Smack My Ass

Title: Smack My Ass
Author: Cordelia’sDestiny
Posted: 9/10/03
Rating: N-18
Category: Bondage Fluff
Content: C/A
Summary: Angel and Cordelia explore their inner pervs.
Spoilers: None; takes place sometime in early Season 3.
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Notes: I needed a break from the serial fics I’m writing, and this just sort of fell out of my depraved, frustrated mind. The song lyrics are from “Control”by Puddle of Mudd (although I tweaked them for my own lascivious purposes).
Thanks/Dedication:I’m dedicating this fic to Califi. She’s my beta, and a darn good one, and I can tell from her own writing that she loves a good Angel/us spanking. BFHugs, Cal!
Feedback:Oh, yeah, baby. Bring it on.

Silence, as still as a breezeless day in the arctic, froze Angel after his admission. Anxiously, he stared back at the woman in front of him, every part of him, demon and man, shuddering in nervous anticipation.

She had to say it back. She just had to. If she didn’t, he might just combust right there on the spot.

Cordelia just stared at him. Her mind was strangely blank, the only coherent thoughts were his words echoing around off the walls of her mind. Her mouth was slightly parted, her breathing shallow, her eyes unblinking. They’d been sitting here, drinking coffee, chatting about nothing in particular, and in a lull of the conversation, he’d dropped this bomb on her.

After a few moments more of excruciating silence, Angel couldn’t take it any longer.

“Say something, Cordy,” he implored her. “Please.”

His words jarred her out of her surprised stupor. “I don’t know what to say, Angel.”

“How about ‘I love you, too’?”

she sighed, looking down at her coffee mug, her fingers absently rubbing the handle. “I do love you, Angel, and you know it. We’ve known we loved each other for awhile now, right? Just neither of us said anything. But what’s the point of admitting it? We can’t be together. We can’t consummate this relationship, and if we cross this line, you know we’ll want to. We already have a hard enough time touching each other on a regular basis. At least I know I do. So how will this help?”

“The curse isn’t a problem, Cordelia.”

She laughed in disbelief, staring at him open mouthed. “You’re lying.”

He glared at her. “I am not!”

“Are too.”

“Cordelia, I am not lying to you. The curse doesn’t apply here. Not to us. Not anymore.”

She raised an eyebrow and regarded him coolly. “And why exactly is that? I can only think of two reasons. One, I don’t have the ability to give you perfect happiness. Two, the Powers decided to give you a permanent soul, but you didn’t tell anyone.” she paused and looked at him meaningfully. “I would suggest you keep your mouth shut if its number one, and word your answer carefully if it’s number two.”

Leaning back in his seat with a self-satisfied grin, he answered her. “Neither, actually. You do bring me perfect happiness. But the reason the curse isn’t a problem is because Angelus is totally okay with this. My demon is in love with you, too.”

Her disbelief returned in spades. “Angelus is a demon. He can’t love. The soul is what makes you capable of love.”

He shook his head. “you’re wrong, Cordelia. My demon is totally in love with you. So much so that I have a hard time controlling my instincts when I’m around you.”

She knew she shouldn’t ask, but she couldn’t help herself. “What exactly do you mean by controlling your instincts?”

His gaze turned blacker, the heat growing. “Are you sure you want to know?” he said in a low voice.

She swallowed. “Yeah.”

The smile on his face turned deliciously wicked. “My demon salivates for you, Cordelia. I look at you sometimes and I don’t see my best friend, I see a woman, a beautiful, luscious woman that my fingers itch to touch. I look at you, and images flash in my mind of you tied up, helpless, every bare inch of your skin glistening with perspiration, your chest heaving with breathy anticipation. I think about my mouth on you, everywhere, tasting you. I think about sinking my fangs into your breasts, your shoulder, your neck, and drinking what I know will be the sweetest blood I’ve ever tasted. I think about turning you over my knee, my hand slapping your delicious ass, bringing you the exquisite experience of pleasure heightened by pain. My demon dreams of controlling you, Cordy, until you beg me to let you come.”

