Winter Nights 3-Epi

Part 3

The Earth sparkled with crystal stars on the ground as the falling flakes landed softly on the ground. Trees glistening with white leaves and branches in the thick forest, only a few little sounds disturbed the tranquil calm surrounding the night. Sounds of rapid footsteps crunching the snow, sounds of elated laughter and sounds of breathless gasps rang throughout. Crisp, refreshing winter air inhaled deeply, creating sharp stings in her chest Cordelia leaned her hands on her knees as she struggled to catch her breath.

Angel laid, body shaking with laughter, face first in the snow after he tripped and fell over a fallen branch on the ground. His dark brown hair catching the tiny crystals that made the spikes glisten brightly in the moonlight. Pushing up, his face comically coated in crushed snow, he looked at Cordelia laughing hysterically at his clumsy fall. He might have felt embarrassed about it but seeing her laugh so carefree like that made him want to be clumsy all the time just so he could see her face light up and hear that silvery sound.

“So much for vampy night vision” Cordelia gasped sharply and straightened, brushing her damp hair away from her face, snow hung in the rich tresses looking like pearls and glistening like glitter. Skin flushed with both the winter chill and heightened boisterous pleasure, cheeks and lips rosy red while the tip of her nose was a bright pink. She held her hand out for Angel to take, ready to haul him off the cold ground.

He took her hand and, without much help from her, stood and brushed his clothes down of the snow. Glaring at Cordelia as she continued to laugh, Angel glanced at his hands and an evil plan of vengeance tickled his brain. He moved quickly, giving her no time to react in anyway, the vampire pulled at her sweater and stuck a snow-covered hand down her back.

“ARGH! Angel!” Cordelia squealed, wrenching herself away from him, desperately trying to get the rapidly melting snow out of her sweater. “Coldcoldcold” she gasped, shaking the material, her back arching away from the wet snow.

It was Angel’s turn to laugh now, pointing at her maniacal dashing and insane jumping, he doubled over clutching his sides. “Now that’s funny” he stated evilly, his lips in a blatant and shameless grin showing his fangs. White and deadly, they were the only thing that gave away the predator he was. Sharp enough to puncture human flesh, enabling the demon within to drink the rich red life-force flowing through the veins. To be bitten by a vampire was most peoples worst nightmare, to find out vampires existed was a nightmare in itself but to be bitten by one, to feel a vampire draining you dry and taking your last breath in the arms of your killer. Just thought of that would keep most people up at night, fearing to sleep just in case.

Yet, Cordelia wasn’t most people and she longed to feel Angel, a vampire, biting her and taking her blood and her essence into him, warming his body from the inside. The feeling, the high was an addiction, a pleasure she would never give up for the world. She felt a little strange for liking it and she felt weird for feeling pride over just who he was and had been. He’d been so very evil in his long life, other vampires had feared him and that was certainly nothing to be proud of. She just couldn’t help finding the vampire side of him attractive.

“Cordy?” Angel asked inquisitively when her laughter died down and the smile on her face got replaced with a thoughtful expression. She was looking at him with glazed eyes, blunt teeth were nibbling her lower lip and the corners of her mouth were quirking up. “Uh… Cordy, you ok?”

Giggling lightly, Cordelia shook her head and rolled her eyes, she was not going to tell him she found him attractive, and the last thing she needed was to have to pop his ego. “Never mind Angel, it’s nothing” she replied and turned away to look around the forest they were in.

He knew, the scent of light arousal mixed with the scent of the surrounding area but he let her off the hook. He didn’t need her to tell him she was more than ok with the vampire side of him; he knew she found the vampire erotic. With Cordelia, there was no shame for who and what he was; there was no fear of acceptance. Angel flicked his tongue out, licking his lips and tasting the intoxicating teasing scent of feminine arousal in the air.

Cordelia knelt down to pick up a stray pine cone, admiring the dark wood and running her fingertips over the rough edges wiping the snow off it. It wouldn’t do any damage but it would make a good enough weapon when thrown at the right part of the male anatomy. She stood and found herself whirled around, her back pressed against the hard surface of a tree. Angel slid his hands down her side, moving them round to cup her ass through the thin material of her pants and holding her body against his larger, more muscled one.

