The Prophesy. 1-5

Title: The Prophecy
Author: (Only)Anne
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Rating: At some point definitely NC-17
Content: C/A
Summary: Sequel to Succubus.
Spoilers: After first season, acknowledging that the second exists.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made. I have never owned anything of Joss’ or Rhysher & Davis, etc.
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Notes: Wesley is back. The old/new office is now at the hotel (first story was written during the summer) Gunn is also involved. And Dennis lives in the hotel – Basically, the loose ends will be finished.
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Chapter One:

Methos sat impatiently in his apartment waiting for Duncan to show up. He reread the passage in the bound journal again.

Damn, he thought, there was no way that Jeremy St. John could not have known the relevance on the passage. Which meant that the old watcher was responsible for Brian Robert’s death. Methos ran his hands over his face in disgust. Methos had worked with St. John for years. In fact, he had even trusted the old mortal with his true identity. Damn, he guessed that even a five thousand-year-old immortal could be fooled.

Methos got up as he sensed Macleod come up the stairs.

“It is about time.” Methos quickly ushered the other immortal into his apartment.

“I got here as soon as I could. Paris and London aren’t exactly in the same neighborhood, much less the same country.” Macleod quipped.

“Okay, Okay,” Mac responded to the other immortal’s glare. “What is the emergency?”

“The emergency is, Brian Roberts was killed three days ago.”


“Losing your hearing in your old age, I said…”

Duncan angrily interrupted him, “I heard what you said. What I meant was how and why? Where is Wesley?”

Methos sat down rubbing his face. “Wesley as far as I know, is back in the states. As for the why and how of Brian’s death, I am not sure. But I have a nasty suspicion. That is why I called you, if I am right then your young immortal maybe in danger.”

“Adam, start from the beginning.” Duncan said quietly, sitting down.

“Well, you told me to keep an eye on the watchers when they got here. They spent most of the time with Jeremy St. John. Wyndam-Price left England less than than two weeks after they first arrived. Brian remained in England with St. John. I soon noticed that the young watcher was agitated, so I approached him. Brian told me that St. John had not seemed pleased that he and Wesley had known about the prophecy regarding the vampire with a soul and the immortal. At first, Brian said, St. John kept putting them off from looking at the books that contained the prophecy. But eventually, the old watcher had relented. Once he did, Wesley left satisfied that the books held no specific prophecy of evil. However, once Wesley left, St. John began intensively questioning Brian about Cordelia Chase’s ability as an immortal and her power as a seer.

Brian thought that it was strange, since St. John had agreed that the prophecy was general and told of no specific threat to Cordelia or to the world. So, Brian started researching on his own and found that the books that St. John had originally given them had been incomplete. He asked the old watcher about it and was told that there were no other books. Brian wasn’t satisfied with the old man’s explanation. He told me that he was going to find the rest of the text. That was the one and only time I talked to him.”

Methos paused. “Five days later, I found out the his body had washed up on the shore. I tried to call St. John, with no luck. Two days ago, I received this by special message. It was from Brian.” Methos handed Duncan a bound journal. “It is Druid and contains the rest of the prophecy.”

“But St. John said…”

“I know what he said. After I read it, I went to see him. His house had been cleared out. Duncan, there is no way, he couldn’t have known what was in this book and it’s importance.”

“What does it say?”

“Basically, in the readers digest version, it gives the recipe for the emergence of an ‘all powerful being’ and the end of the world.”

“The beginning of the end…”

“Yep, now you see why, Cordelia and her vampire may be in danger. St. John wanted to know when the immortal and the vampire with a soul got together; which would signal ‘the beginning of the end’. And since he didn’t tell anybody, for example the ones that are probably meant to defeat it, what the prophecy actually meant… He had a reason and that reason, we can assume, is not good for your young immortal or for the world for that matter.”

“You think that he is going to try to bring out the being.”

“Or become the being, the text is a little ambiguous and my druid is a little rusty.”

“But we have the book?” Duncan held up the old Druid text.

“Yes, but the danger is too great to assume that St. John didn’t write the recipe down somewhere. From what I could interpret, the book itself isn’t important just the information in it.”

“And St. John knows all about Cordelia…” Duncan said worriedly.

“Yes and that is not all the bad news…” Duncan looked at his older friend incredulously. “There is more?”

“I recognized some of the necessary items needed for the spell to work. An ancient druid cup and tablet.”

“That is good. It’s not good?” Duncan asked at Methos’ expression.

“No, not really, they were stolen from a British museum two years ago.”

“St. John?”


“When does the next flight leave for LA?”

