New York. 3-4

Chapter 3

A while later Angel stirred and asked ‘did I hear you say you’d got me some food?’

‘Yes, in the fridge’ she said. Angel got up, unconcerned with his nakedness and padded to the fridge; he quickly drank one of the packs straight down, he was so hungry. Then he warmed the other before downing that as well. Then he wandered back into the bedroom. Cordy could hardly stop a moan of desire slipping out as she watched him stalk towards her.

‘God, I’ve missed him’ she thought. She told him that Carol had said she would look after Liam for the evening so they could go out. Angel said if he were going to stay he would need to buy some clothes, as he hadn’t brought any spares with him.

‘Oh goody’ said Cordy ‘it’ll be nice to shop for you’ Angel groaned wondering what she would want him to buy. He crawled on to the bed and peeled the covers off Cordy determined to make her forget about shopping. He covered her body with licks and nips, teasing her until she was nearly begging him to take her. He found he couldn’t wait any longer and sighed with relief when he finally plunged into her welcome depths, her heat enveloping him. He kept up a slow, deep rhythm, drawing the pleasure out for both of them until he knew he was past the point of no return and with a last few hard thrusts came deep inside her as she writhed beneath him.

They rested for a while, snuggling and kissing until Cordy’s stomach growled for food, so she got up to shower and then made herself a sandwich, while Angel had his shower. By the time they were both ready it was nearly dark so they made their way out of the apartment and into the nearby shopping mall. They had looked in the phone book for wedding parlours and were pleased to see there was one in a mall not far away. They decided to go and investigate. They were in luck as it was late night opening so most of the shops were still open. When they arrived at the unpretentious door to the wedding shop Cordy nearly bottled out but then decided what the heck she may as well find out what the procedure was, so took a deep breath as they went inside. It turned out that they didn’t need any legal documents at all, everything could be provided by the parlour, even the ring and if they went back in about an hour they could be married that evening.

They left the shop and Angel immediately dragged Cordy over to a jewellers store to choose a wedding ring, deciding he wanted a special one for his bride. She said that she wanted him to have one as well so they asked if the store had any matching pairs. They were quite amazed at the selection they were shown but in the end found themselves both drawn to the same pair of platinum rings with an intricate design engraved on them and as the shop had them in their sizes, Angel purchased hers and she his, it took nearly all the money she had in her account, but she figured it would soon be payday.

Next they went to a department store, to get Angel some clothes. Cordy had fun but not much success trying to persuade him to buy some lighter coloured shirts. She did manage to get him a deep red one though, to remind her of his Angelus days, he shuddered awed that she would want to remember them at all. She let him into a secret that she had pinched that red shirt he’d allowed her to wear and had used it as a night shirt until it finally fell apart. A small piece of it she still kept along with a few other mementoes of her earlier years. He said he always wondered what had happened to that shirt it had been one of his favourites as well. She also persuaded him to buy some smart black leather pants. By the time they had made their purchases along with mundane socks, tee shirts and boxers, which Cordy said he was to wear if Liam was in the flat, it was time to return to the wedding parlour.

After a simple service they came out as Mr and Mrs Angel Chase, Angel folding the marriage certificate and putting it in his inside jacket pocket. Cordy was pleased because it meant she didn’t have to change Liam’s or her name at all. Angel was just pleased to have her as his wife; he had no need of a surname, he’d managed without for the last 250 odd years. They made there way slowly back to the flat holding hands and kissing all the way. Neither of them noticed that they were being watched from the shadows. They decided if they were asked, to tell Carol and Dave that they had been married a while, but had been apart for a while, to explain the same name.

‘Did Buffy keep her surname?’ Cordy asked.

‘Yes, actually she took his and joined them they became Mr and Mrs William Cole Summers’ replied Angel. Cordy laughed, ‘it’s sounds very grand, who’d a thought Buffy was pretentious?’

As they neared the apartment, Cordy picked up a few groceries from the store she usually shopped at while Angel went to a butchers shop for some more supplies and then they made their way back, picking up Liam on the way past Carols, he was asleep so Cordy carried him out to Angel and they took him back to Cordy’s apartment and put him to bed.

As they stood looking down at the sleeping child Angel looked at Cordy and whispered ‘ I want you so much’ as he put his arms round her and they retired early for there first night as a married couple.

