The Succubus. 1-4

Title: The Succubus
Author: (Only)Anne
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Rating: N-17
Summary: It’s sort of a sequel to It Is Really Forever but not as long. Basically, Angel and Cordelia fight a succubus demon.
Spoilers: Sometime after “To Shansue in LA”(the events in the new season are not mentioned.)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt (& Davis & Rysher). No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: whoever, just let me know
Notes: Cordelia is immortal, Angel has his soul and they are definitely a couple. Wesley is not involved in this story. He is in England researching the prophecy introduced in ‘It Is Really Forever’.
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Chapter One:

Cordelia stared at the computer screen. She wondered if she was doing the right thing. Maybe she should wait and ask Angel. After all it was his apartment.

No, he told her that it was now her’s too. And he did say she could bring all of her stuff. Technically, though, Dennis wasn’t hers or stuff. Whatever, Cordelia thought, pushing the send icon on her computer. Cordelia stared at the screen impatiently.

This was ridiculous. Willow probably wasn’t even on line now. Still, Cordelia didn’t move from the screen. She was a little nervous. Cordelia hadn’t really talked to Willow since the whole, ‘I am dead, no I’m not’ scenario.

Willow had called when Angel told the whole Sunnydale crowd, that she was alive. Willow was the only one that had actually wanted to talk to her, to make sure that she was okay after the whole kidnapping experience.

Cordelia felt a little guilty about lying to the witch about what really happened. Willow seemed to be really concerned, but Cordelia was still not ready to tell the whole gang about her being immortal and especially about her and Angel. Jeez, she thought, that would freak everyone more than her new sword carrying lifestyle.

But she wanted Willow’s help in her plan. Cordelia tried to research it on her on her own, but it wasn’t getting anywhere. She found what she thought would be the proper spell, but it hadn’t worked. It just made Dennis mad.

He wouldn’t talk to her for days. She wasn’t sure exactly what it did to him, but he was an unhappy ghost there for awhile. And Wesley wasn’t due back from England for at least another week. So Cordelia decided to ask for Willow’s expertise. After all she was a real witch, if anyone could transport Dennis from her old apartment to Angel’s, she could, right?

Right, she thought with conviction. Cordelia stared at the screen, trying to will the witch to respond.

“Excuse me.”

Cordelia jerked from the computer screen and looked up. In the doorway stood Detective Kate Lockley. Cordelia grimaced. She did not like the blonde detective. Cordelia hated the way the detective treated Angel, now that she knew he was a vampire.

To be honest, Cordelia admitted, she hadn’t liked her much before that either. She couldn’t stand the way the woman had fawned all over Angel. Cordelia thought it was very shallow and bigoted that Kate didn’t find Angel attractive now, just because he was a vampire. He was still the same sexy guy.

“What do you want, Kate? If it is to browbeat Angel some more you will have to come back later, he is not here.”

“But it is daylight?”


“He is a vampire.”

“Read much bad fiction, do you Kate?” Cordelia snorted. “He isn’t locked in a coffin at dawn only to be released at sundown.”


“What do you want, Detective? I don’t think that this is a social call.”

“I wanted to ask him about a case,” the detective stuttered. Kate didn’t know what it was about the brunette young woman that made her uncomfortable. Maybe, it was that she always seemed to ridicule Kate’s fear of the vampire.

“Really?” Cordelia swung around in her chair and crossed her arms across her chest, looking down her nose at the standing police officer.

“Gee, Kate, asking for the help from ‘one of his kind’, you must be desperate. Well he is not here. Angel is meeting with a paying client, who appreciates him. You can try back later.” She swung around in her chair, dismissing the detective.

Kate closed her eyes, willing herself to regain her normal confidence level. “Give him this,” she said. “And tell him to call me.”

“Ummph,” Cordelia said as she heard the front door close. Cordelia glanced at the manila envelope Kate threw on the desk. Cordelia was a little intrigued.

Business had been slow lately. She hadn’t had a vision in awhile and the paying customers were few and far between. It was true, that Angel was meeting with a paying client. But Cordelia wasn’t too confident that David Nabbitt would have a legitimate case.

Their rich computer whiz of a client had a tendency to exaggerate or make up cases, just to spend time with them. He always offered to pay them for their time. At first Cordelia wanted Angel to accept, but now it was just too sad.

David was the perfect example that money can’t buy you happiness. But it sure could help, she thought. What a waste.

