Into the Past. 1-7

Title: Into the Past
Author: (Only)Anne  aka Anneb
Posted here: 08/05
Rating: N-17
Category: Time travel
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Notes: – After everything…but also, before everything. … The WB ‘offcial site’ says that by 1880, the fanged four were in London. Then after becoming well acquainted (what does that mean and how long does that take.)_ Anyway from London, they went to Yorshire, then we jump to 1898- And the soul thing..etc. Well, since the WB was vague on how long the fanged 4 stayed in London, I’ve imagined…and now you all are suffering for it…
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Chapter One

“Does Angel know?”

“I showed him.”

“Great, he went all broody, didn’t he?” Cordelia glanced up the stairs, which led to Angel’s suite.

“He seemed to be in a contemplative mood about it.”

“Like I said, he went into dark brood mode.” Cordelia shook her head. She scrunched up her face. “I know prophecies come from up high, but they don’t actually have to come true, right.”

“Forewarned, they can be prevented.”

“Well, there you go then. We got the coming attraction, now we just need to do the prevention thing. It can’t be that hard. It’s not like Buffy pops into visit every day. So, we will just make sure that she stays in Sunnyhell where she belongs.” Cordelia said.

“Cordelia, we don’t know that the Prophecy meant Buffy.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “The vampire with a soul will be damned, his redemption lost, when the mate of his soul, is torn asunder by the demon that lies within? Buffy, duh. Soul mate, love of ‘grr’ guy’s life, that’s Buffy. And the demon within, well duh to that to. The way I see it is, Buffy stays where she’s at and we make sure that there is no way Angelus comes a creepin. – Viola, bad stuff averted.”

“Where are you going?”

“To make sure that Angel realizes that there will be no more sneaky side trips to Sunnydale.” Cordelia bounded up the stairs.

“You don’t think she is right.” Gunn asked.

“Do you?”

“You know me, English. I’m just muscle you’re the brain.”

“Angel loved Buffy, that’s true, but his soul mate? No.”

“I was afraid of that. So, what are we going to do?”

“She won’t leave him. Even if we tell her. Hell, she won’t believe it.”

“Angel could tell her, make her go.”

“That would assume that Angel would believe it. Both can be extremely blind and stubborn.”

Gunn nodded. “So, like I asked. What are we going to do?”

Wesley shrugged. “Make sure that there is no chance of Angelus appearing.”

Gunn’s brows rose. “How could that happen anyway, I thought the two three- letter words were needed.”

“No, it can be done by artificial means. Albeit it is only temporary, but it wouldn’t take long for Angelus to kill Cordelia.”

Chapter Two

Angel sat in his armchair. Thinking, or as Cordelia would say, brooding. The prophecy had scared him. The idea that Angelus could return and harm…..

“Knock, Knock, Mr. Brood guy.”

“Cordelia, I…”

“I know…You want to be alone with your ‘thoughts’. Fine I’ll let you get back to them, after we get a few things straight.”

Angel brows rose at the beautiful girl’s demanding tone. A slight smile started to form. Angel took a deep unneeded breath and forced his frown back in place. “And they would be?”

“No more sneaking off to Sunnydale. You, Buffy, temptation, pelvic action, love…Angelus…then where would we all be, I’ll tell you where, Buffy torn asunder and you really damned. Not going to happen, not while I’m here. But you got to do your part, no more sneaking.”

“Cordelia I don’t sneak off to Sunnydale to see Buffy.”

Cordelia arched her brows. “Really?”

“I didn’t sneak”

“You didn’t tell. You snuck.”

“Buffy’s mother died, then Buffy died, and came back. That’s why I went to Sunnydale, and since you know about those trips, I didn’t sneak.”

“Hmmph, what about Thanksgiving? Remember?”

“Cordy, that was over two years ago, and you sent me there. You had a vision, remember,” he said in the same tone she had.

“Right, well. After that. You definitely snuck then.”

“What? When?” Angel thought a moment. Okay, maybe he did sneak then. “How did you know?”

“I came back from my well earned vacation, hearing that Buffy visited and witnessed the whole rescuing of Faith’s soul bit. I figured that you would be all broody, so I stopped by. You weren’t at your apartment, so where else would you be.”

“Out killing demons, saving the world.”

“Were you?” Cordelia’s tone was sarcastic.

“Buffy and I argued, I just wanted to make things okay again. Okay?”

“Maybe, then, but not now. There will be no more running to Sunnydale. Got it. I will not have you risk your soul.”

Angel didn’t know what to say. He just stared.

“Oh, and no, taking drinks from strangers. There will be no artificial Angelus making pills or stuff slipped into your blood or whatever. Got it.”

Angel just nodded.

“Good.” Cordelia relented a bit. “Perk up, gloomy guy, Wesley will look some more, I’m sure there is another prophecy that tells us exactly how to prevent it all from happening. I mean what’s the good of a warning if there is no solution. Or maybe, I’ll get a vision.” Cordelia smiled optimistically.

Angel frowned. He didn’t want Cordelia to get a vision. He hated what the visions did to her.

