Closet showers 1

Title: Closet Showers
Author: Califi
Posted: 2004
Rating: Nnnnnn-17 [Cali hoping, gulp]
Category: smutty humour, hopefully
Content: C/A
Summary: A/C deal with a case off-site, leaving Gunn to man the hotel until Wes gets back from a fact-finding mission- and Angel finds a secret room….
Spoilers: S2 mebbe a month after Epiphany.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Originally Scorchy was gonna do this fic with me, but being so overloaded with RL and other WiP’s the last few months, she hasn’t been able to contribute more than the VERY HOT smut scene started -the piece d’ resistance. So read and give her the love for it. I’m pretty dire when it comes to smut. Makes me think I should stick to R or PG rating.
Thanks/Dedication:dahlink Scorch *lick*

1: Just say it, Dammit!

“Hey Gunn. Where’s Angel – still comatose in his room?” Cordy let the door swing shut behind her as she made her way down the steps leading into the quiet lobby, empty except for Charles Gunn who sprawled comfortably on one of the couches. He was reading a magazine with intense concentration, and jolted a little when he voice broke the silence.

“Got ourselves a couple of clients,” Gunn straightened up and quickly closed the Cosmo magazine,  dropping it onto the cushion next to him as if it was on fire. Cordy stifled a grin at the sight of his face briefly flaring with embarrassed color.

“He’s in the office with them now.” Gunn added nonchalantly, hoping the smirking brunette wouldn’t ask him what article he’d been so into when she caught him- ‘Magic Fingers: Has your man got it right?’ He discreetly checked the magazine, making sure there wasn’t a traitorous folded corner that would come back and bite him where it hurt.

“Ooh, paying clients; goody” Magazine temporarily forgotten, her eyes shifted across the lobby to spy through the viewing window of the office. A moue of disappointment turned down her full mouth at finding the shutters firmly closed. “Darn. Oh well, coffee break is in order, ” she murmured softly, ignoring the raised brow of the young man rising lazily to his feet.

“Already? You just got here, girl.” She pffted his smiling observation and walked briskly towards the kitchen.

By the time she returned with a tray of hot drinks, Cordy found the office door open and the vampire leaning against the counter talking to the young black man. His dark head turned her way as she came into view, and she bit her lip as the urge to grin like a teenager filled her at the obvious pleasure that lit those rich brown orbs.

Since returning back to the fold after his Darla-fest over a month ago now, Cordy had gradually became aware of several changes in her again-friend: first him constantly falling over himself to ingratiate himself back into her good books- and a major difference in the vibe coming off him; especially at close quarters. Coming round from a vision, she would find herself clutched to his chest a little too tightly, his large hands lingering on her back and hair as the vampire held onto her way longer than was the norm.

His reluctance to release her had Cordy initially thinking it was guilt for all the times he hadn’t been there to catch her after he’d fired them, but she couldn’t ignore the marked difference in his touch; face almost possessive- and often his handsome face scowling and momentarily clutching her tighter greedily if either Wes or Gunn attempted to help in lifting her to her feet.

Her mind clued into his developing some kind of crush after several of these displays plus other things, and as the weeks went by, she had to admit that the guarded expression in the dark eyes that rested on her almost constantly were far from soft and gooey. At times she swore those captivating orbs burned with desire- and maybe something more…and her heart had flipped in response.

“Morning, Early Bird ” drawing level with them, Cordy placed the full tray on the counter, her lips tilting wider at the surreptitious slide of his large body in his attempt to close the gap between them. “So, were the little worms the generously paying kind? – Early birds, Worms- oh, forget it; don’t know why I bother sometimes!” She grumbled, at the vampire’s frown of confusion.

“Since they just bought a mansion in the Hills, I reckon the paycheck could feed us for a couple of months,” Gunn replied, reaching between the two brunettes to grab one of the coffee mugs from the tray, smirking and taking a couple of steps back at the inevitable scowl that touched Angel’s face as his move had caused Cordy to slide back to give him more room. He’s got it so bad! Poor sucker.

Upon finding out the threat of the soulless counterpart he’d now never have to meet buried for good due to his Epiphany, Gunn had no problems with his ex-boss’ obvious feelings towards Cordy- as long as he didn’t make the fatal mistake of hurting her. But Angel’s tender touches and stuttering attentions towards her eased his mind of that concern.

