UST & Turkeys.

Title: UST & Turkeys
Author: Frazi
Posted: 12/12/02
Rating: PG-13 for some language and references.
Category: Humor/romance
Content: A/C
Summary: Wouldn’t fresh human blood be a constant tease for a man who doesn’t drink anything but pig-positive?
Spoilers: That episode with the ballet 😛 I keep forgetting the name 😛
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: By all means just tell me where?
Notes: This is post Wesley going bad and Conner disappearing. Since the shows obvious dark tone I’m going into denial. So there. Beside 😛 i was bored
Feedback: Always helps the Muse

“Why do I have to do the cutting?”

Angel looked up as I whined softly. He was standing in my kitchen, the black sleeves of his shirt rolled up as he cleaned the turkey. “You didn’t want to play with bird insides so to speak.”

Watching the skinned, dead bird in front of Angel, I wrinkled my nose and turned away. “So you want big chunks or little chunks?”

Angel smirked softly at the look on my face. We still have good two hours to finish preparing the meal before the others showed up. Thanksgiving wasn’t really Angel’s thing, but I had insisted we needed family bonding.

Family bonding, Angel had presumed meant a quiet little dinner, but after he got the list, he discovered he got coerced into another party against his will. “Slices would be nice Cordy,” he answered her previous question as he prepared the turkey.

“I hate cooking.” I sighed again. This was such a bad idea. I mean it was bad enough I had him standing under the same roof as me, but it was worse knowing that all I had to do to feel his skin was to move back a few steps.

Dammit! This is what I hated ever since that fateful ballet night. Unresolved sexual tension was a bitch!

“I believe this was your idea, Miss Chase.”

I hmphed softly before picking up the knife and a lone carrot. Okay so maybe this really was my idea. But this isn’t want I had in mind when I thought ‘party’. I stared at the mountain of vegetables. Okay so maybe it wasn’t a mountain, but it looked intimidating enough.


Cooking for self and family. Bah Humbug! When I’d said thankgiving dinner, I’d hoped I would only do the eating part. But NO. Of course the others had bailed as soon as they heard the word ‘cook’. Oh well. I looked back at the busy vampire beside me.

At least Angel had been nice enough to offer to help me. After a lot of begging. I rolled my eyes. Lies Chase. He’d volunteered so she wouldn’t burn the apartment building down.

I sighed, slightly deflated. I so wished he’d had other motives, like having time enough to tell me what he had been saying that night after the ballet, but he calmly went about preparing diner. Now I know what an old-birthday balloon felt like. It was the same feeling I’d had when I’d stood at the airport with Groo.

The same feeling I’d felt when I thought I’d never see my family again and most of all if I never got a chance to help Angel fight the good fight. Our fight; not his alone. I sighed and closed my eyes the carrot pinned to the board the knife held carelessly.

It was the same damned feeling when I’d walked out of the Hyperion with the taste of Angel on my lips and Groo on my arm.

Lost soul possesions or not. My tastebuds seemed branded since the night and no matter how much I tried to deny it, the weird ache in my chest returned every time I thought about it.

“I hate cooking.”

Angel sighed. He watched at me as I stood there looking at the carrot like it was an alien and grinned. “You could always go rescue Lorne from Connor.”

I turned and met his eyes. I wonder if he knows his eyes soften every time he says his son’s name. Or when he thinks I’m not looking, when he sees the baby trying to eat my hair. Damn he has the sexiest eyes.

Besides, there’s something about a man in the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up and the front two buttons of his shirt undone…and I’ll shut up now.

“And leave you to kill the dinner alone? No way.” I looked down at the chopping board. I was pathetic. Pretending to know what I’m doing while just wanting to enjoy the sexual tension that only I could feel could only be described as masochistic.

Living with the undead was making me crazy. “Okay. Lets see. Slices.”

Angel smirked at my mock willingness. “You know how that is right?”

“Hardy Har Har! I’ll have you know Sir Broodsalot, I come from a long family of slicers.”

He pretended to look impressed as I leaned over the chopping board. My hair was twisted up in a clip as I held the vegetable between two fingers delicately as if it were alive. I liked this. I liked having intimacy of this manpire in my kitchen when that we had time away from demon-slayage and glowy vision.

The post-apocalyptic calm. Plus the unresolved sexual tension from my side. Damn he looked hot standing there glazing the turkey with a brush. I sighed again. Yup. Definitly unresolved.


Oh oh. Busted. “Hmmm?”

He smiled crookedly. “You should watch what you’re…”

A hiss burst from my lips as the metal cut into the soft pad of my index finger. “AWO!”

“Cordelia? You okay?”