“You smell so good” he purred, nudging her chin to one side enabling him to nuzzle her jugular, blunt teeth biting down firmly causing her to hiss in response. His tongue, cool and hungry, trailed along the blue line with the throbbing pulse vibrating through him. “You taste even better”

Cordelia purred, a naughty little giggle escaping from her slightly parted berry lips as she pressed her throat harder against his mouth, encouraging him. Her fingers weaving through the gelled strands of his spiky chocolate hair and holding him close, feeling a short, sharp sting when Angel bit down a little harder, sucking on her flesh. Her eyes flew open in surprise, she had expected him to bite her not give her a hickey. “Angel!” it was supposed to be a warning for him not to give her one but his name came out in an encouraging, husky whisper instead.

Large hands curled round her slender throat, thumbs nudging her chin up while he soothed her flesh with gentle, circular strokes. The skin on his palms was roughened and calloused by years of use, a cool that generated heat wherever he touched. After being exposed to the winter night air for the last few hours, his cool touch was bordering on freezing.

Cordelia scrunched her chin down to stop his icy hands from touching her skin too much. “Cold hands!” she squeaked a little, bringing her own hands up to uncurl his from around her throat. “Angel stop, you’re starting to tickle and that’s not good with cold hands”

Ignoring her, Angel slid his hands down to take the collar of her sweater in a firm grip, he tore the fluffy material down in a clean move and exposing the silky halter top underneath. Instantly, her nipples became pebble hard in reaction to the wintry air and the contrasting heat of his chocolate gaze. Goosebumps appeared on her exposed skin causing the vampire to blanket her body more with his, protecting her from the cold.

Angel licked his lips before sipping a quick kiss from her parted lips; he grabbed her hands in his and held them up above her head, keeping her in place. Cordelia arched into his hands a little, causing him to brush against the pert hard buds under the silk.

“Guess cold hands are good for something” Angel told her, mischief filling his voice as he cupped her breasts fully, pressing them to the middle of her chest. He leaned down, keeping his piercing eyes on hers, and took a silk covered pebble into his mouth and moving his tongue in long, drawn out caresses. His cock was aching with need to be inched slowly and deeply inside her, maxing out her physical limitations.

Cordelia bit her lip, hissing with the pulsing fire he was creating; she took her hand and boldly took his erection in a firm grip. He was solid to her touch, through his pants she could feel every inch throb against her palm causing her to tighten her grip and slowly move her hand up and down the shaft.

Angel growled throatily, pushing his cock further into her hand and gently biting down on her nipple with blunt teeth. His dark, soul piercing gaze turned tigers’ eyes with amber fire as he let go and crushed his moist lips to hers. Cordelia’s eyes slammed shut with the onslaught of his powerful kiss; demanding and controlling, he expertly fucked her mouth with his cool tongue. Sweeping over her warm, pink one Angel claimed dominance over her with a gentle cruelty that she thrived on. His lips covered hers, his tongue simulating sexual penetration inside the hot cavern of her mouth while his hips urged her to play with him more.

“Angel… Breathe… Human” Cordelia tore her mouth away from his to gulp back the oxygen he had stolen from her. Angel smiled sheepishly before raining moist kisses along her jaw down to her neck and stopping once more at the puncture wounds. Her hand moved down where she halted her movements to tease his balls with gentle squeezes and scratching her nails through the pants material to taunt the sensitive skin there.

Angel put his hand over the back of hers, guiding her movements and pushing his hips more firmly into her hand. “Harder Cordy, I like it hard” he forced out through gritted teeth, her hot little hand felt so good teasing him like this and he wanted to do so many things to her tonight, make their last night special. For all those things to happen, they had to be back at the cabin.

“Cordy stop” Angel put a stop to something that was all too nice and removed her hand from his erection, bringing the back of her hand up to his lips where he pressed a kiss across the smooth, cold skin. “Let’s get back to the cabin”

The response to his requested order was a blinding smile that rivalled the moon in brightness and the twinkle in her caramel gaze reflect the stars. “Okay” Cordelia said almost a little shyly, she saw the promises and the love shining within the waves of those tigers’ eyes and she couldn’t wait because she had plans of her own too!


It didn’t take long for them to reach the cabin, thankfully Angel was good with directions and they didn’t get lost once much to Cordelia’s surprise and so her little comments about his vampire senses were proven wrong. He had given her his jacket in replacement of her ruined sweater, but after a small debate he had put it back on and huddled her to him instead.