Angel slowly undressed Cordy kissing and caressing every part of her body when it was revealed. When she was naked she stood in front of him and stripped him in the same way. When they were both naked they lay on the bed and continued their explorations until they were both in such a state of high arousal that they knew they couldn’t last any longer without coming together. As Angel pushed into her warmth, he felt a wonderful feeling of coming home. He paused for a moment to enjoy it but found that the urge to move was too great when she wrapped her limbs round him pulling him deeper into her.

When he started to move slowly trying to control the pace, she whispered in his ear ‘Mmmmmm Angel, this is so good’ as she moved in perfect time with him. She could feel herself beginning to climax. He could feel her muscles contracting round him and knew it would finish him, he couldn’t hold off any more.

‘Oh Cordy I love you so much’ he whispered in her ear. She nibbled at his neck offering hers to him he groaned as he gently sank his fangs in. The first taste of her blood sent him over the edge into a swirling canyon and with few final thrusts he took her with him, for a change his demon in perfect harmony with his soul. They both nearly passed out from the intensity of it and it was a while both for either could move. After a while Angel rolled off her enough so she could breath and they fell asleep wrapped together.

Cordy woke early in the morning and gently kissing Angel, she slid out of bed and into the shower. Then she prepared breakfast for her and Liam before waking the child and helping him to get washed and dressed for school. After Liam had had his breakfast, she collected his school bag and leaving a note for Angel let herself out of the flat.

Cordelia took Liam and Carol’s boys to school relieved it was Friday. When she returned she popped in to see Carol. Carol suggested that they all go out that evening for a meal and perhaps some dancing afterwards.

‘I’m sure Ruth will baby-sit, Liam can stay here all night’ she said.

‘That sounds good to me’ said Cordy ‘but I don’t think Angel’s much into dancing.’

‘Neither is Dave’ said Carol ‘but we’ll see how we go.’

When Cordy got back to the apartment she found Angel still asleep in bed, he wasn’t really a morning person as that was his main sleep time. She quietly put her shopping away and tidied up, thankful that the place was small and so it didn’t take long. She tackled the pile of ironing thinking she was so ahead of her self with chores that she’d be able to have the weekend off. She still missed Dennis picking up after her and made a mental note to ask Angel if he knew if the ghost was ok. After a while she went back into the bedroom to look down at Angel. She didn’t think she’d ever get tired of looking at him he was so handsome, as she stood there a hand snaked out from under the bed cover as he grabbed her and pulled her down for a kiss.

‘Morning’ he said and he stretched out the cover slipping revealing his muscular pale body.

‘Do you want to shower now or what?’ she asked.

‘I’ll take the “or what”‘ he said, grinning as he pulled her down on top of him.

She rubbed against him feeling him hardening beneath her. Then she got up and slowly stripped off her clothes, by the time she had finished he was fully aroused and reaching for her. They came together on the bed both surprised how good they were together, each knowing the others needs. When they fell apart spent. Angel said they had to talk.

‘I want you to come back to LA ‘ he said. ‘The business is doing well now so you’ll be able to have all you want.’

She looked at him ‘I’ll have to think about it’ she said ‘I noticed you must be doing well, you have a platinum card, you need big bucks to get one of them.’

She dressed and went into the kitchen to get Angel his brunch. She was standing in the kitchen drinking some coffee deep in thought, as she watched Angel getting up. Angel was sitting on the bed when the doorbell rang. He quickly pulled on his pants and went to stand in the kitchen.

Cordy went to answer the door, to find it was Carol.

‘Come in’ said Cordy ‘would you like some coffee?’

‘No thanks, I can’t stay, I am going shopping wondered if you would pick up the boys from school, then I don’t have to worry about being back early?’ said Carol, hardly being able to tear her eyes away from Angel. She didn’t think she’d ever seen such a good looking guy, he was even better in the flesh, as it were, she felt her mouth watering and knew she had to get out before she gave herself away. How could she be lusting after Lynn’s friend, she was a happily married woman with 3 children she chided herself.

‘Yes, no problem’ said Cordy ‘they can all come here and I’ll arrange something for them to do with Angel, he’s much better than me.’

‘Oh yes they’ll like that’ said Carol, wishing she could be there as well. She left saying she’d call when she was got back.

