Closet Showers 4

3: Wash away your worries…

Angel watched the unconsciously seductive sway of Cordy’s hips as she left his suite with darkening eyes, shaking his head hard when the door closed behind her.

After a brief check of the gorgeous kitchen and the obligatory coffee- and rather embarrassing moment where Rosemary Bennet had flung open the floor-to-ceiling fridge to point out the generous supply of pig’s blood, the couple had shown them the suites they’d use for the duration [next to each other, which had brought a small sigh of relief from the brunette], then they had collected their luggage from the large lobby and left somewhat eagerly after handing over appropriate contact numbers for the Investigators.

Throwing off his jacket from his suddenly strangely heated body, he decided to have a proper look around the suite- dark masculine colours dressed the curtains, carpet and comforter, whilst the walls were a pale blue; a direct contrast to the feminine tones of the room Cordy had been given next door, with it’s soft peach hues and matching en-suite.

Checking out his own bathroom, he found the same giant square shower cubicle; an exact replica of the one in the next door suite- except in blue-tiles and without the impressive full-length mirror that graced the wall directly facing the shower attachments on the opposite wall; obviously a feminine touch by the previous lady of the house, he mused, his thoughts slowly drawing back to the brunette who was no doubt getting ready to use it.

At the instant stirring of his sex, Angel decided those kind of thoughts would only cause him even more frustration than he had been going through already, and decided to get a start on the planned search of the entire house, but staying on the floor their bedrooms were on until Cordy joined him; hell there were enough rooms to check in the large mansion!

Starting at one end of the long hall, he checked every room, closing each door firmly behind him as he went, reaching an ending window wall and following back to check the other side, leading to his and Cordy’s rooms.

He found the last door before Cordy’s suite locked, and after a slight hesitation, exerted pressure and forced the lock, shrugging; it would still work afterwards.

The door opened into a room slightly larger than a closet; empty except for an easy chair facing the far wall. Curious, he moved into the room, not worrying too much when the door swung shut behind him. On reaching the comfortable piece of furniture, he noticed a light switch cord hanging near the wall facing the door.

Funny place to have a light switch he thought to himself as he reached out to pull the cord; his vampy eyesight being a bonus- but instead of the room flooding with light from above like he’d expected, the wall directly in front of him lightened- until it looked like a door had miraculously melted away and seemed to magically disappear.

[Scorch hot scene**]Angel looked around the shower cubicle in curiosity. From the shower dial, he guessed it was one of those new power ones with in built massage setting, and almost identical to his own. The tiles were soft peach in colour while the flooring was a typical marble effect with charcoal flecks in it. The colour nudged at his memory, then a swift movement to the left of him caught his gaze and the vampire turned to see what it was.

His midnight eyes went wide as his body seemed to freeze and he came face-to-face with something he’d only dreamed of. The angle of the sliding door hid what his glazing eyes wanted to see the most, but he was far from complaining about the brief side view, then longer back view of a very golden, totally nude Cordelia Chase.

Angel almost fell forward, his hand reaching out to catch himself automatically- and slapped, palm first on the invisible barrier. His swirling brain clicked that he’d found a one-way mirror even as he snapped his gaping mouth shut before her name could fall from his lips.

As his hot eyes devoured the beauty standing oblivious before him, mouth watering at the vision of gold and satiny curves, Angel knew he should get out of there right now- but he couldn’t have moved even if the roof had suddenly been torn off and a midday sun threatened his existence.

Deep, even breaths caused his usually still chest to rise and fall with a human motion. His eyes darkened to a colour that rivaled the blackest of midnight skies, an onyx-shaded storm began to gather in the fathomless depths as he stared hard.

Fingers resting against the mirror dug into the glass as he moved slightly closer, finding himself being drawn to the naked Goddess on the other side. She was everything and so much more than he’d ever imagined.

Slim fingers slid the held sponge up over her shapely arms while hazel eyes glanced down towards her legs. Looking down, Angel saw the soapy puddle pooling around her dainty feet. He could see the steam from the heated water clouding around her body like a lover’s arms enveloping her in hot protective hold. He could feel separate heat emanating from the mirror and realised that was why it hadn’t steamed over; more than appreciated by the vampire!

The vampire’s stormy gaze was drawn to where he could see a slightly gentle slope where her breasts could be seen just before she turned fully away. Her fingers combed back the sleek shoulder- length chestnut hair, wetting it under the running water in preparation for her cosmetic ritual; the ends of her once long hair now skimmed the defined edges of her shoulder blades, the water droplets trickled down the golden skin of her slender back. Light honey blonde streaks brought a splash of color to the dark chestnut, adding a fashionable and pretty hue to her locks.

The blonde set off the golden tone of her complexion, only bringing more sunlight to her beautiful face. The honey complimented the hazel coronas, setting the mischievously lit irises alight with a molten gold. Detracting from the honey was deeply contrasting natural chestnut tones threading through her mahogany hair that brought an exotic look to the blonde.
Angel remembered, with a low moan when her hair had been waist-length and not a piece of blonde insight. He remembered wanting to thread his fingers through the long tresses, wanting to fist handfuls while she went down on him.

