When Irish Eyes are Smiling. 1-2

Title: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Author: Onlyanne
Posted: 03-19-2001
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Rating: N-17
Category: smut
Content: duh, C/A
Summary: It’s St Patrick’s Day…
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: If you want it, it’s yours, just let me know
Notes: This was a thought I came up with lying on the couch suffering from a massive headache from too much celebrating last night. I figured that I had to get my aching head off the pain and on to other things, so here it is. It’s just fun and some sex. I hope everyone likes it.
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Chapter One

“Angel, Angel” Cordelia called excitedly as she ran into the hotel lobby. A small bag decorated with balloons and streamers was clutched in her hand.

Oh where was that stupid vampire, she thought. She had been waiting all day for the sun to set, so she could come over and drag Angel out. If he had already gone patrolling or gone off to brood somewhere, she was going to kill him, she grumbled. It would be just like the socially impaired vampire to ruin all of her plans.

“What is it? Is something wrong?” Angel said concerned at Cordelia’s agitated state.

“Great, you are here. Come on, let’s go,” Cordelia smiled widely coming up to Angel and tugging at his arm. “Wait,” she stopped and looked the vampire up and down.

“What are you wearing?” She scowled at Angel’s all black attire, then with a wicked grin she reached out a pinched the vampire sharply on the arm.

“What? Ow?” Angel said more in surprise than any pain. “Why did you do that?” He said in an almost whining tone.

“You aren’t wearing any green, so ‘grr’ guy that means you get pinched,” she laughed reaching again for the vampire, her fingers making an exaggerated pinching motion.

Angel brushed her hand away. “Green? Stop that,” he jumped as Cordelia tweaked him again with her other hand.

“It’s St. Patrick’s day, Angel. Geez, what kind of Old Irish guy are you?” She pouted. “You have to wear green or you ….”

“Get pinched,” he stared bemused at the young girl before him, finally noticing her apparel. “I take it you don’t want to get pinched.” He said in awe at her festive attire.

“That’s right, nobody is pinching me,” she said proudly. Cordelia was wearing low riding green leather pants. A huge sequined four-leaf clover was appliqued on the middle of her tight black shirt. Angel leaned in, his hand brushing her hair aside. His eyes widened as he saw little leprechauns dangling from her ears.

“You look….festive.”

“I know,” she smiled widely. “But you don’t, not at all.” Cordelia shook her head. “I figured as much. That’s why I brought you these.” She pushed the bag up towards the vampire.

“What did you bring me?” he asked with trepidation.

“Oh, don’t be scared. It’s just buttons,” she smiled pulling out two large green pins. One stated proudly, ‘Kiss me, I am Irish’, while the other was a happy face with shamrocks for eyes. “Come on,” she said pinning the buttons onto Angel’s black shirt.

“Wesley and Gunn are waiting.” She stood back admiring her handiwork. Impulsively, she leaned forward and planted a moist kiss on Angel’s cheek. “You are Irish,” she explained at Angel’s surprised look. “Let’s go,” she grabbed at Angel pulling him towards the door.

“Where are we going and why?” Angel didn’t budge from his spot, his cheek still tingling from the sensation of his seer’s kiss. He tried to ignore the urge to pull the beautiful young woman back and beg her to kiss him again.

“It’s St. Patrick’s day,” Cordelia said exasperation yanking harder at the immovable vampire. “We’re going to celebrate. Wesley and Gunn are all ready at O’ Malley’s Pub. I made them go earlier to save a table. It’s probably way packed by now. So, come on.”

“Cordelia, I am not going,” Angel shook his head firmly, resisting the pressure of Cordelia’s grip and the pout forming on her pretty face.

“Angel, you’re Irish and this is like the biggest, best Irish holiday there is. You have to go. It’s like mandatory or something.”

“Cordelia, St. Patrick’s day is a religious day in Ireland not a green wearing drinking-fest that you American’s have turned it into. If I wanted to celebrate the day, which I don’t, I would go to church.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “You in church, right. And I bet your pre-vamp IRISH self wasn’t in church, either.” She said in disbelief.

