New York. 1-2

Title: New York
Author: Gilly
Rating: N-17
Content: A/C
Summary: Angel finds Cordelia. Sequel to Cordelia’s Return and Intervening Years (None C/A- [i]A/W[/i] – so not in Archive, sorry. Contact Author for link.)
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
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Chapter 1

Cordelia sat on a bench in the park near her apartment, watching the small children playing with their toys in the sun. She looked up closing her eyes enjoying the feel the heat on her body as she sighed to herself. It was nice to be out of the apartment for a change, and to have nothing to rush about for. She leaned back on the seat and smiled to herself.

All of a sudden a voice broke into her thoughts, ‘Cordelia is it really you?’

Cordelia’s hazel eyes shot open to see one of the Sunnydale Scoobies, Willow Rosenburg standing in front of her.

‘Um.. hello Willow, what are you doing in New York?’ she asked in surprise.

‘I’ve been here for a conference nearby for the last two days, we thought we’d have a walk through the park before flying back home to LA,’ said Willow.

‘Your living in LA now?’ said Cordy.

She noticed a handsome young man walking up to stand beside Willow and put his arm protectively round her, she looked up at his face, he could have been a younger version of Angel, with lighter hair. “She’s done alright for herself” thought Cordy.

It was Willow turn to stutter ‘C…Cordelia I’d like to introduce you to Connor, Ang…s.’

She trailed of as Cordelia nearly fell off the bench with shock as the young man rushed to her and pulled her into his arms.

‘Mom?….’ he said. Cordy stared at him.

‘Who…? Connor?’ Cordy said and burst into tears. She sat back onto the bench gasping in shock. ‘What’s happening, is this a joke?’ she said trying to gather her scattered thoughts, tears running down her face.

Just then a child came running over to the bench and said ‘Mommy why are you crying, are these people hurting you?’ the child said, then turning to Willow and Connor as he said clearly ‘Leave my Mommy alone and don’t make her cry.’

He stood there and tried to look fierce at the strangers in front of him. It was Willow and Connor’s turn to gasp.

‘Cordelia he must be Angels’ said Willow faintly looking from the child to Connor and back.

‘Who are you?’ the child demanded of Willow.

‘I’m Willow a friend of your Mommy’s, we’re not going to hurt her, what’s your name?’ replied Willow gently.

‘My name’s Liam, and who are you?’ Liam said looking at Connor.

Connor looked from Cordy to Willow.

‘Um.. I’m Connor, I think I’m your brother’ he said, looking uncertain. Liam’s eyes widened, a look so reminiscent of his father that Willow gasped.

‘Does Angel? No of course he doesn’t, he’s been looking for you since you left’ she rambled.

Liam piped up ‘if you’re my brother can we go for ice-cream?’ he asked.

Connor looked at Cordy she said ‘yes you can if you want to’ she was beginning to feel a bit faint at the events of the last few minutes. Liam grabbed Connor’s hand and dragged him over to the ice-cream vendor a little way away.

Willow sat down beside Cordy ‘we need to talk’ she said. ‘Why haven’t you told Angel about Liam?’ her eyes widened, ‘are you married?’ she asked as she noticed Cordy’s wedding ring for the first time.

‘I wanted to but I haven’t plucked up the courage yet, I didn’t at first because I thought if no one knew about him he would be safe. I didn’t want him taken like Connor’ said Cordy. ‘No I’m not married I just wear a ring to try to discourage men from hitting on me, what’s the story with Connor?’

Willow sighed and briefly told Cordy what had happened since Cordy had left. Angel had torn most of LA apart looking for a way to get Connor back, in between searching high and low for Cordy which is where Willow came in as he’d asked her to try and find evidence from the computer records Willow was so good at hacking into. Angel had offered Willow a job and a place to stay as he had more work than he could cope with. This suited Willow as Tara had been killed and so she was trying to start a fresh on her own. They found they had a lot in common and had spent many long evenings comfortably discussing their failed love lives.

Willow looked at Cordelia ‘I have a confession to make’ she said, ‘I slept with Angel. I just wanted you to know.’

