Now on to the Present. 1-4

Title: Now on to the Present
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Rating: NC-17
Summary: This takes place three weeks from the end of Into the Past. Read first…. So, as of now they are ‘together’ (hence the NC-17)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Chapter 1

Lilah hugged at her arm resisting the urge to stick a pencil underneath the plaster cast. The constant itching was driving her insane. She winced as the bandage on her other hand grazed the table. She glanced around the expensive and imposing room.

What 23, 24, was that how old she had been when she first stepped into this room, a nervous and determined 2nd year law student. How excited and proud she had been, the only student in her class to get an interview at the great and mighty Wolfram & Hart. She should have known then. Lilah hadn’t been a bad student, good in fact, but not great, not the caliber one expected for such a big and important firm to notice her much less pluck out and groom for her for employment. If she had any doubts, she didn’t remember. Lilah had walked in excited and determined that she would be what they wanted.

No one would ever call her white trash again; she was going to be a ‘lawyer’ and not just any lawyer but one for a prestige firm. Lilah would get her fancy apartment, her fancy car and fancy clothes, no matter what. How had Holland known that? How had he known that she would sell her soul to succeed?

Because she had, not right away, but slowly through the next year. By the time she graduated Lilah knew that she would kill to work for Holland. He hadn’t asked her to then, that came later, when she couldn’t leave. Couldn’t? She hadn’t wanted to by then, the fancy apartment had become luxurious, the fancy car had become a top of the line Mercedes, and the fancy clothes were designer. For three more years, Lilah had done Holland’s bidding, not questioning. By the time she started to question, it was too late.

Lindsey had made her question, his fluctuation to his duty, his flexible loyalty, his final disgust at the evil of Wolfram & Hart, it all made her question. Holland’s death at his own creation made her doubt. But it was too late; she was too far in. Too acclimated in the firm, too scared to leave.

Lila still didn’t understand why Lindsay hadn’t been killed. But, she couldn’t take the chance that the senior partners would do the same for her. So, Lilah stayed. And here she was sitting back where it all started awaiting their verdict. Lila just hoped that whatever Wolfram & Hart had seen in her when she first walked through their door was still present.


She nodded to the senior partner that walked in. Shit. Jeremy walked in behind the partner. Son of a bitch, her plan would have worked if that stupid SOB hadn’t given his card to that vendor. Angel would still be looking for his seer. Her eyes narrowed, Jeremy didn’t look scared, but then maybe he was too stupid or maybe he had found some way to blame it all on her.

“I’ve read the report. Very disappointing. Originally, I thought fatally disappointing, but Jeremy has explained your plan to rectify the situation. I approve. Do it.”

“Thank you sir.” Lilah smiled as the senior partner walked out.

Chapter 2

“Go Angel.” Cordelia said from the couch. Her hands shooing at the vampire.

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

Wesley and Gunn waited by the door impatiently, their weapons hanging uselessly at their sides.

“Angel, go.”


Cordelia’s face scrunched into a scowl. “You’re being stupid now. GO. Bad demon to kill, helpless to save. I’m FINE.”


“Angel,” Cordelia’s gaze became deadly.

Angel nodded and reluctantly headed for the door. “It’s just that the visions are so bad.” Angel said to the men at the door.

Wesley and Gunn grunted, their eyes rolling in unison.

It wasn’t that Wesley and Gunn didn’t know that the visions were painful to Cordelia or that they didn’t care. But, having to wait around while Angel assured himself that she would be fine was beginning to be exasperating. At first it had been kind of cute.

The way the big tough ‘vampire’ would hover around Cordelia, holding her head, her hands, any part of her. But three weeks later, the lovesick mother hen routine was getting on every ones nerves especially Cordelia’s.


“Cordy, are you all right? Do you need more aspirin?” Fred said.

“Not if I want a stomach lining left. No, really, I’m fine, don’t you start too. One overbearing well intentioned paranoid is enough.” Cordelia placed the cool bottle of water to her forehead. “Stupid vampire.”

“Cordy, Angel is just worried.”

“I know, but please this is just getting ridiculous”

“Angel loves you. It’s kind of cute.”

“Cute.” Cordelia scrunched up her face then gave a small smile. “It’s kind of cute, isn’t it? But really, it’s too much. He won’t let me out of his sight. Yesterday, he even went with me to the Hair & Nail Gallery. If it hadn’t been so funny, I would have been really annoyed.”

“Funny? What happened?” Fred sat on the couch and curled up her feet, eagerly waiting for the rest.

