Aftermath 2


That bite was driving her crazy, she had to know why he had done that to her, dammit she knew he hadn’t done that to Buffy during their one pelvic situation so why her? OK so she wasn’t the slayer but still it was more than that, she just knew it was.

She wasn’t crazy enough to go to him again though; psycho vamp was off the menu as far as she was concerned, no she would ask someone safer. Like Attila the Hun, Dracula himself or even Hannibal Lector but not Angel nooo, that way led to badness and sore necks.

“Yeah like any vamp is safer”, she muttered to herself as she stood waiting to enter Caritas, but afraid too, of Lorne. “Oh for craps sake, Cor just get in there” she stormed at herself, gearing up for it, what was she going to do otherwise; corner some stray vamp outside, not a good idea!

Inside it was fairly jumping and the bars and tables were full with patrons of both the demon and human persuasion, everyone looked like they were having a good time and the demon on stage was belting out a show tune which was surprisingly good, at least it sounded that way to her.

She meandered her way around keeping a sharp lookout for a green demon with flashy clothes and way too perceptive red eyes. She spotted him getting ready to join the other on the stage, microphone in hand. Good he was going to busy for a while; she relaxed and scanned the crowd looking for the familiar ridged face and yellow eyes of the vampire.

She spotted two of them sitting by themselves at a corner table, other demons tended to look down on vampires because of their once human history and it was a given that the humans who knew about them avoided them like the plague they were, but they were in for a surprise tonight that was for sure.

She approached the table and knew the moment they noticed her when surprise showed on their faces and a certain wariness at this unexpected intrusion, especially when she pulled out the remaining chair and sat down facing them. She leaned over the wooden top of the table and smiled her brightest smile at them, they just blinked at her.

“Hi guys, mind if I join you”? She asked her voice as bright and cheery as her smile. They looked at one another and then simultaneously picked up their glasses of blood and took sips, waiting for her to get to the point.

“I was just thinking” she said, still with the bright, cheerleaders voice, “that as I’m supposed to be a demon hunter I should know more about my prey ya’ know”, they looked at her as if she was crazy and she almost smiled, that was what she wanted them to think – then her next question wouldn’t seem so wacky.

Politely she waited for a response, “You’re a demon hunter” said one of them giving her a big, disbelieving grin, he was skinny and if it weren’t for the fangs about as scary as a teletubbie. Suck it up dumbass, she thought but didn’t say it.

“Yeah, so what do you think, could you answer some questions for me”? She asked with yet another big smile, the one that always got the goods when she really made the effort.

“Go ahead, my dear ” Said the other one, he hadn’t spoken before and his voice gave her the willies for some reason, despite the fact he wasn’t exactly huge either, so what, they can’t all be built like… no don’t go there, she told herself.

It was a slow night for them and they’d been bored; this crazy human was at least interesting and livened things up a bit, although if she asked ‘how do you kill vampires’ he would find an excuse to take her outside and eat her.

“Thanks” she said playing up the grateful part, “OK – hmm where to start, oh I know, how about this for an oldie but goodie”, she paused uncomfortable but hiding it. They leaned forward interested despite themselves.

“Why do vampires bite during sex” She raised an eyebrow at them when they choked and looked at her with total shock on their ferocious faces, it was quite a funny sight actually and her lips twitched.

The skinny one looked at the other who was obviously the leader and shrugged looking baffled, leaving him to answer or not. He sat back in his chair and the vamp face melted away leaving the pretty face of a young man. He leaned forward to rest his arms on the table and looked at her out of baby blue eyes; Cordy suddenly felt unnerved and decided to listen to the urge to retreat from the gleam in his eye.

She stood up to leave but he snaked out a hand and caught hers, “No don’t leave my dear, I’m more than willing to answer you”, it was definitely his voice she decided, it was otherworldly and it creeped her out. She sat down though, she’d come for a reason hadn’t she?

“A vampire bites during lovemaking for two reasons. The first is obvious, if it is with a human then it’s for food and the action is deliberate and meaningless. The second is in the height of passion and it can’t be helped then; it is purely an instinctive reaction to the intensity of the pleasure”, he hadn’t let go of her hand while he was explaining this to her and stared into her eyes.

She shifted in the chair, uncomfortable as hell, her attention was caught by her captor and she failed to notice a looming shape behind her, the other two vampires noticed though and began to look a little alarmed at having caught this ones attention.

