Caged Hearts. 3

Part 3

Angel had no idea where the dream came from. This wasn’t the first time he’d had a sex dream. Aw, hell – if he was being completely honest with himself it wasn’t even the first time he’d had a sex dream involving Cordelia.

He wasn’t a eunuch for cryin’ out loud and Cordelia was a very attractive woman, but in this particular dream…

In this particular dream, things were different. For starters, it was a lot more vivid than what he was used to, complete with 100% surround-sound, 3D special effects and scratch-and-sniff spanking.

Ohhhh yes. Angel remembered the spanking.

Angel blinked away the mental images as he sat upright in bed and regarded Cordelia, cautiously. In turn, she regarded him back with a wide-eyed gawk that registered somewhere between mortification and slight fear.

In her hands, Cordelia nervously twisted a Beanie Baby in a vice-like stranglehold, and Angel found himself wondering if she had been watching him sleep this whole time?

It was apparent that she’d been standing in his room long enough to tidy up the whole mess of crap that he and Connor had left in the wake of their whirlwind playtime session earlier on in the day, and judging by her facial expression, Angel could safely assume she was more than aware of what sort of thing he had been dreaming about.

Angel cast a glance down at his sweat pants, and saw that the evidence of his filthy, filthy subconscious was not only obvious, but damn well pointing accusingly at Cordelia. If Angel listened carefully, he could almost hear what it was trying to say.

‘You!’, it said, ‘This is all your fault, Cordy! Why don’t you try dressing in a moomoo every once in a while?!”

Cordelia’s gaze followed his, and after catching sight of his blatant erection she balked, and bounced the Beanie Bear off Angel’s head with a resounding ‘thwap’.

“You moron!” She howled, “If I didn’t know for a fact that you have no reflection, I’d have sworn that you practice being stupid in front of a mirror or something! Oh my God! You’re supposed to be a eunuch!”

Angel watched her react, painfully still. Every muscle in his body coiled tightly together, aching to pounce off the bed and just grab Cordelia to shut her up. When the hell did she get so hot? Was there an office memo he missed, or something?

Angel’s eyes became inexplicably drawn to the white blouse that was pulled tightly over her full breasts, and distracted, he let his eyes glaze over.

Cordelia stamped her foot, “Pay attention!!”

Angel didn’t but Connor did. Safely tucked up in his crib in a room merely feet away from an explosive Cordelia, Connor voiced his objection at being untimely woken up. Angel shook himself out of his miniature land of mental porn, and headed straight towards a cold shower.

“You woke up Connor.” He said, simply, “You can sing him back to sleep.”

Behind him, Cordelia seethed.


Gavin wasn’t impressed.

He’d been sitting on the floor in Files and Records for hours now, rooting through file after file, and the only thing he had managed to accomplish was losing all feeling in his legs. He stood up, stretched out for a bit, and grimaced at the tingly pins and needles sensation he got in return.

He hadn’t slept in over 32 hours. And there was a fair chance that he wasn’t going to sleep for at least another 32 hours.

Lilah’s plan to drive Angel to distraction was good, Gavin openly admitted that. Word on the grapevine was that the Senior Partners were damn near creaming themselves in excitement, and couldn’t wait to see Angel’s more demonic side work in their evil little favour.

Lilah was earmarked for a big promotion, a nice beach house and a couple of complimentary company cars, and Gavin, quite frankly, didn’t like that. If Angelus was going to run amuck in Los Angeles, it wasn’t going to be credited to Lilah Morgan.

Wolfram and Hart had invested every available resource in Lilah’s new project, so it was pretty obvious that the Senior Partners had faith in Lilah’s scheme. As far as Gavin could see, there was only one way to undercut Lilah, and that was finding someway to anchor Angel’s soul before he got a chance to, well … lose it.

The trouble, Gavin mused, was that better men than him and already tried that tactic with Angel, and failed quite spectacularly.

Gavin stretched his arms, and jumped up and down a couple of times, trying to get his circulation going. As a classically trained lawyer, he knew that everything had loopholes. Everything. Even the universe. It stood to reason that Angel’s curse had loopholes too.

Gavin reasoned that it was only a matter of time before he found someway around it, and showed Lilah up for what she really was.

A pretentious, self-righteous bitch.

Sighing, Gavin sat back down on the floor and reached for the nearest unread file relating to Angel. He peered curiously at the file name, and did a double take.

“Friends and Relations#89a, Sunnydale: Rosenberg, Willow.”

What the hell kind of name was Willow Rosenberg?

Part 4

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