Title: Aftershocks
Author: Helen
Posted: 07/03
Rating: R/NC-18
Category: Angst, Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: The ‘recipe’: Cordy angrily blames Angel after having another painful vision and goes to confront him. Angel is feeling rather angry too, not to mention ‘I want so I take’
Spoilers: Set during the height of ‘biege Angel’ – I opted for just after ‘The Thin Dead Line’ and the C/A confrontation at the hospital
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: My Archive, AO, JF. Anyone else, please ask.
Notes: This standalone is the result of challenge by Califi. The curse isn’t a problem; there’s no love yet just a heckova lot of lust!
Feedback: Sure the more the merrier!


Her head was still pounding from the vision, the blood pushing its way through the veins in her skull and making it worse. She’d had enough, she was sick and tired of him using her, it hadn’t mattered so much before because she’d believed he at least cared about her.

But she knew better now, how could she not realise that he didn’t give a crap about her, he’d fired her hadn’t he. She remembered the worry of standing over Wesley’s prone and vulnerable body in the hospital bed and then coming back from a trip to the phone, looking up and seeing him standing there.

It had all rushed back into her then, the rage and pain making her vicious and bringing out the bitchiest part of her. She knew she’d wounded him, he hadn’t been able to hide it and she was glad, glad of that. But now it wasn’t enough dammit he was going to feel her anger all over again.

The vision had struck her when she was asleep she’d actually rolled off the bed the pain making her unaware of where she was. Gunn and she had gone and dealt with it, luckily it had only been a pair of vamps and that was his fault too, she no longer went into the fray with an unwavering certainty that they would make it out OK.

“Damn you Angel, you are the world’s biggest Asshole”, she yelled in her loudest voice, each word echoing around the dark and deserted lobby, she turned in a circle her eyes trying to pierce the gloom, ears stretched trying to catch a sound of movement. There was none, but he was there anyway.

His dark as midnight eyes gleamed under lowered brows, his mouth and jaw were set in lines of anger and his nostrils flared as her scent reached him. The pain of their earlier conversation still reverberated through him, made worse by the fact that he had genuinely cared and wanted to see them and maybe apologise. He knew better now that was all in the past, he was alone again and that was the way he preferred it, no-one to care about, especially this one with her lashing tongue.

He walked towards her, silent and stealthy, she’d come here and disturbed him and he would make sure she would never do it again. She was about to go and find the light-switch when she felt a presence behind her and spun around with a shriek of fear. It was him, rage and embarrassment flooded her and she instinctively reached over and slapped him.

She realised immediately it had been the wrong thing to do, if possible he went even more still, deathly still and she could feel her heart start to pound in her chest,“Screw it” she thought, anger making her ignore all the warnings her saner side was screaming. She squared off with him, standing toe to toe, closer than she had ever dared stand before. She didn’t care about that she was suffering and it was all his fault.

“You are an asshole” she spat the words out through clenched teeth.

“I heard you the first time Cordelia, now get the hell out of here before you regret you ever came”, his tone was cold and oh so certain of what he was saying.

She gaped at him in shock; she couldn’t believe it, had he just threatened her? A momentary burst of pain at that thought made her anger escalate beyond all reason. “Regret? Tell me about it! I wish I’d never met you and started this stupid mission. But even hating it at least I haven’t chickened out like a frickin’ coward”, she goaded him her face only inches from his.

He stiffened and tamped down the rage her words caused to rise up, he could feel it like a live thing always ready to burst free and wreak havoc, like now. “What would a spoiled, selfish prom queen know about it? Nothing, so why don’t you ‘toddle’ off and go buy yourself a clue”, his voice was quiet and calm, hiding the roiling emotions just underneath the façade.

Her eyes narrowed too and then she let it loose with a snarl and hardly thinking drew back her arms and pushed him with all of her might, he hardly budged an inch. “You ruined my life and even gone you’re still doing it, I hate you”, infuriated by his total lack of response she reared back and aimed a punch at his face, not exactly skilfully but with a great deal of feeling.

He moved his head to the side and her fist sailed harmless past his ear, he pushed her away using both hands on her middle and causing her to fall on her ass and slide across the floor. He started to walk away then when something hit the back of his neck, hard. It was a book and a damned thick one. He scowled at her and rubbed the spore spot.

She didn’t notice but sent another one his way, he ducked that one only to get hit again, this time smack on the chest, damn she had a good aim. He stalked over to her and grabbed her up when she was scrabbling around for something else to throw at his arrogant head.

She went wild then, scratching and clawing at him, the pain and humiliation of the last few weeks boiling over, he grabbed her wrists and held them with bruising force trying to make her stop but she wouldn’t stop, not ever; she kicked at him with her feet, aiming for his legs and then groin with sharp jerking knees.

He snatched her up and pinned her arms to her sides by wrapping his own arms around them and her chest, so she leaned in and bit him hard on the jaw, he jerked back and only just managed to tear her sharp teeth loose, she went for him again.

So he did the only thing he could and used his mouth to stop her, raising one hand to wrap in her dark hair holding her face still while his tongue plundered her mouth with stabbing thrusts, plunging deep and forcing her teeth apart. She froze for an instant and he felt a spurt of triumph at having finally subdued her, but then suddenly she was kissing him back; her hot tongue duelling with his.

She’d come here to hurt him and to make him pay for abandoning his friends and her, but she’d realised in that one frozen moment that shouting and fighting him wouldn’t do it, she knew a much better way to make sure he never forget this night, or her ever again.

Without intending to he got lost in that kiss, felt the darkness reach up and swamp any of his better instincts that had survived the conflagration of the last few months. He wanted her so he would have her. He pulled back from the kiss and looked into her flushed furious face with hot hazel eyes glaring into his.