Angel shook his head at the memory of Cordelia saying he would get cold if she wore it, not taking the slightest bit of notice when he’d argued vampires didn’t feel temperature differences. He’d never had someone who cared about him this much, he didn’t understand why she did because he didn’t deserve it or her.

Once again shaking his head, the vampire concentrated on smoothing the quilted blanket next to the fire and placed a few pillows for extra comfort. Angel knelt down in front of the fire, rubbing his hands to warm them up a bit before touching her and being clouted for having cold hands. He quietly went over things in his head, made sure he had the box tucked safely inside his pocket and gathered his failing courage.

The room was now beautifully warm, with firelight waltzing over the walls and furnishings setting a summer nights’ glow to the winters’ eve. Angel ran his eyes over the cabin interior appraisingly, wishing it belonged to him. This was the sort of place he felt he could escape to, run away from the horrors of his world and just hide from everyone. Only he would bring Cordelia with him, she needed to escape as much as he did, if not more.

For the second time in less than five minutes, Angel shook his head to get rid of the brooding thoughts that had the potential to ruin their last in the little private paradise. He sat, elbows resting on his knees and chin in his hands as he waited for Cordelia to come out of the bedroom. The drive to the cabin was quicker!

Cordelia peeked out of the bedroom, one hazel eye visible as she spied on the vampire relaxing in front of the fire. His dark hair bathed in flames and the pallor of his complexion held a haunting glow that drew her to him like a magnet. Tonight, she was going to pounce!

At the sound of quickened breathing, Angel turned to see Cordelia looking at him with a strange, cunning expression as she stalked towards him as though he were her prey. “Cordy…?” he asked, eyes flitting around the room and looking for a possible escape route if need be.

“Yes Angel?” she enquired not so very innocently, she peeled away the robe hiding her naked figure, letting it drop carelessly to the floor. She saw his eyes widening, could feel the instant searing heat from his eyes as he travelled the length of her body.

“You-you’re naked” Angel stuttered, this wasn’t how it was supposed to go! He was supposed to be the one doing the seducing, not her. He started at her feet, delicate toes decorated with red polish that enhanced the bronze skin, a slinky silver chain curved round her left ankle. Well-defined, very feminine calf muscles led the way up to her thighs. Tanned, smooth and strong, his gaze was captured by the equally smooth apex.

His view was disturbed when Cordelia sat down, leaning back on her elbows and simply looked at him. Her lips had been re-painted in berry red; her cheeks were naturally flushed with a dewy pink hue and the almond shape of her eyes defined by a smoky grey shadow.

Angel licked his lips and turned to face her, intrigued by what game she was planning on playing. He stretched his legs out, crossing them at the ankles and looked back at her with a heavy, patient gaze.

Cordelia ran her tongue along her upper lip, a slow and sensual movement that made his mouth water. Her hands tickling her sides and she got into a position more suited for what she had in mind. “Tonight, your ass is mine”

What were his plans again?

Winking at him, she sucked a fingertip into her mouth, her pink tongue flicking out over the tip wetting it.

She had his undivided attention.

Taking her fingertip, Cordelia teased her nipple and bringing the dusky pink bud to an aroused pebbled state. Little electric shocks went straight from her breasts to her sex, setting the spark to a flame and making her wet with arousal. She copied the move, teasing her other nipple to the same attention and bringing that to a matching pebbled state.

Angel clamped his jaw tight shut as he sat back to watch her pleasure herself for him, he was going to give her this one opportunity before he openly assaulted her body! His cock, hard with pained arousal made his pants tight and uncomfortable, forcing him to take them off in a fluid grace. His sweatshirt came next and he was shamelessly naked.

Cordelia’s eyes sparkled with feline mischief as she took in his physique. His legs were well-proportioned with muscle hard to the touch, his arms thick and heavy, rippled with his generous biceps. Flat stomach, expansive chest and broad shoulders; every part of him was shockingly male and hand carved in marble. His arousal held her gaze, solid with excitement and sinfully male.

“Mmm” Cordelia purred with the want to feel him in her mouth, wanted to slide her lips over the sensitive tip and swallow him whole.

Angel held back a smirk at her open praising; he sat back down with his legs once again stretched out in front of him. His hand lightly stroked his inner thigh and his eyes silently telling her to continue her game.

She traced an invisible line down the middle of her torso, his eyes hungrily tracking her fingertip gliding through the valley of her cleavage down to her toned stomach, stopping when she reached the top of her sex. Cordelia felt a rich pulse of craving flood her core, opening her legs a little more she ran her exploring fingertip along her labia, teasing him with the thought of penetration.

