The Injured Party

Title: The Injured Party
Author: Gilly
Rating: R to NC-17
Category: Fluff
Content: C/A
Summary: A short pwp, fluffy smut fic. No burial at sea or higher being.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO -anyone else let me know.

It had been a quiet evening, the remaining members of AI had spent it watching a movie and joking with each other. They finally decided to turn in, Cordelia elected to stay at the hotel as it was getting late; she had her own room there for situations like this. She settled down in the empty bed and drifted off to sleep. She had only been asleep for about half an hour when a vision hit her.

‘Urgh, oh God those people, they’re so scared’ she cried as she tried to separate reality from the vision.

Fred sneaking down the corridor on her way to the kitchen for a food run heard her and entered her room without knocking. She rushed over to help the stricken girl, quickly getting her water and some pills.

Fred briefly left the room and knocked on Angel’s door before going to her own room to get Gunn.

‘Guys, wake up Cordy’s had a vision’ she yelled as she ran back to Cordy’s room, followed by the rest of the team, hastily pulling on clothes.

Angel & Gunn listened as Cordy told them about the vision. The team was short staffed now that Wesley had left the group and Connor couldn’t be trusted not to try and kill his father again.

‘The edge of the park, near some thick bushes, four teens, they’re having a “bar-b-q” can you believe these people have they no sense. Oh no demon in the bushes going to eat them’ she gasped as she replayed the vision in her mind.

‘Take care of her, Fred, please’ begged Angel as he and Gunn left the bedroom.

They hurried to the weapons cabinet, tooled up and left on foot for the park, as it was only round the next block.

Cordy got up, unable to sleep while Angel was out fighting one of her visions. Both girls found themselves in the lobby drinking water and in Fred’s case eating chips, waiting for their warriors return.

It wasn’t that long before Angel & Gunn staggered through the door of the hotel leaning against each other. .

Fred & Cordelia rushed forward to help them. Gunn had a nasty gash on his head and his shirt ripped away from his body revealing long scratches on his torso. Angel was limping with one arm hanging flaccid by his side, his shoulder having a large hole penetrating right to the bone, where something had penetrated.

Cordelia quickly assessed the situation.

‘Straight upstairs to bed for both of you, I think’ she said as she went to help Angel up the stairs, while Fred went to help Gunn.

They managed to reach Angel and Fred’s rooms slowly taking care not to jog the wounded warriors too much.

Fred and Gunn disappeared into Fred’s room, while Cordy took Angel over to his suite.

‘If you need any help give me a call’ said Cordy to Fred.

‘I think he needs you more’ replied Fred looking at Angel’s obvious discomfort as he swayed in the doorway.

Cordelia nodded and helped Angel over to his bed, removing his jacket before he flopped down.

‘Take your shirt off’ she said as she went to get the first aid box from his bathroom.

He managed to undo the buttons with one hand and get one arm out but couldn’t sit up to remove the rest, he was still struggling when she came back from the bathroom with the first aid kit and a bowl of warm water.

‘Don’t rip it’ he gasped knowing she would cut it off him if he didn’t stop her.

‘Why not?’ she asked.

‘Getting low on shirts, this will mend’ he groaned as she moved him forward to remove the rest of the shirt.

‘Geez squeaky with a buck!’ she replied.

He lay back and let her clean the deep wound.

‘What ever made this?’ she asked picking bits of rust from the hole with tweezers.

‘It flung me against some railings with curly tops, one was broken and I got impaled on it’ he said wincing as she probed deeper ‘before I could get free it laid into Gunn big time, the demon was very strong how come the vision didn’t mention that?’

‘Don’t ask me, I only get the cliff notes version’ she replied, wishing that just for once the Powers that be would be more concise when sending her the visions.

She finished patching his shoulder and moved her hands down to examine the scratches on his thigh.

‘Lets take your pants off; they’re not too badly ripped. Good job it got your side a little further to the front and you would have been a eunuch’ she said as she went to remove his boots. She went to his belt and undid it then started on his zip.

‘It’s ok, I can manage the rest myself’ he said as he moved her hands away from the zip.

‘Don’t be silly, I’ve seen you in your underwear before’ she said as she resumed her tugging at his zip.

She pulled the zip down and opened the front of his pants.

‘Oh’ she swallowed. If he could of he would have blushed as she looked at him, her face colouring.

He had been in bed when Fred had called him about the vision and had hastily dressed not bothering with underwear; boy was he regretting it now. The feel of her hands on his belt had fuelled the fire in his groin that had started when she tended to his shoulder and he could feel what blood he had left going to stoke that fire.

She took a deep breath and gently eased his pants down away from the scratches and off his legs, being careful not to look at anything other than his pants or the scratches on his hip and thigh. He gasped as she pulled the pants away from the wounds where they had stuck in the blood.

