Title: Aftermath
Author: Helen
Posted: 08/03
Rating: R/Nc-18
Category: Angst, Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: See notes
Spoilers: Both Aftershocks and Aftermath are set in S2 after ‘The Thin Deadline’ and before “Reprise”, its pretty much just Angel and Cordy, Wes is in hospital and Gunn is around and about.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: My Archive, and Stranger-Things.Net – Any other just let me know OK
Notes: *(1)This standalone is the sequel to Aftershocks as peeps seemed to want another one – hope you like it, I have one more of this left and then thats it folks! BTW you shouldn’t need to have read Aftershocks to understand this one – hence standalone! * *(2) The curse isn’t a problem since they are ‘not’ in love!
Thanks/Dedication: With HUGE Thanks to Califi – The bestest Beta in the world!!! (smooches)Helen
Feedback: Sure – the more the merrier!


Cordy had hated taking the day off work, especially with Wesley being in hospital but she’d just not been up to going into work, Gunn would just have to deal with the lack of clients on his own. So she’d spent the day in bed pretending it was necessary to recuperate her strength and only crawling out to eat and shower.

The real reason was because she hated the fact that practically every time she moved it felt as if he was still inside her and her inner muscles would clamp down in remembered ecstasy, loins throbbing all over again. It was as if he’d imprinted himself on her body and that drove her crazy.

That wasn’t even the worst part, no much worse was feeling like a fool for thinking she could beat him at his own game, it might have worked if he really cared about her but he didn’t.

“If I needed a reminder of that then I certainly got it didn’t I; in spades”. It depressed her all over again and she was sick and tired of fighting the urge to give in to tears.

It’s your own fault Cor”, she told herself needing to be honest even when it was to herself, she shouldn’t have gone near him, especially not angry and irrational over that vision. She’d been so determined to make him realise what he’d done to her by first hooking up with her and then dumping her like so much trash when she no longer suited his needs.

“I thought I was over that, it’s done so forget about him”, she told herself fiercely wishing it was so easy, but he’d become, if not the centre of her life then a damn big chunk of it – then he’d fired her and kicked her out of his life. It still hurt though and maybe always would but she had to get over it and never ever go to him again, no matter what.

Unwillingly her mind drifted back to the night before last as she’d lain under Angel, exhausted and shaking from reaction until finally he’d gotten off of her and dressed himself, she’d tried to follow suit but her movements had been uncoordinated so much so that he’d dressed her as best he could and then driven her home – all in total silence.

“We didn’t say a single word to one another” She repeated to herself , she sat in front of the blank screen and stared into the distance, “Well yeah, what could he say – sorry for snacking”.

“I suppose I should just be glad the asshole hadn’t been hungry enough for a full course”, her hazel eyes darkened and then lit with temper again, her moods had been swinging like this for the last day and half , today was obviously going to follow the same pattern.

“I’m gonna kill him, Angel staking is too good for you, I’m so going to dump a bucket full of boiling hot holy water all over you”, this was actually one of the tamer scenarios she’s come up with since that night and she was running out of ideas that were painful enough to suit her.

“I hate you, you big dumb asshole” she yelled trying to dispel some pent up tension, it didn’t work this time any more than the previous hundred or so.



By the next day she felt better, enough to go to the office and face Gunn with the excuse of a tummy ache to explain her absence, thanking god that Wesley wasn’t there to see through her façade and then feeling guilty about that. The doctors had advised them that Wesley would have to stay in hospital for at least two weeks before he was ready to come home.

The office was empty when she got there and she frowned, Gunn should be here already then she saw a note saying he would be in later and sat down at the computer, her manufactured serene face crumbling for a moment. Her fingers reached under the high necked blouse she was wearing and touched the extra large band-aid that covered Angels bite.

“God I hope the guys don’t notice this; there’s no way they wouldn’t recognise a vamp bite and then they’d add two and two together. And then Cordy, you’d have some serious ‘splaining to do”, she’d avoided going to see Wes at the hospital today, but would have to go later or he’d be hurt, she sighed and hoped she’d done enough to hide it.

“Hi Cor, did you get my note” said Gunn coming in the door, startled by the look on her face and then getting suspicious when she wiped it off her face and pulled up a bright false smile, “What are you covering up”?

“Nothing” snapped Cordy glaring at him for saying exactly what she’d not wanted him too. She got up and made a big show of opening and searching drawers, keeping her face averted from the sometimes too perceptive ex street hoodlum cum demon fighter. Her neck twinged sharply and involuntarily her fingers touched the spot again.

The reminder was enough to bring back the swirling feelings that came with the memories, the hard floor and even harder body over hers, the throbbing fullness inside her and the intimate suckling from her neck. Oh god, her thighs clenched and inner muscles mimicked the reaction as if that thick intrusive length was still inside. Not again was it ever going to go away, she screamed inside her head.

She slammed the latest drawer shut and stomped back to the desk empty handed to sit down and cross her legs as tightly as she could, her face thunderous and flushed eyes bright with frustrated tears.

“You are so weird at times Cordy it’s scary” said Gunn with a pretend shudder, trying for a smile.

“Yeah well get over it”, she snapped back and then sighed “Sorry Gunn ignore me OK I wasn’t well yesterday and I didn’t sleep well”, please just accept it, she prayed silently.

“Ok” said Gunn good-naturedly but still eyeing her warily as if she might suddenly grow a second head.



He twisted restlessly on the bed; the sheet was thrust down and away from his sensitised body, the fabric too rough. He was asleep and dreaming; dreams of a warm and fragrant body full breasts and mouth watering arousal with its wet, welcoming and delicious heat.

He opened his eyes and lay on his back, fists clenched tight and groaned deeply at his tight and aching erection, not again. Every time he went to sleep since that night he woke up with a persistently throbbing erection that would not go away until he did something to appease it.

He groaned again but decided not to waste time waiting for it to ease, his fingers wrapped around the hard length and his teeth became gritted, he closed his eyes and deliberately brought back the images that plagued his sleep, his hips started to rise a little and his mouth took on a full sensual cast, softening a little.

She’d been so hot down there and inside; wet and sweet with the juices of her body flooding first his mouth and then later around his sex, her muscles contracting around him, quivering with orgasm and like a wet glove milking him as he ground into her.

His fingers travelled up and down faster and faster and a drop of fluid glistened on the tip of his penis, and the blood aahhh, god the memory of it alone nearly finished him off, spicy and warm, filling him as he filled her, bathing his tongue and dripping down his starved throat.

Without him actually intending to his fangs elongated as he reached the peak and came with his hips thrusting seekingly high, arching up with the intensity of the orgasm that ripped through him. Afterwards he came back to find himself in full vamp face and changed back with difficulty, panting a little.

“This has got to stop”, he ground out, this was the third time that he’d been forced to do that and it was only a day and half since it happened. He rolled on his side and stared unseeingly at the curtained doors leading to the balcony of his suite.

“Cordelia”, her name rolled off his tongue like smooth silk before he snapped upright and dug his fingers into his scalp growling in frustration again, trying to get her out of his head.

“She is nothing to me, history; I’m better off without them and they’re better off without me”, He said this to himself at least a half dozen times a day, willing the coldness to seep back and numb the loneliness that crept around the dark edges of his soul.

“You’re a vampire, get over it – you don’t belong with humans and they sure as hell don’t belong with you”.


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