Angel frowned. Cordelia was right, as soon as his mortal self was big enough to defy his overbearing father without getting the daylights beat out of him, Angel had never set foot in the church again. His father had said he would be damned for his blasphemous actions. And his father had been right, Angel thought dryly.

“Oh, please Angel,” she pouted prettily. “You need to get out and enjoy yourself. It isn’t healthy for you to stay cooped up here and brood. “Please,” she whined.

Angel stared at the pleading girl. He silently cursed his inability to defy his seer’s beseeching gorgeous eyes. The idea of being in a loud, smoky bar with a bunch of drunken humans held absolutely no appeal to him, but he couldn’t say no to Cordelia.

“All right,” he conceded. “But, I am not wearing these,” he said in defiance, pulling off the green buttons.

“Ok,” she warned. “But that means more pinching, no kissing.”

Angel’s hand automatically pinned the buttons back on to his shirt. Getting pinched by a bunch of drunken mortals was even less appealing to him, then going to the pub. And, just maybe, he thought, Cordelia might kiss him again.

Cordelia smiled brightly and kissed him again, this time on the lips. “Thank you. You won’t regret it, it will be fun.”

Angel wasn’t sure about the fun part, but he was about the not regretting part. Angel never regretted anytime that he spent with his seer, especially when she was happy. He smiled still tasting the flavor of her lips against his.

Chapter two

“Hey, there they are,” Cordelia exclaimed pointing to Wesley and Gunn as she pushed her way through the crowed bar.

The bar was as bad as Angel had feared it would be. The bar was jammed packed with boisterous party revelers, mutating lovely Irish songs, with inaccurate words and loud off tune voices.

“Isn’t this great?” Cordelia beamed. “Come on.”

Angel moved to follow when he was abruptly pinched on his ass. He turned quickly around to face a happy inebriated woman.

“Whoops, I didn’t see the green,” she slurred. The woman squinted up her eyes to read the big button on his chest. She gave a goofy grin and lunged towards Angel landing a wet sloppy kiss on his lips. Angel jerked back in distaste at the woman’s actions attempting to untangle her arms that had made their way around his waist.

Cordelia had stopped as soon as she noticed Angel wasn’t following her. She glared at the sloshed woman and headed back towards Angel. “Hey, he’s with me, get your own Irishman,” she glowered at the woman removing her bodily away from the vampire.

“Sorry, just doing what it said,” the woman pointed to the button and swayed back.

“Umph,” Cordelia huffed. Cordelia scrunched up her face and stared at the button that she had placed on Angel’s shirt. She grabbed it off the vampire. “One button is enough,” she demanded scowling at Angel.

“It’s not my fault,” Angel defended. “You made me wear it.”

“Umph,” she huffed again placing the offending button on her shirt.

Angel smiled. Conversely, it pleased him to see Cordelia act all huffy at the other woman who had kissed him. His smile soon turned to a growl as he saw a strange drunken man grab Cordelia and pull her into a big kiss.

Someone else kissing his seer was unacceptable. Angel yanked the lout away from his seer instantly flashing his vamp face to the smashed fellow. The man squinted and swayed at the change in Angel’s visage. Angel rolled his eyes in disgust; the lush was too far-gone to even have the sense to be frightened by the vampire. The man just shrugged and started to push through the crowd.

“Eww,” Cordelia griped wiping at her mouth. Angel scowled at the young girl and tugged the pin off her shirt. With lightening reflexes, Angel grabbed at the retreating drunk. Angel placed the pin on the man’s shirt and pushed the dazed drunk towards the earlier female that had kissed Angel.

“That will work,” Cordelia said now smiling as she saw the other woman lunge at the drunken man now wearing the ‘Kiss me’ pin. “Come on, I think we can make it,” she shouted over the din, tugging the vampire to where Wesley and Gunn were sitting.

Angel gaped at his two friends. Wesley and Gunn were sitting around a table singing ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. They were singing loudly and badly, waving their beer mugs wildly in the air. One empty and two full pitchers of green beer were placed before them.

“Angel, Cordelia…Top of the morning to ya,” Wesley belched. “Whoops, pardon me,” he stated. “Have a seat, have a drink,” he shouted grabbing at a pitcher.