Angel was looking bemused at this exchange.

‘What are you on about?’ he asked.

‘If I have Carol’s boys here I usually get them involved in some Tai Chi or self defence moves of some sort.’

She told him about the incident in the park and how the boys respected her and had asked her to teach them some moves.

‘Do you still keep up your training then’ he said.

‘When I can’ she replied ‘although there’s not much room in here’

He went over to the microwave and rescued his mug of blood, which she’d left in there when she answered the door. He thought about what she’d told him and was amazed by her. He finished his mug and as Cordy went to get in the shower she felt his hands round her waist.

‘Not so fast Mrs Chase’ he growled, as he pulled her into his arms and began kissing her, he felt rejuvenated after his meal. They were kissing passionately and Angel just knew he had to have her again; he couldn’t get enough of her as he laid her on the bed and stripped off his pants. She moaned as she saw him hard and ready above her, and moisture pooled between her thighs.

‘Angel your insatiable’ she groaned.

‘I’ve got 4 years to make up for’ he replied. He parted her legs and fell between them, laving her with his tongue as his fingers found there way inside her. She gasped and trembled as he quickly brought her to a shuddering climax.

‘Angel, in me now’ she gasped.

Relieved when he obliged. He kept the pace smooth and slow until he felt her muscles gripping him, and then he angled her hips towards him as he pushed deep into her and with a few hard thrusts found him self coming as well. They lay on the bed sated for now.

After a while Cordy roused herself, ‘I must have a shower before I go to pick up Liam, James and the other boys’ she said.

‘I’ll come with you if you like’ he said looking out of the north facing window, ‘it looks as though the rain has settled in for the day, so no fear of sun.’

Angel went into the bathroom, but there wasn’t enough room for them both in the shower, so he had to be satisfied with sitting on the edge of the bath watching her. When she had finished, he had his shower; by the time he had finished Cordy was dressed and nearly ready to go. It didn’t take him long to dress and soon they were making their way to the play school to pick up the young boys.

‘What do you usually do now’ he asked, as they sheltered from the rain under an umbrella, waiting for the children to come out.

‘I usually go to the park or the mall until it’s time to pick the others up’ she replied. Carols other lads were 7 and 9 and so went to the big school, which didn’t finish until an hour later.

‘We can take them to the mall and get them milkshakes while we wait, if you like’ she added.

Liam was overjoyed both his parents had come to pick him up and ran out of school yelling ‘Daddy, Mommy I’m over here,’ as he threw himself into Angel’s arms. Angel swung him up into his arms and kissed him.

‘Hiya Buddy have you been good at school today?’ he asked Liam.

‘Yes, I’m always good, aren’t I mommy?’ replied Liam, snuggling into Angel’s embrace.

‘Yes, of course you are’ said Cordy, looking for James among all the other children.

A lot of the other moms were giving Cordy envious glances after checking Angel out. Liam’s teacher came over to introduce herself to him, saying how talented Liam was with drawing, they made small talk until Cordy found James then they went to the mall. They were sitting having milkshakes and cakes when Cordy got up to go and fetch the other boys, leaving Angel telling the youngsters some story about a comic character they had seen on TV. When the older boys arrived they had a quick snack they all headed back to the apartment to wait for Carol. By the time they got back it had stopped raining but was still overcast.

Angel moved the furniture back to give them a bit more space and Cordy organised the boys so Angel could show them some moves. The older boys were a bit shy of Angel, which was probably a good thing as they listened to what he had to say. He was surprised that they knew quite a few moves; realising Cordy had taught them a lot.

All he had to do was correct some of the positions and postures and then start with some more advanced moves. Liam and James struggled to copy the older boys but they were too small to do much. Cordy concentrated on letting them tumble and roll on the carpet; at least it would keep them supple, and they were having fun. When Carol came to pick them up she amazed to see her oldest boys copying Angel’s moves quickly and correctly. He looked good in his white tee shirt and black pants, “I must stop thinking about him” she thought, as she shepherded her tribe home.

Angel had a shower while Cordy gave Liam his tea, then while her boys were watching TV she went to shower and dress ready for their night out, choosing a simple black dress and adorning it with a sparkly belt and silver slides in her hair. He looked at her and thought she looked good enough to eat.