“Fuck you” she said to him never taking her eyes of his.

“Oh no I think its time to fuck you”, he returned with a cruel smile, he dropped her slowly down his body and thrust his hips into the juncture of her thighs, she could feel the hard bulge pushing at her intimately.

Before her feet touched the ground and with one arm like a steel band still around her back, he reached to the front of her blouse and ripped it off her body with one sharp tug. Hard fingers cupped a breast as he lowered her to the floor and followed her down, straddling her body with muscular thighs and using his greater weight to keep her where he wanted her.

She reached up with own hands and pulled at his black knit shirt, tugging upwards impatient to get him naked, she wriggled her hips deliberately not caring that his aroused body was being primed further by each move. With a growl he released her breasts and sat back to pull his shirt over his head.

He scooted down her body and took one breast in his mouth while at the same time pulling down her zipper and yanking the material down her hips, she lifted her ass to assist him and dug her fingers into his scalp, panting now and feeling hot warmth flood her sex.

“I don’t want foreplay from you” she hissed, tying to reach his pants, he snagged her fingers roughly and pulled her up into a hard punishing kiss before moving to her neck and biting her, not hard enough to break the skin but it was a warning nevertheless.

She screamed in both pleasure and anger, refusing to be intimidated by him and bucking her hips against his loins, writhing and rubbing herself over the hard bulge that she wanted loose and inside her, now.

He growled again and just about managed to hang onto his control, he pushed her off his thighs and back to the floor, grabbing the bunched material of the pants she still wore pulling hard. There was more ripping sounds but he didn’t care and her panties were simply ripped off too, he had lost all patience with any barriers between him and her.

He knelt up beside her naked body and stared lustfully at her curvaceous and glowing body, high and firm breasts tipped with pebbled nipples, curving hips and damp downy pubic hair leading to luscious creamy thighs. His mouth watered and nostrils flared as the smell of her arousal reached him.

She watched him with sharp pleasure coursing through her body, god he was so big, everywhere, massive shoulders blocked out what little light there was, muscular arms bunched with every movement and finally his thighs were revealed when he removed his pants and kicked them away.

She saw his dark eyes alight with feral lust, focus on her loins just he reached out and pulled her to him by her hips, he pushed her thighs apart and looked at her exposed sex, before ducking down and licking her hard, she came up of the floor and he pushed her down again, keeping her hips raised to his ravishing mouth with clamping hands.

He stabbed his tongue deep into her vagina, sucking strongly at the moisture gathering there, his teeth scraped the sensitive bud and nerves around her entrance as he literally devoured her with ruthless abandon. She bucked in his hands, keening at the intensity of the pleasure but he was as mindless as she, laving and sucking at her and helplessly she came, unable to bear it, the fact that it was him between her thighs, going down on her with such merciless determination.

Finally he released her and lowered her just enough to thrust into her depths, his sex so engorged it was almost painful and only the hot walls of her vagina pressing on him gave any relief to the need tearing at his guts. Her arms where thrown back and he snagged them again, pinning them at her shoulders, he didn’t need to but he wanted to and that was reason enough.

She gasped at the hot pulsing length of him as it stretching her unbearably and she almost begged for a moment to accustom herself but wouldn’t ask knowing he would not give it to her, even if she wanted get up and leave she knew he wouldn’t let her, she was pinned beneath him and his penetration was complete.

He started to thrust hard into her, raising her hips to change the angle and make sure he pounded as deep as he could, not caring that she was trying to lower her hips and lessen the impact of each thrust. She whipped her head from side to side; undone by the intimacy of it, she could feel him touch her womb and almost recoiled from the lashing hot licks of desire and pleasure.

Then he was gone and she cried out at the loss of that hot invasion, but he simply flipped her over so that she lay on her front, he swiped up the clothes scattered around and pushed them under her loins to raise her up, using the action to trace the hot wet centre with knowing fingers.

Her bottom was facing him and he ran those fingers down the cleft between her cheeks, then he pushed her thighs apart and kneeling between them, pushed deep inside her again, one hand wrapped around a hip with the other on the small of her back, keeping her in place as he forced himself inside her wet warmth again.

Oh god if she’d thought he was unbearably deep before it was nothing to now, he reached around and opened the slippery folds of her sex, rubbing the creamy juice of her orgasm around and then pushing her down so that each thrust rubbed her against his fingers in an incredible caress, the friction causing her to scream his name as a second orgasm spasmed through her and she was helpless to hold it back.

Angel felt the second orgasm as it rippled through her, milking his hard shaft like hot and wet caressing fingers, he could feel and see the results of it, his thighs and her bottom gleamed with it as he continued to ride her through it. He leaned down and using one hand pulled her head to one side, the next second he sank his fangs into her throat, sucking at the hot life giving blood that raced through her body.

She jerked and screamed again, his hard sex deep still inside her body coupled with the sharp and yet intimate invasion of the bite at her neck was enough to make her ride another wave as she came again, caught and held by his encompassing body, her back pressed to his chest and hands pushing at the hard floor.

Angel’s his own back arched as he started to come too, his hips pistoning in and out of her in that last final drive before it was all over. When he was finished he withdraw his fangs from her neck, feeling her body quivering with aftershocks underneath him still.

Cordelia was dazed with pleasure as well as the loss of blood, she quivered and could feel him shaking as he was still bent over and surrounding her. His head hanging beside hers with lips pressed softly to her shoulder as his arms trembled with the aftershocks of sexual pleasure.

End? – Aftermath Sequel


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