Winter Nights 1-2

Title: Winter Nights                    winternightspic
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/A
Summary: Angel makes his fantasy their reality. Seque to Sensory Perception
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO & Cal’s place
Notes: After my C/Aus series was a hit (I hope!) I’ve decided to make a C/A mini series. I hope you enjoy this as much as my first series.
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Part 1

The drive had been long and at times tedious for Cordelia as she sat next to Angel in the passenger seat of the convertible. As they left the warm California sun behind, the temperature had begun to drop steadily, and now as they approached their destination the temperature was now just above zero. Apart from the tiny lighting stars, the moon was the biggest she had ever seen it be. Glowing with an ethereal beam, it lit the secluded up and cast shadows from the trees.

A certain sprinkling of stars in the blackened sky caught her gaze as she looked up at the midnight blanket. The curvy drop of stars symbolized that exact constellation; Cordelia raised her hand to trace the outline of it. Glancing at the silent vampire driving, she smirked a little and swept her tracing finger in his direction to flick his ear before tugging on it.

“Ow Cordy!” Angel frowned and looked sideways at her before rubbing his pulled ear soothingly. “What’d you do that for?” he asked in confusion, after their last argument he made it point not to ignore her and he was sure he hadn’t been ignoring her. What was it she said…?!

“It seemed like a good idea at the time” Cordelia replied easily, pleased she was getting a reaction out of him. “Do you know anything about the stars?”

“I know they talk to Dru” Angel offered meekly, at the shake of her head and roll of her eyes, he continued. “But I don’t know that much about the constellations to be honest. Never really held much interest for that”

“Oh, that there’s the Big Dipper” Cordelia explained as she pointed out the only one she knew, though her tone held fake knowledge she had Angel give her an impressive look to which she had to hold a grin back.

“So you know about astronomy then?” Angel enquired, he didn’t know this about her but that what’s this little holiday was about, getting to know each other without interference. Learning just who Cordelia Chase was and just what made her tick.

“Totally” she replied, pointing out another constellation she told him what it was, or what it looked like rather. “That one up there is called the Big Mac, see where it arches just like McDonald’s?”

“Cordy” Angel began when he realised she didn’t actually know the first thing about astronomy and constellations. “I don’t think it’s called the Big Mac, I’m sure it was there long before McDonald’s came around” he told her gently.

“So? Just because it was there first doesn’t mean it isn’t called the Big Mac!” Cordelia pointed out smugly and crossed her arms, happy that she was getting some attention from him after two whole hours of silence. He looked at her, flashed a sarcastic smile with matching sarcastic expression.

Angel was about to reply to that statement but decided against it, instead his eyes scanned the sky looking for a constellation he could name. If she could do it, why couldn’t he? Finding one, he pointed it out to her. “Cordy see that one there, just above the trees?”

Peering in his pointed direction, Cordelia saw the one he was indicating to her. “Yeah, you know what it’s called?” she asked genuinely hopeful.

“Yup, it was named after a woman actually” he informed her, keeping any and all amusement from his voice as he spoke to her. “It’s called Little Miss Know It All, she thought she was such a smart ass, but she got bitten by a legendary vampire when she talked too much!”

“Hah Hah!” Cordelia whacked his arm, “Very funny Angel, you’re so funny my sides are hurting” she commented dryly. Sighing deeply, she let the held back grin grace her heart-shaped face as she curled her cold hand around his upper arm encased in supple leather. Even through the thick sweatshirt and leather jacket, she could his muscle flexing under her touch causing her to squeeze it in response.

Every part of him was so sinfully male, his body beautifully sculpted in living marble; broad shoulders so strong she knew he could hold the world. Chest perfectly toned, smooth and skin soft, pectoral muscles that would tense under her touch and abdominal muscles that would jolt under her tickles. Her gaze now tracked the rugged line of his jaw, strong and charismatic features that caught the eye of a lot of females, hers included.

