Betrayal. Book Two. 1-3

Title: Betrayal, Deception & Forgiveness ~ Book Two
Author: (Only) Anne
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Rating: R/N-17
Category: angst, etc
Content: C/A
Summary: Continuation of Betrayal, Deception & Forgiveness. I’m getting Angel and Cordelia out of the ‘situations’ that the writers put them at the end of S3
Spoilers: Post S3
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Book Two

Part 1

About a two weeks later

“Arggh,” Gunn threw his computer game on the couch.

“What’s wrong,” Fred looked up from her computer screen.

“I’m bored. No clients and vision-girl has been slow lately.”

“Hey, what do want me to do -make them up.”? Cordelia peeked up from over her magazine.

“If it gets me out of here and out doing something, yeah. What are you doing, Fred, there’s nothing to research.”

“Yes there is, Wesley brought back a bunch of papers and stuff from Wolfram & Hart, I’m helping him try to figure out what they mean.”

Gunn shot a look to the inner office closed door. “Least he’s sharing this time”

Cordelia looked up again. “Yeah,” putting down her magazine. “I’m going to the basement.”

Gunn shook his head. “All she and Angel are doing now a days is train.”


Gunn looked up. “ Yeah, I guess, hot and sweaty in the basement is better than in the bedroom.” Gunn leaned over cupping Fred’s chin. “Glad we get the joy, uh.”

Fred’s lips twitched into a smile. “I feel sorry for them, they love each other so much and still can’t be happy, it’s unfair.”

“Hey, they’re doing alright.”

Fred nodded pushing up her glasses in thought.

“What, girl.”

“Cordy. Have you actually seen her talk to Wesley?”

“They were fighting over the doughnuts this morning.”

“That’s not talking and it wasn’t the same.”

“Hey, it’s not the same, a lot of shit has happened, starting with him,” Gunn urged his head towards the closed office door, he eyes back on his computer game.

Fred shook her head. “It was her idea to have him come back and not stay working for Wolfram & Hart- not that we didn’t want him back. I’m glad Wesley’s back, but it was her plan. She seemed just as happy as we’re that Wesley wasn’t really bad-bad, though, Skanky bitch, eww, but Cordy seemed happy. So, why isn’t she being friendlier?”

“You’re thinking too much about it, girl,” Gunn started to push the buttons of his game.

“I don’t know.” Fred shrugged and went back to her research.

Wesley silently closed the door and went back to his desk. He had been about to go get some coffee but stopped when he heard Fred and Gunn. He leaned back in his chair. He didn’t know why but he had always assumed that Cordelia had known why he was working for Wolfram & Hart.

Wesley knew that Angel said he wasn’t going to tell the others – that he had to be cut off. But Wesley couldn’t believe that meant Cordelia. He had assumed that she must’ve known, that explained why she never contacted him to question him or at least yell at him.

Wesley had accused Cordelia of ignoring his existence, but he hadn’t meant it. He and Cordelia had gone through too much together for her to just forget about him. But, it was obvious now; she hadn’t forgiven him or even cared enough about him to find out his reasoning of why he took Connor. Wesley pressed the heel of his palm into his brow, not believing how much his realization hurt.

He had told Lilah the truth without even knowing, Cordy had hurt him.

Wesley shook his thoughts away and tried to concentrate again on the papers he had taken from Wolfram & Hart.

Part 2

Cordelia sat on the bottom step watching Angel, clad in only a pair of sweats, demolishing the punching back.

“Does that work better than a cold shower?”

“Yes.” Angel threw another vicious punch.

Cordelia walked over. “Then I guess it’s my turn now.”

Angel caught her fist before it smashed into the bag. “You need to wear gloves.”


Angel stared, his hand wrapped around Cordy’s fist, her body so close. Was it the flesh he saw or was it the comical expression of Hmmph? It didn’t matter. The urge was real.