She finally noticed and would have turned to check it out but a large hand was laid flat and palm down next to her arm, clad in black leather. “I think you’ve said enough don’t you? It’s time to go now” said a cold and deliberate voice from somewhere over her head, her eyes travelled the length of the arm and she nearly cricked her neck looking over her head to see Angel hovering over her and facing off the two vampires, face set and taut with anger.

Oh shit” was the first thought to pop into her numb mind, swiftly followed by “why me?” and a long internal groan at being found out asking that, by him.

“Certainly. I didn’t realise she was yours” said the pretty boy vamp, Cordy gaped at him as he released her wrist and smiled with careful courtesy at Angel, who didn’t smile back just hooked a hard hand around Cordy’s elbow and hauled her out of the chair, she recovered her wits enough to say “Are you crazy? I’m not his”.

She didn’t get a chance to say more as he dragged her away, she tried to yank her arm free from him but failed and she fumed silently as they climbed the stairs leading outside. “Angel let go of me you ….” Words failed her and she flushed beetroot when getting tired of her struggles Angel plucked her up and slung her over his shoulder.

She didn’t stop struggling as he headed off to goodness where and heaved herself backwards not caring if she landed hard on her ass so long as it was on the ground. “Put me down” she yelled and pulled at his hair and then yelled even louder when the flat of his hand hit her ass with significant force, under her short skirt which had risen up to expose her panties.

“Why you, you just wait till I get my hand on you, you bas …..”, she landed with a whoosh on the car seat and had to grab onto the metal door to steady herself, dizzy with the speed of her landing. She looked up with a scowl to find Angel leaning over her, one hand on the door next to hers and the other on the seat head rest, effectively boxing her in.

“If you get out of this car I’m gonna be pissed” he warned in a low growl, the lights in his dark eyes fierce and wholly concentrated on her, she had no doubt he meant what he said. She looked around for someone to appeal too, but they were alone in the dark deserted alley where he’d parked.

Angel pulled back from the threatening position and walked around the car to climb in the other side, his lips tightened when she scooted away to leave as much distance as possible between them, she crossed her arms and maintained a stony silence staring out to the side.

He drove in silence for a while and then darted a look of annoyance at her profile, “What the hell did you think you were doing in there”?

Cordy nearly refused to answer just to annoy him but then prudence reared its head and she gave him the short version, “Researching”, still not looking at him.

“Yeah so I heard” he said deliberately emphasising the heard part, “Are you out of your tiny mind? He had plans for you the minute you asked such a stupid thing”, he snarled the last at her, infuriated anew at her rashness. God she couldn’t be left alone for a minute.

He hadn’t been able to believe his ears when he’d overheard her ‘question’ but his attention had quickly turned to the vampire who had put his hands on her, only just managing to stop himself from launching at him and at least trying to rip his head off, sanctuary or not.

She was damn lucky he’d been following her, although hell fire would never get him to admit to her that ever since the sun had gone down he’d been tracking her every move, unable to stay away and he had already been pissed off at that. He was even more pissed off now and he was fucking well going to do something about it.

“Well how would I know that” snapped Cordy goaded into looking at him, “As far as I knew you vamps hate the thought of making it with humans”. He gave her a dark and pointed look not even bothering to reply to that nonsense.

Then Cordy noticed where they were going and hiding a spurt of panic faced him fully furious and letting him know it, “I want to go home now Angel, so whatever you’ve got cooking in that twisted vamp head of yours forget it; I won’t go”.

“Tough” he said looking sideways at her and ignoring the furious look on her face, Cordy took a deep breath getting ready to unleash a barrage of insults at him but he put his foot down on the accelerator and practically wheel-spinned into the hotel parking area at the rear. She sat back in the seat refusing to move and glared at him with narrowed eyes.

“Kidnappings a federal offence”, she told him with a great deal of satisfaction

“So call the cops” he said as he jumped out of the car and walked around to her door, she lunged for the driver’s seat but he got the door open and yanked her out of it before she even got close to the steering wheel. She protested the entire distance into the hotel but he seemed to have found the patience of Job now that he had her where he wanted her.

Back in the lobby he pushed her down on one of the couches and crossed his arms over his wide chest, making him seem even bigger; it was a standard ‘Angel’ intimidation tactic and she hated the fact that she did feel a little intimidated. That annoyed her enough that she slammed both feet to the floor and went to stand up again but he just pushed her back and resumed his previous position.