“Well,” Cordelia curled up facing the other young woman. “You’ve been there. Mirrors and lights everywhere. He was like a cat on a hot tin roof, jumping and dodging trying to avoid a mirror.”

“How did he?”

“I don’t know, but he found a spot, underneath one of the hair dryers.”

“The hair dryers. Was Paulo working?”

“Of course, it was all I could do not to fall out of my chair. Paulo zeroed in on Angel. Clucking and oohing. Mr. European hair stylist by way of the Bronx was in enthralled. Couldn’t keep his hands off Angel.” Cordelia reached out and caressed Fred’s arm, her voice becoming high and sassy. “My don’t you just look yummy. My dear, not everyone can pull off that sexy leather look. Though, I must recommend, maybe a teal, no wait.”

Cordelia reached up with her other hand and cupped Fred’s chin, moving her face back and forth and peering closely. “No, a deep gold, yes. A gold shirt would just make those delicious brown eyes jump out.”

“He didn’t.” Fred squealed.

Cordelia nodded. “I didn’t know whether Angel would faint, run, or rip Paulo’s head off. And then, Paulo not knowing the danger he was in, critiqued Angel’s last hair stylist.” Cordelia twirled her fingers through Fred’s long hair.

“Darlin’ who ever butchered this wonder should be dragged out and whipped with a cheap brush. I could fix it up real quick. Ooh.” Cordelia brought up her hands to her cheeks. “It’s shameful. You’re hair is crying for a deep condition and when we’re done, maybe highlights.” Cordelia brushed Fred’s cheek softly. “For those deep, deep lovely eyes.”

“He didn’t, not Angel’s hair.”

“Yep.” Both young women stared at each other and then broke out in hysterical giggles.

The young women were still laughing when Angel, Wesley and Gunn returned.

The men stopped short at the sight before them. Both Cordelia and Fred looked lovely and free in their laugher. They were the picture of young women without a care in the world, enjoying their life and existence. It was a beautiful and welcomed sight for the men that had just fought and killed one of the many evils of the world.

“We’re back.”

Cordelia and Fred jumped guilty. Stifling more giggles, they got up from the couch.

“Everybody okay, helpless saved, evil demon gone?” Cordelia moved forward. “Angel?”



“Angel, I like your hair just the way it is.” Fred said.

Cordelia shot a look back at her friend and then broke out laughing as Fred tried to maintain her composure. Fred failed miserably.

Angel’s hand shot to his head. “Cordy?”

“Come on big ‘grr’ guy.” Cordelia stifled her giggles and held out her hand to the self-conscious vampire. Sometimes, it just amazed her how her big brave strong ‘grr’ guy could dissolve into such an insecure cuddly little boy. Just one more thing to love about Angel.

“What’s wrong with my hair.” Angel whispered to Cordelia ignoring the amused faces of the rest of the room.

“Come on Angel, I bought some of that deep conditioner that Paulo raved about.” Cordelia pulled Angel to the stairs.

“You’re going to wash my hair?”

Cordelia gave a little smile and shrugged.

“Bye guys.” Angel didn’t even look at his friends but started to drag Cordelia up the stairs.

“So, anybody else hungry?”


“Fred, haven’t you gotten sick of them yet.”


“Tacos, it is then. So, what’s with the hair?”

“You buy, I’ll tell.” Fred smiled and went to the door.

“The girl has been hanging around Cordy too much.”

Wesley nodded. “Yes. Flip for the honor?”

“I got heads.”

Chapter 3

Angel grabbed for Cordelia as soon as they hit the bedroom. Gone was the insecure little boy, now there was just the vampire that wanted the woman he loved.

“No.” Cordelia shook her head. “Stinky. Bath? I seem to remember that you like to give them. My turn.” She pulled the vampire to the bathroom.

“Uh, Cordy.” Angel began to get very nervous, remembering how the one and only time he gave her bath; she was fully clothed and livid.

She cocked a brow at him. He nodded and followed.

Cordelia sat on the edge of the tub adjusting the water. Angel just stood in the middle of the bathroom, shifting from one foot to another.

When Cordelia seemed satisfied, she went to Angel, her fingers working on the buttons of his shirt. Angel’s nervousness dimmed. He reached for her shirt. Cordelia shook her head and slapped his hands gently away. Angel dropped his hands. “Cordy?”

Cordelia said nothing, never looking at Angel. She concentrated on her goal. Her hands slipped under the loose sides of Angel’s shirt drawing the material off his body, her caress brushing along his shoulders. Cordelia’s hands trailed along Angel’s chest and sides reaching the waistband of his pants.

