The Night of the Ballet

Title: The Night of the Ballet
Author: Gilly
Posted: Feb ’04
Rating: N-17
Category: Smut
Content: C/A
Summary: My take on what should have happened after the Ballet.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO and archive, any other please let me know.
Feedback:yes please.

A limousine pulled up outside the old Hyperion hotel and decanted five weary people. At first glance anyone looking at them would have thought what an attractive group they made. Three tuxedo clad men all tall, dark, and handsome and two beautiful willowy brunette girls, dressed in stunning evening gowns. They had obviously been out for the evening but if you looked closely you would see a rip in a shirt, blood on the jacket of another, they all had various cuts and scrapes, one man had the beginnings of a black eye and the girls hair was escaping from the intricate styles they had begun the evening with.

‘I’m dying for a cup of coffee,’ said Cordelia as she gracefully walked across to the entrance and pushing the large glass doors open.

‘Me too,’ Fred and Gunn said almost together, as they followed her through the doors.

‘And me,’ said Wesley ‘and I’d better have some steak for my eye, have we even got any steak?’

‘No, but we had some nice ‘O pos’, if you’re interested?’ replied Cordelia, ‘Angel, want some?’ She turned to the quiet vampire who stood behind her.

‘Yeah, please,’ Angel replied, before sniffing and standing alert as Lorne came down the stairs.

‘Hello campers, how was your evening?’ Lorne asked.

‘Oh you know the usual, music, ballet, evil fiends and fighty,’ replied Cordelia caustically, as she sat down and eased off her high-healed pumps.

‘Good, err fighty?’ asked Lorne.

‘Yes, the ballet was one Angel had seen a hundred years ago, and it was the same one in ‘every’ detail. There was this Count who had invoked a spell, so the same prima ballerina danced for him repeated and had been doing so for all those years’ said Wesley.

‘Men, can you believe how obsessed they can be?’ Cordy commented to Lorne, before glancing guiltily over to the dark haired vampire, a slightly apologetic look on her face.

Wesley went back into kitchen to find some ice for his swelling eye. Fred came over with cups of coffee for Cordy and Gunn, and a mug of warm blood for Angel. He sipped his blood in quiet contemplation. He could smell something different it was something vaguely familiar but he couldn’t quite place it

‘Lorne, has anything happened tonight?’ he asked the green skinned demon.

‘Well…. I just getting to that..,’ replied Lorne.

‘Is Conner OK?’ interrupted Angel, starting toward the stairs to go to his baby son.

‘Calm down Angelcakes, he’s fine,’ soothed Lorne. ‘I was just getting to the good bit in my story about the rat pack, Conner was really enjoying it, kicking his feet and cooing, when I thought I heard a footstep on the stair, you know the one that creaks…’

‘Get to the point, Lorne,’ said Angel, exasperated by the Pylean’s rambling.

‘Well, who should turn up but…’ said Lorne.

‘Princess!’ exclaimed a new voice. Angel turned round; ready to protect his friends from the intruder.

‘Groo?’ Cordy said, as the tall warrior swept her up into his strong arms, his body clad in animal skins, his hair long and flowing.

‘Yes my Princess, I’ve come to you,’ said the Groosalug, as he spun Cordy round.

Neither noticed Angel slipping up the stairs to go to his son a heart broken expression on his face. Wesley looked at the disappearing vampire’s back view and shrugged, he had enough emotions of his own to deal with. He had thought that he had a chance with Fred, but it seemed she preferred Gunn. He’d seen them kissing backstage, after the fight at the ballet. He sighed and went into his office, a cup of coffee in one hand and icepack in the other.

Cordy and Fred started to question Groo about his arrival, while Gunn scowled at the attention ‘his’ girl was paying to the Pylean champion.


Angel stood looking down at the sleeping child. He still could hardly get over the wonder of this child, his son. No one had been more surprised than him, when Darla had turned up heavily pregnant; Conner had been born a couple of days later but at the expense of Darla’s life, the miracle son of two vampires.

Angel undressed and after hanging up his tux he went into the shower. “If only I’d spoken to Cordelia sooner,” Angel thought, as he absently cleaned his body, reluctantly removing the intoxicating smell of Cordelia from his hands.