Cordy looked shocked, inside she was seething. She couldn’t believe the witch had slept with Angel, but she waited for Willow to explain. Apparently it had been on Willow’s birthday when the AI team had taken her out to dinner which was lovely, but when she’d gone to bed that night a little drunk, she had been upset because her parents and no one from Sunnydale had bothered to remember her birthday, Angel had heard her and come in to her room to see what she was so sad about. He had gathered her into his arms and kissed her, she had clung onto him and asked him to sleep with her. The other time had been on the anniversary of Cordy leaving. Angel had got so drunk that Willow had to help him to bed and he had not wanted her to leave him so she had stayed in his bed for the night. Willow said she realised that Angel loved Cordy, and didn’t want to come between them. She certainly didn’t want a repeat of the Xander saga. Cordelia calmed down at this, after all she hadn’t been there so really couldn’t complain.

‘Connor doesn’t know about this’ said Willow ‘I don’t know what he would think and as it was before his return it’s not really his business.’

Willow carried on with her tale. Angel had told Willow about Connor’s birth and the fact that he’d since found out that as Darla had bitten Cordelia just before his birth her blood ran in his veins as well as Angel’s, so she could be his mother even though she hadn’t given birth to him. He also told Willow about him and Buffy, when he went to Sunnydale after having his soul restored, explaining that even though he loved Buffy he wasn’t in love with her any more. He was desperate to find Cordy and tell her how he felt. Willow had managed to get some more details out of him with regard to the episode with Angelus just before Cordy had taken off, after Connor had been kidnapped. Eventually Wesley, who could never really forgive himself for the loss of Connor, redeemed himself in Angel’s eyes. When the opportunity arose to try to save him he had jumped at it, literally.

Willow told Cordy about a vision that Lorne had had about opening a portal to a strange land where time travelled much quicker than earth time, then Wesley had come up with some new information about it as well. Angel had immediately tried to open it, he had succeeded but had been unable to cross into it but Wesley had managed to get through and had found Connor and brought him back through he had aged a bit in the process, it seemed the that in the strange land time passed six times faster than earth. It had taken Wesley a few months to find him but eventually one day they both landed back through the portal, Wesley had taken supplies with him to enable him to reopen the portal to get back if he found Connor. He had told Fred, on his return, that if he had failed he would not have come back.

Luckily Skip had been keeping an eye on Connor whilst he had been growing up and telling him about his family and there way of life so even when Holtz tried to corrupt him with tales of Angel being an evil vampire, Connor just nodded but knew the real truth. When Wes and Connor had returned Connor was 24 years old and a competent warrior in his own right. He had been back for about 15 months now and after a few months Willow had started to have feelings for him. It seemed Connor had feelings for her as well. Angel seemed happy with this so they had been dating now for about 10 months. They had come to New York because Willow had a private investigators conference, which showed all the latest technology and research in their field. Connor had come with her, as he’d wanted to see New York. Willow was so pleased that they had decided to walk through the park when Cordy was sitting there. It must be fate she commented as she finished her tale.

They both knew there was a lot more to be said but for now they were content to watch the 2 boys who looked so alike even though there was 22 years between them. When they finally walked back to where the 2 women were sitting, they seemed to be firm friends. Connor laughed as he told Cordy about a women getting ice cream who had said to him, what a good looking son he had, just like his father and Liam had piped up that Connor wasn’t his father but his brother, his father was a warrior! They laughed comfortably together. Connor could hardly keep his eyes off Cordy, as she looked even more beautiful than the photo Angel had of her beside his bed.

Eventually Willow and Connor said they had to leave as they didn’t want to miss their flight home. They walked together to the park entrance. Willow asked Cordy what she was going to do now. Cordy hugged Connor and gave Willow her telephone number and said she would have to think about what to do next. They parted with promises to keep in touch. Liam was excited all the way home he couldn’t wait to get to school the next day to tell his friend James about his new big brother.

Cordy was thoughtful that evening as she wondered what to do for the best. She decided to let it ride for a while until she could get her head round the fact that Connor was back and so grown up. She’d often wondered what had happened to her visions, and why she’d not had any since coming to New York, obviously Lorne had been having them.