Angel had dressed in his new leather pants and the crimson shirt. Cordy looked at him and thought she wouldn’t be able to eat anything, all she wanted to do was feast her eyes, before undressing him.

They took Liam to Carol and Dave’s apartment where the boys were excited to be spending the evening together with a new movie and real popcorn. Dave came out and Cordy introduced Angel to him as her husband. Dave’s eyebrows rose as Carol had said he was Lynn’s friend. Carol made sure Ruth had the number of the restaurant and the club; finally they were ready to set off.

Angel had stood outside talking to Dave while the women checked the kids. Carol thought that Angel looked really hot in his leather jeans and dark red silk shirt, underneath his long leather coat. She noticed she wasn’t the only one, as other women looked at him when they walked through the park, Carol could hardly keep her eyes off him.

They had a lovely meal with Angel having a very rare steak and not much else, just to show willing. Dave looked at it and couldn’t help thinking it looked raw, his own being cooked to a crisp. He shuddered at the thought of all the blood in it. Carol and Cordy had gone for chicken and salad, thinking about the dancing they were hoping to do later on.

‘So Angel what do you do then?’ asked Dave.

‘I work in a detective agency in LA’ replied Angel giving Dave his card. Dave looked at it then back at Angel.

‘I have a cousin, Melissa, who came to you a few years ago, I think’ he said ‘she had some weird story about some bloke stalking her and falling to pieces.’

‘I remember her, don’t you Angel; she was one of our first cases?’ cried Cordy.

‘Yeah that was a bit odd, but we caught the guy stalking her in the end’ said Angel not wanting Cordy to talk about their paranormal cases.

‘So Lynn, you and Angel are married then?’ said Carol looked at their wedding rings, ‘how come you’re not together?’

‘Carol, honey don’t be nosey’ said Dave. Carol glared at Dave.

‘No it’s alright’ said Cordy, ‘we went through a rough patch and I had to distance myself, but now I know it was silly, but you know what these things are like the longer you leave them the worse it gets.’

‘Cor, darling’ said Angel, his voice low ‘you know if I’d known you were leaving I would have stopped you.’

‘Yeah Angel, like I was going to wait while you run back to your old girlfriend’ snapped Cordy her temper rising at the thought of Buffy.

‘Cordelia’ he growled warningly ‘now is not the right time.’

Carol looked from one to the other ‘why did you call her Cordelia?’ she asked.

‘Because it’s her name’ said Angel shortly ‘she only uses Lynn to try and hide from me, I spent 4 years looking for her’ he sat back scowling at Cordy.

‘Don’t you start that broody boy’ said Cordy, slapping his thigh and laughing at him, he couldn’t resist her and had to smile back ‘you’re right I’m sorry I just get carried away.’

He leaned over and kissed her but had to hold back from getting too involved, just kissing Cordy was enough to make him hard.

‘Have we all finished’ said Carol ‘lets go next door to the club’ The men groaned but felt they were in enough trouble so had better comply.

Chapter 4

They managed to find a table in the club and the guys went to get some drinks. Carol turned to Cordy ‘what was that all about, other girlfriend?’ she asked eagerly.

‘Oh it’s a long story but Angel used to date a girl in Sunnydale, there’s was supposed to be ‘the forever love’, tragic farce and all that, but something happened that put a stop to it. Then Angel and I started working together in LA and eventually he noticed me. We’d just got together and another traumatic event happened and I had to get away when he went back to the girl in Sunnydale, but apparently he only did so to tell her it was finally over between them’ said Cordy. ‘Oh well maybe not so long after all’ she thought about all she had left out.

Angel and Dave came over with the drinks. Cordy grabbed Angel and dragged him onto the dance floor. He was grumbling about it but when she put her arms round him and pushed her body against his he decided he might enjoy himself after all. He bent his head down and caught her lips to give her a kiss. The kiss deepened as he crushed her to him, one hand in her hair the other pulling her tight against him, they lost themselves in each other, not noticing Dave and Carol dancing nearby.

‘Wow’ thought Carol ‘he’s very passionate,’ she couldn’t imagine Dave ever behaving like that in public.

After a couple more tracks they went to sit down, Cordy thought that Angel was getting too carried away, thrusting against her as he kissed her passionately. It would give him time to regain some control she thought, and give her time to reign in her urge to strip him slowly and lick every part…. ‘Oh God, what does he do to me?’ Cordy thought, ‘he turns me into a slut.’

