A Soul for Angelus. 1-4

Title: A Soul for Angelus
Author: Onlyanne (Anneb)
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Rating: R/NC-17
Category: Angst, smut, romance- a bit of everything.
Content: C/A,C/Aus…just read it.
Summary: (As above.. a magic spell is the ingredient to this faboo fic: GTC/A comment)
Spoilers: Ats season up to ‘Dear Boy’- if that is the right ep. Anyway up to when Angel refuses to turn Darla.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Those that ask, I say yes
Notes: This is not a crossover. I am not ignoring those that said to continue Ats/Highlander stories, but a/c of that universe need a rest, or at least I do.
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Chapter 1

“You came back.”

Darla walked around the law office picking up various items, staring at them and then putting them back.


“Yes, Harlan,” the blonde stopped and stared at the senior partner of Wolfram & Hart.

“Why are you here? I would have thought…”

“What? That I would be upset because you and your brain dead employees tried to kill me,” she smiled. “Killing me, now was that your goal? Or did you just want to put this dying, loathsome human body in danger to get a reaction from Angel? What did you expect? That he would take me to his bed and comfort me; thereby, experience some joy and then what, Angelus,” she said bitterly.

“No. We knew that he would not take advantage of your situation. The vampire is too noble.”

“Noble,” she repeated in disgust. “Oh, I see, you had hoped that in his nobility, he would turn me to kill the disease that is running rampant through this body. You wanted him to choose my life over that odious soul and his redemption.”

“Yes, if he had turned you, he would have gone against the powers thereby weakening him. We could have gotten to Angelus.”

“Well, it didn’t work. Angel and his soul…,” she spit the last word out. “Couldn’t ‘damn’ me like I did to him,” she said contemptuously.

“No. So, I ask you again…Why are you here? You are obviously of no use to us. You will be dead soon.”

“It might have worked, if it hadn’t been for that girl,” she said in disgust. “She was everywhere, in his dreams and in his heart. It was her annoying presence that gave him the strength to resist the allure of our wondrous time together.”

“Girl? Are you talking about the seer?”

“Yes, she is the key to his downfall. He loves her, he just doesn’t realize it,” she said, her voice full of fury.

“Are you suggesting we kill her? Harming her before didn’t exactly work. It just made him mad,” interrupted Lindsay, holding up his prosthesis.

“Kill her, no. We will make it so she takes his soul.”

“How? Love or not, he doesn’t seem to be ready to jump in the sack with her. And the seer knows about the curse, I can’t see her willingly seducing him,” commented a skeptical Lindsay.

“We won’t give them a choice,” she laughed. “I will tell you how, but I want one thing in return.”

“That would be?” asked the senior partner.

“My boy, of course. I want Angelus. And when I have him, I want to watch while he kills the girl. That’s all. Is it a deal?”

Chapter Two

“Cordelia, I wish you had stayed at the hotel.”

“Angel, you shouldn’t go alone and Wesley is out of town, researching something or another. And I couldn’t reach Gunn. You have been acting all weird over the Darla bitch thing and haven’t been at your best, you know it. And anyway, I can help. I have been practicing.” Cordelia pointed the crossbow.

“Cordelia don’t point that thing at me,” he said nervously.

“Please. I won’t….Ooops,” she said, accidentally releasing the bolt. Angel ducked as the wooden arrow went flying past his head.

“Give me that,” Angel ordered her.

“Fine,” she grumbled. “But it wasn’t even close.”

“Cordelia, if you don’t shut up…”

“What ‘grr’ guy?”

Angel let out a frustrated sigh and started walking. Cordelia followed behind him making faces at his broad back.

“I saw that,” he yelled.

“Ummp,” she grumbled.

Angel smiled. He couldn’t help it. Cordelia could frustrate the hell out of him sometimes, like now; but her presence at his side, or in this case, behind him, always seemed to give him peace of mind, even when she annoyed him. Cordelia was with him, wading through the sewers because she worried about him and cared. Angel realized that he had given both Cordelia and Wesley reason for concern over the last few weeks.

Darla showing up human with a soul had thrown his thoughts and feelings in turmoil. He didn’t love Darla, he never had. But she had been a major part of his past and now she had a soul, he had wanted to save her. But he couldn’t, wouldn’t save her, not the way she wanted to be saved.

“Hey, do you trust this demon snitch guy? I mean he was pretty vague on the info.”

“He as given us good stuff in the past.”

“Where are you suppose to meet the him?”

“We are almost there.”

“Good, because this place is dark and yucky,” she complained. “There are probably rats and a whole bunch of other gross stuff down here.”

“Come on,” Angel chuckled, grabbing the girl’s hand and pulling her up along side him. “I’ll protect you,” he grinned keeping a hold of her hand.