“Okay, are you all straight on the rules?”

“Yes, Cordelia.”

Cordelia gave a smart nod. “Good, because, I have to go.”



Angel’s frown became even deeper. He hated that Cordelia willingly put herself in the position to be insulted by those Hollywood jerks.

“Oh, don’t frown so. It’s a dish washing liquid commercial. How bad can they insult my hands?” Cordelia glanced at her nails. “Damn, that Laxus demon, it made me break a nail. I better hurry, if I want to get it fixed. Angel….” She looked at him sternly.

“I will not run off to Sunnydale or accept anything from strangers.”

Cordelia nodded again and smiled. “See ya.”

Angel watched as his seer ran out of the room. Cordelia thought she knew him so well. And for the most part, she did. But on one issue, she didn’t have a clue.

Buffy was not in danger or the danger. Wesley and Gunn thought he was blind; he wasn’t, just unsure and scared. And now even more so.

Because, Angel knew that his soul mate wasn’t Buffy, but Cordelia, the young beautiful woman that had so completely taken over his life, heart, and soul. Angelus could not, would not touch her, Angel vowed.

Chapter Three

“I don’t know Lilah, it sounds a bit far fetched to me.”

The tall brunette rolled her eyes. “Anymore farfetched than the things we have attempted before. I tell you, the spell will work. It’s been verified.”

“I still don’t see why we just don’t kill her.”

Lilah grimaced. She couldn’t believe that she missed Lindsay. But this new guy was just plain stupid. She spoke slowly. “The prophecy calls for the demon within Angel to kill the seer, we do it, nothing happens, well nothing but having one pissed off vampire with a soul on our doorsteps. No, Angelus has to kill Angel’s soul mate.”

“Then why not just bring out Angelus.”

“You did read his file didn’t you.”

“Of course.”

“Then you must have seen, we haven’t been real successful on that front. No, this will work.” She turned and faced the senior partner that was present. “It will work.”

“Do it.”

Chapter Four

Cordelia jumped back as a car’s horn blared at her. She glanced up from her newly repaired nail and glared at the speeding off car. Cordelia couldn’t decide if she wanted to get the commercial.

Well, of course, she wanted it. But if she got it, then that would mean more time a way from Angel. And as long as the specter of the prophecy was around, Cordelia didn’t want him out of her sight. She thought about it some more as she crossed the street.

No it wasn’t worth it, she turned to head back in the direction that she came. Anyway, it was just a dishwashing commercial, not even national. Cordelia would go back and watch over Angel.

Cordelia was forced to jump back again as another vehicle squealed in front of her. Her glare turned to shock as the dark van stopped suddenly and it’s doors opened. In an instant, she was grabbed and dragged into the now moving vehicle.

“What the….who…how dare….” Cordelia stopped her yelling as she recognized Lilah. “You bitch.”

“Shut her up.” Lilah ordered. One of the men that had grabbed Cordelia nodded and stuck a long needle into the side of Cordelia’s throat.

Chapter Five

“What time is it?”

“Five minutes later than the fifth time you asked.”

Angel stopped his pacing and glared. “Cordelia should have been back by now, she said she was coming back. How long does an audition take?”

“Maybe she got the commercial and they started shooting right away.” Fred suggested.

“That’s not how it works and anyway, she would have called.”

“Angel, I’m sure she is fine. Probably just stopped off somewhere.”

“Why should she be fine, just because the Prophecy calls for Angelus to kill her doesn’t mean there aren’t other dangers out there.”


“I’m not completely dense. I know who my soul mate is.”

“Oh…” Wesley repeated, trying to form a complete thought.

“Something is not right.” Angel growled. “Where was the audition?”

Wesley, Gunn, and Fred looked sheepish and shrugged.

Angel glared at them and went to Cordelia’s desk, looking through her calendar. “Bayside Studios.” Angel tore off the sheet and thrust it towards Wesley. “Find the address.”

Wesley nodded, grabbing the sheet and the phone book. Angel continued his pacing.

Chapter Six

Cordelia’s eyes opened slowly. She took in her surroundings. This was not good. She was obviously a prisoner in the Wolfram & Hart building. Why, though, that was the question. It had to be another one of their lame attempts to capture Angel.

She stared as Lilah sauntered in. Cordelia glared. “It won’t work you know.”

“What won’t?”

“This trap. Angel will save me and you won’t hurt him.”

“Trap? This isn’t a trap. No, you will be long gone before Angel even knows that you are missing, much less that we took you.”

Cordelia scrunched up her face. She didn’t like the sound of that at all. “Why?”

“No reason, not to tell you. We found a prophecy that will ensure Angel’s eternal damnation. We thought we would give it a whirl.”

Cordelia started to speak, then stopped. Obviously, Wolfram & Hart found the same prophecy that Wesley had, but they didn’t know what it really meant. Otherwise, Buffy would be sitting in the chair that Cordelia was now tied up in.