Angel’s eyes were riveted on her, she was getting so stimulated that her femininity was glistening softly with fluidic sex and her clitoris visible to him. His cock was throbbing in agonizing desperation, wanting to be caressed touched and fisted by her muscles as he entered her body over and over with powerful thrusts. “Cordelia” his voice came out thickly, rich with warning and hungry lust.

“Angel” Cordelia moaned out, her hand increased the pressure on her exposed clit sending wicked thrills right through her. Her fingers worked in slow circles, spreading the liquid arousal over her sex making his tongue itch to lick her from top to bottom. Her head rolled back, exposing her throat to him momentarily and giving him a glimpse of the rapidly hammering pulse beneath the delicate flesh.

“Play” that was all he could manage to speak, his power of speech seemed to be cut off as all his well-thought out plans left for vacation. Angel gripped his cock in a hard, iron hold to release some of the building pressure in his balls. He slid his hand up the shaft slowly then easing the protecting flesh down to expose the sensitive tip of his penis to her gaze. Cordelia’s mouth watered, she wanted to taste the sweet droplet of pre-come that decorated the soft pink edge.

She moved, crawling on her knees and keeping her sights set on what she wanted, Angel parted his powerful, muscular thighs allowing her to slide between them. “Salty goodness” she giggled lightly and wickedly, glancing quickly up at the vampire who was watching her with an unreadable expression on his face.

Angel swore when he felt the rush of hot breath kiss his cock and his hands immediately went to hold her shoulders, strong fingers kneading the skin there. Cordelia eased the skin down and swirled her tongue around the tip, moaning when the taste of him hit the back of her throat as she slid her lips down his shaft. Moving back up, she used her tongue to massage the hardness filling her mouth and causing his hips to thrust lightly.

Feeling his fingers now threading through the strands of her hair, Cordelia took him deep into her throat, loving how his body temperature contrasted greatly to the heat of her mouth. Angel watched as her lips covered his cock, her eyes were closed tightly and she began to hum softly, the vibrations making him throb against her tongue.

“My turn” Angel suddenly growled, tugging on her hair to pull her away from him, Cordelia scowled at him for ruining her fun and enjoyment.

“Hey! I was enjoying that” she told him, her voice showing her disgruntled mood.

“So was I, now shut up” Angel growled at her, pushing Cordelia on top of him and flashing a quick grin when she caught onto his way of thinking. The vampire pulled her down, fitting his mouth over the whole of her glistening sex and breathing in the drugging scent of her fierce arousal. Sweeping his tongue out past his lips, Angel’s eyes snapped shut when the candy-sweet taste coated his lips.

Cordelia slid her lips over his cock, the angle enabling her to take him deeper into her throat while her hands worked his balls and caressed the base of his shaft. At the first touch of his tongue on her clit, a pre-climatic shock rang through her body, giving Angel a shot of liquid which he devoured in raw hunger.

Angel used his fingers to part her labia, revealing the pink petals of her inner sex and making her clit more prominent. “So hungry” his tongue twirled around the pearly pink bud, flicking it rapidly and the pulse there buzzed with excited sensuality.

“Uh…” Cordelia whimpered around his sex when she felt him penetrate her with his masculine touch, her hips rocked back over his mouth and touch in an effort to get more from him. His hips thrust up into her mouth, pushing his cock deeper when she paused for a second to enjoy the feel of his hand inside her body. Moving her mouth faster along his shaft, he was metal-hard to touch and her tongue could feel every ridge, every inch of his erection as she tasted him.

Angel penetrated her again and again, a second finger joining the first and pushed his touch knuckle-deep, tormenting her clit with both his tongue and thumb. Her hot mouth felt so good, gloving his cock in the silky cavern with her lips squeezing the tip. Curling his fingers inside, he stimulated her G-stop with sensational expertise; the rush of liquid on his fingers and lips told him she was getting close.

Rocking her hips harder, Cordelia let go of his cock and her hands clamped down on his thighs; the orgasmic shocks were getting stronger and faster. “Angel more” her breath inhaled in short, harsh pants and exhaled in whimpers. The vampire plunged his fingers deeper, faster and harder, his tongue exuded delicious pressure on her clit before his lips latched on to it, sucking hard.

