16/08/2021: I have slowly been removing my personal fics ( mostly WiPs) as I rework them. At the moment they are being published chapter by chapter on my new Blog– along with future draft excerpts (including draft-workings re: Hobbit fic- Thranduil/OFC).

At this point I am unsure if I will be re-adding this fandom fic back on GTC/A, as this Site seems to be slowly winding down visitor-wise… due, almost definitely, to the age of GTC/A. Even I struggle to keep an interest nowadays *sigh* 

Will leave it up until it gets to the point of zero visitors so that those that still pop in regularly can access it. Thanks to all those old & new readers that still pop in. Visitor figures for the last 2 years now total 2,344,173.   You guys rock. 😀  .