The first few weeks had been tense- and not just because of the Seer’s anger and distrust of the very contrite Vampire; the news of his freshly anchored soul hadn’t gone down as well as Angel had thought…well with her; wholly convinced that it wouldn’t be long before he left them again but this time with Sunnyhell and a certain living blonde as his destination.

Luckily for all of them, Angel ‘got’ the memo instantly and hastily squashed that particular bug dead; almost falling over himself to reassure the suspicious and wary girl that he’d no intention of leaving ‘his family’ ever again. Cordy had merely shrugged, outwardly uncaring, but all three men hadn’t missed the slight slump of her delicate shoulders as she relaxed at his strong reassurance.

And it was that subtle reaction that had obviously given the vampire a small green light of hope that maybe he was in with a chance of winning her seemingly reluctant heart. That was the way Gunn had read it anyway- and he was way beyond cool on the workings of the human animal; undead or otherwise

“Here, broody, get that down you.” Cordy grabbed the mug of warm blood she’d brought in to the still-silent vampire, who muttered, “I haven’t brooded for ages” as he took it, his fingers deliberately brushing hers.

She rolled her eyes with an “of course you haven’t- Broody,” suppressing the slight shiver of pleasure that ran down her spine at the not-so fleeting contact; drawing her hand away when it looked like Angel was content to share the mug for a lot longer, and reaching for her own steaming drink.

“What’s the sitch? – The skinny? – What problem do our new and potential clients have?” she finally clarified as he threw her yet another confused look. My adorable clueless vampire- oops! for a horrific moment Cordy thought she’d said that out loud, but at the none-reaction of both men, her breath shot out in a small relieved sigh.

“They think their new home is either haunted or has some kind of Demon hiding out in there,” Angel finally replied, hiding his displeasure at the loss of the brief touch of her soft, warm fingers. “They’re expecting us at 2 pm.” He added, waiting expectantly for that familiar and endearing arch of a delicate brow. He tamped down the urge to reach down and trace the outline with the tip of his tongue when it lifted.

“Us? – As in you, me and Gunn?” Cordy asked, and then frowned; “Wait; did you just say 2pm? How are you supposed to get there without grabbing a killer tan on the way- literally? – Or did you mean just Gunn and me?” her questions came thick and fast whilst Angel attempted to answer them, finally giving up and folding his arms across a broad, sweater-clad chest waiting for her to run out of breath.

“Firstly,” he replied as soon as her peach-tinted mouth closed,” It’s just gonna be me and you- we can’t leave the hotel empty, and what with Wes being away till next Monday, Gunn has offered to stay her for the weekend.” Sliding his hands into the pockets of his slacks, the vampire proceeded to pace; the unusually silent brunette watching him through narrowed eyes.

“As for the sun; they not only have direct sewer access, the place has that special glass- no harmful UVA, and impossible to snoop through from the outside; and yes, they know who and what I am, Cordy.” He explained, coming to a stop back at the counter and purposely making himself busy, sifting through a stack of post to avoid her thoughtful gaze.

“Cool!” Her impressed grin almost lit up the entire gloomy lobby, and for a second Angel was ensnared, his eyes drawn to the light within those beautiful eyes.

“Wait a minute; did you say weekend? – And if we’re going through those stinky tunnels, what about my bags- ohmyGod! Do I have time to pack?” She glanced at her watch anxiously. Angel blinked abruptly, distracted by the hint of censure and pure panic in her melodious voice.

“It’s only Ten now- and Gunn’s gonna take your bag as soon as you pack it, along with mine and drop them off earlier.” Her brow arched again at his pointed minimizing of her luggage.

If he thinks I’m not going prepared, he’s got another think coming, she thought with a determined little scowl.

“I’ll take you over to your place now, girl, and pick up his stuff when I drop you back- you ready to go?” Gunn checked his hoodie pockets for his keys and turned to stroll to the exit at her absent nod.

“See you outside,” she called to his departing back; a hand lazily waved was his only response.

“How long is our scenic route gonna take- ‘cos these feet need to be prepared?” She glanced down at her strappy sandals with a little moue, missing his slow appraisal of both her pretty feet and long, well-defined sun kissed legs, traveling up until her bare, golden flesh met the mid-thigh blue denim skirt she wore low on her hips.

“Not long enough.” He muttered, clearing his throat when his still wandering brown gaze finally met and locked with faintly amused hazel. ” Not long; I’ll just…” he indicated the stairs uncomfortably before hurriedly turning on his heel to make his escape.

“And that’s gonna take all of two seconds,” she sniped at his retreating figure with a grin before making for the exit….

Part 2

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