The Necklace. 1-5

Title: The Necklace
Author: (Only)Anneb
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Rating: overall N-17
Content: C/A
Summary: Nothing but my own make believe reason as to why Cordelia stole the necklace from the museum. Oh, I have designed my own necklace for the purpose of this fic.
Spoilers: Mainly “The Shroud”. The other stuff has happened (or some of it- but, Kate is still on the police force) Oh well, this is my world, now…
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: Just ask

Chapter One

Cordelia sat on her bed gazing at the necklace laid out on the velvet cloth. She tentatively brushed a finger over a turquoise stone embedded in the mixture of copper, silver and gold of the necklace.

She stared in confusion as her finger traced the simple tri-color mounting. Cordelia still had no idea why she stole the necklace from the museum. She knew that she had been briefly affected by the wackier aspects of the Shroud, just like everyone else had. But to steal? This necklace? It wasn’t even the type of jewelry she liked.

Cordelia picked up the necklace and studied it. It was designed in a choker style with turquoise and rose quartz stones placed intermittently along the metal. No, it was definitely not her style, but she had been drawn to it when she first saw it in the museum.

In fact, she still was. The necklace pulled at her, so much so that she hadn’t even really tried to think of a way to return it to the museum. Nor had she told Wesley or Angel that she had taken it. Partly, because her turn as a jewel thief was embarrassing, but mainly because Cordelia knew they would want her to give it back.

And, she knew that she couldn’t. Somehow and for some reason, the necklace was meant to be with her.

Cordelia sighed and got up from the bed wrapping the necklace back in the velvet. She placed the bundle in her dresser drawer. Cordelia stared at the closed drawer, her hand resting on the knob. She couldn’t get over the feeling that there was more to the necklace than just stones and metal. Cordelia started as a shirt blindsided her.

“What the hell…? What was that for?” she cried in the air. A clock was tossed on the bed in silent response.

“Oh, damn, I’m late, again.” Throwing off her robe and pulling the shirt over her head.


“Good morning, boss. Hey, Wesley, Gunn.” Cordelia dropped her purse on the front counter looking at her friends.

“Morning?” Angel asked with a raised brow. His tone implying that it was not morning, but the afternoon.

“Whatever, its not like you haven’t ever overslept, now is it, `grr’ guy, formally known as rip vamp winkle.” She retorted. Angel stood silent refusing to be baited by the beautiful girl.

“Any luck?” He asked Wesley.

Wesley looked up from his book. “No, but maybe, if someone had been here earlier, we might have been able to discover some information on the computer,” he replied, looking pointedly at Cordelia.

“Ugh, you computer deficient research snob, you do have the ability to turn a computer on. See, just push this little button. Wow, look it’s on.” She flopped behind her desk. “What are we looking for?”

“A bloodsucking demon, that leaves dead bodies around,” answered Wesley.

Cordelia shook her head, “I’m assuming that we’re not talking about your garden variety bloodsucking `grr’ type that leaves dead bodies lying around.”

“Of course not, Kate called and said that a couple of bodies were found, blood drained and burnt,” commented Wesley.

“I’m still not hearing anything that screams `not’ a fang type of bad guy.”

“Cordelia, Kate said that there were no puncture wounds, just suction type markings burned into the body,” Angel clarified.

“Eww, you meant an even more literal bloodsucking type. Why didn’t you say so sooner, Wesley? I am a seer, not a mind reader,” she huffed punching at the keyboard.

“Found it.” Cordelia said after a few minutes.

“Already?” asked Wesley.

“Yeah, gee, and if you weren’t so computer afraid, you might have already found it. It’s called a Suction demon. Not really, all that imaginative, just straight and to the point.” She swung the screen around to the men who had gathered around her desk. Cordelia got up and grabbed her purse.

“Where are you going? You just got here,” questioned Angel.

“Lunch, I’m hungry.” Cordelia headed towards the door of the hotel.

“It’s morning.”

“Gee, a minute ago, it was the afternoon. Make up your mind,” she griped. “I found the demon. What more do you want?”

“But we still don’t know where it’s hiding,” Wesley called.

“Give me a break.” She stormed back to the computer. “See, character traits.” Cordelia pointed to the screen. “Now, take this thing here,” she moved the computer’s mouse.

“Click. Oh my, would you look at that book geek, it tells you that the demon is a slug that likes dark, damp places near where it feeds. Check the sewers. Gee, if it’s not in a book it just doesn’t exist for you does it.”

Cordelia turned towards Angel. “Of course, if you want me to go with you and help actually fight the blood sucking snail, I’d be happy to forgo lunch.” Cordelia pursed her lips as the vampire shook his head.

