Cordelia’s Destiny


Best of Intentions.   (N-17)

Consequences.   5/? (N-17) Unfinished

Just What the Doctor Ordered.   (N-17)

Love’s True Face.   (R/N-17)

Payback, Angel Style   (R)

The Cost of Surrender   (R)

Staking a Claim.   (R/N-17)

Starting Over (Again)   3/? (R/N-17) Unfinished

To Be a Wife.   (N-17)

Tough Choices.   (N-17)



Eye Candy   (PG-13)

Nightmares   (PG-13)

Naked.     (PG)

Smack My Ass   Bondage fic (N-18)

Stuck On You.   (PG-13)