‘I’ll have to change this water’ she said and picking up the bowl almost ran for the bathroom.

She stood in the bathroom taking deep breaths before changing the water and returning to the bedroom.

‘Come on Cor, you can do this’ she told herself.

Cordy made her way back to the bed and looked at him, his eyes were closed and she could stare at leisure.

She thought she had never seen such a wonderful sight as the naked vampire spread out in front of her, she felt herself getting warm as she looked at him. She licked her lips and tried not to think about him making love to her, as she made her way back to the bed. “After all he was her best friend, wasn’t he? She shouldn’t be having thoughts like that.”

Cordy bathed the scratches on his thigh, not looking at his burgeoning erection. By the time she had finished she looked up and noticed he seemed very aroused. She glanced at his face to find him watching her with his deep brown eyes full of interest to see what she would do. He could probably smell her arousal she thought as she squirmed on the edge on the bed.

She went to empty the bowl in the bathroom and give him time to cover himself up, but when she came back he was still lying there in all his glory, head back, eyes shut.

‘Definitely not a eunuch or modest!’ she thought to herself.

She remembered the night of the ballet when they had been in the ‘prima ballerina’s’ dressing room. He’d plunged his fingers into her as he kissed his way down to her stomach, quickly bringing her to a climax, she had noticed his obvious arousal then and wondered what would have happened had they not been interrupted.

‘Come here’ he whispered, as she went to the bed as if drawn by a magnet. He reached up and pulled her down with his good arm and began kissing her.

‘What would I do without you, my Florence Nightingale?’ he asked between kisses.

She was becoming light headed and incoherent from his attentions, she never been kissed like that before, his mouth was cool to touch but sent a bolt of fire through her body alighting it like never before. His hands were everywhere at once all of a sudden his wounds not bothering him as much.

Cordy soon found herself naked in his arms; admittedly she only had on nightclothes, and so hadn’t been wearing much to start with.

“How did he do that, especially with only one hand working properly?” she wondered to herself, as she fell into his embrace as he rubbed his body against hers.

Angel pushed his fingers into her and she found her hand drawn to his cock. She was surprised how cool it was when it looked so hot and wriggled on his fingers at her thoughts of how it would feel buried inside her.

She gasped as he bent his head and licked his way down to her breast suckling and nibbling at her hard nipple then moving to pay attention to the other one. He pushed her legs further apart and soon found her bud and teased her to fever pitch.

‘Geez Angel’ she cried out as she felt herself erupt into an orgasm so strong it shook her whole body. She wondered what he would be like with both hands and fully fit as she shuddered down after her orgasm. He brought his fingers up to his mouth and idly licked them, committing her taste to memory.

‘Liked that did you?’ he asked before groaning as she intensified her actions on his nether regions.

Angel thrust into her hand as she gripped him; she leaned over and took him into her mouth cupping his balls that were tight up against his body. He growled as he felt her hot mouth over him her hand stroking and knew he couldn’t last much longer he’d imagined this for too long.

‘You’ve gotta stop. Cor…….. I’m coming, baby… so good’ he gasped, but she took no notice and a few seconds later he exploded into her mouth being unable to hold back any longer. She swallowed him down as best she could and licked him clean.

‘Liked that did you?’ she threw back at him as she smiled mischievously up at him.

Angel dragged her up and began kissing her tasting himself as his tongue explored every corner of her mouth.

Cordelia pulled away after a while.

‘Lack of oxygen becoming an issue’ she panted as she took gulps of air.

‘Sorry’ Angel replied trying to look contrite but failing miserably.

She pulled the covers over them and snuggled into his embrace. After a while he heard her heartbeat slow and with her regular breathing realised she was asleep. He let himself relax and for the first time in months fell into a dreamless sleep beside the woman he loved with all his heart.


Angel woke during the night and got up careful not to disturb Cordelia or his nearly healed wounds, and went to his fridge to get some blood. He downed both packets he had there and then made his way back to bed, slipping carefully back under the covers. When she felt him beside her again she unconsciously snuggled into his embrace as he drifted off to sleep again.

Cordy woke a while later; she had to use the bathroom so she cautiously got up so as not to disturb Angel. She tidied her self up, brushed her hair and teeth, and then went back to the bedroom. She couldn’t resist studying him as the sheet had slipped to his waist; with an arm above his head he was perfection of the male species. She had imagined he would look good naked but hadn’t realised how good, her inner picture of him looked black & white compared to the real thing. She slid back into bed, as soon as he sensed she was there the vampire unconsciously gathered her into his embrace and she fell asleep again.

The next time she woke it was to see him staring intently down at her, as soon as he realised she was awake he started kissing her leaving trails of kisses and licks down her neck and round her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as he moved his hands and mouth over her body exploring and tasting her. She ran her hands over his firm muscled torso, eliciting groans from him as she found some sensitive spots and paid them particular attention. She nibbled and licked at his neck as her whole body was crying out for his touch.

