Sensory Perception

Title: Sensory Perception
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Duh!
Content: C/A
Summary: I’m crap at summaries. Part one of a mini C/A series.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO & Cal’s place
Notes: Introducing my redeveloped smut, hope you likey!! P.S. Curse? What curse?!!
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Angel settled back on the couch in Cordelia’s living room, simply enjoying the peace and quiet while she was in the shower. The old, worn book crinkled down the middle showing years of use and the yellowing pages showing the age. His brown eyes scanned the room; landing on the books owned by his seer and felt a smile tug at his lips. The silly romance novels lay in a heap on her cabinet, he vaguely wondered if she ever tidied or if Dennis did it all for her.

An intriguing scent floated on invisible waves from the bathroom, catching his interest and Angel tilted his head to one side as he tried to place the scent. It reminded him of pine cones and cedar wood, like a forest of coniferous trees. Musky, lightly spicy and nice to smell, it was different to the perfume Cordelia wore during the day. The perfume she wore was a mixture of orange and pomegranate, equally nice to the cedar and pine.

The vampire inhaled deeply, letting the scent bring a crystal clear image to his mind. Angel painted a picture in his fantasy, a rich lush forest in winter; the soft white snow covering the still green trees while the tiny flakes fell in a light rain to the ground. The air would be crisp and refreshing, mingling with the pine cones and cedar to create the perfect winter feeling.

Cordelia would be dressed in something typically unsuitable, a short powder blue dress with kitten heeled mules, complaining about how her toes were cold. Even in his fantasies, she was herself. The waterfall of snow flakes would glisten like tiny pearls against her dark, chestnut hair contrasting magnificently. Long, wavy chestnut hair that would tickle the flesh of her back, Angel fantasized running his fingers through it, watching as it fell in a cascading wave from his touch.

Her hair would be warm, soft and inviting; a welcome blanket against the cool winter chill, Angel nuzzled the tresses and inhaled the fragrance she held. The snow flakes would surround them as he turned her in his arms, so she was facing him; long eyelashes captured some flakes and he would brush them away gently. Her nose would be pink with the chill, her cheeks flushed with a rosy blush and her lips would be shiny with natural coloured lip gloss.

Angel was lost in his fantasy, but not so lost he missed the new and much headier scent that invaded the air. Brown eyes darkened to a deep onyx as his pupils dilated; snapping his attention towards the closed bathroom door in wonder.

The light sweet scent of feminine arousal hit him, shattering the gentility of his fantasy and replacing it with a wicked one. Spice circled the air around the vampire; it was intoxicating and caused his mind to go into overdrive, making him wonder what had Cordelia aroused.

Getting up from the couch, Angel moved in predatory silence towards the bathroom and stood outside. His unneeded breathing deep and constant as he took in the spicy aromatic scent of her arousal on the air. Captivated by it, his body reacted instantly and evidently, male and female arousal mixed in a concoction that would leave his willpower none-existent.

The feminine arousal began to heat up, making the air bubble with electricity and making Angel give in to his desire to see her as she touched herself. Before he could open the door, a soft throaty moan pierced the silence and went straight to his cock. The vampire clenched his jaw tight, stopping his responding moan from spilling past his lips.

“Uhh” Cordelia whimpered quietly, obviously trying not to catch Angel’s attention, not knowing she already had it undivided.

Large, male hands pressed against the door, listening to the sound of her imminent climax, the scent of thick, screaming arousal leaving him no doubt she was close. So close he could taste it. His tongue flicked past his parted lips, testing the air for the taste of her and reeling when it hit him. Angel closed his eyes, letting his sense of smell; taste and sound take him inside the bathroom.

“Oh God…” another quietly whimpered moan forced his eyes back open, large hands pressed heavily into the wood as Angel leaned his forehead against it. He was so achingly hard, throbbing with delicious foreshocks of tantalising pleasure. Removing one hand from the door, he traced his lips and followed a line down the centre of his body, stopping when he got where he wanted Cordelia’s hand to be.

“Mmmm… oh” Angel heard. His head was dizzy with everything, the smell the sound and the taste, driving him to sweet insanity. Unzipping his pants, he took his cock in a firm grip, wrapping his hand around himself and looking down to watch. His mind saw Cordelia on her knees, warm hands holding him as her pink tongue swirled around the tip of his erection, teasing him with oral stimulation.