Angel pulled Cordelia close capturing her ‘Hmmph’ with his lips. Cordelia pressed in immediately, her body automatically molding itself into Angel’s, her arms going around his body. Angel never stopped moving his lips as his hands cupped the soft mounds of Cordy’s ass bringing her hips even closer, his feet moving taking them both towards the wall.

Cordelia lifted her legs wrapping them around Angel as her back slammed into the wood, her lips moving to his cheek. “Angel, I want….but we…” she practically growled in frustration.

Angel lifted his head, his hands still holding her hips, his own moving pushing into her. “I..Let me have this, please.”

Cordelia darted her tongue nervously over her bottom lip. “I’ll give you anything I’ll do anything…but we both have to be able to stop or….”

Angel growled capturing her lips and tongue trying to block out her voice and only feel her body against him. The desire was pounding in his head. He was so close to being inside her. His hands digging under the waistband of her pants, searching for her heat.

Cordelia jerked trying to help him, as she pressed closer to him, her thoughts and warnings fading as his cool fingers traveled and fondled. Tears squeezed out of her eyes, dampening Angel’s face.

The feel of the salty moisture brought Angel’s head up and some sense to his brain. He moved, still kissing but bringing his hands up to separate their bodies. He slowly drew his lips away, drawing his head to rest against Cordy’s. Cordy took small pants forcing herself not to push back into him.

Angel stepped away from her. Cordelia stumbled back flopping down on the step. “I think it is time for me to go back to my apartment.”

“NO.” Angel shook his head. “It won’t…….”

“Angel,” Cordy bit her lip. “We both keep saying that and we both mean it, we go to sleep holding on to each other, great no more nightmares, but the dreams that wake us up are getting to hard to stop, this morning…. now….it was……..” Cordy hid her face in her hands.

“I won’t let you leave me.”

“I’m not leaving you, I’m just giving us some distance.” Cordy struggled with her words.

“Stay in other room.”

“Tried that. I still ended up in your bed using the excuse of nightmares.”

“They were real.”

“I know that- but, Angel, its getting too easy to justify or rationalize the danger away. I wake up in your arms, feeling safe, like nothing can touch me, I see your face so full of love and want…and I want to give that to you so much so that one morning or one sometime I will forget that Angelus exists and that I need to be afraid.”

“Cordy, I won’t….”

“Won’t what, Angel? Lose your Soul? Angel, I won’t die from not making love to you, but I will if I do. Your loving me keeps me safe from everything but Angelus”

Angel growled swirling around, the punching bag slammed up against the wall breaking from its hinges at the force of his blow.

Cordelia forced her feet to remain rooted to the floor; she would not go running to him. It would be too dangerous, too tempting to want to ease his pain.

“I’m not leaving you, Angel. I’m just going to be sleeping in my own bed in my own apartment from now on, that’s all. “ Cordelia stood with more strength than she knew she had. “ Angel?”

“Just go, Cordelia,” Angel ordered.


“GO.” The vampire growled.

Cordy took a deep breath and made it half way up from the steps when her vision hit her. She didn’t know whether to thank its timing or curse it. “Angel.” Turning.

“Can’t you ever just leave me alone?”

Cordelia bit down her yell and urge to smack the vampire. “There is a very ugly large demon about to have a smorgasbord of people down by the pier. Horns, big tail with spikes, and claws for hands. With that said, I’ll now leave you alone and go tell the others. Perhaps, you can vent your stupid anger at me onto the demon.”

“Cordy.” Angel called, but the young woman had already gone slamming the door. Angel turned to swing another punch, dropping his fist when he realized that the bag was across the room.

“Damn it.” He growled grabbing up his sword from the bench and running up the stairs.


Angel strode swiftly to the others waiting in the lobby, dressed in his usual dark attire. “Where’s Cordy?”

Fred looked at both Wesley and Gunn who were conscientiously inspecting their weapons. Too conscientiously, Fred shook her head. “She went home, said that she wasn’t needed for this. Said she was tired.” Fred shrugged. Fred shrugged again at Angel’s glare.