He slipped into soft worn sweats and a tight muscle shirt and went to sit in his favourite chair to relive the events of that evening.

It had started off well with Lorne ‘eaves-reading’ him while he crooned a lullaby to Conner, to settle him to sleep.

‘Hey there stud muffin, who’s a lucky boy then?’ Lorne had said.

Angel looked at the Pylean demon, wondering what he was on about this time, Lorne tended to enjoy being cryptic.

‘I noticed your aura’s has changed; it looks as though your soul is anchored. Congratulations, now you and the Princess will be able to fulfil your dreams,’ Lorne finished, looking smug.

Angel smiled, a rare site in itself, and thought about the woman he loved. “Had he any right to pursue her, after all what did he have to offer her?” he mused.

He thought back to the strange happenings at the ballet.

On going backstage Angel and Cordy had been possessed by the spirits of the ballerina and her lover. Angel had been possessed before and these things never went well. Things had started to get hot and heavy between them, before two of the theatre masks had broken in and tried to kill them. Angel had fought them off and in doing so earned Cordy’s admiration; at least he hoped it was hers and not the ballerinas, the possession had been broken for him by then.

They had met up with Fred, Wes and Gunn, fought against even more of the demonic masks until Angel had gone and smashed the power source from around the Count’s neck and things had returned to normal.

On the drive home Angel decided to bite the bullet and tell Cordy how he felt about her. He knew he loved his seer with all his heart and had wanted to tell her tonight

“What bad timing for the Groosalug to turn up this very night,” thought Angel, as he slipped into his usual brood mode


Angel was almost dozing off when he heard a quiet hesitant knock on his suite door; he went to open it to find Cordelia standing nervously n the doorway.

‘Hi, can I come in?’ she asked, nervously rubbing her hands together.

‘Yeah of course, but keep the noise down Conner’s asleep,’ whispered Angel. He hoped she wasn’t here to tell him how wonderful Groo was and that she was going to ride off into the sunset with him.

‘Where’s Groo?’ he started, trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice.

‘Oh he left, I sent him off with Lorne to make sure he gets home OK,’ she replied.

Angel felt his spirits lifting.

‘Does this mean…’he couldn’t finish. He mentally smacked himself in the head, “get a grip, you prat or you’ll lose her” he could hear Angelus taunting him.

‘Shut up,’ he said, and then quickly at Cordy’s look of hurt. ‘No, no, not you, it’s Angelus, he’s in my head,’ Angel said. ‘Cordy, I’ve wanted to say this to you for a long while, and it’s OK if you don’t feel the same,’ he paused.

She took a deep breath her hazel eyes glued to his deep brown orbs.

‘I love you, and have done so since before Conner was born, I haven’t much to offer you and would totally understand if you said no…..,’ he trailed off.

‘I love you Angel,’ she said simply, and flung herself into his arms. Their lips meshing with a frantic urgency, both reminded of the events earlier in the evening.

Angel moaned at the taste of her and deepened the kiss putting all his feelings into it. They parted after a while, Cordy gasping for breath.

‘Wow, that was something else,’ she gasped and grabbed his shoulders pulling him down to kiss him again, her body pushed flush against his. Angel kissed her then allowed her to breathe by smoothing his mouth down her neck and nipping gently at her pulse points.

He moved back to her mouth to kiss her again and began to caress her body through her gown, his fingers moving in small circles as he explored, his lips not leaving her for a second.

Cordy gasped for breath and pulled away, ‘Angel, stop, what about your curse?’ she said.

‘Not a problem, my soul is secure,’ he replied, chest heaving from all the emotion he was feeling.

‘Oh, that’s great,’ she said, grinning and flung herself at the vampire, who caught her and twirled her round in a circle.

He put her down and moved over to the bedroom door and pulled it to. He could hear Conner if he woke, but figured the baby wouldn’t be disturbed by the events in the bedroom.

He couldn’t wait to unwrap his prize as he gathered her into his arms again, kissing her and nibbling at her neck before lowering the straps of the gown. It fell to the floor, leaving her clad in crimson bra and thong, fine lace top stockings and high-healed shoes.