The black leather a stark contrast to his skin colour, black against pale marble; it was like the way he dressed was a symbol to what and who he was. Angel was a vampire, a demon meant to be black as death yet with the light of humanity inside. He was one of the few people in the world who would anything to help anybody who needed it. That was just one of the many things she worshipped about this amazing man…pire next to her.

Angel felt her gaze roam his body, feeling the hunger for her touch set a tiny spark within his body. She didn’t even need to touch him to make him aroused, it was the simple fact that she wanted and loved him just as he wanted and loved her.

It wasn’t much longer when they reached the log cabin; Angel jumped out of the car first his boots crunching the powder snow on the ground, leaving his footprints in the white covering. Cordelia watched with a beautiful smile as he jogged round to her side to open her door for her, he took hold of her chilly fingers and wrapped both of her smaller hands in his hands, rubbing them to warm her up.

“You should’ve said you were cold” Angel chastised his seer as he rolled her slender fingers in his hands, wondering how she could stand him to touch her after the atrocities he had committed with those hands. “I would have put the top up”

“It’s all part of the fun Angel” Cordelia chastised him back, though the smile never left her face, wondering how such powerful hands could be so gentle. “Besides, it’ll be much more fun for you to warm me up, well after I warm you up anyway”

“Cordy, shut up and help me get our stuff out of the trunk” Angel told her with a half smile on his face as he helped her out of the car to make sure she didn’t slip on the icy patch.

“Whatever happened to chivalry, I’ll never know” she huffed and made sure to stomp towards the back of the car. On her way there, she saw the untouched snow where he hadn’t walked on and giggling childishly all of a sudden, she started to jump about in it. “Nyah nyah nyah nyah!” Cordelia sang smugly and very childishly as Angel simply stared at her as though she had lost it completely.

“What are you doing?” he questioned, watching as she now looked studiously at her foot prints.

“I’m putting my footprints in the snow doofus!” she replied happily “But if I walk back to you now, I’ll ruin my pattern”

“Your pattern?” Angel deadpanned in total confusion, this was a holiday for him to learn about her and so far all he had learned was his seer was in dire need of psychiatric help.

“Yes, my pattern can’t you see it?” Cordelia asked with a look made up of questioning and hurt.

“Oh yeah” he fibbed, anything to take that hurt look off her face, the vampire looked at the ground as if to be checking her pattern out. “It’s very patterny”

“Like I said if I walk back now I’ll ruin it and you wouldn’t want me to ruin my artwork would you?”

“Cordy, what are you fishing for?” Angel finally caught on to what she was trying to do; no way was he carrying everything in himself.

“Alright geez!” Cordelia huffed again; miffed he had caught on to her little plan of getting him to carry her in then for him to have to come back out for the bags. “God Angel, I thought you were a gentleman”

“I am, but I thought you believed in equality” Angel shot back easily as they met at the trunk of the car, his hand pausing on the black metal just inches from hers. The moonlight glinted off her hair just like in his fantasy, her nose was pink with the chill and her cheeks were flushed with a rosy hue. “Besides, I think you deserve to work a little bit”

“Don’t you think I work enough for you?” Cordelia enquired suggestively, giving him her exact meaning.

“No, I mean you haven’t kissed me once since leaving L.A and by my count and that was technically yesterday”

“You are so lame Angel, I would have thought you had better seduction techniques than that” Cordelia responded as she inched her hand closer to his. It was different here, they were alone where in L.A, they had a business to run and people to help. Here in this place, they didn’t have to be champion and seer, vampire and human, they could simply be themselves without the pressure to live up to people’s expectations of them.

“Did it work though?” Angel murmured, moving closer to his girl and wrapping her in a warm, safe embrace that made her melt. Not waiting for an answer, he tucked a curled finger under chin to gently force her to look at him. When she did, he saw the hazel orbs shine like spun gold against the glinting moonlight, the spark of fire lit up when he locked his gaze down on hers, silently communicating secret desires of the other.