She had no idea what else to say. Cordelia had come barging back from the basement, shot off her vision, then said she was tired and call if anyone got hurt.

Fred normally would’ve been inclined to try to cheer up the glowering vampire, but Cordy had been crying, okay maybe she wasn’t-Cordy never really just boo hooed and cried, but she looked like she would and as much as Fred loved Angel, she loved Cordy and if Cordy wanted to go home and cry, then Fred said go and as much as she wished Angel didn’t look so mad, Fred had the feeling that it was Angel who put Cordy in her unusual state.

Fred wasn’t real inclined to feel all that charitable to Angel at the moment. She took a deep breath as Angel’s expression turned from mad to lost. This was so unfair. “Cordy really did look tired, said she missed Dennis, but to call if anyone,” Fred looked pointedly to the vampire, “ was hurt.” Okay, that hadn’t helped.

“Be careful.” Fred said with a sigh and went back to her computer.


Cordelia threw open her door, striding into the living room. She knocked the flower floating in the air towards her to the ground. She gasped as she saw the broken petals falling. “Oh, Dennis, I’m so sorry.” She slumped on the couch, burying her head once again in her hands. “I did miss you too.” She reached out trying to put the flower back together.

“You know, you really are the only guy that has ever given me flowers, even if they’re mine. I wish you could hug, I need a hug.” Cordelia swung her feet up in the air slamming them to the ground with a thud.

“Dennis,” she clutched at the blanket drifting over her shoulders. “Thank you.” Cordy brushed her face. “He has no right to be mad at me. Why? Oh, I really do love him, but it hurts when he’s mad at me and it makes me mad.” Cordelia got off the couch.

“I didn’t do anything. …Well, I did, but I stopped like we were supposed to like we promised that we would. He knows it. But, he’s mad. I hate that damn vampire. I wish I never fell in love with him. I….” Cordelia slumped back on the couch.

“I….Dennis, I can’t remember not loving him, I know I didn’t at one point, I know it. I just can’t remember what it felt like.” Cordelia got up. “I’m going to bed. Sorry, Dennis. I just don’t want to think anymore. Sleep might actually work.”

Cordelia threw herself on the bed. She punched at the pillow trying to find a comfortable position. She sat up and looked on her dresser glaring at the blue bottle. Why couldn’t that work? She smacked again at the pillow. She sat cross-legged on the bed, still staring at the blue bottle.

Paranormal Prophylactics might not work, but maybe.. Biting her lip, Cordelia went back into the living room and grabbed the phone.

Cordelia asked questions, listened, and hung up. Maybe. She’d have to talk to Angel. Cordelia went to leave the apartment. Wait. She was still mad at the vampire. Cordelia kicked the couch and ran throwing herself back on the bed.


Fred stood up as Gunn, Wesley and Angel entered the hotel.

“How did…” Fred swiveled as Angel stormed by and stood at the foot of the stairs.

“She didn’t come back,” Fred said. Wow, when did she start recognizing Angel’s smelling habits?

Angel nodded and turned and left the hotel.

“Other than that, did everything go okay,” Fred turned to the two men.

“Score 1 for the good guys, o for dead squashed demon.” Gunn moved closer to his girlfriend.

Fred smiled, and then looked to Wesley. “Where are you going?”

“Home. Good night.”

“Oh, I can cook some eggs, I’ve learned, if you’re hungry.”

“No, thank you.” Wesley turned and left.

Fred turned to Gunn. “Are you hungry?”

“Cook it, I’ll eat it, girl.” He swung his arm around the young woman.


“I don’t know. Both were no fun. Seemed to get way into the killing thing. But, Connor was there again.”

Fred pulled back. “And…”

“And, nothing- didn’t show himself like before. But, Angel knew. The boy just watched and left.”