Moving his hand slowly down, Angel hissed and let out a held unnatural breath; to his own touch he felt smooth and hard, like marble. The delicate flesh of his cock encased in an equally smooth grip, the vampire watched as his hand slid up the shaft and felt the rush of a shuddering foreshock course through his body.

“Angel…” Cordelia yelped quietly, causing Angel to open his eyes in shock, startled at being caught masturbating over her. Shock quickly turned to welcome surprise when he saw the door still tight shut in front of him.

“Angel, please more” she was begging for him now, the feminine arousal whirling around him making him feel as though he were in a cyclone of heady pleasure. She was touching herself while thinking of him. Angel couldn’t help the low moaned growl from sounding aloud as he moved his hand faster. Up and down, up and down, creating self-induced relief from the building pleasure of what he was doing.

“Inside” Cordelia cried louder now “Inside me, Angel please, I need to come”

The vampire stilled his hand, making his cock demand he continue but he needed something more now. If he wasn’t inside her before then what was she fantasizing he was doing to her? Angel had to know, he had to see how he was touching her, had to see what was getting her worked up into a frenzy.

Not bothering to zip his pants up, Angel easily and silently inched the door open, moving inside the bathroom, he prepared himself for the sense of sight to be teased just as his other senses had been mercilessly teased. The steam from the hot water shrouded Cordelia in a mist of heat that didn’t cloak her from his clear vision.

His now amber eyes roaming over the unknowing girl in the shower, Angel watched as her tongue ran across her fingers before moving them down to where he wanted to be. Cordelia circled her fingers in a rapid circle over her visible clitoris, he’d been right she had worked herself up so much that her body couldn’t keep it’s secrets.

She was body beautiful, the soft curve of her waist exaggerated by the slight swell of her hips; her long, sun bronzed legs immaculately defined by strong feminine calf muscles. Equally toned thigh muscles led up to the warmth of her, held totally from his gaze by the closed legs. Her breasts were full and round, bronzed skin there set off by the dark pink areolas, pebble hard from arousal.

“Angel don’t tease me, please don’t tease” she begged of the vampire in her fantasy, completely oblivious to the fact he was in the room with her. Angel saw she was unaware of his presence, so he took a risk and spoke to her.

“What do you want me to do to you, Cordelia? Tell me and I’ll do it” Angel said, his voice thick, low and wild as he began to touch himself again. Watching as she slipped her slender finger inside her body, he waited for her to answer him.

She was going wild, her head was rolling against the shower wall, her eyes squeezed shut and the delicious nipples of her breasts erect. That mouth parted, sharp breaths being expelled from her lungs as she moaned loudly. It was as if he was really with her, here in the shower, it was so realistic that she couldn’t help but react to the feeling.

“I want your tongue in me Angel, I love it when you do that to me” Cordelia breathed deeply, removing her hand from her body with a cry of frustration. Angel watched as she brought her hand back up to her lips, sliding into the open cavern of her mouth and tasting her liquid sex and using her tongue to create the imaginary feeling of the vampire’s mouth.

“You’ve teased me for so long, Cordelia” Angel growled at her gruffly, “I wanna tease you back. Make you beg and scream for my touch, my tongue and my cock. I wanna see you get on your knees, taking me into your mouth”

He watched with unbridled lust as she fell to her knees, her breasts jostling deliciously with her movement. Cordelia licked a line along her palm before encircling her fingers, imagining it was his cock she was teasing. The pink tongue flicked out with rapid, little licks, Angel felt her warmth on his shaft and he wanted more of it.

“Like that?” she asked throatily and deep, her lips wrapping round those delicate, slender fingers and her tongue pressing hard on the underside of them.

“Deeper sweetheart, take me in deep” Angel ordered, keeping his eyes open to see her obey his every command, not feeling the slightest bit guilty for doing this. He watched as Cordelia moaned around her fingers, sucking deeper and harder as she was told to do. He felt every move, every lick and kiss from her, but still he needed more. His hand moved rapidly up and down his erect shaft, while he watched her fantasize about orally pleasuring him.

“Cordelia stop, too fast” Angel hissed out, forcing the pleasure to be halted though his body screamed otherwise. He took his hand from around his cock to begin the removal of his clothes.

“I love doing this to you, Angel” Cordelia whimpered, removing her fingers and running both hands over her breasts, tugging on her nipples and making them perk out more. “I love the way you harden in my mouth, I love the way you taste and I love to swallow you whole”

He wanted to touch her properly now, the senses of sight, scent and sound already overloaded to the max, now he wanted the real sense of touch. “I’m gonna touch you now, when I do I want you to tell me how it feels, how I feel”

“Please Angel, so close” Cordelia moaned in response, “Touch me” she begged.

