Playing to Win.

Title: Playing to Win
Author: Nickle
Posted: 04/04
Rating: NC17
Category: Smut
Content: A/C
Summary: Prequel to Swordplay
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: By demand. *g*
Feedback: is delightful, like new shoes.

“Ten frickin’ bucks for 2nd place in a beauty contest? That is so bogus.” Cordelia tossed the card down with disgust.

“Which…that you’d only win ten dollars or that you came in second?”

Cordy grinned at Angel. “Both. Obviously, for me to come in second, it had to be a contest, like, of supermodels….” Angel grinned. “So the 2nd place I can buy, but ten bucks? Where was this contest…on a public access channel?”

Angel took up the dice and rolled, moving the racecar token 10 spaces. Cordy sighed as he landed on Boardwalk. Shit. He already had Parkplace, and 3 of the 4 railroads. This sucked. He grinned up at her, an evil, scheming, diabolical grin, and counted out the money for the property.

Great. He had the blues, he had the railroads, and he had a huge pile of money. She wasn’t doing too bad….she owned the greens and the reds and both utilities, and had four houses on the reds. But owning the blues…..not the killshot, but close.

Angel waved the blues in her face, just to annoy her. “See something you like, Cordy?”

“On paper, yeah.” Cordy’s tone was dry.

Angel grinned, unrepentant, and began counting out money to get houses. Cordy watched him with detachment. “Um, Angel, sure you wanna buy all the houses at once?”

“Why, yes, I am, little girl. I got the cash, I have the houses….” He looked down at the property deed for Boardwalk for a moment. “And I do believe I’ll have a hotel. Someplace for you to go, you know, when I bankrupt you.” He grinned a big goofy grin and scooped up to red hotels and plunked them down on his properties.

Cordy watched him, expressionless. After buying the property, the houses, and the hotel, Angel was down to 175 dollars. Cordelia looked down at his depleted account and back up at him.

“You know, owning the prime properties doesn’t make winning a sure thing.”

“Nope. Know that. Me being financially astute makes winning a sure thing.”

“Financially astute?” Cordy laughed. “Oh please.”

Angel settled back, his turn over. “Worried you’re going to lose?”

“No worries here, moneybags. Because your ass is grass and I’m a lawnboy. I’m so gonna mow you down and I, Cordelia Chase, will be Queen of Boardwalk.” She rolled and sighed, counting up and landing on the Go To Jail space. She trotted her little man on the horse token across the board and smacked him down to the square.

“Adding to the rap sheet, Cordy?” Angel grinned as he rolled the dice. An eleven. He rounded Go and made varoom varoom noises as he pushed his racecar to a screeching halt at the Just Visiting space. He grinned at her as he settled back. “Honey, ya gotta quit turning tricks. I’ll take care of you, promise.”

Cordy stuck her tongue out at him and rolled the dice, frowning as she didn’t get the doubles she was hoping for.

“Just pay the 50 bucks.”

“Now I know you really want to win. You never think anyone should pay the money to get out.”

Angel grinned as he picked up the dice. 7. Community Chest. Cordy took a sip of her beer while he read, “Pay school tax of $150.” He looked down, frowning. Cordelia smiled slightly as he tossed the money into the middle of the board.

“Not a lot of cash there, Mr. Financially Astute.” Angel looked at her, no longer smiling. He leaned back and took a pull off his own beer.

“Feeling the heat, Cordy?”

“Ah, yes, the glowy heat that comes with wiping up the floor with a cocky vampire.”

Angel met her gaze. “The floor isn’t wiped yet.”

“It will be.”

“Sure about that?”


Angel jiggled the dice in the palm of his hand, watching her a moment. “You seem pretty sure of yourself.”

“Hello….money, and spending it? I am such a pro. This is my game….” She grinned, picking up the small iron token and waving it at him. “These are my peeps.”

“I’ve got the big cards.”

“I’ve got me.”

Angel’s eyes glinted at her a moment. She sucked in a shallow breath. He looked down at the board, thinking a bit. “You’re pretty sure of you. Wanna make a small bet on it?”

Cordy licked her lips. “What kind of bet?”

“Maybe a little bit of Winner Takes All.”

Cordy was silent. “All?”

“All. The jackpot.”

Cordy sipped at her beer, thinking. “And the jackpot would be……?”

Angel was silent a moment, then his lips twitched and he looked up at her. She sucked in a breath deeper than before. This was going to be good.

“The jackpot would be the loser at the mercy of the winner till sunrise.”