“You always do,” she smiled back in the darkness, squeezing his hand. A warm feeling of contentment came over the vampire. Angel clasped her hand tighter.

“Here we are. Hold on.” Angel grabbed Cordelia’s small waist, swinging her up onto the bottom rungs of the ladder leading up to the street. Cordelia squealed at the suddenness of the movement and grasped at his hands.

“Okay, you can let go, now,” she said.

“You have to let go first.”

“Oh,” she said. But, she didn’t want to let go. She liked Angel touching her. No,no, bad thoughts, bad thoughts, she repeated to herself and grabbed the railings of the ladder. “Okay,” she said out loud, the thoughts of Angel and his touch were safely locked away in a small corner of her mind. A corner of her mind which seemed to be getting overcrowded lately with similar bad thoughts.

“Right,” Angel said looking at his hands still around her waist and the gentle slope of Cordelia’s ass.

“Angel, I can’t go anywhere.”

“Right,” he said slowly releasing her. Angel stared at his hands and at the curvy bottom ascending the ladder. An imagine appeared in his mind of his hands cupping and caressing that same naked bottom.

“Angel, I can’t budge the manhole cover. It is locked or something.”

“Hold on,” Angel said forcing the images from his mind. Angel moved up and along Cordelia’s body trying to reach the iron cover. Angel averted his eyes from Cordelia as he tried to ignore the sensation of pure lust he experienced as his body rubbed up against Cordelia’s warm pliant one. But god, it was impossible; she was so warm and soft. Cordelia gasped. She marveled at the feel of Angel’s cool body pressed up against her. A fire ignited in the small of her belly as she felt his hardening cock against her hip.

“Angel,” she moaned.

Angel raised his desired laden eyes to meet Cordelia’s wide hazel ones. “Angel, I…” Cordelia gasped turning her pelvis into his groin. “I can’t…” She licked her suddenly dry lips and rubbed desperately against the large bulge in his pants.

“Cordelia, this is wrong,” he moaned thrusting his hips into her center.

“I know,” she gasped meeting his thrust. “Angel, but I…” Angel stopped her plea with a fierce kiss, his hands gripped the edge of the ladder as his body pressed her up against the rungs. Any thoughts that this was wrong flew out of his mind. All, Angel knew was that he had to possess the beautiful woman writhing against him.

Cordelia tried to calm her desire. “Angel.” She knew what she was feeling was not right. Cordelia loved Angel, she knew that and in her deepest, darkest dreams she had felt his hands on her, but this was not right. But, she couldn’t control the lust and need that flowed through her body. She felt like she would die, if she didn’t have him, immediately. Oh god, Angelus, she feared. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Angel pulled his lips away, but his body remained pressed against hers. “I sorry, Cordy,” he groaned. “But, I can’t…” His game face flickered on.

She nodded, the tears falling down her face. “I know,” she cried pulling his lips back to her mouth.

The old witch lumbered up from her kneeling position by the manhole.

“So, did it work?” Darla asked the old woman.

“They will be going at it like rabbits,” the old witch cackled.

“Soon, my boy, soon.” Darla laughed blowing a kiss at the iron cover at her feet.

Chapter Three

Angel pushed harder into Cordelia’s body. His mouth devoured hers, his tongue tasting every crevice. Cordelia’s hands clutched and moved up and down his leather duster. Angel tried again to control his urges. He was about to ravish his best friend in the sewers, this was not right.

His control was shattered, though, as Cordelia’s hands dug under his coat and shirt. Her small hands kindled an intense heat throughout his body.

“Angel,” she whimpered.

Angel growled and tore at her jeans. Cordelia wiggled her hips, begging for his touch. Cordelia had long ago forgotten about her surroundings. She couldn’t sense or feel anything other than the sensations Angel was causing in her body. Cordelia frantically fumbled at his trousers. She sighed in relief and yearning as she released his hard shaft.

“Angel, please now,” she pleaded. Angel growled his agreement and thrust into her wet center. Cordelia gasped in pleasure and fulfillment. She met every one of Angel’s hard thrusts. Her body exploded in pleasure. Angel couldn’t stop his instincts as Cordelia’s body convulsed around him.

“Cordy,” he struggled.

“Yes, Angel,” she moaned pulling his game face to her neck. She gasped repeatedly as he fed off her. Cordelia hugged the vampire as his body trembled in release. The best friends held each other close, as their bodies calmed. Angel’s head was buried in the crook of Cordelia’s neck. He was tenderly kissing at the new puncture wounds.

Cordelia closed her eyes at the gentle ministrations. She didn’t understand. Cordelia lifted up Angel’s face. “You are not Angelus?”

“No,” he said kissing her temple.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know,” he sighed. “I should be,” he said kissing her on the forehead.

“Maybe, it was because there was no joy,” she said softly.