She knew she should be angrily indignant at his dominant fantasies, but she was anything but. The words he spoke brought moisture to the fore everywhere in her body. her mouth watered, her skin perspired, and in that secret place, the wetness gathered. Her eyes dilated as she stared back at him, her breathing shallow and rapid.

She tried to calm herself and get back on track. “And the soul? Your soul doesn’t have a problem with that? Torturing me, hurting me?”

“My demon would never really hurt you, Cordelia, and I know that. My soul wants your surrender to me, Cordelia. Your trust. And I know that I can never truly believe you love me unless you accept all my desires. It’s true that my demon’s definition of love isn’t soft at all, but it’s still love. All-consuming, passionate love, Cordy.”

she pondered all that for a moment, her heart finally slowing to a respectable rate. Despite the lust that his words made her feel, despite her love for him, she was still wary. Because when it came right down to it, the last thing she wanted was Angelus on the loose.

“I know you think you’re right, Angel, but I just don’t believe you.”

He opened his mouth to protest, but she placed her fingers on his lips to silence him. “I’m not finished. I do love you, both parts of you, Angel, the soul and the demon. But I don’t love Angelus on his own. I love the Angelus that’s in you, the Angelus that’s restrained by the soul. I realize that you probably have a whole book full of sado-masochistic fantasies, and while the idea of a healthy spanking totally turns me on, I don’t want to release Angelus. It’s too risky. I can’t lose you, the whole you. I won’t put that on the line.”

His mouth set in a grim slash, Angel fought his demon for control. All he wanted to do was lunge at Cordelia, grab her and subdue her by force, MAKE her understand that he was serious about this. His curse was a thing of the past. Totally null and void. He’d found the loop hole. His soul and his demon had made a pact of understanding, one that was unbreakable. But as long as Cordelia was uncertain, his fantasies would stay just that.

Suddenly, brilliance struck him.

“I’ll prove it to you, Cordy,” he vowed.

“Oh, really?” She said, her voice nearly mocking. “And how exactly do you plan to do that? Short of raping me to prove your point.”

A low growl escaped him before he could stop it. “Don’t even THINK that I would do that, Cordelia. I love you. I would never force you to do something you weren’t comfortable with, no matter what my fantasies are.”

The guilt at her distrust bloomed inside of her. “So then how?”

“I’ll sing for Lorne.”

“That’s it?”

“Yup. He can tell. And when you get his confirmation, then you won’t have any reason to be afraid. Deal?”

She regarded him behind shuttered eyes. “Deal,” she said finally.

“Good,” he said determinedly, standing to his feet and leaving the room without so much as a backward glance.

Cordelia stared after him, S&M visions filling her brain. Good going, Cordy. What the hell have you gotten yourself into? A vampire bondage fetish? Now that’s a healthy hobby.

Three hours later, Cordelia stood nervously beside Angel as he flipped through Lorne’s selection of karaoke music. He had explained to her on the way over here what would happen.

“Cordy, I’m going to have to let Angelus out for this to work right.” He might as well have told her he’d joined Columbia House, for all the importance and passion he put into the words.

“What?!?” she’d screeched, the sheer volume of her words making Angel swerve slightly as he drove.

“Lorne has to read him, not just the soul, to get the truth. I have to give Angelus dominance or Lorne won’t get a good reading.”

“I hope he’s a better singer than you are,” she grumbled, needing to let off anxious energy by complaining.

He’d heard her. “He is a better singer. Slightly different taste in music, too.”

And boy had he been right about the music taste. Here at Caritas, she’d been looking over his shoulder as he was deciding what to sing, and Angelus had paused only on hard rock tunes, mostly from the late eighties and nineties. Guns ‘N’ Roses, Metallica, Rob Zombie, and Korn were just a few. Compared to Barry Manilow, this was quite a change.