Carol and Dave were already sitting down. Carol spotted some friends of hers and went over to see them. Dave asked Cordy to dance and she said yes much to Angel’s dismay. They went out on to the dance floor. When Carol came back she looked from Dave and Cordy to Angel, he reluctantly asked her to dance. He could tell she was attracted to him and he didn’t want to upset Cordy again. So he held her loosely and didn’t let her get too close.

‘So, what did you do to upset Cordy so much that she ran away?’ Carol asked.

‘Do you really want to know?’ he purred, smiling wickedly, his demon adding a little growl and dancing with glee.

‘Oh yes’ she replied, enjoying the thought of juicy gossip.

‘I raped her repeatedly and locked her up for a week with no clothes and very little food’ he said with an Angelus type smirk, as he thought back to that week, despite his soul he had still enjoyed himself as Angelus.

Carol went a little pale not sure whether to believe him or not. She suddenly decided his tall, dark, overpowering presence was not so nice after all and that she preferred Dave’s comfortable comments and reassuring company. When the dance had finished they all went back and sat down. The girls went the rest room; Carol could hardly wait to ask Cordy if what Angel said was right.

‘Is it true that Angel locked you up and raped you?’ she burst out as soon as the door shut. Cordy looked at her surprised that Angel would have said that.

‘Yeah sort of’ Cordy replied ‘but he was under the influence of a kind of drug at the time and couldn’t help himself.’

‘Golly what happened’ asked Carol, her eyes round.

‘Nothing much, some of the staff got in and helped me tie him up until it wore off,’ replied Cordy, down playing like mad.

‘Did you go to the cops’ said Carol.

‘No it wasn’t really his fault, I can’t explain it properly, it was unusual circumstances’ said Cordy.

They went back to the men and Cordy dragged Angel up for another dance.

‘When can we go?’ whined Angel, ‘I want you.’

‘I should make you stay all night, and become a disco king’ hissed Cordy ‘why did you have to say you raped me to Carol.’

‘I could tell she fancied me so I thought it the easiest thing to say to discourage her,’ replied Angel, gathering her into his arms again and dipping his head to lick his mark on her neck.

‘I’m never gonna hear the end of it’ groaned Cordy, giving in to the wonderful sensations his touch invoked.

Carol looked at Cordy and Angel, she couldn’t understand how Cordy could put up with a violent man, she knew she wouldn’t, no wonder the couple had parted. Dave was a most caring husband and father, she realised now she wouldn’t swap him for anyone else. She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek. He looked at her with raised eyebrows; he’d noticed her ogling Angel and it had made him a little jealous. He was relieved that Angel obviously loved Cordy. Dave would have felt uncomfortable behaving like Angel in pubic but didn’t mind a quick kiss and leaned in to steal one from his wife.

Angel and Cordy went back to the table when the music changed to a faster beat and after a while finished their drinks and decided to leave the club to walk home.

About half way through the park a group of vampires approached them. They stood menacingly in front of Angel and Cordy.

‘Crap’ thought Cordy ‘this is so not an outfit for fighting in’ as she looked at her short black dress, thin jacket and high healed sandals.

‘Cordy, go’ commanded Angel.

‘I’m not leaving you, there are too many’ she hissed back. He growled at her response, why did he think she would take notice of him, she never had before.

Carol and Dave looked worried, especially when they heard the low menacing growl; they both looked round expecting to see a large dog or something appear.

‘Angelus you’re a long way from home, but we’re not proud, we’ll still take you’ the obvious leader said and proceeded to try but Angel slipped Cordy a stake and they both immediately fell into a fighting stance, learnt years before.

Angel kicked out and swept the leader off his feet, punching another and as he doubled over staking him through his heart. Another tried to slip past to get to Carol and Dave but was surprised when he found himself on the end of Cordy’s stake. The vampires both exploded together. Angel pushed the leader climbing to his feet back and tried to stake him, but his stake was knocked aside by another.

Cordy yelled to Carol and Dave to run, but another of the vamps pushed Carol onto Dave saying ‘no, the snacks can stay’ as they fell in a heap on the ground, trying to crawl away but unable to tear there eyes from the fight going on around them.