A slow smile curved Cordy’s lips. “Mercy? You don’t know what the word means.”

“Since you’re so sure of yourself, you got no worries, babe.”

“Hmmmm. So one of us gets a sexslave for…” she looked at the clock. “Oh, about 8 hours. I don’t know, old man….think you’re up to it?”

“Baby, you’re the one who needs to worry. I’ve got big plans….and several of them….for you to fulfill.”

“You are so going down.”

“Nope. You going down on me is one of the plans.”

Cordy shrieked with laughter and threw a pillow at Angel’s head. He easily caught it and placed it behind his head. His grin was easy and calculating. “Deal?”

“So much a deal, Trump could only sit here and admire, Sweets. You’re toast.” Angel grinned at her and rolled the dice.


15 minutes later he was no longer grinning. All of his properties were mortgaged and he had to sell his houses. Continued landings on Illinois Avenue had wiped him out, and Cordelia had managed several turns around the board without landing on a single one of his properties.

Grimly, Angel picked up the dice and rolled. Cordelia counted in her head and jumped up, squealing. With a heavy sigh, Angel moved the racecar, no longer with the accompanying varoom varoom noises, to the Electric Company and smacked it down onto the space.

“Go me, go me…I won, I won…..I have the money, honey….I am the Queen…” Cordelia danced around in a circle, her hips swaying as she waved her arms over her head. Angel watched her as he sipped at his beer, grinning to himself at her lack of inhibition. “Sex slave! Sex Slave! I got a sex slave!”

“Gloating is a poor habit, Cordy.”

“Yeah, so’s losing.” Cordy danced around the sofa, giggling as she scooped up her beer. “I know, I know, no one likes a poor winner. Hey, you know what I like? THAT I HAVE A SEX SLAVE!!!!”

“Yes you do.” She grinned as he rose and set his beer down. “All you have to do is to tell me what to do….” He stalked towards her, all taut grace. “…and I’ll do it. All over. Over and over.”

Cordy had stopped hopping and was staring into his eyes, drawn by the lazy sensuality she saw in the dark chocolate depths. He stopped right in front of her, looking down at her. She shifted on her feet, never breaking the gaze.

He lifted one hand and slowly stroked her face before gently kissing her and whispering in her ear, “You have to command me. I’m new at this slave thing….I want to do it just right.”

“Yeah. No worries there.” Cordelia felt a languid heat pour through her body. She loved this. Playful Angel was fun Angel. Fun Angel was sexy Angel. Sexy Angel was……delightfully exhausting. They both stood still, and finally Cordelia shifted a little impatiently. “So….slave away, already.”

“I told you…” Angel’s voice was low and patient. “I’m new to this. I can only meet the needs of my Mistress when she tells me what they are.” Cordy stared up at him, nonplussed.

“Oh. Okay. Let’s take this up to the bedroom. Don’t wanna have to explain why you’re totally setting me off to Wes and Gunn.” She grinned up at him. “Carry me, Slave.”

“Glad to oblige.” Cordy reached one arm for Angel’s neck, expecting him to sweep her up and carry her up the stairs in a romantic flurry. He grinned, ducking her arm and settling firm hands around her waist, gripping her and tossing her easily over one shoulder.

She shrieked, laughing, and he turned to start up the stairs to their suite, holding one arm clamped around her legs to hold her steady against his body.

“Ghhaaaa…….not what I had in mind, Angel.” Her voice held breathless laughter as Angel stalked down the hallway to their rooms.

“Well, now, let that be a lesson. I’m just a slave. I only do exactly what I’m told.” He strolled into their suite and closed the door behind them, locking it before giving her ass a little pat and setting her down on her feet.

She wavered a bit on her feet and looked up at him, her hair a silken tousle around her head and shoulders. He grinned down at her and let his eyes roam over her face, seeing her openness and trust shining out at him.

“Um…ok. Kiss me.”

Angel stared at her impassively. “Where?”

Cordelia was startled. “Oh. Well, here.” She lifted her face so he could brush against her lips. He did, softly, keeping his hands firmly at his side. Cordy sighed against his lips, a soft whisper, feeling a tug at her heart as he caressed her mouth. He coaxed and teased gently, soft kisses that were sweet and lovely.

Cordelia pressed against him, feeling a flush overtake her body as she pressed her mouth harder to his. He grinned to himself, pulling back a little, keeping it tame.

Finally, Cordy pulled back and looked up at him, frowning. “Harder, Angel…I want more….”