Cordelia dropped the envelope, when she heard the beep signaling in-coming e-mail. It was from Willow. Cordelia eagerly clicked on the message.

‘Hey, Cordy, Transportation of a bound ghost can be tricky. Do it wrong and poor Dennis could end up back in the wall, table or lamp. Don’t try anything until I can look into it, okay.’

Cordelia stopped reading. Oh dear, she thought, thinking back how the table lamp had flickered and then burnt out when she tried to cast the spell. No wonder, Phantom Dennis had been mad. Well at least it was only temporary, she thought with a sigh, and turned back to Willow’s e-mail.

‘So, how are things. I hadn’t heard from you in awhile. I was getting worried. Are you really okay? I know that being kidnapped and everything sucked. I realize that I haven’t e-mailed either, but it wasn’t that I didn’t care.

Things have been a little crazy, not ‘crazy, crazy’, just normal Sunnydale crazy. It wasn’t really anything too much out of the ordinary, just a new nest of vampires. It took a while to find the lair, though, with exams and everything. But we found them and they are now dust. Well, Bye. And don’t try any spell until I get back with you. Take care, Will’

Cordelia read the last part of the message again. She felt her eyes tearing up. She began to believe that Willow really did care.

Chapter Two:

“Cordy, what is it?”

She jumped at the sound of Angel’s voice. “Nothing, just an e-mail from Willow.” Cordelia smiled at the vampire.

“She upset you?” Angel started to get angry. When will the Sunnydale gang learn to appreciate Cordelia’s wonderful qualities, he thought.

Cordelia heard the concern in his voice. Her smile got even bigger. “No, she didn’t upset me.” Cordelia got up and hugged the vampire. “Really, I am not upset. It’s just that sometimes I forget that Willow has actually become a friend, sort of and that you love me, that’s all.”

“You forgot? It has been only a couple of hours, since I last showed you how much I loved you. Oh well, I guess I will have to just remind you,” he smiled, pulling her to the stairs.

“Well, okay, but you better make it good ‘grr’ guy, because you know my memory can be flaky,”she laughed following upstairs.

“Oh, I will.” Angel picked her up in his arms.

Cordelia put her arms around his neck and nuzzled her nose and mouth against his neck. She gently nipped and licked at the surrounding skin. She giggled at Angel’s growl. “You better hurry.” She buried her hands under his shirt. Cordelia dragged her hand along his chest, stopping at his nipple. She teased the small bud with her fingernail.

Angel growled and held her tighter, picking up his pace. Cordelia managed to tear Angel’s shirt off, before they reached the top of the stairs. Cordelia began to kiss down his chest. Angel stumbled up against the wall of the staircase. He balanced Cordelia against him with one hand and with his other hand pulled her head up and captured her lips. Once her mouth was secure against his, he brought Cordelia’s legs around his waist.

Cordelia moaned as she felt the hardness of his cock against her center. She moved her hips up and down against his hard cock, her mouth never breaking the kiss. Angel growled into her mouth and slammed her up against the wall. Angel thrust his hips up into her body. She broke from the kiss to gasp for air. Angel redirected his mouth to her neck. Cordelia moaned as his fangs scraped her skin. She grabbed at his cock, gently squeezing and pulling at it.

“Cordy, I can’t wait,” he groaned.

“Then don’t,” she gasped in need and desperation. Angel’s cool touch over her sensitive skin ignited a fire within her body that only he could satisfy. It had only been a couple of weeks since they had become lovers and the intense desire that he caused was overwhelming to her.

Angel frantically tore her panties away from under her skirt. He growled in pleasure and wonderment at the evidence of her arousal. Cordelia moaned as he pushed two cool fingers in her damp passage. She struggled with his zipper, finally freeing his cock.

“Now,” she begged. She whimpered as he thrust his large cock into her center. Cordelia gazed lovingly into the now yellow eyes of her lover. “I am close, so close.” Every nerve in her body was primed to explode. The vampire thrust into her again. His name on her lips drove him on, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper. Cordelia screamed her release, her head falling against the wall. Angel continued to move within her. Angel could feel Cordelia’s muscles contract around him. He lowered his head to her neck. Angel released his dead seed as he drank from her. Cordelia gasped as she came again. Angel fell against her, pressing her closer against the wall.