Cordy and Angel tried to keep the vampires away form their friends. One attacked Cordy figuring she’d be the easiest, catching her arm and ripping her jacket with his claws ‘Hey that’s my best jacket’ she yelled as she glanced at the rip the vampire had made, not noticing the cut on her arm. She quickly dusted him as he’d left himself open to her stake. Meanwhile Angel had dusted two more, he knew he would have to morph into demon mode because there were too many for him to cope with without, he’d hoped Carol and Dave wouldn’t have to see it.

He snarled as a knife caught the side of his face and vamped up, he soon made short work of the one who had slashed him. Just as the pack was beginning to thin a crowd of yobs ran up to see if there were any easy pickings. One of them waving a gun around, Angel yelled for Cordy to duck as he jumped in front of her just as the youth fired the gun at her. Angel grunted at the impact and fell to his knees with a bullet in his shoulder.

As Angel fell he heard a shrill police siren. The yobs took one look and ran off closely followed by the remaining vampires with the cops in hot pursuit. Angel kept his head down as he struggled to his feet; he always had a job to morph back into his human face when he was hurting. He assessed the situation and started towards the park gates.

Dave hurried over to him, ‘are you Ok?’ he asked ‘you looked like you took a bullet, say nothing of that slash down your face.’ He looked at Angel’s bleeding face, trying to work out if it was a trick of the light that had made Angel look so odd for a while.

‘I’m ok, see to your wife’ gasped Angel as Cordy came over to him, assessing the damage.

Dave was looking at him a bit strange, but as Carol was crying and shaking went over to comfort her. Cordy went to help Angel and they hurried from the park and back to the apartment. Carol managed to get a grip on her emotions on the way back and when they got outside their apartment said to Cordy ‘let’s see what damages we’ve sustained’ as she opened the door, Cordy followed her inside eager to get Angel patched up.

Angel leaned on the doorframe as Dave tried to help him in but there seemed to be an invisible barrier stopping him.

‘What’s the matter man?’ asked Dave to Angel.

‘You have to invite me in’ Angel gasped.

‘Huh? Oh come in then’ said Dave puzzled, and the barrier disappeared.

Carol had gone to the bathroom to get some supplies. Ruth and the boys were asleep in the other rooms. Cordy took of her jacket and undid Angel’s shirt and sat him on a chair.

‘Typical of you’ she said ‘wrecking another nice shirt.’

‘It wasn’t intentional I assure you’ he gasped, as she started digging around with tweezers to dig the bullet out of him.

‘I think you did, but that bullet was meant for me, so I won’t scold you much’ she said.

Dave and Carol stood there in amazement watching Cordy poking about in Angel’s shoulder, she seemed totally at ease with the situation as they listened to the interchange.

Dave said ‘what happened in the park, I can’t believe you got shot and yet you can still walk?’

‘Got it’ said Cordy pleased, as she pried the bullet out of Angel’s body, he groaned and briefly vamped up as his flesh twisted and tore.

She swabbed the wound with some antiseptic, and also the cut on his face, which had started to heal already. She put a patch on the bullet hole and sat back to review her handiwork.

‘I can’t believe my eyes’ said Carol. Angel quickly swabbed Cordy’s arm where it had been clawed.

‘I guess you want an explanation’ said Angel.

‘Would be nice’ agreed Dave.

‘Angel’s a vampire’ said Cordy simply.

‘A what…, you mean like Dracula?’ said Dave.

Angel smiled wryly ‘yes like Dracula, every one has heard of him.’

‘I thought he was just a fictional character’ said Carol looking at Dave for support thinking ‘have they gone mad?’

‘No he’s alive’ said Angel ‘in fact over the years I’ve had more than one brush with him.’

‘Years?’ said Dave ‘how old are you then?’

‘Oh about 253’ said Angel smirking.

Dave looked at him still not sure whether this was a wind up or not.

‘Yeah Angel’s been round the block a few times’ said Cordy earning her a scowl from her husband.

‘But you look so young and if you don’t mind me saying so *good*’ said Carol.

‘Vampires stay the age they were when they were turned’ said Cordy ‘Angel was what 26?’ she looked at him.

‘Yeah’ he answered ‘I’ll stay like this until I’m dusted or become human again.’