She remembered she’d put a wooden cross in her pocket and wanted to smack herself for not getting it out sooner, she reached inside and grasped it, intending to shove it in his face before he realised what was happening and then make good her escape. But when she got it free, he slapped it out of hands and all she could do was watch it fly out of reach.

“If you come near me, I swear I’m gonna scream your ears off”, as a threat it was pretty crappy but she didn’t have much else to offer right then, but all he said was “Go right ahead.” She didn’t know if she was pleased or not that he didn’t sound like he was actually laughing at her.

“Why are you doing this”? She asked frustrated.

“Because you need a lesson on staying away from vampires” he told her with quiet determination, that determination was what frightened her, what was he planning to do? It didn’t help that the dim light marked the hollows of his face and hid the expression of his eyes with deep shadows.

“Fine consider me ‘pupil gal, go to the top of her class’, I’m all wised up now, promise.” It might have worked if she’d been able to keep the sarcasm out of her voice, but not likely; he knew her too well.

“It’s too late for that”, he replied quietly his face wiped clear of any and all emotion, she had no idea of what he was capable of and it was time she found out. She still thought of him like he used to be, not like he was now and that was dangerous, for both of them. Him because he wanted no reminders and her because it made her too trusting, after tonight she would never trust him again; he intended to make sure of it.

Besides, her being here was so he could prove a point to himself as well and she’d given him the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, more fool her. The coldness that had infused him for the last few months was strangely absent and he ignored the tight anticipation that flickered along his body, making him hard.

He shrugged out of his leather duster and carelessly threw it to one side. uh oh, she didn’t like the look of this and said “Stop what you’re doing Angel and think”.

“Think of it as me giving you another valuable lesson on being stupid enough to have sex with a vampire”, he told her unsmilingly. Crap he wasn’t joking, she thought and panic skittered down her spine.

She scooted as far back as she could on the couch and then raised her knees to her chest to throw her legs out and to the side of him, diving for the floor. She made it and rolled once before getting back to her knees and running as fast as she could and not looking back.

Elated she ran for the glass doors like they were the entrance to heaven and she was being chased by the devil himself. Her hands slapped the glass and she found the metal handles and tugged like crazy, “Nooooo” she yelled when they wouldn’t budge, she backed up getting ready to kick in the glass panes.

Angel watched her run knowing she couldn’t get far; he’d already secured the door so she couldn’t. But as he watched her; the coldness seeped back in mixing with the heat in his belly, all thoughts merged into one narrow focus, centering on the fleeing woman. The instinct to chase was common to both man and demon and it was raised to the fore now, but he was in no rush.

She sensed him coming up behind her just as she was getting ready to kick out, hard hands gripped her jacket by the collar and one sharp tug took it off and unbalanced her at the same time, she managed to regain her balance and turned to face him, her chest was heaving with adrenaline and the blood was pounding in her ears.

“So what are you going to do, rape me”? There was a quiver in her voice and she raised her chin to counter it.

“I won’t have to” he replied with infuriating arrogance and cold purpose.

“Huh that’s what you think you egotistical son of a bit…” he slapped a hand over her mouth and glared into her eyes with dark and forbidding lights flickering in his eyes. She shoved his hand away “I don’t want you” she snapped furious at him for putting her in this position.

She’d been backing up and hadn’t realised he’d been herding her back to the couch until her knees hit the cushion and she fell back. He didn’t wait for her next move but dropped to his knees and pulled her half of the couch, fisting one hand in her glossy dark hair and capturing her lips in a deep and penetrating kiss.

His mouth was hard and punishing, forcing her lips to open with the pressure from his; her head swam dizzily and then he inexplicably softened. He did not intend to rape her, he knew it wouldn’t come to that, he’d given her pleasure very recently and even if her mind rejected it her body would remember and ready itself for him, confusing her mind with it’s own wilful wants and needs.

She went to grab his head to yank him away but he guessed her intention and seized her hands in his, dragging them down to her hips and trapping them under his strong fingers. All the while never breaking the drugging kiss; sliding his tongue inside her mouth, rubbing against hers and then retreating to start again, she moaned at the erotic imitation of sexual possession as a dragging ache developed deep inside her.

She managed to pull her head to the side for a moment, “No Angel, get off me”, dammit why did her voice sound so frickin breathless, Marilyn Monroe she was not. He ignored her and shut her up by pulling her head back and filling her mouth again, there were better things to do with that tongue than let it talk.