Cordelia initiated the kiss; rising up on her tiptoes she graced his lips with the tip of her warm tongue, asking permission to explore his mouth. Angel immediately gave her permission, parting his lips he welcomed the warm breath into his mouth, tasting the sweets she had consumed on the drive. His cooler tongue collided with hers as their caressing kiss became inflamed with heat, fuelling the steady building desire between them.

Moving her round, Angel sat her on the trunk parting her thighs to stand between them, though the night air was wintry, the heat coming from her core burned him through and through. “Cordelia, we should get inside” he murmured when he left her lips, reluctantly allowing her to breathe.

“I like it out here” she responded breathlessly, “Its private”

The vampire’s gentle hold turned firmer as he pulled her so her sex slammed against his cock, eliciting a high-pitched whimper that was his name. Angel moved his lips to her throat and the tiny wounds signalling his mark. His tongue darting out to tease the sensitised skin around the bite; a low groan escaped from his throat when Cordelia pulled his body back against hers.

“Cordy” Angel warned harshly, “If you want to get inside, I suggest you stop and stop now”

“No” Cordelia responded, she moved her hands from his ass round to unzip his pants, those spun-gold eyes now focused on his groin. A gaze that made his burning ember turn quickly to fiery streak that hardened him further. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, delighting in the smooth steel of his male arousal, liquid sex now pooling between her thighs as she pleasured her lover with firm massaging movements.

Angel clamped his hands down on her thighs pushing her skirt up and her thighs wide open, he glided his touch along the skin until he reached her panties, wet with arousal and boiling with heat. The heady scent of spice assaulted him like a bolt if lightening, urging him on to touch and see more of her. A tear of material pierced her panting breaths and the useless thong was dropped to the snow soundlessly, leaving her open and naked to his devouring gaze.

“Angel touch me” Cordelia hissed, moving her hand faster and harder on his cock, feeling his hips buck against her fists. She wanted to feel him inside of her, feel him fill her deep with hard, smooth strokes.

Complying too her hissed demand, Angel moved both hands to either side of her sex, using his fingers he tickled and teased her labia, finding the protected clitoris. His thumb moved the little bud in circles and slipped his finger inside, he watched as her fluidic response made his hand shine in the night’s light.

Cordelia once again increased her movements, gliding up and down his cock, she watched hungrily as pre-ejaculate coated the tip of his erection. She wanted to taste him, something she had yet to do; but not right now all she wanted right now was to feel him inside her body, making her scream. Her hips thrust against his hand as Angel pushed a second finger into her, keeping the rhythm easily and still watching how she accepted his intimate touch.

“Cordy” Angel moaned loudly when he felt the climatic high begin to drug his body, he didn’t want to come on her hand, he wanted to be in deep when his orgasm hit. “Not like this” using his free hand, the vampire took her hand from his cock and his fingers from her core. She barely registered he had moved her closer to the edge of the car, when she did realise what was happening, he was inside rocking against her hips. Tight and lava hot, he drowned in the sensation as her body burnt his from the inside out.

“Angel…” Cordelia grabbed a hold of his jacket collar, pulling herself into a sitting position and resting her forehead on his. Angel continued to penetrate deeply, rocking her back and forth in time to his thrusts. “God yesss” she panted breathlessly, “Harder Angel please”

“Uh” Angel grunted, too lost in the sensations of being held in a casing of soft velvet, he sipped kisses from her lips, nuzzled her throat and fucked her body, wanting to feel her crash down around him.

Cordelia saw the change start on his face; saw the internal fight between soul and demon so she bit down on his Adam’s apple and heard the resounding growl. Amber eyes snapped up to hers, fangs grinding down with his clenched jaw as he demanded her physical surrender to this part of him. Angel saw her tilt her neck to the right, offering her blood to him and willing him to take it from her.

“Fuck” Angel growled when his balls seized up tight, nestling against the boiling heat of her clit. His whole body grew taut, arms curling around Cordelia as he prepared to ride it through, the high began to wash over him with increasing intensity. He pushed in deep, hitting her G-spot once, heard her scream a little and wanted her to scream again. He withdrew and thrust powerfully down, piercing straight through the heart of her and pulling her body down so pressure was continuously against her cervix and that weakening spot.