“Cordy?” Angel’s voice was part growl and part longing.

“Shh, Angel, bath time.”

“Hurry up.”

“Patience is a virtue, Angel.” Her fingers fumbled with the zipper, her hands slipping beneath the material pushing the pants to the floor.

“One that has never been attributed to vampires.”

Cordelia giggled and stepped back. “In.”

“Cordelia?” Angel growled.

“In.” She pointed to the filled bath.

Angel growled and sat in the water. Cordelia leaned down pushing him back. “Close your eyes, Angel. Relax.”

Angel slid down into the water. The warm water surrounded him, easing his muscles. The fight with the demon had been quick and victorious, but it had been hard. He sighed. Cordelia had put some oil in the water, smelling of flowers and spring. It felt wonderful. Angel settled in further, his eyes still closed. He heard cabinets open and closed. He smiled as he heard a soft rustle and the sound of material hitting the floor.

A warm hand touched his back. “Lean up.”

“I’m comfortable.”

“Angel.” Cordelia warned.

Angel quickly moved forward. His compliance was rewarded when Cordelia slid into the tub behind him. He waited a moment as she settled. Then he grasped her long legs and pulled them around him, laying his head back on the softness of her breast. Angel thanked the Powers, all the gods, ancient and new as Cordelia’s breath quickened and her legs tightened around him.

A low grumble sounded in his chest, a purr more than a growl as Cordelia pushed his head into the water, then drawing him up. Soon, his scalp was being magically massaged as Cordelia worked in the shampoo. Her fingers scratched and pressed. Angel’s body settled firmly in between Cordelia’s legs.

“Again.” Cordelia pressed her lips to his ear. Angel purred.

Once again, he was immersed into the water, only to have Cordelia to draw him back up. “Now the conditioner.”

“No.” Angel swiftly moved and in an instant Cordelia was on top of him.

“How’d you do that?”

“Patience is not a virtue, but agility is.” Angel grinned, pulling Cordelia into a deep kiss.

Angel lifted Cordelia’s hips and gently placed them over his hard member. Cordelia licked her lips and slowly pushed down. She closed her eyes as her body was filled with Angel. Angel’s hands traveled up and down her body as she moved against him.

Angel closed his eyes losing himself in the sensations of the texture, feel and warmth that engulfed him.

Both of their releases came quickly. Cordelia lifted her head as her body melted into Angel’s. “Hmm, Angel,”

“Mmm,” Angel brushed the hair away from her face.

“I’m getting wrinkled.”

“You’re cute wrinkled.”


Angel adjusted Cordelia, still holding her has he stood.


The vampire picked the young woman up out of the tub and pulled her to him. “Mmm?”

“You have to stop worrying so much about me. The others are getting annoyed.”

“They’re getting annoyed?” Angel raised a brow.

Cordelia leaned her body close to Angel’s. “I might be getting a little annoyed too. But, I love you so I of course I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Do I hear a big but or ultimatum?”

Cordelia laughed. “Maybe, in the sense that I will tell Fred more stuff to make you squirm. But, please, like I would give up this.”

Angel pushed her away and studied her.


“Now that I know the stakes, I’m deciding whether Fred’s taunts are all that bad. After all, she needs to learn how to become comfortable in LA. Friendly ribbing is a good start.”

“Angel.” Cordelia whined, walked away and got between the covers of the bed. “You have to let up at some point don’t you.”

“No.” Angel settled in next to her, pulling her body close.

“Angel, Angelus is gone, stuck in the past where he belongs, he isn’t a threat to you, me or anyone else now. You have your soul. A very cute, sexy one by the way. And don’t tense up.”

Angel tried to get back to the relaxed and happy feeling that he had been reveling in. But, he couldn’t fight the tension that Angelus’ name brought to his body. Cordelia was right. There was no threat of Angelus. They were in the present, where Angel’s soul was permanent. Yet, Angel’s alter evil non-soul self still caused him fear. He had been so close to losing Cordelia. But she was right.

I’ll try.”

“Thank you.” Cordelia smiled and rolled her body on top of Angel’s. “I do love you. I love a ‘grr’ broody guy, who would have thought.” She wiggled on his body, trying to make herself comfortable.

“Not me,” Angel hugged her tightly.

“Angel, you’re happy, aren’t you?” Cordelia shot up.

Angel pulled her back down. “Very. I love you Cordelia Chase. Get use to it. Believe it.”