“You aren’t going. It could be dangerous. We can handle it.”

“Right,” Cordelia rolled her eyes at the vampire’s illogical reasoning. “Figured as much, so I’m taking lunch. Call if you need me and be careful, please.” She added her voice suddenly turning soft gazing into the vampire’s dark eyes. Angel returned her small smile.

“We ALL will,” called Gunn.

“That’s a relief.” Cordelia rolled her eyes, leaving the building.

“Wesley, is Cordelia all right?” Angel asked still watching his departing seer.

“Cordelia hasn’t said anything, why?”

“This is the fourth time this week that she has overslept and she seems grumpy.” Angel sighed. “You don’t think she is still mad at me, do you?”

Wesley shook his head. If he didn’t think that it was so improbable, Wesley would swear that the vampire was whining. “No, Angel for the last time, Cordelia is NOT still mad at you,” the former watcher emphasized. “The fact that you are wondering, is proof positive that she isn’t mad, because if she was, you would know it,” reasoned the former watcher.

“We would all know it.” Wesley remembered the blasting tirade that Cordelia had delivered eloquently and loudly to Angel when he first offered his apology for cutting them off so abruptly, which had been followed by another outburst when Cordelia found out that Angel had given away her clothes.

“But, Cordelia has been distracted a lot lately and she won’t talk to me about the reason,” continued a concerned vampire.

“I haven’t really noticed anything wrong with her,” countered the former watcher.

Angel nodded still not convinced that everything was okay with his seer. She had been grumpy lately and Angel knew that she hadn’t been sleeping well. Not, so much from her looks, Cordelia was as beautiful as ever, but because Angel had resumed his habit of checking up on his seer late at night. Angel had spent many long nights watching and worrying as Cordelia tossed and turned trying to find a restful sleep.

“Hey, the Barbie’s fine, but the slug?” reminded Gunn.

“Right,” Angel shook his head and went to the counter. “This is where Kate found the bodies, the nearest manhole cover is here.” Angel pointed on the map he had pulled from the counter.

“Let’s go,” Wesley said.

“Hold on, how do we kill it?” Gunn asked.

The three men went back to the computer and stared at the screen. “We can do this,” grumbled Angel. “Wesley, use the mouse thing.”

“Uh,” Wesley looked at the small piece of equipment in trepidation.

“Chickens,” griped Gunn. He moved the mouse to section of the screen that had read weakness and clicked. Nothing happened.

“Do it, again.” Angel said.

“Are you sure, if it goes away we may never get it back.” Gunn winced.

“No, but do it anyway.”

Gunn clicked twice and the screen changed. The room filled with deep multiple sighs of relief.

“That was easy,” Gunn said with manufactured nonchalance.

“We are pathetic aren’t we,” signed Wesley. He read the new material, along with Angel and Gunn. “It seems easy enough, a little unorthodox, though.”

“Not, really when you think about, it. We use to do the same thing to garden or rather street slugs, when were kids,” commented Gunn.

“Okay, Wesley, you and Gunn go to the store and get,” Angel looked back at the screen. “20 lbs. of salt and, what do you think,” Angel questioned Gunn, the now appointed expert on slug killing, “… a keg of beer?”

“Sounds about right. We will meet you here.” Gunn pointed to an area on the map.

Chapter Two

Cordelia stood at the entrance of the museum. She took a deep breath and went in. Cordelia wandered around looking for the exhibit that had housed the necklace.

She took one more circuit around the museum before she gave in to the realization the exhibit was no longer at the museum. Cordelia grumbled in frustration as she stood on the marble stairs to the exit. She had really hoped that she could find out more about the necklace.

The need she felt to possess it was really starting to worry her. It was affecting her sleep and work. The young girl bit her lip in determination as she headed for the information kiosk.

“Hi,” Cordelia smiled at the elderly gentleman behind the desk. “A few months ago, there was an Native American Exhibit in the museum. But, I can’t seem to find it.” She shrugged charmingly.

“Yes, it left a few months ago. I believe it moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

“Oh, no,” She frowned sweetly. “I was really hoping to see it, a friend told me it was spectacular.”

“It was a very popular exhibit. I believe that there are some postcards and books still in the gift shop. Some of the post cards are really nice,” he said encouragingly to the disappointed pretty young girl.

“The gift shop? Where is that?”

“Just….Here, I will show you it’s kind of tricky.” He said blinking his eyes at Cordelia’s wide smile.

“Can, you leave the desk?”

“It will only be a minute. And I would hate for you to get lost, after all you have already had one to many disappoints today.”

“You’re sweet.”