“Open your legs, let me look at you, let me see how wet I have you” Angel told her as he slipped into the shower with her. The hot water raining down, showering his body with droplets that added to the stinging erotic pleasure of this. Joining her on his knees, the vampire watched through hooded eyes as she leaned back, using her hands as support and parted those toned thighs, opening herself to his hungry gaze. “Are you hot sweetheart?”

“So hot” even to her own ears, she sounded desperate for him, sounded needy but she didn’t care. All Cordelia cared about was the anticipation of the vampire’s expert touch on her body.

Angel watched as he slowly trailed up her thighs, parting them a little more and pleased to see the smooth skin of her sex. The tip of his fingers touched her outer labia, causing Cordelia to keen and rush of shivers to race through her. He felt so real. The vampire looked longingly at her, glistening with arousal and muscles clenching with anticipated orgasmic release.

She was explicitly wet, as he knew she would be and he didn’t find any restrictions in slowly inching his finger inside her. Her vaginal muscles instantaneously contracted in the first wave of climax; Angel growled and moaned as he moved his body down to taste the liquid sex. A second finger accompanied the first, his tongue dipping out to toy with her clitoris as Cordelia bucked, writhed and screamed from it all.

“Angel, oh God, harder”

Angel moved his fingers deep inside, curling to massage her inner G-spot, his tongue sliding down to catch the drops of her orgasm. The taste rocked his being as he hungrily devoured everything she gave.

Cordelia’s head was spinning, intense wave after intense wave of the climax made her body scream, made her flesh rise and her eyes to slam shut tighter. Harder and faster she felt Angel move within her, making her come hard against his tongue and hand. “Oh God…”

Her muscles contracted like a vice around his fingers, the musky rain poured onto his tongue and her legs wrapped around his shoulders. Angel took everything, savoured the drugging high and revelled in the fact he was the one to make her come so hard. “You taste delicious Cordelia; you’re so wet I wanna drown in you”

The burning, stormy throbs gradually decreased and her hazel eyes opened, seeing Angel was really in there with her caused momentary panic and shock to raid her senses. “Angel, what the hell are you…”

“Ssh” Angel hissed, shushing her quickly as he moved from between her thighs so he could look at her. “I had to, I knew how aroused you were, and I had to know if it was me doing this to you. Had to know if you really wanted me. Do you? Or is this just a fantasy?”

Looking at the face of a demon, the amber eyes staring intently back at her as he waited for her answer. Cordelia looked up at him and responded.

“What do you think dumbass?!” she snipped, bringing a smile of both relief and amusement to his face. Only she could turn a seriously erotic moment into a funny moment and still keep the mood singing.

Angel shook his head and smiled secretly to himself. After all this time, his fantasy was here in front of him, Cordelia and nothing more. Just her and her wonderful personality that shone through the arousal, which made his fantasy pale in comparison to the real thing and the easy-going friendship they had. It was still there and would never diminish no matter what happened between them. It was that friendship that made Angel love and want her more, because of who she was and how she made him feel as though he were somebody worthy of life.

“I think you only want me for my body!” Angel teased right back, easing the slightly uneasy tension between them. He was rewarded by a blinding smile as Cordelia visibly relaxed, well as relaxed as a person could be on a hard, shower floor.

“You think right” she replied, her voice going a little shy and her voice going a little coy. “Are you done yet? Because as nice as that really was, I kinda had hopes about you and vampire stamina…”

The vixen was back apparently. Angel smiled at her, a smile that showed his fangs, how he managed not to look goofy and cute at the same time, Cordelia would never know. He moved again so his masculine body kissed and completely covered hers, his cock making sweet, needed contact with her core.

“Uhh” Cordelia moaned in a sultry tone that enticed and urged the vampire to push against her once more. “Inside me Angel, I want you inside me now” she told him with a needy but commanding tone of voice.

Angel grunted his agreement, taking hold of his erection and guided himself to the entrance of heaven. He watched as Cordelia forced herself to keep her hips still, letting him take control of this. He slid the tip along her labia, up to her clitoris teasing the tiny, pink bud with circling movements. He was sensitive from his self-touching, she was sensitive from his oral sex and they both moaned deeply at the contact.