Her skirt was riding high on her thighs and was no barrier to him when he pushed himself between her legs, compelling them to part and make way for him until he rested intimately in the cradle of her hips.

She tried to arch away but only succeeded in brushing herself even more strongly against his bulging arousal, he pressed her down and thrust heavily into her, only the barriers of her panties and his pants stopped them being joined right then and there.

She gasped into his mouth when he finally let her take a breath, whimpering a little when despite herself heat began to pool at her core and buzz through her veins, desire building as passion rose up to swamp her senses with both remembered and anticipated pleasure, she ached to have him inside her and feel that mind numbing ecstasy again.

Knowing she was fighting a losing battle she tried to force her knees into his hips and push him away but couldn’t get any leverage and he didn’t move at all, all she did was make him angry and rougher. He pulled her lower lip into his mouth and bit down sharply while caressing her breasts through the cotton of her blouse with hands just this side of painful, she was caught on the twin points of pleasure and pain, not knowing what to expect and causing chills to travel all over her soft skin.

“Just stop Angel please”, Her body was about to betray her and she knew she had to get through to him now or lose again, she was willing to beg if it meant she could leave here with her pride intact.

“Shut up or I’ll gag you”, he snarled crushing her mouth in a punishing kiss similar to the first one, he didn’t want to hear what she did or didn’t want, she’d brought this on herself and it was better coming from him than another who wouldn’t care if she survived the experience.

He used his face to push hers to the side, exposing her neck and looking at the large white bandage on her neck hiding the marks he’d left, he pulled up a hand from hers only long enough to rip it off so that he could see what he’d done to her. He smiled when he saw them and his nostrils flared as the pulse underneath beat a heavy frightened tattoo, bringing the scent of her rich coppery blood even more keenly to his hungry senses.

“If you wanted to know why I bit you, you only had to ask me”, he nuzzled the marks lapping gently at the sore raised skin.

She turned back and looked at him her eyes wide and focused on his, she licked her swollen lips and he followed the movement of that pink tongue, “Why then”? She asked, truly wanting to know.

He would think later that it was at that moment, when he’d looked into her hazel eyes full of question and uncertainty that he’d first begun to lose control, making him admit so much more than he should have, “I had to, you made me feel too much”

That quiet admission sounded as if it had been forced out of him and she understood the implications instantly, so did Angel and he cursed loudly startling her with his vehemence.

Pulling back from the emotional precipice he hadn’t seen, Angel released her hands and moved back from her to look into her face, dispassionately noting the high colour of her cheeks and lips and the throbbing pulse at the base of her neck, “Kiss me” he demanded roughly, and his lips hovered over hers in invitation.

She hesitated for a moment but that admission made a big difference and so she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck pulling him down and lifting herself up to fuse their mouths in another plunging duelling kiss. Dimly she realised this was what she’d been afraid of all along, sinking back into the whirlpool of desire he’d risen in her before, sweeping aside her rational objections as the dormant sexuality he’d awoken shook free of all mental restraints.

She’d tried hard in the last few days to shackle it again and she would have succeeded but for this. It was simply too soon for her to have rebuilt those walls and she was helpless to resist the sensual power of her own needs pulling at her from within.

He’d known this is was how it would be, but he hadn’t realised the effect it would have on him, he was becoming as lost and mindless as she and that was not the point of this whole set-up. Ruthlessly he pulled himself back from the edge, using the blissful cold and numbness of the last months to shackle his own passion so that he could control it again.

“Do you want me”? He asked her, pulling his hips back until she lost the friction and pressure of him where she wanted it.

“Yes” she replied and wrapped her legs around him to pull him back to her and keep him there. Her hands pulled at the buttons on his shirt and a few popped free under her impatient fingers, his joined hers to rip the rest of them away and peel the cloth from his wide shoulders and off him completely. She ran her hands over him, rubbing and dipping in the hollows and crevices of his chest and shoulders, tracing muscle and sinew.

“Undress me” She demanded her eyes bright and glittering not caring about anything but the need to get closer to him. She felt him comply as he undid and pulled her blouse off, she lifted her arms to hurry him up and then as soon as she was able to plastered her naked breasts to his hard muscular chest, skin on skin, rubbing against him with passionate abandon.

