Monster Mash 2

Part 2

Honey, I’m home! – Muwahahaha

Cordy entered the mansion and click-clacked her way towards the kitchen purposefully. Angel/us followed behind and then paused halfway. “Where are you going now?” he asked, mildly confused. She should have been heading to the stairs- or at least he should be, with her firmly thrown over one shoulder.

“Where do you think? – The whole reason for leaving a great party way too early for my liking,” she tossed back as she continued to walk in the direction of the kitchen, “is to feed the bad tempered vamp.” Angel/us grinned in a way that would have made the brunette run for the hills if she’d bothered to turn round and look.

“Can you bring it up? I really need to get out of these clothes,” the smirk remained but his deep voice merely sounded irritated.

“If climbing into something you feel more at home in makes you happier, then I’m all for it, Mister snarly.” Cordy called back with a snark from the depths of the mansion.

“That’s the idea, baby,” Angel/us’ smirk widened into a very unpleasant grin- although ‘climbing in’ sounded a bit too tame for him right now. Taking the stairs three at a time, he slipped the buttons open and hummed a low and verrry happy tune….


“Angel? Where’s he gone now?” Cordy grumbled as she pushed open his old bedroom door, looking into the apparently empty room. Puffing out an exasperated breath, she walked further into the room- then jumped a mile when the door slammed shut behind her.

“Jeez, gimme a heart attack, why doncha- Oh frick!” Cordy dropped the mug of warmed up blood and rapidly covered her bulging eyes. She did NOT just see what she thought she saw…did she?

Angel!” she squeaked high, her hands still clamped firmly over her tight-shut eyes, “put something on before I have a coronary!” Silence greeted her. After a few seconds, Cordy hesitantly dropped her hands and jumped again.

Angel/us stood a few inches in front of her- and yes, the dark vampire was still naked as a Jay bird…. a very cocky Jay bird at that. Oh, my innocent eyes! but she still couldn’t resist having a quick peek below his taut, well-muscled stomach, absently making a note to herself NEVER to make ‘fat’ comments again- although ‘big’ was definitely something she could say with total accuracy.

“Angel?” she shuttered uncertainly. He leaned in with a small grin. A grin that made her toes curl even as her heart hammered in her chest and her internal ‘Danger, Will Robinson’ alarms tripped loud enough to give her earache.

“Soulboy has left the building, my sweet,” he whispered sensually in her ear, a large hand hooking into the rather high neckline of her dress. “Now, about that punishment we discussed,” the grin widened as he tore the dress from her body, letting out a low whistle of appreciation as amber eyes ran over her matching fragile black silk strapless bra, thong and black silk hold-up stockings. Cordy’s mouth flapped open and shut soundlessly, unable to form thought, never mind speech!

“The dress may have been Dru, baby, but this…” he ran a cool finger from neck to groin as she stood frozen to the spot, “…is all my Corrrrdeeee” he purred.

Before she could shake out of her stunned funk, her world was up ended and she found herself face down over his naked, heavily muscled thighs as he sat on the bed. “Angel! What the hell do you think your doing?” the firm pitch she’d attempted failed miserably and her voice instead came out in a shaky squeak. His large, cool hand swept the near-naked globes of her ass before giving her flesh a gentle squeeze.

“You really don’t think I’d let you get away with crawling all over Spike like a rash, did you?” his velvet soft tone was threaded with a hint of steel as those powerful fingers flexed warningly against her butt cheek. Cordy was about to reply as she geared herself to push herself up when his palm cracked against her tender flesh.

The little scream she let out went straight to his cock, and Angel/us moaned even as he soothed her reddened ass tenderly before letting his palm connect again. The second scream sounded more like a moan and he licked his lips in silent appreciation; the little vixen was liking it, obviously. Eyeing the bright red hand prints, Angel/us pursed those lips and calculated how many more times he could spank her before it went past pleasure/pain and full on to agony.

That wasn’t the plan at all. He didn’t want wet eyes, no, no…wrong part of her delicious body entirely. Three more controlled slaps and the vampire was satisfied with the result- now onto pure pleasure.

Sliding his cool palm over the now-trembling firm, satiny flesh, Angel/us ignored the brunette’s rare whimpering sound and dipped his thick fingers along the crease in her amazing ass; Cordy’s hips jerked up as they followed the thin strap of the thong she wore, shuddering when the pads of his fingers brushed lower and ran across the rapidly dampening triangle that covered her heat- then he yelped.

The little firebrand had sunk her teeth into his thigh at the same time pushing up on her hands, taking advantage of his temporary loosened grip on her. Twisting on his lap, Cordy fell to the side and landed on her butt- ouch! – But gottarungottarun was the prominent thought in her dazed head right at that moment- and damn that vampire for making her wetter than an English Summer!