Using her legs, Cordelia moved her hips as much as he would allow, riding him fast and throwing her head back wildly while his hands moved to grip her shoulders. “Angel Angel Angel” his name a constant mantra on her lips as she moved with him.

“Ride me sweetheart, I’m gonna come so hard” Angel managed to see through the thick fog of ecstasy to tell her, word for word, how it felt. “You feel so fucking good to me, wrapped tight around my cock, wet with want and screaming my name Cordelia”

“Oh… Oh… Oh” the tell-tale sounds pouring from her lips told him her climax was imminent, he just needed to push once more and she would break. Stopping for a single second, Angel forced his senselessness away to thrust once more, powerful and hungry, wild and unhindered he forced her to let go at the same time he did. The burst of hot climatic arousal felt like a hot, tropical rain that held the scent of total woman.

Cordelia rode him hard, her vaginal muscles fisting his cock over and over as he held still, his own climax exploding and fuelling her desire. Angel buried his face into the crook of her neck, biting down hard and making his mark permanent, washing his tongue in the freely offered blood, it was like drinking pure ecstasy when he took it from her during orgasm. It soothed his throat, calmed the demon and warmed his body, knowing it was her life-force sating his demonic bloodlust.

Releasing her throat, Angel licked the wounds until they stopped bleeding; Cordelia panted harshly as she flopped onto the cold metal of his car, legs still wrapped around his waist. Following her example, the vampire let his head rest on her breasts and listened to her rapid heartbeat sounding loudly against her ribcage.

“So” Cordelia panted deeply, “Did I work enough for you?” she giggled through her harsh breathing.

Angel’s body vibrated with laughter, his cheeks swelling up with a huge smile as he pulled away from her breasts to look at her face. Radiant and glowing stunningly, she looked back at him with all the love she felt shinning from her eyes. He felt her shiver slightly as the chilly winter’s night invaded the moment. “C’mon Cordy” he sighed eventually, pulling his body reluctantly away from hers. “I’d better get you inside before you catch cold, I don’t really want to spend my dirty weekend with a sniffling girl”

No matter how polite, courteous or well mannered Angel could be, he had the ability to make anything sound sordid. “Angel this is not a dirty weekend” Cordelia replied with a telling look as she pushed up off the car. “We’ve come here for a few days to learn new and exciting things… Yeah so it’s a dirty weekend, so far it’s going well don’t you think?”

“Mmm” he purred contentedly then pouted slightly as he left her body sated but empty without him. Angel straightened his body, zipped up his pants before helping her tug her own clothes back into shape. “We can unpack tomorrow; let’s get inside where I can ravish you again”

“That’s a good idea, my toes are getting cold and this skirt isn’t really equipped for the harsh conditions of the outer wilderness” Cordelia stated to him and hopped down off the car trunk, landing with a crunch in the snow. Looking up at vampire who was watching her with a silly, little grin on his face while she complained about her toes and clothing. “What?”

Angel shook his head lightly; it was amazing how she seemed to know his fantasies as though they were her own. “Nothing Cordy, absolutely nothing” he replied as he pressed his lips to the smooth skin on the back of her offered hand. This weekend, he was going to show her just how much he loved her in more ways than one.

Part 2

Their first night in the cabin had been full of laughter, lazy kisses and romantic bliss; Cordelia could quite honestly say Angel had rendered her in starry eyed surprise. He had been open, honest with her, he had laughed and shared his hopes and dreams. In turn, she had given away some of her childhood dreams of becoming first a nurse then a racing car driver to beauty queen and finally an actress.

When the vampire had gone to apologise for none of her whimsical dreams coming true, she had just waved it away with a kiss, telling him she’d rather be where she was now than a big T.V star or breathing in exhaust fumes. Now, the daylight was slowly flowing away; the covering of clouds giving way to gorgeous clear sky with those glittering stars and the bright moon that would shine on the tall trees.