He groaned at the heat of her wrapped around his torso, clinging to him like she would never let him go. The scent of her arousal teased him with it delicious spiciness making his mouth water and penis ache with combined need. She pulled back to attack his zipper, tugging it down and then pulling his pants away to delve her small hand inside and stroke his hard smooth length.

She was going too fast and he needed to slow her down or he was going to forget why he was doing this, he pulled her hand off his sex and growled in protest even as he did so, but then so did she and then tried to tug her hand free to return to caressing him, intrigued and excited by the feel of him in her hand, thick and pulsing and so hard he felt like marble.

“Dammit Cordy, we need to slow down OK”, he muttered it against her neck as he left a trail of wet kisses in his wake on a downward journey towards to the pebble hard tips of her succulent breasts, he suckled one and she felt sharp hot prickles of flame shoot straight to her loins. He caressed the other one with his callused fingers, cupping her and then rubbing and plucking at the budded nipple with a knowledge and skill that left her tight and aching for more.

She shook her head in denial, holding his head to her breast and arching jerkily up-to rub herself against him, the wetness there making the barrier of her panties useless, “No slowing down, I want you inside me now”, she said demandingly, panting and breathless.

A little desperately he grasped her panties and tore them off her, she hardly noticed the loss but screamed in frustration when he pulled further way only to gasp when he lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders before setting his mouth on her and driving his tongue straight up into her with unerring accuracy, inflaming her and himself.

She latched on his head again and wantonly undulated her hips to increase the pleasure of him between her legs, her fingers ran through his hair as he laved and flicking at her clitoris with his cool tongue, alternating between biting kisses, long hot sucks and then finally stabbing into her again to draw out the moisture and lap it up with a hunger that might have frightened her had she any sense left. Hot streaks of pleasure speared through her and her out-flung hands fisted on the cushions.

He didn’t need to breath and he was merciless, ceaselessly caressing her with rougher and more intimate strokes and bites as if he was devouring her. Within minutes she was in a frenzy and only heartbeats away from orgasm, her legs were shaking with the tension so highly strung now it was painful, just waiting for release. The peak came closer and she could feel her muscles tighten in readiness but then he left her and dropped her legs back down.

“Don’t you dare leave me” She told him and didn’t see him smile grimly, his own face was taut with passion only just held in check. She almost had to shut her eyes at the sight of his carnal expression, the tension heightened by the sight of his eyes black with lust and narrowed on her, gleaming with predatory awareness; his full lips looked sensual and cruel and his teeth were gritted at the effort of maintaining control.

He leaned back to look at her decadent and spread for him; her rosy tipped breasts rising and falling, her legs open and the soft folds of her sex exposed, he ran a finger through those soft and delicate folds and she shivered, so sensitive to the lightest touch now, ready to explode at any moment.

He pushed that same finger inside her, plunging and retreating watching all the while, her hips rose in an age old dance, undulating, trying to incite him and it worked too but he didn’t let it show. He caught her watching his face and stared back still fingering her, trapping her gaze and then removing the finger he rose up; his erection clearly visible as he leaned over to brace himself with one hand, using the other to guide his engorged sex to her entrance.

“Look at me Cordy and don’t look away; if you do I’ll stop” he warned, she nodded jerkily and struggled to keep her eyes open as he pushed his thick sex inside the tight entrance of her vagina. She keened deeply at the incredible stretching sensation , his penis scraping at the delicate inner tissues as he slowly inched inside a little and then pulled back to start again but never giving her all of it like she wanted, needed.

“Do you like me inside you”? He asked plunging slowly and then retreating until only the tip was inside her, goading her with the promise of being filled again.

“Yes” she told him truthfully, such an inadequate description of what she felt to have him inside her but she was incapable of thinking of a more accurate one right then, too busy just feeling.

“Good” he said and slammed into her so hard she screamed and found herself being driven further onto the couch, her head hitting the back of it from the force of that single thrust. He didn’t give her any time to recover but retreated again and repeated it, again and gain until her loins throbbed with the pounding rhythm.

He flung his head back and gritted his teeth again, groaning at the tight wet sheath convulsively gripping him, a prelude to what would come. He shuddered and she arched as the movement caused him to rub against her clitoris, seeking more. He grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her up so that she lay before him opened up fully. He watched her face with fierce concentration as he pistoned heavily in and out of her hot core, coming almost all the way out only to pierce her again.