Almost as if she’d plumbed into his heated thoughts, Cordy took that moment to turn and face him. Her head tilted back as she continued to soak her hair under the spray, the mahogany streaked chestnut began to show lowlights of sable as her hair became darker under the flow of water. All the unneeded air in his useless lungs shot out harshly as he ate her up with his burning eyes; her raised arms lifted her firm, rounded full breasts, almost in a mutely beckoning manner.

He licked his suddenly dry lips absently, swallowing down the pooling saliva that built up rapidly. God she was stunning! The groan that had been stifled deep in his chest purred to the surface, and for a moment he froze, eyes widening as he waited for her to react to it.

Luckily for him, sound obviously didn’t carry through the special glass, and he relaxed marginally- well, above the waist at least!

An ache forming between his thighs grew, as he got harder, the male in him reacting all too well to her little show. Licking his parched lips once more, Angel tasted the air around him imagining he could taste her arousal on his tongue. Sweet and spicy, her taste would coat his mouth in slick, melting honey as she opened up to his demanding touches.

Shaking his dark head and moaning softly; blackened eyes not once leaving her body, Angel fought an internal battle- a small part of him raged against the liberty he was taking; soulless, he’d always enjoyed watching, and unfortunately, that little fetish hadn’t died a death when Angelus had been put down deep.

“Fuck it,” he growled. No way was he moving. This was what dreams were made of; well, hisdreams!

Over a month had gone by since Angel had realized he wasn’t satisfied with just friendship- he wanted more, but building shattered walls he’d ruthlessly crushed beneath his then-uncaring attitude had been the priority. They were so near to where they had been before his crazy obsession with his Sire; to a point where Cordy again began to be more tactile, and while he enjoyed her touches, it also nearly crucified his self-control.

But the lingering returned touches, and overly long cuddles post vision went straight over her lovely head. The long walk here had been heaven- and well worth the daggers afterwards!

He was beginning to think the only way she’d buy a clue is if he threw her down and took her until she begged for mercy…. or he could be a man and just telll her he loved and desired her; but being a manpire of action, he felt that his first idea would suit him just fine. Never one for too many words that had a tendency to glue his tongue to the roof of his mouth, and make him stutter like an idiot.

As he watched Cordy work shampoo into her luscious locks lazily, her raised and gently moving arms causing those magnificent breasts to jiggle deliciously, Angel wondered if she’d be shocked, even frightened by his well-hidden sensuality, and his almost dominant need to possess?

Such a strong-willed woman- but with a smouldering heat under that sometimes disdainful surface he was almost positive had never been plumbed and brought out to burn a man from the outside in.

And he wanted to be that man. Desperately.****

Shampoo rinsed away and conditioner worked in until her hair slicked against her neck, Angel watched with unblinking eyes as Cordy reached for a body scrunchy; squirting a generous amount of pink gel on it, she then proceeded to drive him completely insane by running the path his fingers and mouth desperately wanted to travel.

If there *was* a God of Torture up there, he had the vampire in his sights; pulling his strings and making him dance to the tune of frustration.

The foamy netting followed the dips and curves of her sun-kissed skin, and Angel’s eyes followed avidly. “Fuck!” he groaned, his big body almost crumpling against the mirror as his goddess lifted a long, slim leg and propped her foot on the side of the bath.

As Cordy worked the frothy gel from ankle to thigh, saliva pooled in his mouth, pure gold eyes following as her hand made a slow ascent. Firm but plaint muscles flexed and relaxed as she worked the foam in, not missing a single inch of that delicious flesh, and when the scrunchy crested a delicately sculpted knee, Angel swallowed convulsively.

His Manna from Heaven… glistening wet curls trimmed neatly did nothing to hide pink, slick petals from his melting gaze, and when the netting finally reached the apex of her thighs, a moan of lust fell thickly from his lips.

Frustration wasn’t far behind when Cordy dipped and lathered perfunctorily, not lingering as her hand all too quickly slid higher to trace the firm contours of her abdomen, hips and swiped around her delicate ribs. But Angel’s eyes refused to move from the secret place between her legs.

Too damned quick! The vampire’s reeling mind screamed in denial. His mouth and fingers would have lingered for a feast until he had the brunette writhing and finally screamed out his name beneath him.

Her leg dropped down to be replaced with the other, and the torture began all over again.

All too soon, Cordy’s foam-covered body was rinsed under the hot spray, followed by finishing off her hair, the movement of her raised arms jiggling full, heavy breasts. Rivulets of water streamed between the ripe globes; his eyes following the foamy trail along her belly until dark curls glistened and mutely begged him to thread eager fingers through until… his hand dropped lower and those fingers ran the length of his pulsing shaft before gripping hard to ease the almost painful ache.

Right at this moment, he wanted to forget sanity and smash through the invisible barrier between them, knowing completion could only come with the beauty a few feet away…these dark thoughts jolted him abruptly, and with a virulent curse, the vampire tore himself away from the mirror and half stumbled out of the room, fortunately still having the foresight to pull the door securely behind him.

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