It had snowed that day, tiny crystals falling softly to the ground, covering their footprints to leave a fresh, powdery untouched blanket of glistening white flakes. The dark wood that made up the cabin seemed as though it had been sprinkled with icing sugar, the deep mahogany contrasting with the white snow. Lightly dusty windows wiped down from the inside provided Cordelia with a somewhat clear view outside at the white world. Her thick, soft shawl tight around her shoulders and arms, she watched tranquilly out of the window and letting the peace of the surrounding area wash over her.

It was so quiet here, so different from Los Angeles and all that the lively city held; here out in the middle of nowhere, Angel had given her a haven of peace, he’d given her a private place perfect for them. As if he knew what she was thinking, the vampire walked up behind her and joined her in gazing out at the peaceful land.

“Hey sweetheart,” he murmured, kissing her hair and sliding his arms under the shawl to wrap around her slender waist. Angel moved his fingers in a slow circling motion on her toned stomach, smiling when her abdomen jolted a little.

“I thought you were still asleep” Cordelia sighed, not really thinking of much else as she melted into his body, relishing every inch of him.

“I was, but it’s just one of those days I guess” Angel replied, leaning his cheek on the top of her hair and inhaling the fresh scent deeply. It was always healthy and it always caught his attention. “You know when you sleep too long and your body just aches after a while”

“Hate that, it’s easier to just give up when that happens” she agreed with his slightly disgruntled sigh. Turning in his arms Cordelia slid her hands up his chest slowly to entwine her fingers at the nape of his neck. “Since you’re up now, and since that awful ball of light has gone down, do you wanna go outside and look around?”

“I was actually thinking you could give my old, aching body a massage” he tried, putting on as much of a pleading tone as he could manage.

“Not a chance… Okay, maybe later but right now I wanna go play in the snow!” Cordelia looked up at him with excitement written all over her heart-shaped face. The smile swept across her face, she had one of those contagious smiles where you couldn’t help but smile back at her. Hazel eyes brimming with promises of fun and more laughter, the apples of her cheeks plumped up and with a hue of natural pink blush. Tiny little diamond stud earrings gleamed and set off her face, dark chestnut hair fell in natural waves around her shoulders.

How could he say no to her?

Angel unwrapped her hands from his neck, placing both hands between his larger ones; he gave her a gentle squeeze and a playful wink. “Go change into something suitable Cordy, and I’ll meet you outside in ten minutes no less, okay?”

Jumping up and down, Cordelia squealed happily and dashed off to the bedroom to get changed. Angel had no idea what he was getting into; she never lost at snowball fights ever. But he had vampire talents, which meant he had a better aim more strength and better eyesight than she did. Not that it mattered of course she didn’t need to be a vampire to win a snowball fight!

Watching her practically skip to the cosy bedroom, Angel hurriedly pulled on his jacket and some gloves, though he didn’t feel the difference in temperatures Cordelia did and he wanted touching privileges. He also dashed out of the door to begin his task in making her smile at him.

Cordelia tugged a warm sweatshirt of Angel’s over her head, lifting her hair out from the neck and then slipped into a pair of jeans. Her elated gaze roaming the bedroom, the soft mattress was comfortable if just a little too soft the cotton blankets were warm but breathable, still rumpled and it made her grin a little knowing Angel wasn’t as meticulous as he made out to be. The bed was a beautiful bronzed pine, each of the four posts carved with a meaningless, curvy pattern with lacy netting for the canopy cover shaded in soft cream.

The furniture looked to be made out of rattan, smooth woven strands dark brown in colour held their stuff which he had unpacked while she had been sleeping. A large antique-looking rug almost covered the whole of the flooring, the small gap between floor and the bed allowed her to see a slight murky layer of dust.

Cordelia finished looking around the room; she almost dove into her boots before running to join Angel outside. Being in such a hurry, she never bothered to close the door after her as she hurtled out, ready for any and everything the vampire would throw at her.