In the end the decision was taken out of her hands as just over a week later she had returned home from her late shift at the store where she worked and was about to go and pick Liam up from her friend Carol in the apartment down the hall, who looked after Liam on Cordys late night shifts. She had just put her shopping away and turned to go to the door when the doorbell rang. She went to answer it thinking it would be Carol bringing Liam back. As she opened the door she was surprised to see Angel leaning on the doorpost, looking as gorgeous and sexy as ever.

‘A..angel’ she stammered drinking in the sight of him, the only photo she had of him didn’t do him justice, she realised now.

‘Can I come in?’ he asked. She remembered he had to be invited in.

‘Yes of course, how did you get here?’ she replied, stepping back, she knew he couldn’t fly for fear of getting caught in sunlight.

He entered and in 2 quick strides enveloped her in a hug holding her as though he would never let her go. She gasped as she remembered the feel of him and gave herself up to the wonderful sensations he evoked in her. He kissed her gently at first tasting and sipping her lips but when he ran his tongue along her bottom lip he felt her mouth open slightly he deepened the kiss twirling his tongue with hers as they both got lost in the never forgotten feelings they had for each other. After a while he knew she had to breath so he released her a little and looked at her, his dark brown eyes smouldering with desire.

‘I’m so glad I’ve found you’ he said huskily ‘I’ve never given up looking for you. I overheard Connor and Willow talking about you so I pestered them until they told me they’d seen you, then Willow found your address from the computer and I got her to teleport me here using the park where she met you as a reference. She’s made great progress with teleportation’

He gathered her into his arms again and began soft open mouthed kisses all over her face and neck gently licking the scar she had from when Angel had first taken her and marked her as his. She dragged him back up to kiss him again and they lost themselves again as it deepened into something more. She pushed his coat off his shoulders and down his arms then threw it on the couch as she slipped her hands under his sweater wanting to feel all of him, reminding herself of his cool body. Then they heard a quiet cough from the still open doorway. They both turned to look at Carol who stood in the open doorway looking questioning at them. Carol had never seen Lynn with a boyfriend and when the tall, dark, handsome man turned to face her she realised he must be Liam’s father. Lynn had never said anything about him and after a couple of unanswered questions Carol had stopped asking, but Liam looked so much like this man that he had to be his son.

‘Oh Lynn, I was coming to see if you were back’ she said as she hoped her friend would introduce her.

‘Umm Carol this is Angel a friend from LA’ Cordy said. ‘Angel this is my neighbour Carol’

‘Pleased to met you’ said Angel, as always a bit tongue tied around new people.

‘James wants to know if Liam can stay the night, but I guess that’s no now’ said Carol.

‘I’ll come and get him’ said Cordy as Angel looked questioning at her.

‘Don’t worry Lynn, I’ll fetch him he’s just finishing his supper’ said Carol moving from the doorway and going back to her own apartment.

When she had gone Angel looked at Cordy ‘Lynn?’ he asked.

‘Yes it’s my middle name’ said Cordy ‘it is more common than Cordelia, better when you want to disappear’ she added.

‘Who is Liam?’ he asked fearfully, he’d noticed her wedding ring when she opened the door.

Before Cordy could answer Liam ran into the room and stopped dead, dropping his school bag when he saw Angel. He looked up at the tall, dark haired man and crept over to stand beside Cordy holding on to her skirt. Carol stuck her head back in the doorway and said she was going back now Liam had got home. Cordy just looked at her and gave a little wave as Carol shut the door.

Cordy bent down in front of Liam and said ‘Liam this is your Daddy are you going to say hello to him?’ she said, pushing him gently towards Angel.

Angel looked at the small boy and then to Cordy. He slowly knelt down and held out his hand to Liam ‘Hello Liam’ He didn’t know what to say, but Liam solved the problem by throwing his arms round Angel’s neck and hugging him.

‘Daddy’ said Liam ‘when I grow up I’m going to be a warrior like you.’

Angel looked up at Cordy unshed tears in his eyes ‘you told him about me?’ he asked.

‘Of course I did’ she answered, giving Angel time to control himself before Liam let go and went to his school bag that he had dropped when he first saw Angel.

‘Mommy, I drawd you a picture’ he said.

‘Drew, Honey’ Cordy automatically corrected him, as she looked at what he had drawn.

‘Very good’ she said ‘go and show your Dad, while I run your bath.’