I stared at the horizontal cut suddenly brimming with blood as it began to drip onto the chopping board. “Owie!”


“It’s nothing.” I winced at the sting. Nothing my eye. It hurt like a bitch.

Angel frowned with concern as he moved towards me. “What happened?” Then the metallic smell drifted up his nostrils and he froze, every muscle in his body becoming immobile. “I smell blood.”

I felt my own body tense with his blatant observation. I shouldn’t have been surprised, I mean hello! Big broody vampire here with intact bloodlust. Ofcourse he could smell it. I turned, hiding my had behind my back.”It’s nothing really…”

“Let me see.” He tried to lean over.

“Hey! Personal bubble!” The scent of his earthy aftershave made me jerk away in panicked retreat.

“Cordelia…” His brown eyes looked down into mine with firm resolve then his nostriles flare slightly. He raised an eyebrow. “That’s yours. Did you cut yourself?”

I stared at him. “You are so creepy. How the hell do you know what my blood smells like?”

“I”m a vampire Cordy. Let me see.”

I could tell he was concerned, but it seemed he wasn’t prepared as I held up her finger to show him the cut. Now I expected a reaction, him being a semi-neutured vampire and all, but nothing like this. I saw his eyes widen for an instant before he jerked away as if burnt. I caught the gold of his eye flash before he blinked and controlled himself.


“No kidding.” I cleared my throat. The heat in my stomach started to spread down all the way to my toes. Okay so a little blood, was making my sexy, undead, ex-boss look at me with those hungry eyes.

Eyes that previously I’d had the pleasure of seeing expressing such similar hunger while I was pressed up against every inch of his delicious frame, possessed by estranged lover’s souls.

His eyes were trained on the cut as I tried to move past him. “That’s deep.”

I looked up at the faint catch in his voice. He couldn’t want to…nah. I shook away the thought. He’d probably think I’d lost my mind. Nope. Cordelia Chase should not even be considering this. No. Was not.

Oh god, Angel don’t look at me like that.


I looked up to see him looking at me with a haunted longing in his brown eyes. “Ask me,” I whispered softly, keeping my body from trembling or worse, collapsing with the effort to keep still.

He recoiled, the gold flaring in his eyes. “Ah hell Cordy don’t tease!”

I rolled my eyes. “Angel, all you have to do is ask. Think of it as a thank you, for rescuing me from turkey cleaning.”


“Stop saying my name like I’m asking you to stake me, Angel. I’m half demon now. I can so kick your ass. Besides, I know what you are and I know who you are. I trust you with my life everyday. Why should now be different?”

“That’s when I’m protecting you from others. Not myself.” His voice was tinged with an unmistakable tremor.

“We’re friends Angel.” Lies Chase. Lies. I bit her lip. “I don’t want you to hide anything from me.” Including your feelings you dumbass, I added mentally.

He swallowed thickly. “Cordelia…I want you to…?” His voice trailed off as his eyes watched a drop of blood slide down my finger, finally stopping at my palmt.

“Wash it. I get it.”

What the hell was I thinking. Turning I tried not to blush furiously. What the hell had I been doing? I wasn’t supposed to be this desperate to get a response out of him. Not when he was refusing my taste. I really was a masochist.

I turned my hand towards the faucet when a cold hand grabbed my wrist. I saw the struggle in his eyes and the tremble of his fingers. “You won’t stake me.”

I almost laughed at his crazy claim. Stake my cute-ass vampire man with those sexy eyes. Was he blind? “Scout’s honnor.”

“You were never a scout.” He looked up into my hazel eyes. Then before I could reply he pulled me closer, as he sat back onto one of the stools lining my counter, shifting me firmly between his legs.

Oh god if he didn’t quit looking up into my eyes the way he was, I was going to become a Cordelia puddle right there in his lap. I was about to speak when his eyes fell shut, his hand pulled up my wrist and my finger disappeared into the cool moistness of his mouth.

The soft gasp nearly sent me off my feet, my heart beating madly against my ribs.

If it wasn’t for the steady sweep of his tongue on my sensitive fingers I would fainted dead away. The pull of the blood from my finger was scarce but I swayed like I was lightheaded, and I knew it wasn’t from the blood loss.

When my legs couldn’t hold me steady I put my good hand on his shoulder and leaned forward my lips brushing the crown of his spiky hair. His fingers on my wrist loosened and I felt rather than heard the soft growl that rose up his throat.

The cocoon of sensuality couldn’t be blamed on any possessions this time. This was Angel and me. My blood was making him purr in that sexy voice, his nostrils flaring and drawing in un-needed breath.

Damn you Angel. You’re going to be the death of me.