“Now that wasn’t very smart,” her back hitting his mattress and the accompanying cool, heavy blanket that pinned her in place made her gulp out loud. Crap! “Since you like biting so much, let’s play tit for tat.” Before Cordy could think of a reply, Angel/us had scooted down; pulled apart her legs and sank his newly emerged fangs deep into her inner thigh.

“Yeoww-oooohhhh,” pain to pleasure in one easy step. After the initial sharp pain, the pressured drawing of his cool mouth as he sucked her lifeblood from the her femoral artery was totally erotic, and it took a second for her to realize it was her making that weird keening sound.

All that was missing from this scenario was a little titillation an inch or so above; those large hands curling round the front of her upper thighs keeping her quivering limbs apart stayed put, and the only touching beside that wicked mouth wrapped like a seal against her flesh was the teasing brush of his silky hair against her rapidly heating mound.

Far too soon, his tit for tat was over and his large body lifted to loom over her, his heavy thighs caging her hips and palms flat either side of her dazed head. Angel/us’ eyes roamed her face even as his pink tongue slipped out to lap up the small drop of blood that clung to the corner of his mouth- her blood! His face had slid back to human, but those sinful eyes still held a tinge of amber as they finally locked on her slightly open, panting mouth- then he dipped his dark head until their lips were almost brushing. Instantly, Cordy snapped her mouth tight closed and attempted to glare.

“I’ve always thought those luscious lips were such a waste, baby,” he flicked out his tongue and traced the seam, and Cordy cursed her traitorous mouth for it’s instant softening, grrr! “Used for smiling and yakking, when they could be wrapped around something that appreciates them,” he purred, smirking with delight when her cheeks flushed scarlet.

“And let’s not forget having them plastered to mine”, he added, licking his own until they glistened temptingly, “you didn’t think that when I kissed you before,” she reminded him a little too hoarsely for her liking, those masculine lips twisted and irritation flickered across his pale and beautiful face.

“The whiny soul was still pining after that skinny blonde bitch to enjoy it fully, remember,” the fingers resting next to her head curled into the mattress briefly before relaxing again and spreading out. “But I lapped it up no problems,” another long swipe of her lips, and then the atmosphere changed.

Shifting his hands, his fingers threaded through her glossy hair, titling her face up to his, “enough talking; Soulboy’s done more than enough of that to last a fucking lifetime,” he growled before crushing her mouth under his. He tilted her head back into the pillows until her mouth widened under his.

HolyMaryMotherofChrist! Could that vampire kiss! His taste, even with the hint of her coppery blood, was addictive and Cordy found herself giving back as much as he was taking, and when he finally lifted his dark head, she could truthfully admit to seeing stars- though that could be partly due to almost passing out from lack of oxygen.

Angelus licked his lips with pleasure. While his demon wanted to get straight to the fucking till she couldn’t walk for a week, the soul nudged at him from the recesses begging for major foreplay. His mouth quirked; so much for that whiny irritation demanding he stopped- frikken hypocrite, instead it wanted in on the action.

Propping himself up on his elbows, the vampire’s amber-tinged eyes swept her torso with appreciation, he had to admit, Cordelia Chase had a body that was well worth exploring.

Cordy’s dazed eyes snapped open with a gasp when her beautiful bra bit the dust in an irreparable way. God, it had a frikken front fastening!– then all coherent thought went out the window when a cool wet mouth surrounded one exposed peak.

“I should punish you for hiding these delicious treasures, baby,” Angel/us purred with a hint of dark promise in his eyes, releasing her aching nipple with a soft pop. That chastising look pulled her out of the mist of lust.

“Angel, please think about this- what you’re doing,” he looked directly into Cordy’s eyes, and for a moment she could have sworn she saw a hint of conflict- then his gaze cleared and a deeply sensual smile curved that gorgeous mouth.

“I am thinking about it,” he assured her seductively, “especially about what I’m doing- and what I’m gonna do,” he added, dipping his head to nip one of her tight nubs sharply, causing a shocked yelp to escape her. A large cool hand snaked along her front and cupped over her damp mound, squeezing and molding the pliant hot flesh beneath the silk of her thong, whilst his other hand palmed a heavy breast with a firm, experienced touch.

Something had obviously happened when they got to the Bronze, but for the life of her, Cordy was unable to think clearly; the thought ‘spell’ went through her dazed head, then physical sensation took over as her thong went the way of her bra and his cool fingers hit pay dirt.

After circling her clit until her hips bucked, Angel/us slid his fingers further down, his own excitement going through the roof. If it weren’t for that pesky soul, his throbbing cock would now be fucking her into the mattress- but surprisingly, part of his demon was actually enjoying pleasuring the writhing brunette pinned under his body.