“Taa-Daaa!” Angel stopped her mad dash, moving to one side to show her what he had done. Cordelia blinked and stared at the snowman in front of her, it had the typical lumps of coal for eyes, some twigs for the spiky hair and was that fangs?!

“It’s me” the vampire told her, a wide and beaming grin threatening to split his face as he watched to gauge her reaction.

Her reaction was a squeal of delight, hands clamped over her mouth and eyes wide with sheer amazement. Cordelia spun round from the snowman, launching herself into his body and showering his face with sweet peppery kisses. “I love it Angel,” she told him between the little kisses “I love you”

Picking her up with graceful ease, Angel swung her round eliciting another joyous scream before he set her back on the white ground. His free, open laughter gradually decreased as he looked at her face, flushed with excitement at the simple, silly yet totally Angel way he had surprised her. His handsome, detailed features set off by a smile that rivalled Cordelia’s biggest and brightest smile.

“Again” the vampire urged, wanting to hear her say those words to him again, he wanted to hear them every hour and on the hour.

“I love you” this time, her voice held a shy lilt as she peered up at him through dark eyelashes that fluttered flirtingly. Angel grabbed her naked, chilly hands in his gloved ones and pressed them to the warm material of his sweatshirt; the movement pulling Cordelia close enough for him to touch his nose to her pink one.

Circling the tip of his nose around hers, Angel found himself pushed away in favour of the snowman he had created. She studied the snowman intensely, looking at the coal black eyes, the twiggy hair and fangs. “You even gave him fangs, this is so cute Angel”

“If he’s so cute, you won’t be wanting me anymore I guess” Angel sighed in mock sadness, though the rich, deep oak orbs of his hypnotic gaze twinkled with merriment as a smile threatened to dance across his lips. “I don’t know whether to feel sorry for that guy or not”

The playful insult made her eyes dangerous, Cordelia tightened her mouth into a straight determined line. Bending quickly, she scooped a large handful of snow and rolling it into a tight ball as she stood back up. Angel had no time to react before the snowball pelted him in the side of his face, chunks of packed snow and ice falling down the neckline of his sweatshirt and entering his mouth.

The fight had begun!

Seeing the threat of retaliation as he wiped the snow off his face, Cordelia backed up a few steps before turning and bolting off, giggling gleefully. She knew she couldn’t hide from him, the crunching sound of the snow and her scent strongly in the cool, night air would tell him exactly where she was. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t make the hunt fun for him.

Racing as fast as she could to hide around the back of the cabin, she quickly gathered as many snowballs as she could in the space of a minute. She piled them up so they were within reach, ready to blitz her target.

Angel rolled a very large, very cold ball of snow and held it in one hand while he slowly made the trek to the back of the cabin where she was hiding, prepared for her attack. The vampire thought about whistling or humming so not to scare or startle her but thought differently.

Cordelia heard the light, almost none-existent crunching of the vampire’s boots in the snow and she took the initiative and ran the other way, hoping to sneak up on him by attacking him from behind. Creeping slowly on her tiptoes, carrying four or five snowballs she suppressed her sniggers when she spotted his silhouette walking round the corner. She crouched to the ground, all but one ball on the floor she aimed once again and fired with all her strength.

Angel felt the wet snow smack against the back of his head and spun round with a death glare, the sneaky conniving seer had him on a goose chase and had doubled back. “You’ll pay for that Chase!” he growled loudly, aiming his large snowball the vampire hurled it at Cordelia.

“Ack!” she screeched when she got hit in the chest, the ball had shattered on impact and slightly winded her but she carried on, not wanting to tell him he was a hell of a lot stronger than she was. The brunette, now in Def-con 4, got a snowball in each hand and launched one after the other at the wicked vampire.

Seeing the balls hurtling towards him, Angel managed to duck one but the other caught his shoulder and most of the icy snow travelled down his sweatshirt. Instead of throwing more snow at her, he moved as fast as his supernatural speed would go to pounce on her. The vampire tackled Cordelia sending them both to the ground, he moved so he took the brunt of the fall, landing with an “Ooomph!”