When his lips tightened and the moist suction of his mouth seemed to draw the strength from my legs I moaned softly into his hair and slid down onto his ridged thigh, my arm curling around his shoulder, my breath ragged across his ear.

“Angel.” I felt the shudder run though him as his name left my lips. My finger was drawn out of his mouth with a loving suckle before his tongue started its trek up my palm, cleaning away the stray blood from my now fast healing cut.

The heat spiraled around us, until I could feel the roots of my hair start to burn.

I tried to open my mouth and tell him to stop before I lost what little control I had over my rapidly heating body when the hand that held my wrist slid up against my wet palm and his fingers tangled with mine in a firm possessive grasp and I lost it.

The fire settled across my skin in soft explosions and my body jerked like a live wire for an instant before I forgot to breathe.

By the time I came around enough to recognize the soft brush of his lips against my knuckles, he held me firmly in his lap, his arm coiled possessively around my waist. Lifting my head from where it had found home on his shoulder, I felt his head slide against mine, his brow grazing across mine and I felt the ridges there.

For an insane moment, I feared Angelus, then was assured by the tender grip he had on me. Lifting my head away I looked up into his golden eyes, the bones in his forehead distorting his face into that of his demon. My hand drifted up across his accented cheekbones and his eyes flickered as if realizing he had morphed for the first time.

“Damn you Cordy.” He trembled to my touch, his voice husky.

“It wasn’t much…”

“It was enough.” His eyes opened, the gold melting back into the rich, sinful chocolate. “Enough to make me lose control. God, what the hell were you thinking…”

“In case you haven’t noticed; I wasn’t.”

He swallowed, his tongue sliding across his lips as if to revisit the taste. “You taste nothing like I’ve had before.”

I couldn’t hold the soft smug smile. “Coming from the Scourge of Europe, that’s a lot. Must be the demon in me.” His eyes fluttered when my fingers slid across his mouth. “You’re not too happy are you?”

A snort of a laugh left him and he opened his eyes. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Humor me.”

He sighed shifting as he pulled me closer, his lips sliding across my earlobe. “My demon doesn’t seem to mind forfeiting control to your blood.”

My eyes snapped open. “What?”

Angel pulled back to look up into my shocked eyes. “I got plenty happy and I did lose control over him. He was here.” He scoffed slightly. “He is me. A part of me. He’s always here.”

“What are you saying?” I needed him to say it.

“I’m your champion Cordy. That makes a part of him your champion too. He can’t hurt you and he won’t abandon you.”

“What does that mean, he’s my champion? Is he Wesley’s champion too? And Fred and Gunn and Connor?”

Angel laughed at my rapid fire question his smile sliding across my brow. “Like I said. He forfeits control to your blood.”

“ANGEL!” I grabbed his big, sexy, empty head and look him in the eye. “Are you saying he’s going to let you get happy. If I let him have my blood.”

He gave me a sheepish smile. “Seems to.”

I stared at him. “Does that mean he’ll let you get happy with anyone, as long as I give you some of my blood.”

He rolled his eyes. “Cordy…”

“Does that mean he’s not going to kill and maim and pillage as long as I keep him fed?”

His eyes narrowed slightly his arms tightening around me. “What can I say. He likes you.”

“What; he likes me or the taste? I mean is it just the blood or…”

“Cordy shut up.”

I would have yelled, but my mouth became otherwise occupied as the slow spiral of heat started up again. Maybe it was a possession. But who the hell cared. Wait a second. Didn’t they have a party to prepare for!

“Angel, “ I managed to mumble between his slow drugging kisses. “Angel! The others will be here in two hours,’ muffled pause as he kissed me again, “we…oh…oh shi…Angel! The turkey’s not,” another kiss, “even in the oven!”

He didn’t answer. Just drew back for a second to grin lustfully at me. “Are you saying that now that I know I can get all,” he smirked, “happy with you, we’re supposed to wait?”

I returned his stare as I tried to weigh out our options. “What about the turkey?”

“Screw the turkey.” He chuckled and kissed me again before I could ask him if ‘happiness’ meant what I thought it meant.

“Angel!” I cried out again, trying to pull myself away from his delicious kisses, only managing to move his mouth to my neck where he continued to kiss me. His hands firmly planted me in his lap and I felt the growl of approval rumble in his chest.

“Angel we don’t have time for this AND cooking!”

He raised his head, an arched eyebrow regarding me with tender wickedness. “Is that a challenge Miss Chase?”

My eyes widened. Oh oh. “Angel…no. Angel. Come on! Angel!” I screamed as he threw me over his shoulder and proceeded to carry me towards the bedroom.

My last thought before he opened the door was if this is what it took for Angel to show me the barely concealed unresolved sexual tensions, then I’d be cooking more often than he liked.



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