“I do, I said I did.” She curled back into Angel’s body.

Angel kissed her soft hair. His body had been satisfied, but he still wanted more. He shifted Cordelia away from the evidence of his renewed arousal.

“Angel?” Cordelia resisted Angel’s movement.

“Sleep.” Even after three weeks and Cordelia constant willingness. Angel was still reluctant to let his demon touch her. It was too close to Angelus.

Cordelia moved, sitting up straddling Angel. She considered the vampire. “When I’m done and you are exhausted.” She scooted down his body. Her hands and lips attacking his chest. Cordelia’s lips, tongue and teeth teased at Angel’s nipples.

Angel resisted his protest and leaned back. Cordelia’s lips trailed down Angel’s chest, nuzzling into Angel’s groin.

Angel growled as Cordelia took his hard shaft into her warm mouth. Angel jerked, as Cordelia alternately kissed and took his penis into her lips.

Angel gripped at Cordelia’s hair and shoulders jerking her up to his mouth. In a swift, harsh move he buried himself into her body. Cordelia gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into his shoulders as Angel thrust into her. His face nudging and pushing at her chin. Just like Cordelia welcomed his thrusts, she opened her throat to Angel.

“I love you.” She whispered.

Cordelia tensed and screamed as Angel’s bite and her orgasm hit simultaneously.

They laid together, Cordelia covering Angel’s body her head cuddled into his shoulder. Slowly, she was able to get her breath under control. “Tired?”

Angel grabbed her and kissed Cordelia soundly. “Sleep, would be nice.” Still amazed at Cordelia’s acceptance and love. He shifted again, turning on his side, pulling Cordelia into his body.

“Tomorrow, you can go get your hair done without me, but you will call when you get there and when you leave. Deal.”

“You just don’t want highlights.” Cordelia wiggled and positioned her self more comfortably. Her body, arms and legs were all draped over Angel. Cordelia yawned, and then said as an after thought. “Are you comfortable?”

Angel looked down at the body sprawled over his. “Yes.”

Cordelia nuzzled a nod into his chest. “Good night, then.”

“Good night,” Angel leaned back onto his pillow smiling; consumed by the warmth that was penetrating his soul and cold flesh.

Chapter 4

“What game are you playing?”

“No, game Lilah.”

“Right, you just went behind my back to the senior partners pitching this plan and putting my name on it. Why? Are you setting me up?”

“No. The way I see it if you had been ‘disciplined’ for your previous failure…”

Lila tossed the file on her desk. “My failure. If you hadn’t stupidly identified yourself, Angel wouldn’t have found out so quickly that we had taken the seer. He wouldn’t have found out the plan. I wouldn’t be strapped up like a fuckin’ mummy.”

“True, all true. But the senior partners feel that your slip.” Jeremy motioned to her cast. “Was more of a ‘failure’.”

“So, why are you helping me?”

“Because as I was saying even if you had to vacate your position for ‘health reasons’…”

“Would you just say it- If I was killed.”

“Fine. Your death wouldn’t really help me any. After all, I’m new. There would be no guarantee that I would’ve been promoted. After all, I did mess up to. So, I need another chance to prove myself and catch the Partner’s eyes. You can help me.”

“So, you can stab me in the back.”

“My plan or rather your plan keeps you alive a little longer. We both gain something by working together.”

Lilah paced. She didn’t trust him, but then again she didn’t trust anyone. Lila glared, then shook her head. “Angel and Angelus in LA. This plan could work or be the death of us all.”

“The Senior Partners want Angel damned. Do you see any other option?”



Lilah and Jeremy watched as a team of vampires and demon’s jumped through the portal. A dark small-cloaked figure stood nearby scribbling, calculating and chanting.

Lilah’s shoulder’s ached with tension. They planned on re-opening the Portal every hour on the hour until the mission was complete.

Lilah paced, fidgeting with her sling as the first hour passed.

“Lilah, it may take awhile. Angelus may not be that easy to capture.”

“Two more hours, then were sending in another team.”


Six hours and three teams later, two vampires fell through the Portal. Both were bloody and beaten, but one was unconscious and bound by chains.

Lila watched as the Portal closed. “Where are the rest of the teams?”

The vampire leaned up. “Dead and dust. The legends of Angelus seemed to have been accurate.” He spit out some blood.

Jeremy stepped back from the unconscious vampire on the floor. “He killed all of them?”

“Get more security.” Lilah ordered the guards in the room. “Take Angelus to the Penthouse.”

Chapter 5

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