“Play with your breasts, Cordelia” he told her, slipping the tip of his cock down her labia, lubricating himself with the misty rain of her arousal. Angel watched as she brought her hands up, circling her distended nipples with a feather light touch, he heard as she sucked in a gasped breath and held it. He felt her heat nuzzle his erection torturously, he saw her eyes darken with desire and he tasted her climax on his tongue and the scent of their arousal permeated his senses all at once.

Cordelia licked the tips of her fingers and took them back to her nipples, her gaze seeing Angel watch her every move and relishing the raw hunger in his amber eyes. The pebbled areolas sparkled with wet stimulation as she massaged her fingers around the swollen peaks; the vampire licked his lips and slid his cock further down her sex.

He lowered his mouth, his eyes pinning hers with a piercing stare as he flicked his tongue out to tease those sensitised nipples, making her whimper in a high-pitched moan. Cordelia squeezed her breasts together, creating cleavage that he nuzzled, licked and kissed hungrily. The male hardness between her thighs seemed to pulse with anticipation as Angel moved closer to her centre. “Inside now” she choked out desperately, breaking her silent promise not to move.

The vampire instantly responded to her plea, one powerful thrust and his cock was enveloped in the heart of her body. “Fuck, Cordelia” Angel rasped out, holding his body perfectly still, only the rippling heavy muscles of his back showed the strain of self-control slowly slipping away.

She screamed a little, wrapping her legs high around his back and locking her ankles together, Cordelia used her own strained muscles to pull him tighter to her body. The edge of his cock connected sharply with her cervix. “Angel, more”

“More?” he growled at her, repeating the first powerful thrust, slamming his cock in deeper, making her feel every inch of male arousal he had. The move made him touch her cervix again, causing her push down when he pushed up, initiating Tantric sex. The base of his erection French kissed her clitoris, the shaft filling her perfectly and the edge brushing her G-spot was incredible. “Like that?” Angel repeated her earlier words.

“Like that…” Cordelia cried out, raising her hips to keep them intimately locked together. “Oh God Angel, harder”

Angel withdrew completely and slowly before driving himself back in deep, each and every muscle fisted him over and over with every repetition. In and out, in and out, in and out; eliciting cries, pleas and words so naughty he would have blushed. The moves grew faster and smoother, longer and deeper, the room grew hotter as the water turned colder, the room turned as the world began to stop.

Her nails scored his back, legs pulling him closer, lips parted and eyes fluttered, Cordelia felt it all. Angel leaned down, capturing her mouth with his in frantic kisses, each time he entered her he would swallow the reacting scream. His hands moving from her hips to cup her ass, deeper was the penetration and closer he pulled her.

“Harder?” he snarled down at her.

“Harder, so close so close”

Angel penetrated her heart, feeling the dam crack, break, splinter and shatter; he felt her open up, the rush of climatic rain coating his shaft. Cordelia screamed his name, her nails creating her mark on his back, bringing blood to the surface. The vampire watched her closely as he continued to fuck her with animalistic instinct.

She was so hot now, her vaginal muscles clutching and holding him deep. Cordelia reached down, grabbed his ass to hold him still while she rode him hard. Throbbing passion chased through Angel as she took over, riding him and bringing his own climax closer. Coming hard and fast in his arms, she trembled and shook as the orgasm ripped through her, reducing her to shaking in his arms. Angel felt the sting deep, his balls tightened as he pushed in deep, feeling out of control as she held him tight.

“I… Love… You…”

That was the catalytic chemical needed for him to break wide open.

Angel took her mouth, swallowing her words, screams and cries as he ejaculated within her, pouring from his body in long, agonising bursts. His mouth went from hers to her throat, fangs sinking into her jugular and the thick, luscious human blood filled rich in tumultuous passion flowed into him. Warming him, coursing through his veins and making him feel alive.

Body burning with the blood, head empty of all thought Angel collapsed, still locked with Cordelia, his body crushing hers to the floor. Heart pounding through her ribcage, breathing laboured and weak, legs limp and arms now splayed out by her sides, Cordelia stared up at the ceiling, swearing she saw stars.

Angel was just content to watch the birds flying past his eyes, hearing the little tweeting noises they made as they flew back and forth for his entertainment!

Seconds, minutes or hours passed before either one moved when it all came back to her. Angel must have overheard her in the shower, how embarrassing! Cordelia sniggered a little, oh God what must he think of her?!

“Cordy?” Angel spoke up, his voice coming out in a lazy but contented drawl.

“Hmm?” she replied, managing to keep her embarrassed little giggles to herself as she looked up at him again, fighting to keep the blush from creeping up her face.

“I love you too”

The End of this one!!!


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