His hard mouth widened into a self-satisfied grin when her hips lifted off the bed as two of his fingers speared her core hard, and after listening to her keen for a few seconds, he dipped his head and ravaged her parted mouth; God, she was so warm and tasted delicious. Any shred of a struggle had melted away, and after thoroughly manipulating her sensitive spot inside until she was writhing in the throes of a soaring climax, Angel/us withdrew his fingers and position his throbbing, achingly hard cock at her dewed entrance.

Despite the orgasm, Cordy’s whole body tensed at his initial penetration; it had been a long time since Wilson Christopher, and Angel/us was no lightweight in the penis department. Her eyes widened when instead of plunging to the hilt, the crazy vampire eased in, giving her body time to get accustomed to his invasion. Slowly her body opened to his- and then as if the tight clenching of her muscles was too much on his sensitive shaft, the pace picked up and the pounding began.

Stars were the order of the night; both vampire and seer panted and groaned as his hips pistoned in and out hard enough to make the back of Cordy’s head ride the pillow, and the constant flexing of her inner muscles almost made Angel/us’ amber eyes cross. Heat crawled through her body at the same time a warning tingle started and grew at the base of his spine; his pace picked up until the headboard hammered off the wall and panting turned into groans of pleasure, both reaching for that inevitable explosion.

Cordy’s back arched off the bed as the heat turned to ice and exploded through her body from her groin up to her fingertips. Her mouth parted into a soundless scream, her inner walls milking the vampire’s cock until he roared in ecstasy. His cool seed flooded her womb and he continued to pump into her convulsing body until both sagged drained and sated.

Running lax fingers through the soft hair of the head tucked into her shoulder, Cordy attempted to climb back out of oblivion- then found it not much of a problem as the vampire blanketing her tensed and practically threw himself off her. “Angel?”

It took her a few seconds, but the hands that clutched his chest as he hunched on his knees at the end of the bed triggered of warning bells- and she ran…

The Trouble With Gloating, heh

I don’t believe it- YOU!” Ethan Rayne groaned under his breath even as he turned to face the petite blonde powerhouse. Why the hell did he always have to linger and gloat? Hadn’t he learned from unpleasant experience that that bad habit never worked out well?

“I’d say it was a pleasure but I’d be lying through my perfect teeth- hey! Watch the shirt!” Ethan found himself pinned to the wall and grimaced as her hand wrinkled his fine silk shirt along with his throat.

“Oh, how wonderful; the sidekicks have arrived,” he rolled his eyes and inwardly grinned at the offended expressions on his nemesis, Rupert Giles, the redhead stick figure and the dark-haired young man whom he knew without doubt was still a complete dick- then he looked to the side, swallowed hard and was seriously glad he was human- Spike!

That’s all he bloody well needed! “Can’t a man pop into a place of fun and have a nice, quiet drink?” his eyes widened innocently as he brought his gaze back to the Slayer, inwardly irritated by the odd snikker and pitying look he got by passer’s by- him, a full grown man pinned to the wall by an innocuous little peroxide blonde.

He knew that she packed more than a punch, but those normal Joes didn’t! Oh, the shame of it.

“Why is it that I don’t believe a single, lying word you spout with so much ease?” Here we go, the great twat himself has finally decided to do his macho bit. Ethan rolled his eyes yet again and smiled sickly sweet at the ex-Watcher. Would the man ever get over that little bit of fun with the demonizing?

“Because you have gender issues? – OWWE!” he glared at the blonde with intense dislike, his fingers gingerly checked out his abused nipple. “You’ve spent far too much time with the bleached S & M bit- remind me never to smooch with you, deary,” Ethan cringed and then grinned when the ‘bleached bit’ staggered back holding his head after attempting to hammer him into the wall. HAH!

“So…. Where are Angelus and his gorgeous little pet?” Ethan made a show of looking around, but couldn’t hold in the smug grin. Buffy frowned heavily and shifted, a shiver of unease run up her spine.

“NOT Angelus, Ethan- he’s got a soul now, or hadn’t you heard?” The Slayer doubted he wouldn’t have; then the slimy bastard smiled with pure malice.

“Exchange the word ‘got’ to ‘HAD’, and you’d be closer to the lay of the land right now,” he told them with a certainty that had the color drain from their collective faces.” God, this was fun!

Figuring out that the couple had left about two hours before, it had to be a given that Angelus was back among the terrified living; he wondered absently if the vampire had killed or instead turned the lovely brunette. A real pity, but these things happen when you’re out for revenge.

“What have you done?” Buffy increased the pressure on his throat for a second, not easing until his face turned an unpleasant shade of puce. Coughing but undaunted, Ethan let another smirk slip on his face.