For a lad just over three he was quite good she thought, he obviously took after Angel. Angel had got up from his knees and sat on the couch. He looked at Liam in wonder as Liam chatted about what he had done at school, by now totally at ease with his father. Cordy came back with a cup of coffee for Angel and scooped Liam up to take him for his bath. Liam grumbled and tried to wriggle out of her grasp.

‘When you’re in bed your Dad can tell you a story’ she promised, as she carried him out.


Angel sat on the couch and thought about the last few hours. He was so pleased to find Cordy again, looking as beautiful as ever especially as her hair was now back to its original dark colour and by the way it was clipped up looked long, just how he loved it. He was concerned when he’d noticed the wedding ring on her finger. Willow and Connor hadn’t mentioned Liam in his hearing, he had only overheard them talking about Cordy because of his superior vampire hearing. He had a shock when he saw Liam, but was so glad because that was one thing he’d been sad about Connor being grown up when Wesley brought him back. Now at least he might have a chance to watch his other son grow.

Cordy came back and asked if he would like to tell Liam a story until he fell asleep. Angel looked up ‘what sort of story’ he asked.

‘Oh anything as long as its not too gruesome and if your in it you come out on top’ she said. Angel smiled at her and got up dropped a quick kiss on her lips and went into Liam’s bedroom.

Cordy went into the tiny kitchen and made herself a sandwich and taking it along with an apple she went back to the lounge and sat down. She thought back over the last few years, more or less exactly 4, since she had left LA.

Chapter 2

Cordy went into the tiny kitchen and made herself a sandwich and taking it along with an apple she went back to the lounge and sat down. She thought back over the last few years, more or less exactly 4, since she had left LA.

4 years previous.

Cordelia walked into the office and over to the safe. She opened it and counted out a thousand dollars, she figured that should be enough to get her a place to stay and keep her going until she found a job. She closed the safe and locked it then she went to Angel’s desk and put the letter she had written on it. She had simple said that she had borrowed the money and would pay it back one day. She added that she knew she’d said she would never leave him but he must realise that the events of the last few days had altered things; she needed time away from everyone to think and decide what to do for the future. The rent on the apartment was paid until the end of the month, after that if she wasn’t back could they put her stuff in store for her. She had said she would be in touch if she had any visions, and had simply signed it. Yours C.

With a last look round she slipped out into the dawn. She had packed a couple of suitcases earlier and all that remained was for her to get to the airport. She had ordered a cab as a last luxury, she thought she wouldn’t be able to afford any from now on; it was waiting outside the hotel. She carried her bags over and loaded them in climbed into the back and told the driver to go to the airport.

She caught a flight that would take her away from LA to a new life on the other side of the US. It was a miserable trip; Cordy thinking hard about her actions but knew she had to put some distance between her and Angel. Eventually she arrived in New York. She found herself a cheap hotel to stay in, in the suburbs and immediately set about finding a job. She touched lucky there as one of the larger department stores had just opened a new branch and were recruiting sales staff. She managed to talk her way in, after all she knew about shopping, and had worked in a fashion shop in Sunnydale. After a while she made a few good suggestions to the supervisor about in store security and layout, and with her good timekeeping she soon earned a promotion and a higher salary.

She soon found a tiny apartment to stay in and was settling in to her new lifestyle trying to get some money behind her, so that she could pay Angel back the money she’d borrowed, when she realised she might be pregnant. She did a home pregnancy test and had her fears confirmed. She thought about have a termination but realised she couldn’t do that to Angel’s child not after he had lost Connor. She would just have to get another job to boost her income until the baby was born. She had nearly given in then and gone back to LA, but something made her stay, also she didn’t want to loose the baby the same way Connor had been taken. He’d been marked even before he’d been born.

Cordy managed to get another job working evenings as a waitress in an exotic dancing club. The pay was good and she got quite a few tips all of which she put into her ‘baby’ fund. The manager wanted her to dance but she declined knowing it would soon be obvious she was pregnant. She had bought a cheap wedding ring to dissuade customers, after being pursued by some of the clubs members. She wanted to work for as long as possible as she knew she would need to live off her savings for a while when the baby was born and also knew she had to find a larger place to stay, but she thought that could wait until after the birth.