“There was joy,” he said assuredly.

“No, I mean, this wasn’t right. Something happened here…and not this, I mean something magicy. This shouldn’t have happened for either of us.” Cordelia struggled to restrain her tears. Cordelia knew she loved Angel. She had dreamed of the impossible day that Angel would, could love her back without the ghost of Buffy or the threat of Angelus. But this? Her tears overflowed down her face. Angel’s heart stopped at her sorrowful expression.

“Cordelia…” Angel started.

“Ouch,” she said.

“Oh, god,” Angel said fearfully. “I hurt you,” he cried. “I am so sorry,” he whispered into her hair.

“No,” she said running her hand through his dark hair. “It’s my back. These rungs are getting to be really uncomfortable.”

Angel couldn’t help but smile. He quickly descended and gently pulled the girl with him.

“Cordelia, please be okay,” he begged. She nodded and smiled softly. Cordelia knew that he was worried about her possible physical injuries as well as her emotional.

“We will find out what happened to us. We can get Wesley back, he will help.”

“Wesley, no.” She looked in embarrassment at her ripped jeans as her hand shot up to the wounds on her neck. “Angel,” she pleaded grabbing his hand. “Wesley is not due back for two more days. We can figure this out without him, can’t we?”

Angel slowly nodded. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He had made love to his friend and seer, while under the influence of something. And, powers forbid, he had enjoyed it. A smile involuntarily came over his face and she had enjoyed it.

They walked silently back towards to the hotel’s basement, neither looking at each other.

They had been walking for only a few minutes, when Cordelia started to feel a tingling in her lower body. She shot discreet looks at the solemn vampire walking next to her. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the rising need growing within her. She glanced again at the vampire. Cordelia gasped as her eyes met his. Angel’s deep brown eyes were filled with desire.

“Oh God,” she moaned running into his arms. Angel grasped her tightly against him, devouring her mouth.

“Angel,” she gasped, gulping for breath.

“Sh, Cordy. I don’t understand. But there seems to be no fear of Angelus and I need you,” he growled. Cordelia groaned and fumbled with his shirt.

“How long can this last,” she said ripping his shirt open and kissing his chest.

“I don’t know,” he growled pulling her closer. Angel tore at her clothing pressing and fondling at every piece of smooth skin he could reach. Cordelia screamed in pleasure as Angel took her again and then bit into her delicate skin around her breast.

The old witch, Darla, Lindsay and Harlan gathered around the conference table in the large penthouse of Wolfram & Hart.

“So, the progress?” Harlan asked.

“It will be soon,” the old witch smiled.

Chapter Four

Cordelia stood silent, watching Angel lift the access panel to the hotel. Her thighs involuntarily rubbing together as she imagined the smooth defined muscles along his back, rippling as he pushed upwards.

This was crazy, she screamed to herself. She had seen Angel in various states of undress before and she had been able to control her reaction. But here he was in a ripped shirt and wearing a leather coat that covered most of his body, and she was salivating.

Angel went up through the opening in the floor of the basement.

“Cordelia,” he called reaching for her hand. Cordelia grabbed at his hand allowing him to pull her up. She landed face to face with the vampire. Cordelia gazed at the vampire. “I want…,” she blushed.

“Yes,” he growled wishing that they could make it to the bedroom upstairs. But he knew that they couldn’t. Angel and Cordelia frantically grabbed at each other.

Cordelia lay gasping on the stairs, feeling the new pierce marks on her stomach. She looked into Angel’s eyes. Angel just shook his head and picked up the trembling girl in his arms.

“Angel, what is going on,” she mumbled into Angel’s chest.

“Sh, Cordy.” He could already feel his body responding to the beautiful girl in his arms. Whatever caused this phenomena, he didn’t care at this point. He wanted and needed to feel all of her in the comfort of a bed.

The vampire and his seer had been in bed for almost two days. They both had tried to resist their lustful urges for each other. But they quickly realized that it was pointless. Every time they left the bedroom to research the possible causes for their actions, they ended up making love on the furniture downstairs.

Cordelia had even attempted to leave the hotel. She had suggested that maybe the magic would dissipate if they distanced themselves. Cordelia had stood at the front door, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the doorknob. She stood there reciting a silent mantra, open the door, open the door. But her hand would not turn the knob.

The thought of leaving Angel’s touch made her nauseous. The desire for him was overwhelming. She jumped in relief as Angel came up from behind and removed her hand from the doorknob. “You…I…you can’t go.” His voice was full of desire and tinged with resignation, his game face flickering over his face.

Cordelia turned her tear filled eyes toward the vampire. “I know.” Her soft tone matched his in desire and resignation. Angel gently carried Cordelia upstairs to the bedroom. They remained in that room for the next day and half, alternating between sleeping and making love.

Chapter 5

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