Closet Showers 5

5. Innuendos that can cause…

“Sorry I took so long; that shower was just wow! Could’ve stayed in there forever.” Angel groaned inwardly. If he’d had is way, she’d still be in there- with him! Mustering up all of his control, Angel instead grinned teasingly.

“The shower gel and shampoo has to last at least the weekend, Cordy,” he reminded her lightly. She reached out and punched his arm with a scowl. “Owwe!”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby- and hello? This from the guy who spends way more time than a woman just on his hair.” His hand automatically lifted to check out his well-groomed locks with a pout that Cordy couldn’t help but be drawn to.

God, it was times like this that she wondered how she kept her hands- and mouth off the vampire, who drove her crazy even in her thoughts when they were apart! Maybe it was time she let on that she was aware of his not-so subtle hints of returning feelings- but then again, it all added to the thrill; and she was enjoying it way too much. I’m such a bad girl. She giggled inwardly, even as her features smoothed to neutral enquiry.

“So what did you get up to while I was gone? A bit of brooding and a quiet prowl?” a slender brow arched playfully, her mouth titling at the corners at his instant petulant scowl; he was soo easy!

“No! I wasn’t brooding,” he almost whined. “Actually, I did what we came to do and started checking out the rooms up here.” As well as checking out you!, Angel’s inner voice added.

“Did you find anything interesting?” She asked casually, brushing down her pants,  which drew his rapidly heated gaze to the covered apex of those well-toned, gorgeous thighs.

Did I ever! “Um, no, not really- all pretty normal and uninteresting” he lied. Looking down at his heavy boots with avid interest, he mentally willed his twitching sex to give it a rest.

“So no shocks or anything that made your hair stand on end?” Although Cordy hoped the case wasn’t cracked yet; she was loving that bathroom way too much to want to leave just yet- plus spending a weekend entirely along with the hunky vamp may have had something to do with it too.

Jeezusss “Not my hair, no” he muttered under his breath as he turned away.

“What?” a small furrow creased her brow as she tried to catch up with the vampire who’d started off abruptly down the hallway.

“I said; nothing but air” he replied lamely, a small, tight smile touching his lips for a second as he glanced down at the almost trotting brunette. Cordy looked up at him oddly, before shrugging her shoulders and grabbing his sleeve.

“Slow up a bit, big guy. You seem in a real hurry to get down there.” For the life of him, Angel didn’t know how he stopped himself from tripping up and falling flat on his face as she continued on obliviously with the double entendres.

Pulling his leather jacket closer to his body, he again picked up his pace, hoping to God the clueless brunette hadn’t seen the sudden tenting of his pants as she blithely went on about searching every ‘nook and cranny’ until they were satisfied they’d ‘plumbed every depth’.

“I’ll go down first,” he threw over his shoulder as he hastily made his way down the long staircase, flinching at his own words, dammit! he was doing it now!

“Why is it you that always has to go down first? What; is there a rule that says the big strong vampire must show his dominance to the little lady?” This time Angel did trip, and it was only his quick reflexes that saved him from a humiliating tumble down the long, curving staircase.

Cordelia, following right behind, almost laughed out loud at the stumbling vampire. “Clumsy much?” Failing to keep a slight giggle out of her voice, and pasting an innocent smile on her face when he glared briefly over her shoulder. “Well, if you weren’t practically climbing my back,” he grumbled, and then regretted it as soon as he felt her back up a little.

“Personal bubble all present and correct, sir!” the sarcasm was laced with mild hurt, and Angel almost turned to apologize- until she followed it up with a whack between his shoulder blades. “Stop being grumpy-bear and let’s get to the delving and probing thing; jeez, men!”

Pushing past him, Cordy skipped down the stairs and left the speechless vampire in her dust. By the time he’d reached the last few steps, she was tapping one delicate foot and had placed her hands on those too-luscious hips, again drawing his hot eyes down helplessly. This time he couldn’t catch himself and missed two steps, falling forward abruptly.

“Ack!” Cordy attempted to get out of the way of his big, heavy body; her hands raising to protect herself, then oomphed as he took her down with him. A tangle of arms and legs hit the [thankfully] plush hall rug, and as soon as she caught her breath, she glared into the stunned chocolate eyes that were now inches from her own. ‘Climbing his back’ was nothing compared to their predicament now!

One heavily muscled thigh rested hard between hers, pressing a little too snugly into the apex of her thighs, and one strong arm had managed to wrap around her upper back protectively – whilst the other was trapped between them. It took her a full minute to realize his hand was curled tightly around one breast that had puckered and tightened traitorously under his large cool palm. Crap! – Or should I say yummy? Cordy wasn’t quite sure and lay there too stunned to move.

Angel was a little slower to work out their compromising position, too intent on seeking out every tiny sliver of gold and green that floated almost slumberous in their background of her gold and caramel orbs.

Then all at once, he felt the scorching heat of her core through his soft pants, almost branding his much cooler flesh- and the soft mound crushed in his hand; the hardened tip poking into his palm deliciously. Instinctively he flexed his long fingers, licking along his lower lip as she gasped breathily, drawing his heated gaze to her slightly parted moistened mouth….

Then his cell phone rang. God-dammit! With a growl he reluctantly loosened his hold and dragged himself off her at her insistent push. Yanking the phone from his jacket pocket, Angel reached down and grabbed the slowly rising brunette’s wrist, helping her up even as he abruptly answered the lazy tones coming from the interfering piece of plastic.

“No, Gun. Nothing yet.” Cordy pulled her wrist free as soon as she was on her feet and quickly turned her back, over-bright eyes scanning the large hallway in an attempt to get to the job at hand and control the fiery colour staining her golden cheeks. She could still feel the pressure of his hand on her flesh, and her body refused to calm.

“I’ll just check out the kitchen,” she threw over her shoulder quickly, inwardly pleased with her level tone. Angel nodded absently and continued to talk to Gunn, turning his back on her, not wanting her to see the dark frustration on his tight face. Scowling darkly, she walked down a side hall that led to the kitchen.

Did I read him wrong? She thought with a grimace, and not a little disappointment, entering the large room, decked out with a state of the art kitchen suite. Hell, he didn’t even look affected! So much for thinking he had the hotties for me!” It was totally not like her, Cordelia Chase to mistakenly read desire and want in a man’s eyes…then her eyes narrowed.

“Ahh, so he wants to play it like that, does he?” a slow smile crept on her face, “No way am I making all the running here- can we just say self respect; and not forgetting the thrill of the chase.” The smile widened to a wicked grin.

She had a whole two nights to test his control, and if he hadn’t worked up the courage to tell her then, Cordy decided she might help out the dork- might!. Chuckling to herself, She turned- and walked smack into a very broad chest.

“So, um, what did Gunn want- no problems are there?” taking a step back, Cordy folded her arms to hide her tight nipples and raised a brow, her expression all pleasant interest.

“No, all quiet that end; He just wanted an update,” Angel replied, a bit taken aback by her relaxed and professional persona. Had he read her wrong? He was sure she melted under him a few minutes earlier. Damn women and their unreadable unpredictability. “Nothing up at all.” He added, discreetly adjusting his pants with an inward groan. That was it! As soon as they got back to the Hyperion, he was definitely going to filch some of those many Cosmopolitans he knew were stored in two of her desk drawers.

It seemed to work for Gunn, so why not him? – And at least he could honestly say he’d delved into some type of Cordy-drawers, his mouth twisted ironically.

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