“Errh, Yes, this way please.” The old man blushed at the pretty girl young enough to be his granddaughter.

“Thank you,” Cordelia said sweetly. “I would’ve never found it on my own.” She smiled gratefully at the old gentlemen.

“That’s what I’m here for- information.” He blushed again. “If you need anything else, just ask for Frank, that’s me.”

“Thank you,” Cordelia waved as she went into the gift shop.

What a pretty, polite young girl, the old guard thought as he went back to his desk.

Cordelia went up to the counter. “Excuse me, mam. I am looking for some information about the Native American Exhibit, Frank said you might still have some stuff,” she asked hopefully. “But, I couldn’t find any on the shelves. I hate to bother you, but I was really hoping to find something. My mom really wanted to see the exhibit, but well, she couldn’t make it to Ca., but I thought a book…”

“Oh, well, I do think we have some of the coffee table books left. Most of the post cards and jewelry and artwork replications were sold. Wait right here, I will check in the back.”

“Thank you very much.” Cordelia said politely to the older woman.

“Here, you go.” The woman handed Cordelia a large colorful book on the Native American Showing.

“Wow,” Cordelia said flipping through the book until she got to the index. She quickly scanned for any mention of necklaces and jewelry. Cordelia turned to a large picture of her necklace. “How much is this?” She looked up to the woman.


Cordelia grimaced at the price. Granted, her income was steadily getting better, with the return of her salary from Angel, and from the proceeds collected from the few clients Wesley, Gunn, and she had pulled in when they were on their own. But Fifty dollars?

“Oh, I am sorry, this is on sale,” the clerk said as she noticed Cordelia’s expression.

“Really?” the young girl said hopefully.

“Yes, 50 percent.”

“Really,” Cordelia smiled.

The clerk nodded pleased that she was able to help the thoughtful girl. It was gratifying to know that some young people still cared about their parents.

“Thank you so much for your help, I’m sure my mom will love it.” Cordelia grabbed her purchase.

“My pleasure.” The woman called after the departing girl. Polite girl, she thought as she went to help another couple.

“Bye, Frank,” Cordelia waved to the guard at the front desk.

“I see you were able to find something.” He smiled nodding to her package.

“Sure did, thanks,” she smiled again to the elderly gentlemen. Frank sighed as he watched the lovely brunette leave the museum.

Chapter Three

Damn, Cordelia thought as she looked at her watch. She didn’t have time to read the book now. Cordelia had to get back to Hyperion and make sure that Angel and the rest had gotten back safely.

Cordelia had wanted to leave the hotel earlier, but now that her private mission was over, she wanted to get back.

And, Cordelia felt free to grumble about Angel’s over protectiveness when it came to letting her go and fight the demons. She sighed, even if Angel had let her go, she would’ve had to remain on the sidelines and watch as her friends battled the demon.

It was getting annoying, Wesley and Gunn weren’t supernatural in anyway, but they fought. She didn’t see why Angel wouldn’t even teach her how to defend herself properly. Cordelia acknowledged that she didn’t necessarily want to be in the thick of all of the battles, but she did want to be able to do more than shepherd the living victims around or dispose of the dead, gross demon parts.

Oh well, she thought, first things first. First, she had to make sure that Angel was really back to normal. He seemed to be, almost like before the whole Darla episode.

God, Cordelia was glad the skanky old blonde bitch was finally dusted, this time hopefully for good. Then, she had to figure out this necklace thing, actually, that was becoming more and more a priority, as Cordelia was starting to have weird dreams, which she just knew were caused by the necklace. Cordelia sighed once more; she would get to making Angel teach her fight.

But it was going to have to wait, she acknowledged. Cordelia had too much else to do.

Chapter Four

Cordelia reached the hotel before the others returned. She looked around worriedly. She had read the information about the demon before she had left. Cordelia hadn’t thought it would be too difficult to kill it; hence one of the reasons why it was so stupid that Angel hadn’t let her go with them.

The slug was slow and kind of just oozed on its victims, then sucked them dry. But, Cordelia was positive that Angel could defeat it. The vampire was definitely faster, hell; Wesley was even faster than the oozy demon.

Cordelia was just about to get really worried when she heard some laughing and singing coming up from the basement. Singing, she thought stunned. Cordelia ran down to the basement. Three very smelly men greeted her. Cordelia scrunched her nose at the strong odor of beer that covered her friends.

“Geez, what did you do, bathe in the stuff,” she cried.

Wesley flashed a big happy smile at the young girl. “Halloo, Cor…… Cor……Cordy,” he stuttered.