“More?” Angel’s voice was a low whisper against the swollen flesh of her lips.

“More.” Cordy barely had time to respond before his mouth opened over hers, parting her lips. His tongue stroked into the wet heat, and she gripped his shoulders as he bent her back slightly, holding her steady with his arm while his mouth devoured hers.

Yeah. More like this. Cordy’s mouth was all sweet dessert for Angel, hot and slick. He knew that her body was like that all over right now. Warm…slick in the right places. And he was going to enjoy it. But, she was the winner, and he was hers to command. He groaned as she sucked gently at his tongue. Win-win, Cordelia.

He pulled back, gentling her with soft kisses before looking down at her, waiting. Cordelia’s eyes were clouded over with want, and she looked up at him, confused.

“What do you want?” His voice, low, was gravelly as he murmured in her ear.

“I want…..” her voice was a little breathless. “I want you to touch me.”


Cordy shivered at the silken whisper. She slowly raised his hands and placed them just above her breasts, along the firm slopes. His eyes darkened as he looked down at his hands resting on the slopes covered by the fitted blouse. His eyes rose to hers as he gently hefted the mounds in his hands, careful to not touch the pebbled tips as he slowly began kneading and caressing her breasts. She sifted impatiently in his hands, wanting his fingers RIGHT THERE right now. Her eyes pleaded with him and she gripped his wrists, but his fingers danced close to her nipples and then teasingly traced away.

“Angel….” Her voice was a little shakey. “Please…touch me.”

Her plea shimmered through Angel like a wave of fire. He cupped her breasts and lowered his head, taking one cotton covered peak inbetween his teeth and tugging gently. Cordelia moaned and grasped his head to her, feeling sensation shoot from her breasts, down through her abdomen, to pool between her legs.

“God. Angel. Take off my blouse.” Her voice was begging and he was happy to oblige, raising his head and holding her gaze as he unbuttoned each fastening carefully, slowly. He tugged it off and it gently floated to the floor. He broke his gaze to look down at the twin mounds that spilled out over the top of the demi-bra.

“Mmmm. Do you want the bra to go?”

“Yes. Yes. Right now. Do it.” Cordy’s voice was shakey with a begging command. Angel grinned to himself as he reached around her body, yanking at the fastening and feeling it pop before the bra loosened around her. He gently pulled it off and set it aside. She held still, still not used to being displayed like this for anyone. He knelt in front of her and looked up at her.

“May I remove your jeans?” His voice was steady, but excitement poured through him. She nodded down at him and he gently unfastened the snap, pulling the zipper down and parting the panel to reveal simple white bikini panties. He pressed his face into her abdomen and breathed in as he worked her jeans down her legs. She lifted each foot and he tugged the jeans off, tossing them aside in a heap. His fingers hooked into the waistband of her panties and he yanked them down and off, setting back to look up at her, standing all flushed and hot and soft and slick above him.

Her lips were still puffy from his kisses, and her eyes were huge and cloudy with want. She stood with her legs slightly apart so that he could see the dewey curls between her legs, musky with the evidence of her need. She backed up a step and turned towards the bed, crossing to it. He licked his lips, watching the sway of her bare ass as she walked, the soft flex of the intricate tattoo at the base of her spine as she moved. She climbed onto the bed and lay back on the pillows. Angel watched her, restless…poised.

“Take ‘em off, sweetie.” Cordy waved a hand languidly at his clothes. Angel grinned to himself. That’s it, Cordy, you just go on thinking you’re in charge here. He reached for his shirt, unbuttoning it and shrugging it off before letting it drop to the floor.

Cordy watched, biting her lip as he reached for the belt at his waist. Her breath came quicker as he unzipped his own slacks and pulled them off, his eyes never leaving hers. Nude, he stood at the foot of the bed, his dark eyes lazily intent. His body was rock hard, and she found her gaze caught by the size and hardness of his erection, full out from the dark curls between his legs. She crooked a finger at him and motioned him to come closer. He did, all stalking grace. She took his hand and tugged, pulling him down onto the bed. He fell across her, and brushed his lips on the tip of a coral nipple. Cordy moaned, arching her back and he sucked it gently into the wet recess of his mouth.

His hands traced over her face, each line committed to his memory as he trailed a gentle hand down her throat….over her shoulder. His teeth tugged even more insistently at her nipple as his hand traced down between her breasts, down over the gentle curve of her abdomen. Her legs shifted, parting more, when his hand brushed the tops of her thighs, lightly tickling the satiny flesh. His mouth lifted off her nipple and he buried his face in the valley between her breasts, flicking his tongue at the steadily beating pulse, a siren’s pull to his senses.