Cordy decided it was too late for this type of conversation and so said ‘I think it’s a bit late for this, we’ll tell you tomorrow’, she got up to leave asking if Carol was sure that Liam could stay.

‘Of course he can’ Carol replied ‘he’s not a vampire is he?’

‘No, just a normal little boy’ replied Cordy smiling, they obviously knew nothing about vampires, lucky people, she thought.

Angel and Cordy went to Cordy’s apartment and after Angel finished all the blood Cordy had in stock, they were soon in bed asleep. Sleep being the best recovery for Angel.

Cordy was struggling to wake up the next morning, to find Angel nuzzling and licking her as he explored her body, he’d already parted her legs and found her moist. He teased her as she opened up fully for him he groaned and became insistent that she awake as he lowered himself into her. She blinked as she tried to surface from the dream she’d been having about him, trying to separate fact from fiction. He set up a gentle rocking motion and slowly stroked into her as his hands caressed her body.

‘Oh God Cordy I love you so much I can’t think straight’ he whispered in her ear as he desperately tried to hold out as long as possible before he went over the edge taking her with him. They fell asleep again, Cordy realising it was Saturday and no school and that Liam was with Carol.

When they finally got up it was nearly midday.

Angel looked at Cordy and said ‘you will have to come back to LA with me now, if the clan who came after us last night know me they will come after you, I can’t protect you and Liam here, but in LA it would be easier as we have a “no violence” spell around the hotel now Lorne has his bar in the west wing.’

She looked at him not wanting to be forced but seeing the logic of his words.

‘I’ll have to stay here until the end of term in just under 2 weeks’ she said ‘that will give me time to sort things out if I decide to go back and give notice and pack.’

‘I don’t know whether I can stay that long’ he replied ‘I’ll have to contact Wes and see what the work load is.’

Carol brought Liam and James over for lunch as Dave had taken the older boys out to watch a basketball match. They had quite a chat, Angel answering her questions quietly as they sat in the small kitchen, while the children watched TV all afternoon. Liam still didn’t know about his father being a vampire, Cordy thought he was too young to understand, so they’d decided to wait until he was older to tell him.

Carol took James home and after Liam had his supper Cordy put him to bed and then went to the lounge to have a talk with Angel.

Cordy sat and thought about what Angel has said earlier, it made sense to go back to LA, but part of her still liked her independence in New York. She had asked Angel if there would be a job for her, he’d said yes as they were very busy even though they had a lot of staff now, most of them living in the hotel, there was also the karaoke bar in the formally unused west wing. Cordy had asked Liam over his meal if he would like to go. He quickly agreed wanting to be with his father and brother.

They spent the next few days packing up Cordys things, which weren’t that many as the apartment came fully furnished. The largest part of it was Liam’s toys. They decided to send most of the stuff overland just keeping enough back for immediate use.

Angel had had to go back after a week as there was a case that needed his attention. She left Liam with Carol as she walked with Angel to the place in the park where he had arrived. He had the handheld device programmed ready for his transportation. He kissed her passionately as he looked deep into her eyes.

‘This next week is going to seem like another 4 years’ he groaned as he let her go, ‘I’ll be waiting at the Airport for you next Friday.’

With a final kiss he pressed the ‘go’ button and disappeared into the night. Cordy stood near the spot where he had been, tears streaming down her face.

Dave had been watching in awe from the shadows, he came forward and embraced her.

‘It’s only a week’ he said as she turned her face into his shoulder. They made their way back to the apartment block. Cordy had her self under control by the time she saw Liam. Carol looked up from her ironing.

‘That was quick’ she said. She was still having trouble getting her head round the strange life Cordy had led, and the fact that Angel was a vampire.

‘Beauties of teleportation’ replied Cordy as she took Liam’s hand and headed back to her flat. She still had a bit of packing to do.

She took Liam shopping for some new clothes as he was growing so fast that he had very little to wear. Angel had given her some money to spend on the child and arranged with Willow to book the flights for them. Liam wanted a pair of leather jeans like his fathers, but Cordy decided he’d have to wait until he was older and bought him some black denim ones instead. He winged a bit, until she reminded him that’s what Connor had been wearing. The days finally passed and the haulage company had left the previous day. Carol and Dave had invited them to dinner on their last day.