Gunn shook his head. “Don’t have a clue, but it creeped me out. Did you say something about food.”

Fred gave a tight smile and went into the kitchen.

Part 3

Lilah kept her eyes on the elevator doors. Two weeks and a whole new floor manufactured out…of what ….hell, black holes. She refused to be nervous. The lawyer escorting her hadn’t said a word since he directed her to the elevator. She refused to wonder or worry if this was her final evaluation.

She took a step out as the elevator stopped. Fear wasn’t an option.

“Ms. Morgan,” A tall-distinguished man in an extremely expensive suit came forward. The darkness of his suit drew her attention a way from the stark white walls.

She gave an appraising glance. “You are?”

“Garfield Manny, your new boss.” The man smiled.

“So, I still have a job.”

“Yes, come, there is someone I want you to meet. It was his decision.” Garfield swept out a well-tailored arm.

Lilah turned and blinked. Great, first little evil Annie and now it was fucking Evil Oppie Taylor.

“Lilah,” the young red-hair freckled face boy gestured.

Lilah nodded and moved closer.

“I can assume you’re wondering why you’re still alive. After all, the tapes have been seen.”

“I can only assume you have your reasons.”

“Yes, my sister seemed to have misjudged- fatally- all the players in this little game.”

Lilah stared, holding her cringe. This was scarier than the little girl. All she could think of was the horror shows that scared her so badly as a child, mainly the Howdie Doodie little puppet coming to life to kill every person in sight. She couldn’t help but despise Toy Story and she hated the Andy Griffin Show with a passion.

“Problem, Ms. Morgan.”

Lilah took a deep breath. “I find you a little unnerving, child hood nightmares and all.”

The little boy stood. “Good, then, we just may have a beneficial working relationship. I’ve a job for you.”


“I don’t believe that the previous plans regarding Angel have been at all workable. In fact, all have failed. He’s a thorn that I want removed.”

“Kill him? Okay, but….” Lilah couldn’t get over it; the freckled face demon from hell was wearing suspenders and a cute little bow tie. He was freaky.

“Not the option I’m looking for. We can’t. It could potentially disrupt everything. He’s a player in the upcoming Apocalypse.

Lilah nodded. “But, he doesn’t seem to what to ignore his mission.”

“I’ve studied the tapes and my sister’s results- it’s not the mission that he won’t ignore, it’s the woman. Get rid of her, he’s easy.”

Lilah took a deep breath. “Cordelia Chase is hard to kill and every time we fail they get stronger.”

“Insightful, but not your thought. The reason you’re not dead is, because unwittingly you’ve given us more information about Angel through your association with Wesley Wydam-Price than either of you intended.


“We attack Ms. Chase, Angel reacts to our detriment, his son, will be the same, as it has been proven. However, without her….he wouldn’t last a day as a warrior, not if he’s the one that killed her.”

“Angel would never….” Lilah shook her head. “Wesley said, the little evil…your sister agreed, and the researchers agreed Angelus is not an option.”

“Angelus is a vampire. He’s not the boogey man, stake, holy water, he dies. But whether he does or not, he will kill Angel’s family or if not they will kill him. Angel’s power structure will be gone.”

Lilah kept shaking her head. “The researchers studied the curse the gypsies put on him. That’s it, there is nothing that will poof take it a way.”


“Okay, ‘the happy clause’, he lost it once with the slayer, but odds are she wouldn’t have sex with him again and Wesley says that’s not who Angel loves not anymore…. And big old no to Cordelia Chase sleeping with him. She’s scared of Angelus. She wouldn’t risk it.”

“Yet, it’s a possibility we can’t ignore. Put surveillance on Angel Investigations.”

“We’ve done that.”

“No, I mean watch Cordelia Chase and Angel, watch them when they wake until they wake up again. Watch them. I expect you to find a way.”

Lilah nodded, wondering how in the hell she was going to play pimp to Angel and Cordelia.

Part 4

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