“Well, if you had gotten here earlier we could have left two hours ago. As it is, we have an half hour to get to the airport.”

Duncan glared at him. “Let’s go.”

Chapter Two:

“Angel will you be okay for a minute?” Cordelia glanced at the bloody vampire leaning against the counter.

Angel and the rest of the staff of Angel Investigations had just returned to the hotel/office from fighting a large group of vampires. None of the occupants in the hotel had escaped the battle injury free.

Wesley and Gunn slumped down in the chairs in the lobby trying to staunch the blood flowing from their wounds. Cordelia’s numerous injuries had healed on the way back to the office, but her clothes were coated in drying blood.

Angel nodded wearily to Cordelia. “Help Wesley and Gunn.”

Cordelia grabbed the first aid kit and went over to Wesley. “Hold still,” she stated to the squirming ex-watcher.

“It stings.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes and place a bandage over the slash on Wesley’s arm.

“All better. You better put ice on that eye. Dennis, can you please bring Wesley some ice?”

Wesley grimaced as a floating ice pack was placed on his blackened eye.

Gunn tensed as Cordelia started putting antiseptic on his forehead. “There, macho guy. Here put this on.” She handed him a sterile pad.

“Can you handle the rest? I want to look at Angel. Dennis make sure they have enough bandages.”

Cordelia hurried over to the bloody vampire. She slowly pulled up his shirt and winced. Cordelia gently wiped the blood off his chest.

“Does it hurt?” she asked softly.

Angel smiled at Cordelia’s touch. Once all the blood was wiped up, she kissed the wound and placed a bandage over the cut.

Wesley rolled his one good eye at Gunn. Gunn just shrugged as he watched Cordelia’s tender ministrations to the vampire.

“Cordelia, how are you?” Angel placed his hands on either side of her face.

“Fine, Angel. All healed.” She reassured him.

Satisfied, Angel called to Wesley, “Wesley, what is going on? There seems to be an increase in vampire activity lately.”

“I don’t know, Angel. I can’t find anything in the scroll or texts which warn of this increase in vampire activity.”

“Well, something is going on,” interjected Gunn. “Those vamps were working as a team and carrying swords…What’s with the swords, by the way? I thought vamps just clawed and bit.”

“They do seem to have an objective.” Wesley glanced at Cordelia.

“What they seem to want is my head. But how would they know?”

Angel pulled her close. “I don’t know. But maybe it is time that I visit the oracles.”

Cordelia shook her head disgustedly. “They haven’t helped so far. All they do is send me the vamp slide show without any informative commentary.”

Angel reached for his coat. “Still…”

He stopped at Cordelia’s expression. She drew her sword and headed towards the entrance. “Great,” she grumbled.

Angel tensed and started to follow. The others slowly got up as they noticed Cordelia’s actions.

“Not now,” Wesley gave a concerned look towards the doorway.

“What’s going on?” Gunn whispered.

Angel halted in surprise as Cordelia let out a happy shout and ran towards the door.

“Duncan!” Cordelia jumped in the immortal’s arms as he entered the hotel.

“Ah, good, it’s just Duncan. Angel, it’s just Duncan.” Wesley said nervously to the growling vampire. “Angel?”

Angel struggled to check his demon from emerging at the sight of Cordelia hugging the older immortal. In the last month or so, he had been so happy and secure in Cordelia’s love, Angel had forgotten all about the Highlander’s bond with Cordelia and her feelings for the old Scotsman. Angel had to remind himself, that Cordelia’s feelings for her mentor were that of friendship only. But the sudden burst of jealousy and insecurity he felt throughout his body was intense.

Cordelia pulled away from Duncan happily. “Why didn’t you call and let me know that you were coming, I would have made myself more presentable.” She motioned to her bloody clothes.

“Cordelia, are you okay?” Duncan tenderly touched her dirty face. Cordelia gave the highlander a quick smile.

“I’m fine, just filthy.” Cordelia went back to Angel; she could sense his anger at Duncan’s caress. Cordelia grabbed the vampire’s hand. “Stop it, you are being stupid,” she whispered in low tone that he could only hear.

Angel growled and knocked her hand away. “Angel,” she angrily whispered. Angel ignored her and went back behind the counter. Cordelia took a deep breath and promised herself that she would yell at him when they were alone.

“So, Duncan, why are you here?” Cordelia noticed Adam Pearson behind Duncan. “And who is the old, old guy with you?”