‘Oh God, you’re beautiful,’ Angel groaned, as he felt himself hardening almost painfully at the delicious sight before him.

Cordy pulled his vest over his head, before running her hands down his naked chest, teasing his nipples into hard nubs.

Angel sat her down on the bed and took a shoe-clad foot in his hand. ‘I love a woman who can wear high heals, they look so elegant,’ he sighed as he kissed her foot, before slipping the shoe off and sliding his hands up her leg until he reached the top of her thigh left uncovered by the stocking. He kissed and licked at her skin, revelling in the slightly musky scent that was uniquely Cordelia. Before she knew it he carefully rolled the stocking off before repeating the process with the other leg.

Angel stood back to admire the beautiful picture she made; Cordy turned to make a grab for the top of his pants, but he moved out of reach. He didn’t want to frighten her as he stilled her hands. He carefully undid the strapless bra and removed it before pushing her back onto the bed and hooking his thumbs in the sides of the last scrap of lace she wore. He lowered it slowly down her legs, leaving her gloriously naked for his hot gaze. She self-consciously crossed one leg over the other.

“No don’t, you look just perfect like that” murmured Angel breathlessly, he didn’t need to breathe but felt the urge to do so as he stood back and looked at the beautiful woman spread before him.

“Someone’s little overdressed,” said Cordelia, eying the half naked vampire, her eyes drawn to the bulge in the front of his pants.

Angel quickly undid the fastening and slipped out of his final garment leaving him gloriously naked for her perusal. Cordelia’s eyes widened when she saw the size of his erection.

‘Golly is that ever all going to fit?’ she thought, a little frisson off fear running through her body. Angel sensed this and quickly moved to lie on the bed beside her hoping to put her mind at rest. He knew he was larger than average, he’d been told so many times before, and he didn’t want to scare the young woman.

He returned to kissing her and caressing her exploring her body with hands and mouth until she was soon so aroused she probably wouldn’t have noticed if the ceiling had fallen in. His hand slipped between her thighs, delighted to find them opening at his touch. He plunged a long finger into her wet warmth whilst his thumb caressed her hard nub. Cordelia arched up at the wonderful sensations and vampire was creating.

“God, Angel, what are you doing to me?” gasped Cordelia. She had never felt such wonderful sensations, she realised the vampire had obviously had plenty of practice, after all being around for so long, he was bound to pick up a few tips along the way. Despite what people had said about her in high school, she really wasn’t very experienced.

“Come for me baby” Angel whispered. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer without being inside her, it had really been too long and he’d loved her for so long.

Cordelia felt her legs open wider as he added a second finger, she really began to feel full and doubted she would last much longer. Angel’s fingers hooked round and found that sweet spot inside her, he rubbed it gently and she exploded into a powerful climax.

“Angel, in me now please,” said Cordelia. She grabbed hold of his hard shaft and pulled gently hoping to hurry the vampire. Angel needed no further encouragement, he knelt between her spread thighs and ran the tip of his erection over her moistness pushing until the tip rested inside her, he didn’t want to rush things, he didn’t know how much experience she’d had.

She wrapped her long tanned limbs around him and pulled him close forcing him to plunge further into her tight warmth. When he was fully sheathed inside her he paused to allow her to adjust to his girth. He peppered kisses all over her face and breasts, her arms surrounded his broad shoulders and she drew him close.

He thrust a few times he daren’t go too fast, he knew he wouldn’t last, all he really wanted to do was pound her into the mattress.

‘Jeez Angel, don’t stop,’ cried Cordy, she could sense another orgasm approaching. She tightened her legs round the vampire’s waist. Her body arched as her climax exploded and the feel of her internal muscles clamping round his hard shaft caused Angel to swell even more as he burst into his own release, finally loosing control and frantically pumping into the willing girl.

‘Oh Cor, I love you so much,’ he gasped, as soon as he could manage to form a coherent thought.

‘Mmmm, I love you to,’ she replied, then sighed a little when he withdrew from her and moved to lie beside her, pulling the bed covers over them both. They fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.



NB: I may continue this in the future, but for now I’ll leave it as a Standalone.

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