The flames of the fire enveloped her expression of ecstasy in a glow of red and orange, the heat of the small furnace highlighted the sheen of perspiration along the curve of her spine. Angel groaned when the first wave of female climax washed his lips, tongue and fingers; moving harder inside her the vampire prolonged her experience.

Cordelia’s nails dug into his muscles, her mouth open in a silent scream as her orgasm rained from her and into his mouth. Her body arched up, head thrown back, hair tickling her back and his stomach, the vampire’s name tumbled out of her lips in a small scream.

“Let go Cordelia, I wanna hear you screaming” Angel hissed to her wanting, needing, to hear her. He drank everything she gave, determined not to lose any of the liquid sex pouring into his mouth. Hot rain warmed him, her orgasmic high quaked through him and her squeals sounded like music to him.

“Uh… Angel…Oh fuck!” she swore as her climax peeked, his hands held her ass as she rode her orgasm out. The waves gradually came to a slow stop, and her body collapsed in a boneless heap on top of him. Her heart pounded through her ribcage, eyes blinking and a self-satisfied grin flirted on her lips.

Angel gave a loving kiss to her sex, licking his lips to savour the rain on his tongue before easing her limp body onto the blanket and shifted so he was facing her. “Hey” he greeted, trying to keep the smugness out of his voice but failing miserably. “Enjoy that?”

“Egomaniac” Cordelia retorted affectionately, reaching over to run her fingers through his hair. A little laugh spilled from her as she felt her heart calm the incessant beating, “I was supposed to get you to lose it”

“What can I say? I’ve got a good mouth” Angel told her with a shrug as his satisfied smirk finally crossed his face. “Besides, you’ve still got work to do” he glanced down at his erection, still hard from unreleased tension.

“Haven’t we had this conversation?” Cordelia asked as she sat up and moved him so she could straddle him. “Do ever do enough work to please you?” she crushed her sex hard onto his cock, coating him with the hot, wet shower of arousal he’d caused. Angel immediately grabbed a tight hold of her hips while he pushed up into a sitting position.

“It depends, on the quality of your work and how well you can…” Angel’s words were instantly cut off when he suddenly felt his cock surrounded in a tight, velvet furnace. The surprising move caused him to jump in reaction to the sizzling heat he was encased in.

Cordelia grinned saucily at the vampire, “Cat got your tongue?” she enquired as though she hadn’t done anything.

“Don’t you mean pussy?” Angel supplied, a naughty half smile graced his mouth with a matching glint to his obsidian orbs. He pulled her hips to his, jolting his cock against the edge of her cervix inside. His body responded the very second he felt her muscles clutch him, without withdrawing from her warmth; he pushed against her cervix again and again. “That good?” he asked when she mewled at the constant pleasuring of her weak spot.

Cordelia frowned a little, she was supposed to be the seducer and he was doing it to her again. This was their last night; she thought he’d have the decency to share the seducing! Oh well, it looked like she was just going to have to take matters into her own hands.

“No” she said to his surprise and he ceased his movements to look at her in confusion. Cordelia grinned and squeezed her thighs round his to hold him as still as she could, “But this will be” she promised wickedly. Flexing her muscles around his upper thighs, she raised herself up off his cock, teasing the head of shaft with her warmth for a second. Without warning, Cordelia slammed him back inside her as she sat down; a small throbbing pain told her he was embedded securely as far as he could be.

“This is more like it” she told him firmly.

Angel felt his face change, the forehead rippled, his teeth elongated and his eyes gleamed in the dancing firelight, his body became harder, muscles tensed and grip grew stronger. Smiling triumphantly Cordelia planted a kiss on his lips, chaste and sweet in a stark contrast to the feral way she had begun to fuck him.

The hot place she took him into time and again grew tight, her vaginal muscles contracted harshly around his solid state. Angel let go of her hips to clutch the blanket, fisting the material in time to her bouncing. Her breasts taunted his mouth and nipples kissing the smooth expanse of his chest with every move she made.

“C’mon sweetheart, fuck me” Angel hissed through gritted teeth, her blow job had nearly sent him over the edge and her riding him like a stallion pushed him further to the edge but he still needed more for that final shove. He could feel the velvet soften around him, liquid arousal showering over his cock and her bouncing increase in speed.

“Angel” Cordelia mewled, her hands now grasping for purchase on his broad shoulders, her movements started to get erratic, almost animalistic as she had him enter her. “Oh God…” mewls now loud cries sounded off the walls of the cabin.