“And this is where I do the token muwahahaha- OUCH!- okay, I’ll tell you!” his nipples were going to need slings if the bitch continued with her mini torture. “I put a spell on this tacky little place,” he informed them with open glee.

“A unique kind of un-inhibitor especially created by my own talented hands to loosen the grip on souls belatedly placed in vampires- or should I say vampire” he hadn’t thought it possible for the little group to lose more color, but they accomplished it with ease. Ethan was on a roll and just had to share the rest of his nefarious plan- he’d always been a bit of a braggart.

“But that isn’t the coupe de grace, sweetie,” he grinned maliciously and leaned his head forward. “A diluted Angelus left this drinking establishment around two hours ago, and I don’t doubt he aided the soul on its way to the ether- what with his lusty feelings towards a certain curvy brunette,” His emphasis on the ‘Curvy’ as his eyes swept her figure had Buffy’s eyes narrowing and had her resisting the urge to pound that smug face, then did a double take. A small, condescending grin appeared on her face.

“Has to be perfect bliss, bucko; got him together with the wrong girl.” She informed him triumphantly, ignoring the disbelieving snort that left the blonde vampire. Ethan snorted too.

“Purlease! That is where you’re very wrong, my dear little narcissus; Angel AND Angelus want that little lady so much he’d give his right arm for even one night in her arms.” Spike nodded and shot a look of jealousy at the Slayer who now looked like she’d been sucker punched.

“Get over yerself, Slayer; didn’t tonight tell you anything? I know I’m blonde too, but God help the rest of us with people like you around.” He muttered not so under his unneeded breath- then the smirk slipped off his pale face as the full import of the Dark Magician’s words finally filtered through.

Shit! Spike didn’t know whether to laugh or run for the hills; Angelus is one wanker he never wanted to cross paths with again- and not just because he’d betrayed him to the slayer a few years back! He’d been all over his bit like a rash, and he knew Angelus enough to know that the girl probably would be having trouble sitting down for a while- God knows what he’d do to him! Maybe put his nuts through a spin wash, youch!

Buffy was too busy inwardly freaking too; the insinuation of Angel/us and the brunette didn’t hurt as much as she’d thought it would- but that wasn’t the reason for her heavily thudding heart. The soulless demon back in the picture? Every nightmare she’d ever had felt like they were bursting to the surface.

“We need to get over there,” she spoke half to herself; inwardly agreeing when Ethan said they’d be too late. “Will?” she turned her fair head towards the quivering redheaded witch standing a few feet behind her. Shifting her feet, the other girl raised anxious eyes and gulped.

“Um…. we kinda, um, lost the-the Restoration spell; remember Graduation? It went all kaplooey,” as if they could possibly forget. The Slayer’s shoulders slumped.

That meant they were left with only one choice- staking the vampire and losing Angel forever- along with Cordelia if he’d killed/turned her. Could her night get any worse?

“Could I make a suggestion?” Ethan saw a way out of his predicament and grabbed it with both hands. All eyes turned to him, and he smiled unpleasantly, “well, not exactly a suggestion; more like a deal?” Buffy looked towards the others then stepped a little closer.

“Spit it out,” her words short and to the point. She doubted the bastard had anything to barter, but desperation is just that.

“I picked up a very interesting Gypsy spell on my travels…a very rare soul binding spell” now he had everyone’s complete attention. “Apparently, it was an alternative to the original spell.  Alternative as in having no pesky clauses,” he revealed with a smug grin.

“And this is where you tell us the conditions, I assume?” Giles eyed the man suspiciously, not trusting him as far as he could throw Big Ben.

“How astute of you, dear Rupert,” Ethan drawled, keeping his gaze on the hopeful slayer. “Let me go and it’s all yours” you can pop it back in without having to even move from this building,” he tapped his head, the grin growing by quick degrees. “Always had an super memory; as Rupert is all too aware.” Buffy scowled; dropping the hands she was just going to search him painfully with.

“No way are you going anywhere until we know it’s worked,” she finally spoke and ignored the instant gasp that left her Watcher’s mouth.

“Why should I trust you?” Ethan returned with a lift of a dark brow.

“Because I’m giving you the word of the Slayer.” He couldn’t argue with that. The young woman may be irritatingly juvenile and whiny in many ways, but at the same time he didn’t doubt her sincerity.

“Buffy, you cannot possibly be serious! The man is a menace to society,” Giles finally opened his mouth to argue. Buffy instantly turned to him with hard green eyes.

“True, but who would you prefer roaming free, Giles- this pathetic waste of space, or pure, undiluted Angelus?” the man backed down without another word.

“Okay, toady, let’s get to it.”…

Hide and Eat…

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