He kissed the rapidly healing wounds on her neck. Once the wounds were healed he placed kisses up to her chin and finally to her lips. Cordelia opened her mouth to his questing tongue. She savored the delicious kiss as her body calmed down. Cordelia moved her hands down Angel’s back, gently soothing his still trembling body. She smiled as Angel released her lips.


“Wow,”he agreed. Angel silently thanked the ‘Powers’ for giving him the miracle of Cordelia. Angel slowly withdrew from her, helping her stand on her own two feet. Cordelia started to fall, her muscles too relaxed to hold her up.

“I’ll carry you.”

“Who is going to carry you, dead-lover-boy?” Angel wobbled to get his own balance.

“I have an idea.” He pulled her to him and sat on the steps. Cordelia settled down on the lower step with her back in between his thighs. She leaned her head back on his chest.

“So, I guess you missed me, uh?”

“Always.” Angel placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. Cordelia snuggled against him and wrapped her arms around his legs.

“So was the threat to poor-rich-guy real or imaginary?”

“He thought his house was haunted.”

“Haunted? The Dennis type or the mommy dearest type?”

“I don’t know. The ghost never made an appearance.”

“Oh…imaginary, then?’

“Well, David swears that there were strange and ‘other worldly’ noises coming from the basement. I didn’t find anything except a stray cat with her kittens…Would she qualify as the mommy dearest type?” Angel chuckled.

“We have got to find him a life, this is getting silly.”

“I think he will busy for awhile. I left him searching for a veterinarian that makes house calls. I think that the cat and her kittens have found a new home. And soon they will have their very own personal physician.”

Cordelia laughed. “I think mommy kitty and family have found the perfect ‘sugar daddy’ to keep them living in style for the rest of their nine lives.”

Angel smiled and kissed her again on the head. “Come on. I think I can stand now.” He stood holding his hand out.

“But, I was comfortable,” she pouted, taking his hand. “Oh, wait.” She stopped. “We probably should go back to the office.”

“Actually, I was thinking of a hot shower and a warm bed for two.”

Cordelia smiled and started to go with the handsome vampire. “No wait.” She stopped again. “The blonde cop with an attitude stopped by.”


“Do you know any other blonde cop with an attitude?” Cordelia grimaced. “She dropped off a case she needs your help on. You know, it galls me how she can cop an ‘holier than thou’ attitude with you, then come begging for help, because she is clueless…”

“Cordelia.” He interrupted her familiar tirade on the various faults of the blonde detective. “The case?”

“Ummph, I don’t know, it’s downstairs. You know, in the office, duh.”

Angel shook his head at the beautiful immortal. “Sometimes, I don’t know why…”

“Know what, deadboy?” she cautioned.

“Why you put up with me?” he corrected.

“That wasn’t what you were going to say, deadboy, but it was a good save. I love you, ” she smiled. “Come on, let’s see what copgirl left for us.”

Chapter Three:

“It might not be our type of case.” Cordelia looked at the four pictures of dead men.

“Cordelia, their throats have been ripped out.”

“Ripped throats, blood, doesn’t necessarily demon make. There are some sick humans out there too….I know, I know,” she said at Angel’s exasperated expression. “But four throatless dead guys. You would think with that kind of output, the demon warning radar would have kicked in.” She pointed to her head.

“Oh great,” she mumbled as a piercing pain shot through her skull. Angel caught her as she started to fall. Angel held her until she stopped shaking.

“The golden duo are doing this on purpose, you realize that don’t you. It’s like they are pissed because they gave us your soul and now they have to make the demonic slide shows more painful,” she said with disgust. “Aspirin, please. Actually, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I guess that is another benefit from being one of the live forever clan, uh.” Cordelia stood up and got a piece of paper.

Angel stared after her. He knew that she loved him, but sometimes it still amazed him. She hadn’t even realized what she had said. But she was right; the oracles had given them both his soul. His soul and his heart belonged to the beautiful, annoying, caring, irresistible immortal that was now scrounging around her desk looking for a pen.

“Hey, ‘grr’ guy, some help here.”

“Right. Cordelia the vision?” Angel handed her a pen.

“Where did you find this?” She looked at the pen in disgust. “Nevermind. Dead guy, throat ripped out, in bed. You know that’s weird.” Cordelia went back to the file and read it. “Okay, even weirder all these dead guys were naked and in bed.”


“Yep, all of the dead guys were found in bed, naked. I am saying that all of our dead throatless guys were engaging in or preparing to engage in some serious pelvic action. Ewww, you don’t think that they were getting naked with the killer demon-type thing, do you? Yuck.”