Angel struggled to keep his eyes open and focused on her, watching her ride him wildly; his hips propelling his cock deeply again and again and again. The tip always hitting the edge of her cervix, his shaft constantly kissing her G-spot and creating fresh hot rain. “Cordelia….” came the snarled warning, he was so close, “Fuck!”

He felt her open up around him, the sensation of her climax flowed through him and the hammering of her pulse calling him to her jugular. This was what he needed, what he wanted; the total acceptance of him and what he was. Inside, she got hotter, wetter and softer; vaginal muscles clamped down and held him there.

Cordelia went completely still on him, baring her throat instinctively as her second orgasm blazed through her. It was when she screamed she loved him that Angel let go of his restraint, thrusting powerfully inside her; he pierced her heart and soul with solid passion. She could feel his cock being fisted by her body, she could feel how he throbbed in response and she felt his orgasm slam into her.

Angel grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head to one side and bit hard, growls escaped from the back of his throat as he fucked her now. The cool touch of his climax hit in long, agonizing bursts as her blood streamed into him and filled him with life. Rich red, it stained his lips and a stray droplet escaped the corner of his mouth. Cordelia clung onto him; breathing shallowly she waited for him to bring her back.

Easing his fangs out of her jugular, Angel kissed and licked the newly opened puncture wounds until they closed. His head came to rest in the crook of her neck, his own unnatural breathing shallow but his heart lay still in his chest, giving her comfort. Silence now sounded in the cabin, the fire now nothing but glowing embers still gave out warmth and the blanket scuffled untidily around them.

“Was that quality work, Boss?” Cordelia’s husky voice shattered the few moments’ peace, her shoulders shaking slightly with little giggles as though she had just won her greatest challenge. Angel laughed, causing her to laugh in reaction to his ‘Teeheehee’s.’

“You’re a work-a-holic Cordy, you need to take some time off” Angel replied as he moved them both so they were lying down on the quilted blanket. His fingertips traced a line down the middle of her face, from her forehead along her button nose and trailed off her defiant chin. “I love you sweetheart”

“Say it again” Cordelia urged as a beaming smile swept across her face like an autumn breeze.

“I” he kissed her nose “Love” he kissed her chin “You” he kissed her lips before pulling back to look at her dishevelled state. Her hair; strands messy and unkempt around her face; the perfectly applied berry lipstick now kissed off and Angel had a momentary thought about where her lipstick now decorated!

Sighing, Cordelia rolled her sated body next to his and pulled his arm down so she could use his bicep as a pillow. “I guess we really should get up so we can pack and get back to L.A before morning”

“You’re right, we should” Angel yawned and curled round her.

“Yep” her eyes fluttered and she stifled a yawn, “Good job with the yawning” she thanked.

“Yep, so you wanna stay tonight and drive home tomorrow?”

“Why not? It’s not like Wes and Gunn have called us because we’re needed or anything. There must be no emergencies or big evils sprouting up from the sewers or the bowels of hell…”

“So… We’re staying another night then?”

“Like I said, Wes and Gunn haven’t called so they must be handling things”


“Man, when those two get back I’m gonna kick their asses!” Gunn threatened as he held up his goo-covered arms and axe. His dark eyes blazing with sheer fury and his expression crunched up in disgust and tiredness.

“Yes, I quite agree” Wesley pulled off his glasses to wipe the green slime off the lenses, “Bloody bastards. Do you know they have their phone switched off?!”


Cordelia took a long, lasting look around the bedroom of the cabin and inhaled the wooden scent deeply to memorise it. Pillows and blankets were put away in the linen cupboard leaving the bed bare and the curtains were closed. The light covering of dust had been cleaned away by Angel after he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Her fingertips trailed the door she was leaning on, a wistful smile swept across her face as sweet memories of this room rolled around her head. Not that they had spent all that much time in here, they had prefered to set up camp in the living room in front of the fire.

Turning away from the bedroom, Cordelia closed the door behind her with a soft click as though not wanting to disturb her memories. Her heels made little clacks as she walked lazily to where Angel was waiting for her in the living room. “You ready?” she asked, pouting because she didn’t want to go home.

“Yeah, you?” Angel echoed, his hands were clenched as his courage began to wither and wilt now that he was faced with what he wanted to do. Would she think he was stupid? Would she laugh in his face? Would she just stay quiet or would she say he was a sentimental idiot?

