All Days & Nights to Follow. 1

Title: All the Days & Nights to Follow        AtDaNtF ficpic
Author: Lysa
Posted: 05/04
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU / Smut, BtVS2
Content: C/Aus & C/A
Summary: Now re-ensouled, Angel must decide whether or not to take Cordelia up on an invitation she left with Angelus. Sequel to A Night to Remember.
Spoilers: BtVS Season 2
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: Anywhere…please let me know.
Notes: ANtR was based on a challenge by Sunscorched where Drunk!Cordy and Drunk!Angelus come face to face. Together, they had A Night to Remember. Since this little sequel seems to be extending longer than most standalones (excepting mine that is), I decided to make this a short serial of 2-3 parts.
Thanks/Dedication: Since I can’t seem to write a PG or R fic around here without you Smut Fiends demanding explicitly smutty sequels…this is for you.
Feedback: Even more virtual margaritas and seabreezes for all. Cheers!

Part 1

Chase Residence, Cordelia’s Bedroom

“What do you mean it’s happening tonight?” Cordelia barked the question into the cell phone. “Right now?”

Jenny Calendar let out a short sigh on the other end of the line, her exasperation smothered by the crackling connection. The unruly weather outside seemed to be interfering with the call, but it was one that she felt obligated to make. Anyone whose life had been touched by Angelus was in some way her responsibility and there was no doubt that the vampire had made an impact on Cordelia Chase.

Judging by his constant demands to see her during the past month, which had gone ignored by Rupert, his slayer protégé and her friends, Cordelia had also made an impression on the Scourge of Europe himself. During the past month, while Jenny searched for a way to return the vampire’s soul, he remained a captive though he had been moved to Rupert’s townhouse apartment rather than leave him in the Chase mansion.

While Cordelia would have kept him there, Rupert found it ‘highly inappropriate’ for Angelus to remain. He made the excuse of not knowing when her parents might return from their current sojourn in Tuscany. “Finding a man chained to your bed might prove…rather shocking for them, especially when that man is a psychopathic vampire.”

He’d made the comment with his proper English nose stuck in the air, hands on the lapels of his tweed jacket and looking adorably stuffy. Jenny knew Rupert had been more than just a little surprised at the news when Cordelia called him that morning. Out of an almost fatherly concern, he’d asked her along to provide Cordelia with some emotional support. Instead, Jenny ended up trying to act as referee for the teenager who was all but attacked with questions by Buffy, Willow and Xander.

Not that Cordelia appeared to want or need a referee of any kind. She more than held onto her home-field advantage and never let it go. Never once did she make an excuse to them except to say that Angelus had been drinking. It wasn’t until later that Cordelia actually sorted out that her own drinks at the Bronze were spiked by one of the guys from the football team and related that to Jenny during one of their soon-to-be many confidential chats.

The rift between Cordelia and the others seemed impossible to bridge after that day and when Rupert denied her access to his house, and therefore to visiting rights to Angelus, the brunette was forced to step back. Down, but not out. Jenny had to admire the rather mature face Cordelia had put on during the past few weeks and had secretly been keeping her informed of the progress on the re-ensoulment spell and the vampire’s status.

“Things were crazy today,” Jenny explained the delayed call. “I discovered the last piece of information I needed, but we have to move on this tonight. If I am to do this right, it must be in the Kalderash way.”

Cordelia stared out her balcony doors where the rain pelted down furiously. “If that involves any of us dancing naked under the gypsy moon, I don’t suppose you could pick a night with better weather.”

“You’re a riot, Cor,” Jenny returned drolly and then glanced over her shoulder at the activity in the other room. “We’re about to begin. Looks like Willow and Rupert are all set and waiting for me to get started. Get here now or you’ll miss it. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”

Ending the call, Cordelia headed straight downstairs pausing only to grab her car keys off the small table in the foyer. She darted out into the storm, the sheeting rain soaking through her clothing within seconds. Cordelia climbed into her car turning on the engine before setting the windshield wipers to maximum speed and flipping on the low-beam headlights. As soon as the security gate opened, Cordelia pressed her foot onto the gas pedal and set her Corvette in the direction of Rupert Giles’ house.

“Talk about your last-minute calls,” Cordelia complained to herself. Although, being honest with herself, she was surprised that anyone managed to make the effort to include her in witnessing Angelus’ re-ensoulment. Maybe she’d been dropped off everyone’s Christmas card list, but that didn’t mean she had no interest in Angel’s wellbeing or had no right to be present at an event that might mean the difference in his continued existence and sweeping him up in a dustpan.