“Cordy, I am technically a killer demon-type.”

“Please, get real. You are a souled vampire, my vampire, and not a yucky demon-type at all. Stop being insecure and let’s go.”

Angel smiled softly. “No, Cordy, you stay here.”

“Angel, the bad guy is gone.”

“Cordelia stay here and find out what you can about the demon known as succubus. Please.”

“Angel, do you know what did this?”


“Okay, I’ll stay and do the research thing. But be careful.”

Angel gave her a quick kiss and headed to the sewers.

Chapter Four:

“Oh my,” Cordelia said out loud. She was searching on the internet for information about the succubus. There were several hits. She would have to ask Willow about all of the spells she was finding. It seems that anyone could be a sex demon if they had enough black candles. Ewww, Cordelia thought. She kept reading.

Cordelia had been reading for about an hour when she felt the tingle of another immortal. Damn, she thought, bookmarking the article she had been reading. She stood with her sword by her side.

“What can I do for you?”she asked the strange immortal standing in the doorway. “Nevermind.” She saw his drawn sword. “Can we do this on the roof? The last time, we were gouged by the workmen on the window repair bill.” Cordelia tried to remain calm.

“Whatever you want, young one.” He gestured for her to proceed.


Angel stood and listened while Kate complained about Cordelia’s behavior. Again, Angel wondered, if the oracles would really care if she died. He knew that he could never actually rip out her tongue and choke her with it. But sometimes, the thought was just too appealing for words.

“Kate, you asked for our help. I am trying, okay. So lay off Cordy and let me get back to the office. Good, thank you.” He left the detective in mid-complaint.

It had gotten dark about a half-hour ago, so Angel took the streets back to the office. He remembered how he use to live in the sewers never caring about the smell or grime. But ever since Cordelia came, even before they were lovers, he started to hate the sewers.

And tonight, he really did not want to go back smelling like the sewer rat he once was. He smiled thinking of Cordelia’s reaction to the stench of the underground tunnels. Her nose would crunch up and she would make this weird ‘ewwwing’ sound. It was both annoying and endearing.

Which, he thought, pretty much summed up the woman that held his soul. Angel quickened his pace. His body was reacting to the anticipation of seeing and holding Cordelia. A clang of steel striking steel interrupted his pleasant thoughts. Angel looked up to see the two immortals engaged in a deadly battle. Fear shot through his body. No, his demon raged. Angel scaled the building in an inhuman speed. He reached the roof in time to see Cordelia take her final blow.

“There can only be one.” Her sword slicing through the unknown immortal’s neck.

With a sigh of relief, Angel waited for the quickening. He tensed as he saw Cordelia’s body jerk off the roof top. The small lightening bolts went around and through her slight frame. Finally, it was over. Angel raced to his immortal lover.


Cordelia looked at Angel, then at the headless corpse at her feet. She wrapped her arms around her shaking body. “And you were worried about me going with you, uh.” She tried to smile.

“Cordelia, go inside,” he said softly.

She nodded, looked once more at the body and went into the apartment.


Angel stared at the body that had come to take Cordelia’s head. Without guilt or compassion, he set it on fire. He watched the corpse go up in flames. ‘Good Ridance’ was the only eulogy that the unknown man received.

Angel found Cordelia curled up in their bed. He gathered her up in his arms.

“The information on the demon sex killer is downstairs. I think you are right. The succubus gets her jollies seducing men, then killing them,” she said quietly.

“It can wait, Cordy.” Angel gently stroked her hair. “Talk to me.”

“I am fine, Angel. It was just part of the game, the stupid… stupid game.” Her voice broke into small sobs.

“Talk to me,” he softly demanded, pulling her closer.

“I…I didn’t even know him. He never did anything to me and I…I killed him in cold blood….What am I?” She buried her face into his chest.

“Listen to me, Cordelia Chase.” He forced her to look at him. “You did not kill him in cold blood. So, you didn’t know him; he didn’t know you. But he came hunting for you. You defended yourself, nothing more. You are my life, you hold my heart and soul, and I expect you to do everything in your power to protect them. And that means protecting and defending yourself.” He said forcibly.

“Angel, I am scared.”

“Shh. Being scared is okay. Just remember, that I love you and need you.”

She smiled. “I love and need you.”

Angel gathered the young immortal in his arms and kissed her with all the love in his soul.

Chapter 5

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