She had an easy pregnancy and only visited the clinic for regular checks, she thought she knew the exact day she had conceived, it had been the first day back from her holiday. She had thought that something was different, at the time, but had forgotten about it over the next few traumatic days. She could work out her due date fairly accurately. The doctor had done some tests and declared her and the baby fit and well but had been a bit concerned that her blood group was unusual.

Cordy thought this might be the demon in her but didn’t say anything. He booked her in at a nearby hospital and asked her about the father. She just simply said that they had parted and he didn’t know about the child. The doctor was sympathetic, but couldn’t understand how the man could let anyone as lovely as this beautiful girl get away from him, he must be mad the doctor thought as she left his clinic.

She had to leave the club after seven months as she couldn’t move fast enough and the manager didn’t like to think of her straining herself. Luckily she didn’t show too much until the last month so she was able to go on working at the store for seven and a half months before anyone suspected, just by wearing looser clothes. When her supervisor found out about the baby, she’d been very sympathetic and said that Cordy, or Lynn as she called herself, could work as long as she wanted and return after the baby was born, as the company had excellent child care facilities. They really liked Cordy and were pleased with the way she tackled problems and didn’t mind changing shifts or doing extra weekend days. As the manager said good employees were hard to find.

The birth had been a bit frightening for her all on her own, but because she was so fit, and maybe the part demon bit helped, she only openly cursed Angel twice during the delivery. Liam was a healthy baby and seemed to thrive on her peculiar lifestyle.

When he was about a year old she met Carol while walking in the park one day, they got chatting as Carol had a son, James, about the same age as Liam. They met a few times after that growing quite close and in the end Cordy had told her about needing a larger apartment and she’d suggested that Cordy look at one that had come up in the same block as hers. Cordy took one look at it and decided she had to move in it was perfect, not too large but with 2 bedrooms, living area, bathroom and small kitchen. Cordy had moved in the next month. The arrangement suited them both, Carol had two other older boys and didn’t work as her husband had a well paid job in his fathers firm, so she didn’t mind looking after Liam if Cordy had to work late. It also meant Cordy could look after her boys when Carol and her husband wanted to go out in the evenings or at the weekends.

The arrangement had suited them and then when Liam and James started playschool together Cordy would take them on her way to work and Carol picked them up later and looked after Liam until Cordy got home. Another factor of there friendship was that one day when they had been to the park with the boys, they were just packing up to leave when a couple of yobs had come up to them demanding money and threatening them with a knife. Cordy hadn’t thought twice about it she just kicked the knife out of the yobs hand as she punched him in the stomach, then grabbed the other and before he knew what was happening she had her knee in his groin, dropping him in a instant. The yobs struggled up and ran off groaning. Carol and the boys had been amazed.

‘Where did you learn how to do that?’ asked Carol, after she stopped shaking.

‘I have been taught self defence’ replied Cordy, but didn’t enlighten her friend any more. The next day Dave, Carol’s husband had come round and thanked her for looking after Carol and the boys. She said it was nothing, but she felt a lot better about all the times Carol looked after Liam when she did extra shifts. She really needed all the money she could earn, as she’d never realised how expensive children could be.

The present

Cordy finished her snack and went to see how Angel was getting along with Liam. She crept into the room quietly, even though she knew once her son was asleep nothing short of an earthquake would wake him, and looked at Angel who was just sitting staring at his son.

‘He’s asleep’ Angel whispered, getting to his feet, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from his sleeping son and following her out of the bedroom. She pulled Liam’s door to and turned to face Angel.

He looked at her with such an intense expression of love that she felt her breath catch in her throat.

‘Cordy are you married?’ he asked, looking at her ring, not sure if he could stand it if she was.

She glanced at the ring on her finger and pulled it off.

‘No I’m not I was using it as a deterrent, it helps to stops men pestering me’ she said smiling at the look of relief on his face.

‘I love you Cordy, but I have a confession to make. I slept with Willow in the first year that you left, I want you to know before we go any further, so we have no secrets’ he said.

She looked at him and said ‘I know she told me, at first I was upset, I thought history repeating itself, but I got over it and I’m glad you told me.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Angel, puzzled.

‘She made out with Xander when I was with him, that’s why we split up’ Cordy replied.

‘Oh, I’d forgotten about that’ said Angel, looking contrite.