Angel moved lower and spreading her legs moved to lick at her clit as his fingers found their way inside her. She moaned and moved to give him complete access. What he was doing to her was the most wonderful thing she had ever known obviously two hundred odd years of experience made him an expert. He brought her to a crashing orgasm, she cried out at the intensity of it. He settled in between her legs and after kissing her passionately he probed her entrance with his rock hard shaft, his eyes pleading with her.

‘I want you inside me’ she gasped as she felt him part her lips.

Angel needed no further encouragement and slowly pushed inside her holding himself back, he groaned, he wanted to slam in her but thought as it was their first time he should take it slow. She wriggled and tried to impale herself on him wanting to feel him deep inside her. Eventually he was fully sheathed in her warmth, he kept still, knowing if he moved it would finish him, even after his earlier relief.

Cordy had never felt so full and could sense her womb clenching trying to draw him in. He started to move driving hard and deep then a few quick short thrusts until he pulled out and rubbed his tip over her clit nearly sending her over the edge as he thrust back inside her to experience the wonderful sensation of her muscles convulsing around him drawing him in, he thrust deeply pushing towards his release.

He hit the delicate spot deep inside her and they both erupted into a spiralling climax together, crying and growling at the sensations they were having. He carried on gently thrusting as they came down to earth then withdrew to lay sated beside her. He kissed her adoringly.

‘Wow’ she said when she could breath again ‘that was fantastic’

Angel dragged his head away from her neck and smiled at her ‘It was rather good, even through I say so myself’ he replied happily purring as he cuddled her to him.

The lay in each other’s arms and Cordy drifted off to sleep again lulled by his purring and after a while he followed her into dreamland.

At 10am Fred poked her head round the door on her way downstairs, to see if Angel wanted breakfast, when she saw the 2 dark heads asleep in the bed she quietly withdrew smiling to herself.

‘Finally, they got it together, now all we need is Wes & Connor back and we can be a family again’ she thought as she continued down stairs to get food.

Fred had persuaded Gunn to stay in bed for the morning, as she was sure he was slightly concussed after the bang he’d had yesterday he was coming out with some weird assed comments


Cordy came down stairs late in the morning to get some blood for Angel and cereal for herself, he’d drunk all the blood in his room and she thought he could use some more.

‘Good night?’ asked Fred grinning at Cordys dishevelled appearance. Cordy had just pulled on Angels discarded shirt and her panties and crept down hoping there was no one down there. She jumped nearly spilling the cereal all over the floor, when she heard Fred and looked around for Gunn preparing to bolt back if he was around.

”s Ok, I’m on my own’ said Fred guessing Cordy was looking for Gunn.

Cordy relaxed and poured milk over the cereal and sat down to eat.

‘How was it then?’ Fred added stuffing her face with pancakes she’d been to get for lunch.

‘Wonderful’ said Cordy dreamily as she spooned cereal into her mouth, ‘hey! what are you on about?’ she added blushing slightly.

‘I’m guessing your night with tall, dark and brooding’ said Lorne as he bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen to see about making himself his first Seabreeze of the day.

‘Does everyone know, is there no privacy here?’ Cordy ground out a bit embarrassed.

‘You were rather vocal’ replied Lorne, he’d come in from a club very late when everyone else was asleep, so had missed the vision of the evening.

‘Oh’ replied Cordy blushing more. She finished her food and started back up the stairs with Angel’s blood and the Sunday papers.

Fred and Lorne exchanged glances then giggled together at her mortification.

‘See you tonight then?’ called Lorne to Cordy and got a finger for reply.

When Cordy got back to the room Angel was just coming out of the shower, she gulped as she looked at his naked body still covered with a few droplets of water and wanted to lick him off his body.

She forced her thoughts back and said ‘here’s your breakfast and I’ve brought up the papers. I’m going for a shower,’ she rummaged in a drawer where she kept a few clothes and found some clean underwear. ‘You’ll have to lend me a shirt I don’t have any more with me’ as she disappeared into bathroom.

A while later she emerged drying her hair with a towel round her body. She looked over to the bed where Angel was lying on his side reading the paper; he stretched lazily and rolled onto his back, magnificently naked, as she went over a sat on the edge of the bed checking his injuries from last night, noting they had mostly healed by now.

‘Did you find me a shirt?’ she asked.

‘Yeah, on the chair, I don’t know what you want it for though, I sure you wont be wearing it for long’ he replied.

‘I’m not as comfortable as you obviously are with the whole naked thingy’ she said as she stared at him her eyes drawn to the parts of him she’d only dreamed of before last night. She pulled the shirt on and picking up the magazine supplement from the paper climbed on the bed and curled against his undamaged shoulder trying to concentrate on the magazine she’d picked up, instead of the vampire beside her.



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