“Cordelia, this Adam Pearson. Adam…Cordelia, Angel, Wesley and…” Duncan stopped when he got to Gunn. “Gunn,” the street kid provided. “Who are …”

Wesley interrupted,” Adam…You mean Methos, don’t you?” Wesley moved closer to the two male immortals. “Methos.” Wesley paused. “Duncan, this isn’t a social call, is it?” Wesley asked concernedly.


Cordelia tensed at his tone. She instinctively moved closer to Angel. The vampire had already come from behind the counter.

“Mac,” she said hesitantly.

Duncan took a deep breath. The dirty immortal was even more beautiful than he remembered. He hated to hurt her.

“Brian Roberts was murdered.”

Cordelia gasped and reached for Angel. She didn’t have far to go. Angel was already at her side, taking her into his arms. All of Angel’s feelings of anger and jealousy disappeared at his lover’s anguish.

Chapter Three:

The room was silent. Even though Gunn wasn’t sure what was going on, he sensed that it would be better to listen rather than to bombard the somber group with questions.

Wesley was the first to try to speak. “How?” he choked.

Duncan responded quietly, “We are not sure how he was killed or exactly by who, but his body washed up about a week ago.”

“A week! Why didn’t you tell me,” Cordelia cried. “Oh God,” Cordelia sobbed as she remembered how Brian had saved her and told her the rules of being immortal. He had been her friend and now he was dead. She buried her head deeper into Angel’s chest. Angel held her tighter.

“You both are here. I guess then that it was not some random murder, but something to do with the prophecy?” Angel continued to caress Cordelia’s sobbing body.

“I’ll let Methos explain,” responded the Highlander.

Methos began to tell the quiet group what he had already told Macleod.

Wesley started ask questions, but he was cut off by Cordelia’s small voice. “I want to go upstairs…, Angel?”

At that moment Angel was torn. He wanted to stay and hear about the possible dangers that threatened Cordelia, but he also, wanted to comfort her in her distress. It actually took him less than a second to decide. Cordelia’s physical safety was assured for the immediate future.

Wesley, Gunn, Duncan, the other immortal…and Dennis, he thought as a small cloth floated towards Cordelia’s face, would make sure of it. But Cordelia’s emotional state was broken at the news of Brian’s death and she needed him. And Angel knew where he needed to be.

“Wesley, show Duncan and…Adam all the research we have and compare notes. Find the answer,” he demanded forcibly. “I am taking Cordelia upstairs.” He picked up Cordelia in his arms and headed for the stairs.

Methos looked at the retreating couple. “She is pretty, most likely beautiful, a rival of Cassandra’s, but I would watch out for the vampire. He seems very possessive,” he whispered to Duncan.

“She is…beyond Cassandra and Shut Up. Wesley what do you know about the Druids?” He asked in a lower voice.

A still stunned former watcher motioned for them to follow him to the room that had been transformed into a library.

Gunn followed still not sure what was going on, but he could sense that it was serious, very serious and remained silent.

Chapter Four:

Angel carried Cordelia upstairs to the first floor. They had made that floor their home. Cordelia had confiscated two of the rooms as hers, one that saw the sunrise and the other that saw the sunset.

The rooms were pretty much bare, Cordelia just wanted them in case she ever was not lying in Angel’s arms as the sun rose or she wasn’t fighting some demon as the sun set. She was very rarely in the rooms. The only other room that they had renovated, besides their bedroom, was the workout room. It was in that room that Angel drilled Cordelia daily on how to defend herself. He would not let her enter a fight unprepared.

Angel bypassed those rooms.

“Sh,” he said softly to the crying girl in his arms.

“We are here.” Angel laid her down on their bed. This room was the room that Angel liked to believe belonged totally to them. It was their little world, separate from the outside. This was where they could love without worry or fear.

It was here, that he had felt the most love and joy in his whole dead life and it was all because of the trembling girl cuddled in his arms. Scroll or no scroll, it was with his beautiful, caring, annoying girl that his true humanity lay. And he would protect her against anything or everything, and somehow Angel knew that even Angelus would do the same.

“Sh,” he said again as he laid next to the other half of his soul.

“Oh god, Brian,” she cried. “Do you remember how his upper lip would quiver when I yelled at him. Angel, did I ever tell him how much he meant to me, did I?” She glanced beseechingly at the stoic handsome face.

“He knew.”

“Are you sure? Face it, I am a bitch.” Cordelia pushed away from the handsome vampire.

Angel didn’t let her move away. “Cordelia, Cordy… You are not a bitch. Okay, sometimes you are, but you also are one of the most loving and unselfish person I know. There is a roomful of people downstairs that love you. One, who I am embarrassed to say makes me want to kill.”

“Angel, you aren’t going to be all ‘grr’ guy over Duncan again, are you?”