No way even Jenny would see to allowing Angelus to continue to live after what he’d done to her Uncle Enyos. Part and parcel of the danger the Kalderash tribe of gypsies faced in their observation of the cursed vampire, she accepted the risk her uncle had taken because it was one she took herself. But if the soul could not be returned, then Cordelia had no doubt that Jenny Calendar would condone putting Angelus down for good and if Buffy wouldn’t do it, Giles or Xander certainly would.

As if the sky was protesting the events to come, thunder growled across the sky as white lightning shot across the horizon. Cordelia maneuvered her car through the nearly empty streets of Sunnydale, rain pelting down hard on the slick blacktop.

Jenny was right. No matter the weather, this was one event she wasn’t going to miss. What was a freak storm in comparison to the greeting she was likely to get from the gang? Pfft! Nature had nothing on the blustery windiness of Hurricane Buffy.

While some part of her recognized the fact that she had slept with the evil version of Buffy Summer’s boyfriend possibly giving the blond slayer a legitimate reason to stay mad at her, there was nothing to be done to erase the memories of that long night of passion with Angelus.

Frankly, Cordelia didn’t want to forget a single second. Not that she could remember it all. There were parts of her memory still a little fuzzy from her apparently spiked virgin margaritas. What she did recall stayed constantly in her thoughts and invaded her dreams each night with images and sensations that left her body tingling.

By the time they’d reached her house that night, Cordelia had already nearly caused two wrecks. Drunken driving and Angelus’ wandering hands did not mix. The teasing touch of his mouth on her earlobe and the slide of his large hand across her breasts had her squirming in the driver’s seat. His fingers curled around one breast, giving it a firm squeeze and tweaking her budding nipple through the barriers that separated it from him.

Cordelia moaned, pressing herself into his hand, only he moved it away to toy with her hair. Reaching up, she grabbed his hand away dragging it back down to her other breast. Angelus chuckled in her ear, “Want my hands on you?”

“Yes,” she admitted with a nod. It seemed like a necessity. It was all she could do to concentrate on driving or else Cordelia figured she’d be trying to touch him too.

“How about my mouth?” Angelus practically purred the words into her ear resulting in another needful moan. “You’ll have to let me have a nibble there, sweet Cordelia. Bite those little nubs. Suck them hard. Tease them with my tongue.”

Lusty promises sounded in her ear all the way home. Those were the tame ones and still they left her hot, aching and her panties wet. Forget the fact that Cordelia had was convinced to get her revenge against Xander by sleeping with Angelus, she just wanted him. Plain and simple. Right now nothing was stopping her from getting what she wanted and boy howdy she had an idea he could give it to her in spades.

Screeching to a halt in front of her house, awkwardly angled and practically parked on top of the first step, she shut off the engine and reached over to grab Angelus by the lapel of his leather jacket. Yanking him close and covering his firm male mouth with her plush lips, Cordelia thought she might devour him whole with her kiss just to ease some of the need coursing through her body. He’d built her up to a fever pitch and they were still in the car.

The sheer enthusiasm behind that kiss delighted Angelus. He knew the little vixen would do justice to his lustful imaginings. Not to be outdone, Angelus brought both hands up to palm her face, opening her mouth up to him and slowing the kiss down to a snail’s pace of teasing near-misses as he hovered over her. Then alternating soft butterfly tugs with his lips and the hard press of his mouth on hers. Little sounds of pleasure poured from her throat swallowed by Angelus as he let her eager tongue tangle with his.

Pushing at his immovable chest, Cordelia was the one knocked heavily into the car door, the handle now digging into her back as she sat gasping for air and focusing lustfully in Angelus’ direction. She felt tingly and aching everywhere: golden skin afire, cheeks red and flushed, lips now swollen and her breasts so sensitive that the nipples rasping softly against the silk of her bra with each breath seemed too much to bear. There was an ache deep in her belly Cordelia knew only he could sate.

Scrambling from the car, they stared at each other across the hood, both leaning against its warm surface. Through the haze of their inebriated state, only their lust for each other was more overpowering. His gaze dangerous and wicked raked down Cordelia’s throat and jutting breasts to the place where her hips pressed against the car. She could almost feel that stare touching her.

“Come over here,” the intimate croon softened Angelus’ demand.