Cordy took in shallow breaths as she felt his hand stroking at the soft flesh between her legs. She pressed her body harder to him, opening herself more for his hand to tease and carress. His lips traced up over her other breast and he taunted that nipple, laving it with his tongue and pulling at it with his lips and teeth.

Ohgodyespleasejustlikethat. Cordy threw up irreverent thanks to heaven as Angel’s hand finally stroked at the wet folds of flesh between her thighs. Puffy, slick skin, all needy and demanding. She felt one finger press into her tight channel, twisting slightly and pulling back out. Her hands gripped his head and held him to her breast, mindless to all but the sensation of pull at her breasts, the feeling of hot want between her legs.

Angel inhaled her arousal like a man denied oxygen for too long. The richness of her scent surrounded and filled him, and her frantic need fed his. He stroked another finger into her heat, and she bucked her hips against his hand demandingly. He felt her body begin to tense as he pumped his fingers in and out of her body in an increased rhythm, and he gentled his movements, judging when she was just at the brink of her orgasm to calm her body and slow her down.

Impatient, she looked down at him. “What are you doing?”

His lazy voice belied the thick rock-hard muscle that rose from between his own legs. “Making sure we take our time.”

“I don’t wanna take our time. I wanna…” she tapered off, embarrassed.

“What?” He asked, interestedly. “What do you wanna do, Cordelia?”

“Goddammit.” She sifted, trying to push her body more onto his hand. He held her gently at bay. She met his gaze, fierce and determined. “I wanna cum. God, please….I just wanna…” She broke off, startled, as he rose up and flipped her over onto her stomach. He kneeled behind her, and pulled her back to straddle his strong, bunched thighs. He reached down and yanked the blouse off, throwing it aside. He pulled her body up so that her back was pressed against his chest, and he pulled her hips down, pressing the thick length of his cock into her body in one fluid movement.

She gasped, raising her arms over and behind to lock around his neck as he leaned forward, reaching around to cup her breasts as she rose and fell on his cock. She looked down at his hands, teasing and pinching and tugging and circling the coral nipples, her eyes glued to each movement as her hips rocked back against him.

They fell into an easy rythym, damp skin pressed to cooler skin, rubbing with each thrust. As they rocked, Angel leaned into her ear and whispered dark words, shocking her with his bluntness and earthiness, making her more frantic and needy. He felt her body tighten and her back arch against him, her frantic whimpers signaling her body’s loss of control. He groaned, riding out her orgasm as she clenched and milked his cock, feeling her thighs clamped with iron strength around his.

His hands cupped her breasts as he came into her sensitized body, feeling the cool release as he came, filling her with his essence, leaving him feeling sated and replete.

His hands gentled as they both calmed down, and he felt tremors in her thighs from being clamped around him. He gently eased her off and lowered her to the bed.

Cordelia flopped down onto the bed, face down, all limp and boneless. She felt the heavy sigh that shook Angel’s body as he lay down next to her, his face buried in the pillow. They both lay there a moment, silent, before Cordy turned her head to look at Angel. He lifted his head and met her gaze, the gentle light in his eyes a marked contradiction to the power she knew he held.

“Gotta tell you, Angel sweetie…..I think you got a little uppity there…being a slave and all.”

His voice was tired but amused. “You weren’t pleased with my humble performance?”

“Ok, now that’s just wrong. Nothin’ humble about you.” Angel grinned at her. “And…you know I was pleased.” She leaned over and kissed him softly. “I just wonder, who was in charge back there?”

Angel blinked at her, all innocence. “Ah. Well, I guess we’ll have to try again. If that’s what you want. I only do what I’m told.”

Cordy laughed. “Right.

They lay there a moment longer, silent as they both recovered. Finally, Cordelia giggled and sang out in a soft voice…”I got a sex slave. I got a sex slave.”

“No one likes a poor winner.”

“Yeah….” She rolled over onto her side and grinned at him. “Good thing you know how to play the game so that we both win.”

“You don’t think that we’re done, do you?” Her eyes opened wide, startled. He grinned over at her. “The night is young, sweetie. Long way off till sunrise. I intend to meet my end of the deal.”

Cordelia drew in a long breath. This was gonna be a long night. And Angel wanted to play. Good thing that in this game, everyone won.



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