Suddenly, his hand paused halfway between two pages, a smirk crossing his features. “Go find a seat, Cordelia.” He ordered, closing the page.

“What did you pick?”

“You’ll see,” he said, grinning. His eyes were still sultry, the playfulness of Angelus very evident in his gaze. It unnerved her a little bit. Angel very rarely loosened his grip on the instincts of his demon, and every time he did, it made her shake. He was so unpredictable.

“Go,” he ordered again when she just stared at him. “Go, or I’ll forget to find the handcuff keys when we’re playing Big Tough Cop and Bad Little Rich Girl.”

That was all it took. Less than two minutes later, she was perched nervously on the edge of her seat, her table just near the stage.

Angelus came on stage, sent her a look filled with heated humor, and took up the mike. “Hey, all you lucky people. This song’s dedicated to a little vixen who I’d just love to teach a few things.” He sat on the stool near the prompter, the music beginning.

The soft strains of an electric guitar flowed from the speakers and Cordelia gasped. She secretly loved this song. Okay, so usually she went more for R&B or pop, but this song, there was just something about it. . .

I love the way you look at me
I feel the pain you place inside
you lock me up inside your dirty cage
I’m not alone inside my mind

Her breath caught as he sang those suggestive, naughty words. Angelus’s voice was hauntingly beautiful, deep and rich with just an edge of hoarseness that made it oh, so sexy. So how the hell was Angel so tone deaf?

I’d like to teach you all the rules
I’d get to see them set in stone
I like it when you chain me to the bed
but then your secrets never shone

It was so, so true. She’d always harbored fantasies of locking him up, pinning him down until she could make him listen to her, make him say how he felt about her. And if her ears were to be trusted, it sounded like he was tweaking the words just for them, just for their situation.

His eyes caught hers again as he sang the chorus, her heart fluttering, her breathing hard.

I need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can’t control you
You are the one for me, girl
I can’t control you
You can’t control me
I need to feel you
You know there’s always you and me

She couldn’t control him. she never had been able to, and she never would be able to. He was too strong, too powerful, too smart to be manipulated. And he could never control her, either. She wouldn’t let herself be dominated willingly, at least not her mind, and he knew it. And yet, deep down, she knew they’d both surrender to the domination of the other if it meant pleasure for them both. If it meant a demonstration of their trust in each other.

I love the way you rake my skin
I feel the love you place inside
I need to get your voice out of my head
Cause I’m that guy who’ll blow your mind
I think you know all of the rules
there’s no expressions on your face
I hope that some day you will let me go
Release me from my dirty cage

By now, her heart was racing so fast she almost couldn’t breathe. She held her legs tightly together, the bondage images in her mind pulsing in time with the beat of the music, her face flushed, her mouth dry.

need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can’t control you
You are the one for me, girl
I can’t control you
You can’t control me
I need to feel you
You know there’s always you and me

Oh, god. Here it comes. The part that made her body throb every time she listened to it, even without the smoldering stare of Angelus on her heated face. She practically panted as she heard him sing the words.

love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you do
I have control of you

And then, with a crooked, evil smile on his face, he changed the words up again, this time inspiring an image that nearly unhinged her.

You love the way I look at you
You love the way I smack your ass
You love the dirty things I do
I have control of you

As he sang the last words of the song, Cordelia gave in to the auditory pleasure, closing her eyes and letting the erotic images flood her mind. She could feel his hot eyes on her, sweeping over her, loving her with every word he sang. She fought herself, resisting the urge to drag her fingers to her fly, unzip and stroke herself. But she didn’t want to cheapen the moment. The next fingers she wanted on her womanhood were Angel’s, Angelus’s, her man’s, her vampire’s. Nothing else would satisfy her now. Not that she’d acknowledged it.