“You’re drunk,” she cried incredulously. Cordelia glanced at Gunn, whose arm was linked in that of the former watcher. “And so are you.” She yelled. “Angel?” she turned to the vampire. “Please, tell me you haven’t been singing all throughout the sewers. She glanced at the smiling vampire.

“I am not drunk.” Angel staggered pulling what was left of the keg with him.

“Why do you have a keg of beer?”

“To kill the demon.”

“You got it drunk?”

“Nope, dissolved it. It sizzled and died, nothing left but gooey sticky muck. It was just like when I was a kid,” Gunn hiccupped wiping some of the slime off his hands onto Wesley’s shirt.

“You were one of those nasty boys. That is gross. What did a slug ever do to you? Boys are so mean. I bet you pulled the wings off insects.”

“Right, I bet you were really, `Ms. Mother Nature’.”

Cordelia decided to ignore Gunn. “So what, you all decided to go ahead celebrate the oh so difficult kill?” She asked sarcastically.

“Cordy, do you want some beer, we have some left.” Angel held up the keg’s tap with wobbly grace. Cordelia grunted an exasperated sigh.

“No, thank you, it is the middle of the day,” she scolded.

“Ha, Cord..Cordelia I seem to remember you getting sloshed during the day, evening and the night,” retorted Wesley.

“I didn’t get sloshed. I was merely practicing the time-honored tradition of self-medicating my troubles away. And my troubles are gone now, aren’t they Angel?”

“Oh, Cordy, I am sorry,” Angel whined wiping the beer foam was his mouth. “You aren’t still mad, are you?”

Cordelia shook her head. “No, I`m not,” she said at the vampire’s forlorn expression.

“Told you.” Wesley slurred grabbing the tap hose from Angel.

Cordelia gazed in exasperation and fondness as her friends played tug a war with the nozzle. “Would you degenerates at least use cups?”

“Didn’t have any” Angel responded, suddenly letting go of the hose. He laughed as Wesley stumbled back at the release.

“Didn’t have any,” Gunn echoed with a burp.

“You all are disgusting.” She laughed going back up the stairs. Cordelia took another look at the vampire. Angel was back, she thought happily. Actually, he was more than just back. Now, he seemed to be trying even harder to become a member of the human race, more so than he had even before the whole `Darla’ happening.

It was as if the act of cutting himself off from his friends had scared the vampire into realizing not only that he needed them to be with him, but also wanted to be a part of them.

Cordelia smiled wider, she could watch the handsome vampire all day, especially when he looked almost happy. But, she couldn’t watch Wesley and Gunn slobbering in their increasing drunken state, she thought.

So, while the most important man in her life proceeded to join her other best friend’s in acting like foolish juveniles at their first keg party, Cordelia decided that it would be a good time to read about her necklace.

Chapter Five

Cordelia scrunched up her face as she read more about the necklace.

Well, now she knew what it was, but it still didn’t explain why it called to her. Why would she be drawn to a Shaman’s healing necklace? She turned back to the large photograph of the necklace, tracing the stones in the necklace.

It was kind of cool how each material used in creating the piece had special healing qualities.

Cordelia stared at the blue stones in interest. She had never been a big fan of turquoise jewelry; it always seemed to remind her of cheesy country and western bars. But now as she read about the blue stones healing properties, she gained a new appreciation for turquoise.

The blue stones strengthened the whole body, they aided in circulation, helped the lungs and a person’s respiratory system perform better and helped the vitalization of the blood supply.

The combination of silver, gold and copper in the setting also had healing properties. Cordelia had heard before that some people wore copper bracelets for health purposes, but she had thought that it had been old wives’ tale. But actually, she guessed it was an old Indian tale.

Copper supposedly helped the blood flow and detoxified the impurities of the body. The gold and silver also, improved circulation. And the gold had the added benefit of purifying and energizing the physical body as well as strengthening the nervous system, as well as aiding in tissue regeneration.

The silver enhanced one’s mental functions and promoted emotional balance. All and all very appropriate materials to compose a healing necklace, Cordelia thought. Cordelia wasn’t sure about the inclusion of the rose quartz. The rose colored crystal represented the love of ones self as well as compassion and sympathy for others. It opened ones heart.

Actually, Cordelia concluded it did make sense in a way, healers should be compassionate and empathic towards the suffering. Still, why had the necklace beckoned to her? Sure, she saw the helpless in her visions and felt their pain, so that did make her somewhat empathic, but she wasn’t a healer, she was a seer. Cordelia re-read the article searching to see if it gave the name of the Shaman it had belonged to.

Nothing, she sighed in frustration, the text didn’t even mention what tribe the necklace was from. Cordelia turned on the computer; maybe she should try another approach. She typed in the search commands for Shamans.

Chapter 6

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