“Nice hat,” Angel said dryly taking the pitcher from Wesley’s wobbling hand.

“Do you like it?” Wesley said proudly. Wesley was wearing a tall green top hat with a green carnation pinned in the band.

“Hey man, what about mine?” Gunn interrupted.

“Yours is nice, too.” Cordelia said grinning at the black man’s green and white cap with a big green pom pom attached to the top. Gunn smiled at the compliment and took a swallow of his beer.

“Um, how long have you two been here?” Angel asked his obviously tipsy friends.

Wesley turned to Gunn, his forehead scrunching up in concentration. “One, no two of these ago,” he claimed holding up a pitcher.

“Yep, that sounds about right,” agreed Gunn.

“Here, lass have a beer,” Wesley said in a bad imitation of an Irish brogue. He magnanimously offered up a full mug to Cordelia.

“Why, thank you kind Irish sir,” she giggled.

“You know,” Wesley whispered conspiratorial tone. “I am not Irish, I am British.”

“Hey, I told you to stop saying that.” Gunn rolled his eyes. “Next thing you know he will belt out ‘God Save the Queen. I have already had to break up one argument on home rule.”

“I have absolutely no problem with Ireland’s call for home rule. But, that ignoramus had no business slandering the Queen.” Wesley said getting indignant again.

“Hey, guys, we are here to have fun, not reenact the centuries old conflict between the British and the Irish.” Cordelia cut in.

“You are absolutely right,” Wesley agreed.

“What is this,” Angel said looking in dismay at that the green liquid that Gunn had poured into his mug.

“Beer, man, the specialty of the house.”

“This is not beer,” Angel disagreed. “Beer is guinness, this is colored water.”

“Ooh, the Irish vamp is a beer Snob,” Gunn countered. “Well, you try to get a waitress in this place. I am drinking this.”

Angel looked around the crowed noisy bar. He didn’t see a waitress in sight and the bar was knee deep in people. Angel sighed and tentatively brought the mug to his lips. He shuddered in disgust, as he tasted the weak beer.

“Oh, get over it Angel. Have some fun,” Cordelia pouted.

Angel grimaced and took another swallow. For Cordelia’s sake, he would try. He gave a small smile to his seer.

Cordelia smiled at his attempt. She was about to say something when she felt the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. She glanced quickly around, Cordelia could have sworn she felt someone staring at her. Cordelia shook her head, like she could see if anybody was staring at her in this madhouse. She turned back to her friends.

“Cordelia, what is it?” Angel asked. He had noticed her movements. “It was…” she stopped and jerked around as she saw a flash of green scoot by in the corner of her eye. There it was again. She looked harder into the dark corner of the bar where the flash of green disappeared. Cordelia’s eyes widened as she saw a little bearded man staring back at her.

The small fellow was decked out in a green suit with a green hat covering his bushy red hair.

“Cordelia, what is it?” Angel asked again.

“Angel, it’s a leprechaun,” she said pointing to the corner.

“There is no such thing as a leprechauns, probably just a midget.” Wesley said knowingly.

“Right, just like there is no vampires, werewolves, demons or witches,” retorted Cordelia.

“Cordelia, how much have you had to drink,” asked Gunn.

“Please, I just got here and it was a leprechaun,” she demanded.

“Sure, it was.” Gunn nodded, winking at Wesley’s smirk.

“Ump,” Cordelia retorted getting up.


“It was a Leprechaun and I’ll prove it,” she promised. “If I can find him that is,” she said leaving the table.

“Cordelia, don’t….” Angel stopped as Cordelia moved off ignoring his order. Angel started to get up to follow but was pushed down by a passing patron.

“Don’t worry, Angel. She will be fine. Even if for some reason it is actually a leprechaun, they aren’t dangerous. Just mischievous.”

“Yeah, she will be fine, unless she goes for his gold,” Gunn added laughing.

“I don’t know.” Angel was uneasy about having Cordelia out of his sight. The slim form of his seer had already disappeared through the milling crowd.

Chapter 3

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