‘It’s Ok I’ve got over it’ said Cordy ‘life’s too short to have grudges’

He gathered her into his arms ‘Oh Cordy, I love you so much, I’m never going to let you go again’ he said.

She felt herself melt into his arms as she kissed him with a hunger to recapture the last four years they’d missed. He groaned as he felt her hands slide under his sweater again and pushed her back a little.

‘Are you sure this is what you want?’ he whispered, kissing and nuzzling at her neck.

‘I’ve never been more sure in my life’ she said as she led him to her bedroom.

‘What about Liam?’ Angel asked.

‘Oh he won’t wake up until 6am’ she said ‘so we’ve got lots of time’ she gave him a smouldering look, and it was all he needed to take her in his arms and kiss her again, as he removed the clips from her hair to send it tumbling down in a dark wave around her shoulders.

Angel buried his nose in her hair, breathing in the never forgotten essence that was Cordelia. He kissed her lips before moving down to her neck and giving her little nips then licks to soothe the area. She moaned low in her throat at the sensations he was creating that were shooting from all over her body to end at the apex of her thighs. Angel groaned as she kissed him and ran a hand up the front of his sweater, scratching lightly at his nipples before moving to the waistband of his slacks. Cordy pushed him towards her bedroom.

Once inside they frantically removed each other’s clothes until naked they fell onto the bed still kissing passionately. Angel then began to kiss and caress her body like a drowning man, she touched as much of him as she could and after a while they both knew they couldn’t wait any longer. Angel was so hard it was almost painful and Cordy was desperate for him, she opened her thighs to accommodate him. He pushed into her and after she got used to him again they quickly found the rhythm they had never really forgotten. They both knew it couldn’t last, they were too far-gone and it was so good. They climaxed almost together both trying not to yell too loudly for fear of waking Liam. It was all too quick but as they lay limbs entwined they knew it was just the beginning. Angel pulled the covers over them and fell asleep.

Cordy woke with a start a while later surprised to find someone in her bed, then she realised it hadn’t been a dream when she felt Angel’s cool body beside her. He had woken at her change in heartbeat and pulling off the covers, proceeded to cover her body with licks and kisses trying to imprint it on his brain forever. She gasped as he found her hot centre and pushed his fingers into her as his tongue found her clit and gently lapped at her until she was writhing in ecstasy beneath his touch.

‘I see you haven’t lost your touch’ she gasped, as she climaxed again.

She grabbed his hair and pulled him up to kiss him tasting herself on his lips as she did so. Then she moved her mouth down his body teasing and tasting as she went until she reached his arousal, which was straining for attention, she took him into her mouth as her hand cupped his balls and soon he was pushing up into her as he tried to hold back.

‘Cor, you’ve gotta stop, it’s too good, I’m coming’ he gasped, his fingers tangled in her hair, she took no notice and carried on until she felt him explode into her mouth.

She made her way back up to his mouth and they kissed deeply each tasting the other as there tongues tangled together. They dozed off for a while, and then as though they couldn’t get enough of each other they started again. When Angel pushed into her this time there wasn’t the haste, they had time to enjoy the feelings they were giving each other. Then as he lifted her hips thrusting deeply to hit all the right places, she felt her herself about to explode and tilted her head offering him her neck. Angel vamped and sank his fangs into his mark on her neck, drinking deeply from her blood.

They both moaned together as the double penetration gave them such erotic sensations that it became too much and they both erupted into an intense orgasm that went on for wave after wave. Cordy thought she must have blacked out for a while. When she came round Angel was laying half off her totally sparked out his lips still on her neck. She snuggled against him and went to sleep, feeling safe and secure. It was nice to have someone to curl up to.

Cordy woke a while later and extracted herself from under Angel and went to the bathroom, she tidied her self up and then pulled on a vest and some shorts that she usually slept in, then after picking their clothes up, she went back to bed, slipping back into his embrace. When he felt her return, his arms tightened on her and he mumbled something that sounded like ‘mine’ and they both went to sleep.

In the morning, Liam running in to the room and jumping on the bed, bouncing up and down woke Cordy. Angel’s eyes snapped open as he tried to remember where he was and then quickly turned on his side so his son didn’t do him damage as he jumped on top of both of them.