“Oh, Angel, I wanted to yell at you for being so stupid. But now I don’t, please just hold me for a second.”

“Of course.” Angel pulled Cordelia into a tight embrace.

Cordelia sighed. “We have to go back downstairs. We have to know why Brian was murdered.” She brushed away her tears and moved away from the vampire.

“Cordelia, no.” Angel pulled her back onto the bed. “We will find out, but now I want you, need you to stay with me.”

Cordelia gazed questioningly at the vampire.

“Brian is dead, but we aren’t. And I need you to make me feel alive.”

Cordelia looked at the dark vampire. He was truly the only person she loved with her whole being. Was it wrong for her to want his touch when Brian was dead? But she needed to feel alive. Cordelia wanted to feel alive. So, she leaned into Angel’s embrace.

Chapter Five:

Angel pulled Cordelia over top of him. It still amazed him that the feeling of her body on his could generate so much heat. He rubbed his hands along her side. Cordelia closed her eyes and melted into his touch. At that moment, the fear and sadness she had felt over Brian’s death disappeared. Those feelings were replaced by ones of longing and desire. She wriggled closer to the vampire.

“Angel,” she gasped pulling his head down for a kiss. Angel latched on to her mouth, his tongue meeting hers in a duel for dominance. Angel growled a flipped Cordelia’s willing body under his. His hands and lips were all over her. Cordelia moved beneath him trying to prolong the intense sensations that he was causing. She grasped frantically at Angel’s shirt.

“Angel,” she begged.

Angel was relieved and excited. He knew then, as he should always know, that Cordelia was his. But he still had to make sure. Angel, in game face, bit Cordelia’s throat. He sucked her blood forcibly as Cordelia cried out. Her body exploded in an orgasm.

“You better not be done,” she whispered.

“No.” Angel smugly gazed at the trembling girl. “I am not.” Angel licked at the quickly healing wounds on her neck as he tore the shirt from her body. He proceeded to kiss and lick down Cordelia’s torso, stopping to suck on a taunt nipple.

Cordelia whimpered as she felt the vampire’s fangs scraped through the lace of her bra. Cordelia’s small fist hit his back in frustration as he released her breast. Angel chuckled and moved downwards. His tongue circled Cordelia’s navel. He watched in satisfaction and amazement as her body jerked off the bed.

“Angel, please…” Cordelia squirmed underneath him. Cordelia felt helpless as the nerves in her body spiraled out of control, again. A small portion of pride flared up in Cordelia. She wouldn’t be the only one to loose control, she promised.

Cordelia tightened her long legs around Angel and with a burst of strength flipped him over. She smiled as she straddled the stunned vampire.

“My turn,” she whispered.

Cordelia ripped off Angel’s shirt and captured a small male nipple in her mouth. Her tongue teased and licked the small bud until it had grown double in size. Cordelia leaned up, rubbing her wet center along Angel’s groin. She moaned as she felt his penis spring upwards through the fabric of his pants.

Angel’s vampire visage took over as he felt Cordelia’s small hands fondle his penis.

“Cordelia,” he groaned as she released he aching member from his trousers. Cordelia smiled and kissed down his chest and stomach until she reached the pulsating shaft in her hands. She licked at the tip before taking the organ fully into her mouth, her hand caressing the base. Angel’s hips lurched off the bed as he groaned in pleasure. His demon was in control as pulled his penis from Cordelia’s questing mouth. He yanked the young immortal up, so that he could capture her mouth with his.

Angel didn’t know how or when Cordelia lost all of her clothing. The vampire just marveled in the feel of her warm smooth skin against his body. Angel ripped his pants from his body and leaned up over Cordelia. Hazel eyes stared into demon yellow eyes. Cordelia smiled as Angel thrust into her wet passage. Angel pushed harder, trying to embed himself deeper into Cordelia’s warmth. She gasped in pleasure at his thrusts.

Angel felt Cordelia’s muscles contracting around him as he released his dead seed into her body. With a moan of breath, Cordelia pulled his head to her breast.

“Angel,” she begged her permission. Angel gently bit into the tender skin surrounding her breast.

Cordelia gasped repeatedly as Angel slowly drank her blood.

Cordelia curled up along his cool body. Angel kissed at the healing wounds. He kissed her forehead. “Cordy…”

“No, Angel.” She sighed and curled closer. “Angel, I know we have to go down and face whatever yucky stuff the fates have in store. But for now, just for a few more minutes, can we stay here in our place, please?”

“Of course.” Angel caressed the still trembling body of the woman he loved.

Chapter 6

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