Finally they were ready to leave, Liam was tearful as he realised that he would be leaving behind all his friends, but Angel had invited Carol and Dave to bring the boys and come and stay if they were ever in LA. They had accepted as they did visit Melissa occasionally. It would be nice not to lose touch completely.

Cordy and Carol hugged each other as they said there goodbyes, they had become good friends over the last 2 years. Carol was the only friend Cordy had ever had who hadn’t put her down or tried to suck up to her, and Cordy knew she would miss her. Dave was taking them to the airport. Liam perked up when they got there looking wide eyed at the huge aeroplanes; he’d never seen one close up before. They were called for their flight only a few minutes late. Dave hugged Cordy and Liam; he knew all the family would miss them.

‘Goodbye and keep in touch won’t you?’ he said, as they went through the departure gate.

Dave had brought home an old computer from his office and set it up so Carol and the boys could email Cordy and Liam.

The flight took off, Liam was very excited bouncing in his window seat. When the stewardess came over with some juice and snacks for him, she thought to herself “that one’s going to be a heart breaker when he grows up.”

By the time the flight landed it was late evening, Liam was asleep. Luckily the stewardess helped Cordy find a cart for her bags so she could carry her sleeping son, they had got quiet chatty on the flight.

Angel had been pacing up and down impatient for the flight to land. As soon as it had he went to the arrivals gate to meet his family.

When he saw Cordy he moved over to envelope her and Liam in a hug, quickly taking the sleeping child from Cordy. The stewardess handed the cart over to Cordy thinking she could see where Liam got his looks from as she eyeballed Angel. Cordy turned to thank her and slipping her hand into Angel’s pocket where she knew he kept business cards, gave her one, so they could keep in touch.

Angel led the way out to the car.

‘I can’t believe you’ve still got the same old car’ said Cordy eying the Plymouth in surprise.

‘She’s retired now, only comes out on special occasions’ replied Angel patting the cars gleaming paintwork, as he put the sleeping child in the back seat and loaded the bags in the trunk.

‘We’ve a selection of vehicles now as there are so many of us, but I couldn’t part with this old girl, she spends more time being cleaned than driven’ he said jumping over the side and starting the engine. ‘Benny, one of Gunn’s gang, who works with us now, loves restoring old vehicles, so he keeps her in good order for me’ he added.

When they arrived back at the Hyperion everyone was there to great them and a few faces she didn’t know. Liam had woken up by now as was eager to see Connor again. There was food and drink for everyone, and a real party atmosphere. After a while, Willow and Connor were playing with Liam so Angel took Cordy upstairs to see the apartment. Most of the rooms on that floor had been transformed into apartments so every one had there own privacy.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you’ said Angel grinning, he’d hardly stopped grinning all evening, he was so glad they were here with him. He certainly didn’t look anything like the brooding vampire she was used to.

When he opened the door and she went inside she felt a draught round her.

‘Dennis?’ she asked, a piece of paper floated over.

‘Welcome home’ it said. She turned to Angel with tears in her eyes.

‘I wondered what had happened to him’ she said.

‘He’s been keeping us company since we gave up your apartment in Silverdale, we asked him if he wanted to move, he agreed, so Willow found a spell to transport him’ Angel said.

‘I get it, 2 dead guys together’ she said laughing, knowing Dennis was there somehow made her feel better about leaving her life in New York. They went back downstairs to collect Liam and take him up to bed. After he was asleep they went back into their lounge, Cordy said she wanted a shower, Angel said he wanted to catch the news.

She hadn’t been in the shower many minutes when he appeared at the door, he’d stripped off his clothes and stood looking at her for a while then he entered the shower and gathered her into his arms as they stood under the spray. Some time later he turned off the shower dried them both and carried her to the bedroom where he proceeded to make love to her until she was quivering with anticipation and longing for release.

He looked down at her beneath him as he pushed into her welcome depths. ‘I love you so much it hurts’ he said as he thrust until he was completely sheathed in her.

‘Angel, mmmm soo good’ she said, as she thrust up to meet him ‘don’t stop, I love you’ she gasped as she felt her climax starting. He leaned in and kissed her then moved to her neck to nuzzle and lick it until he could hold off no longer. He gently sank his fangs into her scar and sipped her blood that flooded his mouth. As soon as the first taste hit him he climaxed into her with a few final thrusts as they went over the edge together. After a while they fell apart both sated and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.



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