A warning on the fic that it remains an unfinished gem should be enough for the readers. Yes, we whine in frustration that the fics are unfinished, but we do that because we love what was written in the first place.

    1. Very true, Lysa xx It would have broken my heart to actually do so… just a few emails with very sad/frustrated peeps regarding them got me thinking. I may instead put a notice on the Home page (sooo many fic to edit otherwise *groan*), and then peeps can choose to read them or not.
      Cali xxxx

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