Or rather, Buffy would’ve beaten the crap out of them for trying to tie her up. But, as long as the evil lawyers got it wrong, then there was no danger from the prophecy or to Angel’s soul. No, Cordelia wasn’t going to correct their mistake and risk them getting it right the next time.

Cordelia squirmed as Lilah came close, untying the ropes. “Have fun.”

Cordelia glanced up, the questions overcoming her anger. The room darkened and she heard mumbled chanting floating around her. The walls seemed to move, swirling and twirling, creating a black hole. Oh shit, not again, Cordelia panicked as she was sucked through the portal that had formed.

Chapter Seven

“Great, great,” Cordelia mumbled as she got up swiping the dirt off her red silk dress. “Just great. Hmmph,” she grunted. She didn’t want to have to go to the castle and see Groo. “Man…” Cordelia whined.

She would have to face him and explain that she hadn’t meant that Love stuff. How embarrassing. But, she needed the stupid priest’s books, if she was going to get back.

Cordelia glanced around. Her faced scrunched up as she noticed the dirty brick walls that surrounded her. She didn’t remember any brick buildings in Pylea. But, then again, she had spent most of her time in the other dimension in a barn, then in a castle.

It’s not like she went exploring or anything. Cordelia bit her lip, glancing around, unease growing in her belly. Exploration or not, she just didn’t think that Pylea had any alleys and she was definitely in an alley. Her nose crinkled, it sure didn’t smell like Pylean. Even the barn smelled better than what she getting a whiff of. It was worse than the LA sewers.

Oh no, she whined quietly. She wasn’t in Pylea. And while, LA had some nasty alleys, she was pretty sure she wasn’t in LA, either. Cordelia looked at her feet. Why not? She squeezed her eyes shut and clicked her heels together three times. Still didn’t work. Well, she couldn’t just stand there. OR could she? Angel and gang would be coming after her, right. Cordelia turned and stared at the air, which had once been a swirling black hole.

“Come on guys, anytime now. Angel, please.”

Cordelia pouted as nothing happened except her stomach growled. “Great.” Well, she couldn’t just stay here. And Lilah was right; Angel wouldn’t even know Cordelia had been kidnapped, yet. But, he would, and Angel would know that the bitch took Cordelia- then come save her. Cordelia wasn’t exactly sure how, but she knew with a every fiber of her being,

Angel would save her. He had to, right? “Right,” Cordelia said. But until then, she needed to get out of this gross alley, figure out where she was, and get something to eat. Her stomach growled again.

Cordelia hesitated as she moved toward the entrance of the alley.

“Please, let this be a dimension that humans and demons live in peace. Please.”

Cordelia just wasn’t in the mood to go running for her life or go through that slave crap again. With a deep breath, she stepped out and just as quickly stepped back in. It’s okay, those weren’t demons, just people, a lot of unwashed sorry looking people, in bad outfits. Cordelia peeked around the corner. Her eyes stung as a shift in the wind brought even more of the unpleasant stench to her face.

Oh, this was just nasty. She was in hell. Dirty, smelly and bad clothes, the flames were missing but everything else she imagined hell to be, was sure there. When Angel saved her, Cordelia was going to kill that lawyer bitch for dropping her into the middle of a cesspool.

Cordelia listened to the voices around her. Yep, English-English, Wesley’s English. Well, not exactly Wesley’s English but definitely not LA English. She stared at the people; she had seen those bad outfits, before. But in the movies, they were cleaner. Somehow, she landed into a dirtier, seedier version of a Dickens’s tale. Why would another dimension copy 19th century England and do it so disgustingly.

The street was lined with dilapidated, but occupied tenements. Eww, she grimaced as a woman tossed a bucket of foul looking liquid out a second story window. Well, Cordelia figured out where the stench was coming from, or at least where some of it came from.

Gross. Cordelia glanced further down the road. She saw vendors hawking their wares, everything from food, clothes to flowers, she blinked and themselves, she thought, as she noticed a group of woman beckoning and calling to the men that passed by them.

Cordelia’s eyes were drawn back to the flower cart. An old woman was filling a basket with the blossoms. The old woman was wearing a cloak that hid almost all of what had to be fashion disaster underneath. Cordelia looked down to her own bright red slip dress. Appropriate for an audition, not appropriate out there. This was not the time or the place to draw attention. She needed some other clothes, or a least a cloak.

Money, Cordelia needed money. If this dimension was a replica of 19th century England, then it would use money. If she couldn’t have Angel and a rescue, then Cordelia would settle for money, for now. Of course, the lawyer bitch didn’t bother tossing in Cordelia’s purse. Cordelia shook her head. Her purse would’ve been of no use; this definitely was the one place that neither accepted VISA nor MasterCard.

But pearls worked in any century, her hand grazed the necklace around her neck, Cordelia would have to just hope that they worked in this dimension. Okay, this neighborhood had to have a pawnshop of some sorts. But, how to get there, without being propositioned or arrested for indecency.

Cordelia glanced around, her eyes widened as she saw a makeshift clothesline drawn out between two buildings. She didn’t know why the person even bothered; those clothes and rags weren’t clean. But, there was a cloak.

Chapter 8

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