No protests this time. Cordelia wanted her hands on him, needed to feel the hard frame of his body under her touch, to crush herself against him and get lost in his kiss. “Whatcha gonna do when I get there?” she reprised her question from their little chat outside the Bronze as she sauntered in his direction.

Angelus decided to show her instead. Trapping her body between his and the car, he clutched her silky thigh pulling it up around his waist. Then thrusting forward pressed his bulging erection into the cradle of her hips. With a gruff sound, Angelus claimed her mouth again and spent the next countless minutes giving Cordelia a hint of what was to come.

The hard frame of the car dug uncomfortably against her ass, but Cordelia hardly noticed. Their wild kisses distracted her. Not to mention the way he felt in her arms. Mmm, the vampire was all bulky, corded muscle under her roving fingertips. Hitching her leg just a little higher, Cordelia rotated her hips to meet the hard friction of his cloth-covered erection grinding against the thin silk of her panties so close to her throbbing center.

Those large hands held her, caressed her, and touched her in ways that drove her mad with wanting his skin on hers. When Angelus pulled back from her lips, a soft sound protest erupted from Cordelia’s throat. He held her steady, her breasts full, pebble-tipped and aching as they pressed into his hard chest. “Time to invite me in, baby.”

Geez, could anything be more frikkin’ obvious? Cordelia traced a hand along his jaw, asking in a throaty undertone, “You want in?”

“Unless you want to be fucked on the hood of your car,” Angelus insisted hotly as if he was considering that option right then.

Uncurling her leg from around him, Cordelia gave him a shove, which he obligingly took a step back. He watched the playful curl of her mouth as she told him, “Not the first time.”

While Angelus was caught up in thinking the suggestion was still on the menu, Cordelia moved past him to pick up her keys from where she’d dropped them as soon as he’d pulled her into his arms. She’d had much better things to do with her hands than to hold keys. Giggling at the naughty thoughts that followed, Cordelia walked up the stairs and after several attempts found it grabbed from her hand by Angelus.

“I’ll do it,” impatience sounded in his voice drawing more laughter from the tipsy brunette as she watched his hand wavering.

“Aim not so good, Big Bad Vamp?” Cordelia chuckled as he missed again. “That’s not a very good sign considering you can’t even put the lock in my key.”

Angelus paused long enough to grumble a correction, “Key in your lock.”

“You can’t do it.”

“Can too.”


Then he leered, adding with a waggle of his eyebrows, “I have a very big key.”

Sucking in a gasp of air, Cordelia remembered the way he felt against her. “Mmm. Yes, you do.”

Snatching the keys back, she pushed it into the lock and then thrust open the door to step inside. Turning around, Cordelia let her gaze travel over the waiting vampire from the top of his dark head down to his black shoes, arousal apparent on every inch of him. Those dark eyes trained on her were filled with lust and expectancy as he waited for her to voice the words that would gain him admittance to her house.

“Angelus,” porch light glinted like stars in her hazel orbs as Cordelia suddenly told him, “goodnight,” slamming the door between them.

“What the fuck? Cordelia!” The vampire snarled her name and proceeded to pound on the thick door.

It opened after a few seconds to the sound of Cordelia’s amused laughter. Geez, that was funny. “Gotcha! Just kidding, dork. I invite you in already.”

Storming across the threshold, Angelus prowled around the foyer trying to decide if he wanted to spank her or reward her for that little bit of torture. For a second, he thought she’d lied to him, tricked him, teased him, led him on and aroused him only to play him for a fool on her doorstep. Damn, she could twist him up in knots without even trying hard.

Taking a handful of her silky hair in his fist, Angelus tugged just enough to force her to move closer. As he leaned down to brush his cheek along hers, the whispered words in Cordelia’s ear left her shuddering in wanton response. “Vixen, I hope you know what you’ve invited into your house because I’m about to let you have every inch of me.”

The memory alone nearly caused Cordelia to miss the turn into the complex where Giles’ townhouse apartment was located. Giving the wheel a sharp turn, she nearly ended up in the ditch, which was already flooding the street with water. Getting as close as she could, Cordelia pulled her car to a stop. The rain was still pelting down and with the windshield wipers off it covered the glass with a sheet of rain so thick that it made seeing beyond it impossible.

Weather like this was so rare in this part of California that Cordelia never carried an umbrella with her or kept one in her car. Darting out of the car, she made a run for it, but the distance between the parking area and Giles’ courtyard entryway left her soaked through by the time she reached the door.


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