For the second time she felt the building of that exquisite tension and knew she was going to come any second, she gasped as her body tightened, rising higher and higher towards an explosive climax so long denied. He felt it too and groaned as the milking sensations started on his hard shaft, pulling at him, draining him of all will except to continue the drive for pleasure.

“Arrghhh, fuck it” he said and pulled out of her, shuddering with the effort it took, she didn’t see that; all she knew was he was gone.

Her hips arched up and she felt like screaming so she did, “WHY”?

“Because I can”, He told her coldly, turning his back and closing his pants again. He stood with his back to her, breathing deeply and then regretting it when the smell of sex teased him and made the awful empty ache even worse.

Shaking she sat up, all but naked except for the skirt wrapped in folds of material around her waist, “You planned this; this was your big lesson?” she asked him disbelief and building anger clear in her voice. Her skin felt stretched so tight and so sensitive she could hardly bear the feel of anything against it. She ached deep inside and her legs felt like jelly.

He didn’t say anything but walked away from her, she was quivering with rage now and a red mist formed before her eyes, blotting out anything else. It gave her the strength she needed to get up and over to the weapons cabinet in mere seconds. She flung the doors open and her hand latched on a light throwing axe.

She turned and without hesitating threw it at his disappearing back, forget books, this time she was going to inflict some real damage. Anger must have given her aim better accuracy because it buried itself in the wall just in front of him and he stopped and turned back to see her digging back in the cabinet for another sharp and pointy thing to throw at him.

He wanted nothing more than to go and take a cold shower but he couldn’t while she was still here, determined to throw her ass out of here since she didn’t have the sense to just leave, he jumped over the banister with one hand on the rail, landing lightly in a crouch and rising only to find himself having to catch a dagger that was about to slice his ear off.

Angry himself now he stalked over to her, she evaded him, her face a feral snarl of outraged womanhood, “You bastard did you think you could do that to me and just get away with it”. She was spitting mad and more than happy for him to know it not caring in the least that she was still almost naked.

“Get out of here”, He snarled back at her, fists clenching and unclenching with the effort to suppress the boiling emotions her own rose inside him.

“I will when you’re in pieces then I’m going to find a man who can cope with finishing what he starts”, she taunted him deliberately, attacking him sexually in the same way he done to her, only with words.

She couldn’t have known those words would have the effect they did, how could she? He hadn’t either. Something snapped inside his head and he had no warning of the severing of his thin self-control until it happened and by then it was way too late.

One second he was several feet away from her snarling but keeping his distance, the next she was in the air held above his waist with one powerful arm hooked in a tight grip around her hips and ass. He used the other to free himself again and then without any thought impaled her, slamming her down onto his sex, all finesse gone, driven by the rage her taunting threat had unleashed inside him.

She screamed in shock and rage, her already unbearably sensitive vagina quivering at the savage penetration. He ignored her and did it again using both arms to force her up and slam her down again. He was standing with both feet planted apart, rising her up and pulling her down without feeling the slightest strain, he started to convulse and buried his face in her neck as he vamped out, fangs elongating and aching to bury themselves in her.

She felt him get even bigger as he started to come and it was too much for her overwrought body, the orgasm denied her twice before was upon her, gripping her in mindless abandon and making her buck in his arms, working herself on his shaft as he exploded inside her wet warmth.

He fell to his knees on the hard floor, they were still locked together and he fell back unable to support them any longer, when he lay flat with her still over him he rolled to his side and she saw the fangs, trembling hands searched her throat but could feel no new punctures.

“I didn’t bite this time”, she didn’t answer him but looked away her hands flopping down to rest between them; her mouth was set in a sad, unhappy line.

She was utterly drained despite the fact that he didn’t bite her, unable to feel or think anything but the loss of something important to her, pride. She looked at him then; his face was only inches from hers, his expression pensive.

“Are you happy now”? She asked bitterly

“No, I didn’t want to feel that” It was too late to hide it now, this was what he’d wanted to avoid but now it was just yet another mistake he was going to have get used to living with.

“What” She demanded wanting to understand him and hoping it would help her keep some self-esteem.

“Needy and uncontrolled”, She was surprised, that was how she’d felt too. “Then why did you leave me like that”.

“I needed to prove to myself that I could still walk away from you – I failed”.

She had no idea how much he’d failed, inside him the flame of obsession had been lit and it would never ever be quenched.



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