“You okay? You look like you’re shaking” Cordelia frowned a little, he had this funny panicked look on his face and yes, he was definitely shaking.

“Can we, um, sit down for a second?” he asked as lip biting also joined the shaking and the panicking. Angel guided her to a chair and sat her down as pacing came like a bright idea. The vampire started pacing, biting his lip, panicking and shaking. “I…” where the hell were his balls?

“Angel whatever it is, you can tell me” Cordelia said with an amused grin, she had never seen him quite so nervous before and it was downright funny. A finger was brought up to save his lip from being bitten. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Who me?” Angel asked with wide eyed surprise as though he wasn’t expecting her to talk to him.

“No, the panicky vampire next to you” she rolled her eyes, “Yes dumbass, you”

“Uh yeah, I’m fine. Perfect. Not a problem” no there wasn’t a problem. There were a million problems with this picture. “Okay” he took a deep breath and ceased his panicked pacing. “I have something for you but I don’t want you to say anything until I’m finished okay?”

“Okay” Cordelia watched him through suspicious eyes as he took out a little, black box from his jacket pocket and held it as though it would run away. “Oooh pres…!” off his pained look, she smiled apologetically, “Sorry go on”

“Where to begin. Where to begin” Angel sighed, gave her the box and dove right in.

Cordelia opened the box to find a coin-sized silver compass with a delicate chain. There was an emerald at the North point, the little hand was onyx black and the glass was thick. One the back she found an engraved copy of his tattoo with C/A underneath and the date they got together. She looked up at the vampire who was watching her and obviously waiting for her reaction.

“It’s gorgeo…” she went to thank him but a finger to her lips prevented her from talking.

“It’s a compass” Angel stated the obvious fact, “I know what it’s like to be lost Cordy, a-and I know what it’s like to be alone. When I first got my soul, it… I was so lost and didn’t know where to go”

Cordelia felt the tiny pin-pricks of emotion fill her eyes at the though of the man she loved being so alone with nobody to turn to. Keeping respectfully silent, she gave him the opportunity to continue.

“I met up with a Slayer who showed me what love could be like, I got a purpose and there was people who wanted me around if only for my help but I was still lost” Angel carried on and moved his thumb to caress her jaw as he crouched down to look her in the eye. “Then I met you, you’ve allowed me to live, gave me hope and friendship and so much more than that. I’m not lost anymore, I know where to go if I need you. It’s because of our friendship that I want you to have this compass”

She didn’t quite follow where the compass fit into this.

“When you taught me about life, you showed me anything can happen and anything most probably will” Angel told her wryly with a half smile. “No matter what happens between us, I want you know that wherever you are you can always find me if you need anything. I don’t ever want you to feel lost like I was. I love you as a friend and as a lover, boyfriend or pet vampire. All I’m trying to say is you have someplace and someone for you”

“That’s probably the most I’ve ever heard you speak” Cordelia laughed softly and looked down before responding to him. “Thank you for this Angel. Really. No matter what, our friendship will always come first right?”

“No matter what” he agreed as his eyes scanned the room before settling on her face inquistively. “So… Don’t I even get a kiss for that? I mean I just poured my heart to you and I don’t even get a hug”

“You’re such a dumbass!” Cordelia closed her fingers around her most treasured possession and threw both arms around his neck, squeezing tightly. “Thank you so much” she pulled back just enough to give him a chaste, little kiss on his nose and lips. “We better go but I don’t wanna”

“Me either” Angel stood, helping her up steadily “But we can’t stay here any longer we have work to do”

“No we don’t, it’s a big lie. I don’t get visions and you don’t have to cut a bloody rampaging path through L.A’s demon population on a nightly basis. I only say I have visions so I can see those muscles get a workout” Cordelia told him desperately as he all but dragged her to the door.

“I don’t wanna go either” Angel grumbled childishly as he dragged his feet down the steps. “I wanna stay and play in the snow. I like the snow”

“C’mon Broody, we better go or else Gunn and Wes will be sending search parties out for us. Or a lynching mob” she called out.


“Cordelia…” Angel growled at her from the drivers’ side.

“What? It says you’re going the wrong way” Cordelia spoke but never took her eyes off her compass. “We need to go south but you’re going south east”

“I know where I’m going, I drove up here remember?” God, why the hell did he think a compass wouldn’t come back to bite him in the ass?

“But that doesn’t mean you’re going the right way back!”

The End.


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