I need to feel you
You need to feel me
I can’t control you
You’re not the one for me, no
I can’t control you
You can’t control me
I need to feel you
You know there’s always you and me. . .
You are the one for me, girl

The last notes faded away, and she opened glazed eyes to him, seeing him now in full vamp face, his ochre eyes glittering with barely-restrained passion. He put down the microphone, jumped off the stage, and pulled her up into his arms,capturing her lips in a bruising kiss. She opened her mouth to him, her hands stroking his cheek and jaw, her tongue meeting him thrust for thrust. It was a kiss filled with everything she had been too afraid to acknowledge she wanted: violence, possession, domination, and most of all, love. And it was love. It was a passionate, all-consuming love, just like he said.

Lorne’s not so discreet cough penetrated the haze long enough for them to break apart.

“Well, lovebirds, looks like the two of you are cashing in on this lucky twist of fate. Seems that Angelcakes was right; his demon and his soul are singing in beautiful harmony, for once.”

“So we can, um. . .” Cordelia blushed, her eyes not meeting Lorne’s.

“Yeah, doll, live out those fantasies. Geez, some people have all the luck,” he said, shaking his head and smiling as the couple, engrossed in each other, stumbled out the door. Their gazes never left each other’s faces.

The next morning

Cordelia dragged her eyes open from a well-sated stupor, an itch tickling her cheek. She tried to move her hand to scratch her face, but it wouldn’t budge. She followed her arm up to her hand, her eyes widening in alarm as she caught sight of the handcuff encircling her wrist.

“Angel?” she whispered, a tremor to her voice. They’d just spent all night making slow, sweet love, all promises of bondage set aside. She’d never been loved so completely, so thoroughly, in her entire life. It was true that she’d been turned on like never before by thoughts of being at Angel’s mercy, awaiting his pleasure, but to wake up like this? Bound with no warning?

“Yeah, baby,” Angel’s voice came from behind her, and she turned her neck, but his face was hidden from view. She jumped as she felt a cool kiss on the small of her back, just above her ass.

“What are you doing, Angel? I don’t think I’m ready for this.” Her fear was thick in the air, but it didn’t mask the arousal she couldn’t help.

“Oh, you’re ready, Cordelia. I know you are. You’re dying for it.”

“I. . .”

“C’mon, Cordelia. You know you want to.” His hand was instantly on the curve of her ass, stroking and squeezing in a sensual way that made her breath catch. “You want me to spank you. You want me to bite you, to claim you as mine.”

She was silent, except for her frantic panting.

“Say it, Cordy,” Angel demanded, his hand stilling.

She just whimpered in response.

He smacked her once. Hard. Her body jerked, a groan escaping her lips, the desire flooding through her.

“Say it!”

It took her just a moment to comply. “Spank me, Angel. Bite me. Please!” The last word was a whispered groan, practically dripping from her mouth.

Immediately, his hand came down on her ass, the slap ringing in the silence.

“You’re mine, Cordelia.”

The slaps continued, increasing in pace until she screamed her release. “Oh, god, I love you so much, Angel!”

Just as she said it, his fangs sunk into her shoulder, drawing out and intensifying her orgasm. As he entered her quickly, fully, waves of pleasure washed over her, robbing her of breath, of sight, of sanity, until she was nothing but a puddle of mush beneath him.

“Mine,” he growled into her ear. “I love you.”

A moment of horror grasped her as her sanity returned. She was into bondage. She liked to be spanked. What kind of freak was she?

Angel sensed her distress, his cool tongue lovingly licking the wounds in her shoulder. “You’re perfect, Cordelia. There’s no wrong in this, what we’ve done. We love each other. this brings us closer together. It deepens our trust in each other. It shows me that you love me, that you love all of me. Don’t feel guilty, not about this. Please.”

His heartfelt words soothed her fears. Sighing, she melted into the mattress, spent, satisfied as she’d never been. Finally, she was complete.

After a moment of comfortable, sated silence, his voice once again tickled her ear.

“So when’s my turn to be spanked, Mistress Cordelia?”

His answer was only a grin, filled with wicked promise.



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