‘Mommy why is Daddy in your bed?’ cried Liam, bouncing up and down.

‘Um… I was frightened in the night and Daddy was comforting me’ she replied improvising quickly, she had thought she would be up before Liam.

She got up to have a shower before getting Liam’s breakfast started, giving Angel a few minutes with his son. Then she called to Liam ‘come on breakfast you don’t want to be late for school’

Liam reluctantly left Angel alone and went to sit at the table to eat.

Cordy went back to the bedroom, dressing quickly and said ‘I have to take him to school soon and then go to work, are you going to stay here today?’

‘I’ll stay if you don’t mind’ he replied.

‘Good’ she said ‘I’ll see if I can get some time off work and finish early. You should find every thing you need except your food’ she added. She tidied up the breakfast things and got Liam ready for school.

She left a while later picking up Carols boys on the way. Carol overhearing Liam telling James about his wonderful father who stayed last night and comforted his mom in bed, said quietly to Cordy ‘I can have him after school and this evening if you like’.

Cordy smiled at her ‘that would be nice’ she said ‘we have some catching up to do.’

‘I hope you’ll tell me all about it one day’ said Carol, as Cordy left to take the boys to school.

When Cordy got to work she had a word with her boss asking if she could have a few days off. Her boss agreed as Cordy hadn’t had a holiday for over a year and was due plenty of days. So she left off at lunchtime and although she felt guilty not picking up Liam from school, she knew that she and Angel had to talk without his interruptions.

She quietly let herself into the flat after picking up some blood for Angel from the local butcher. On hearing the shower running deduced that Angel must be up. She put the blood in the fridge and then turned to the bathroom just as he turned it off and came out; she had to stop herself gulping as she looked at him. He was just as good as she remembered as he stood and looked at her she noticed him beginning to become aroused.

‘Come here’ he said huskily and held out his arms.

She went into them and as he kissed her he expertly striped off her clothes until she was naked in front of him.

‘I can’t get enough of you’ he growled as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He then proceeded to make love to her until she was trembling for his touch and desperate to have him inside her. She climbed on top of him and positioned herself over him sinking down to impale herself on him as she heard him groan as he thrust up into her.

‘God Angel, I love you so much’ she gasped. She began to slide up and down his rock hard shaft. He sat up and grabbed her to him plunging his tongue into her mouth as he hugged her until the urge to move was too great and he let go so he could plunge up into her seeming to go deeper after each thrust. She thought she would be split in half as she climaxed down onto him. He held her hips and guided her movements until he felt himself get the release he needed, his face flicking from human to demon as he let himself go.

‘Cordy I’m so in love with you it hurts’ he gasped as he fell back with her on top of him. They dozed together for a while before Angel turned on his side and looked deep into her eyes.

‘We need to talk’ he said.
‘Yeah, you go first’ she said, she knew the basics from Willow but thought it would be nice to get Angels’ side of the tale.

They talked for hours until they were both up to date on each other’s lives. Angel leaned in and kissed her before drawing back again and saying.

‘Cordy I love you, will you marry me?’ he asked.

‘I’d love to but how can we?’ she replied.

‘Well Spike and Buffy managed it’ he said.

‘Spike and Buffy are married?’ she asked looking amazed.

‘Yes, about 18 months after you left Willow got a card from them on their honeymoon in Las Vegas’ he said. ‘Then a while later Spike phoned me about something else and I asked him how they did it and I think we can do the same, the only thought I have is how have you registered Liam’s birth?’

‘As Liam Richard Chase’ she answered.

‘Humm’ he muttered half to himself ‘how about if I use your surname, would you mind?’

‘No I don’t mind’ she replied ‘but what about your original one?’

‘I don’t think I want to be reminded of my father every time I have to sign anything legal’ he replied.

‘What is it?’ she asked.

‘Gallagher’ he replied, ‘I just don’t want to feel like my father. I don’t think Liam would like it either he would always be expected to burst into song, or have a tantrum. Well if we get chance to go out perhaps we can go to one of these wedding parlours, if they have them in New York.’

‘I’m sure they do’ she replied giggling at the thought of her son becoming Liam Gallagher, as she snuggled back down in the bed.

Chapter 3

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