“Serves you right for tackling me” Cordelia snipped at him with a smile that went from her pliant mouth to her sparkling, radiant eyes. He rolled them over, taking pleasure in the way her hair caught the fallen, tiny star-shaped crystals. Dark, satin tresses now twinkled with snow, some strands laying on her now rosy cheeks.

“I wouldn’t have tackled you if you hadn’t pezzled me with snowballs” Angel shot back while moving his hands up and down her covered back. “This is mine” he commented throatily when he recognised the sweater she wore.

“Mine now so there!” she stated smugly as if to say ‘what ya gonna do about it?’

“Looks good”

“Of course it does! Now as much as I love you being on top of me, laying in the freezing cold snow isn’t all that much fun” Cordelia told him with a naughty smile.

“You’re right, we should go inside where you can get warmed up” Angel agreed with a sigh. Removing his body off of hers, he helped her up next and wiped her clothes down of the glistening powder. One arm round her waist, the other clasping her cold hand and holding it under his jacket. “You go ahead and have a hot bath while I start a fire and make you some hot chocolate. How does that sound?”

“Mmmm” Cordelia purred up at him, squeezing his ass lightly “It sounds great but I’d rather have you in the hot bath with me, then we can make the fire and chocolate together. This weekend isn’t about you taking care of me Angel, it’s about us”

“I know but I want to take care of you, I like taking care of you” he pointed out “I do it because I love you”

“Say that again” she asked of him as he shut the door behind them.

Turning her to face him, Angel gently nudged her chin up so she was setting those expressive eyes on him. “I love you Cordelia” he repeated for her pleasure.

Sighing with girly happiness, he twisted her arm. “Okay you win” Cordelia knew she was being goaded into letting him play the man. “You can start the fire and then make me hot chocolate while I go take a hot bath”

“Good, I’ll give you a shout when you can come out”


One, short hour later and Angel had a warm blanket and pillows in front of the burning fire. Red-orange flames flickered, creating waltzing patterns on the walls in the living room, casting the room with rich and inviting atmosphere. The glow of flames accentuated by the soft, cream light from a small table lamp.

Cordelia soon caught his attention, the firelight setting her hair alight with blazing streaks of fiery colours. Her gold-tipped hazel eyes sparkled from the dancing red-orange flames. Looking right back at the vampire, she sucked in a breath as she walked softly to join him in front of the roaring fire.

“Mmm, this looks cosy” she commented kneeling down before sitting cross-legged on the blanket. “If I didn’t know any better I would think you were trying to seduce me”

“Would I do that?” Angel inquired, leaning over on his elbow and stretching his body lazily out on the floor. His face was half cast in shadows, hypnotic eyes boring into hers and a tiny smirk inching the corner of his mouth upwards. The light in the room setting off the pale shade of his skin tone, making him look haunting yet mesmorising.

“You don’t need to” Cordelia replied with a smile, copying his movement she leaned down on one elbow, her long hair falling the few inches to the ground and curling up at the ends. “But feel free to carry on”

“I was planning on it” he stated while his smirk got a little bigger, his small fantasy was turning into a three-day living version of heaven. Edging across the small space, Angel curled his large hand around her cheek marvelling at how his palm covered most of her face. His thumb brushed her lower lip and felt a light gust of warm breath.

Pressing her lips together, Cordelia kissed the hardened pad of his thumb before willing succumbing to a kiss. The hand on her cheek slid through her hair, down to the delicate flesh of the back of her neck where he held her in position. His lips deeply massaged hers, cool tongue flicking out to taste the winter season on her breath.

Parting her mouth, her warmer tongue glided and stroked his, her hand sliding down his forearm to rest around his wrist, nails gently tickling. Angel moaned into her mouth, tilting his head he deepened their kiss both playfully fighting for dominance. He pulled back, nibbling her full pouting lower lip, he cradled her into his protective embrace and letting the peace of the moment lull them both into sleep.

Part 3

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