Under Your Spell 4

Part 4

Cordelia didn’t have time to shriek in surprise as two arms went round her waist and propelled her out of the old chamber quicker than she could blink. His arms seemed huge compared to her frame, his hand almost spanned the entire width of her abdomen and his muscle could be felt rippling through his jacket. She couldn’t help the inner female purr at such a show of masculinity. Bad Cordy, bad.

“This where I die now?”

Continuing to move her forwards down the corridor they had just entered, Angelus shrugged. “Nah” he replied, “If it was, you’d only be partially dead”

Cordelia groaned aloud. The Princess Bride would never be the same again after this. “That’s it,” a half hysterical giggle bubbled up. “I am officially on the Insane Train to Nutsville”

“Wow, I didn’t have to work at it this time. Damn I’m good” Angelus sighed with a roll of his dazzling black eyes. Stopping their movements abruptly, the vampire turned the girl round to face him.

Cordelia pouted, her lower lip pooching out and her cheeks puffing up as she found herself treated to a pretty nice grin. One corner of his sinful mouth was curled up and a flash of fang glinted in the dark made him look dangerously hot. Pouting, she figured, was better than openly swooning at the vampire who had been purposely pushing her buttons all night.

“Ya know” Angelus purred as the other side of his mouth curled up. “Once upon a time you woulda been only too happy to be alone with me in the dark.” Those dazzling black orbs rakishly roamed over her face, taking in the rising blush spreading across her cheeks.

“That was before you went places where no man… pire should ever go” Cordelia stated matter-of-factly. Her own elegant eyebrow rose a little, “Besides, you weren’t exactly psychotic when I thought you were a walking chunk of salty goodness. Either that or all that black did a good job of hiding it”

Leaning his shoulder against the hardened wall, the dark haired vampire crossed heavily muscled arms over his chest and smirked. His gaze wandered over her tightly curved body, going right from her lashes to the way her breasts rose and fell to the set of hips that smoothed out from her tiny waist. “I’m not being psychotic right now, am I?”

The blatant come-on had the desired effect, instantly shutting her up about his clothing and ex-girlfriend. “Oh please, like a Boy Scout ‘tude is gonna get you lucky with me? I think not”

That brought a smile to his face. He did so love a challenge. “Would you prefer it if I was psychotic?”

“Would it really matter?” Cordelia enquired lightly as she peered curiously up at the dark haired vampire. “You have no soul, so I can’t see my preference making much difference”

Raising an eyebrow at her astute nature, Angelus graced her with a rare genuine smile that lasted mere seconds before it merged into an arrogant smirk. “Look at me and answer honestly, do I look like I need to rape some sweet, delectable young thing?”

“Need being the operative word, whether you do or not is another story” the brunette commented lightly.

“Do you really want my reply to that?” He quizzed as his smirk grew bigger, a quick flash of white fangs gleamed through the darkness. “Rape is such an ugly word, it’s full of all these grey areas ya know?”

Cordelia sucked in a deep breath as she prepared to give her thoughts on the matter in question. “So what? You seduce those sweet, delectable young things into making her want it? Her lips say no no, but her eyes say yes yes?”

“You’re a sweet, delectable young thing. Do you think I could seduce you into wanting it?” Angelus grinned a huge, beaming grin as memories of times gone past flittered though his head. Ahh, those were the days.

“I think not” she stated with as much conviction as she could muster. “The pains of having embalmed hands on me just doesn’t appeal to me. Can’t think why though… Were you embalmed?”

Angelus blinked once or twice as his grin froze in confusion. What had she asked? “What?” Where had the teasing, seducing fun and games gone?

Rolling her eyes, she huffed and clacked her tongue as she regarded him through the darkness. “You heard me. Were you embalmed? You know, you’re a vampire, all grrr and stuff. You died eons ago, so were you?”

“I am a little stiff now that you mention it” a sharp sting of anticipation shot quickly through his veins as he closely watched her response to that.

A faint blush crept up her cheeks, making the apples glow a pretty pink. Heart rate was slowly increasing the pace of hot, human blood and her full, plush mouth parted ever so slightly. He saw her pink tongue slip past those lips to wet the lower pout, making the gloss shine in the darkness.

Licking his own lips in response, Angelus made the move slowly and was satisfied to see the caramel orbs drop down to his mouth. Closing the small gap between them, the vampire made it so her back was against the wall. Leaning down, he placed his mouth a whisper above hers. “Do I feel dead to you?”

Hot feminine breaths tickled as Cordelia stiffled a soft sigh of both trepidation and eager anticipation. “No” was the quiet response, “You don’t”

The dark haired vampire dipped his head, keeping his darkening gaze locked onto the brunette’s sweet toffee ones. His male lower lip lightly touched her upper, stimulating every sensory nerve in her body. “Do my lips feel good?”

Strong, large hands fingered the waves falling around the frame of her face, feeling the softness as it fell through his fingers. Those hands lost the tender touching the second he fisted her hair tightly, forcing her head up to look at him. Angelus eyes shone with a hint of cruel lust before using his hard mouth to take precedence over the softer, pliant one begging for it.

His tongue sliced past her lips into the hot cavern of her mouth, the tip of his cool muscle found and toyed with hers. A low moan of appreciation built up inside his chest until it vibrated through his figure, then hers. Pushing more firmly, Angelus felt the hot cradle of her thighs as they connected with his powerful ones. Through the barriers of clothing, he could feel the delectable human heat threatening to sear his skin. Against his upper torso, her breasts cushioned the solid wall of his muscular chest and the budding tips could be felt through her top.

“You like my kisses, don’tcha?” Angelus’ husky whisper penetrated the silence as he pulled back from her mouth. Muscular fingers followed an invisible path down her pliant body, following the trail of breadcrumbs until his fingertips reached her lower abdomen. Cordelia’s entire body tensed in nervousness and readiness for his next move. “Oh yeah, you like me”

Moving further down, the vampire’s hard mouth curled up in a sensual smirk as his hand slid to the apex of her long legs. Female heat spread through her clothes, permeating his cool skin as he stroked the heart of her body in a way that elicited gasped moans.

His chest rose and fell with every inhalation, each breath forcing his lungs to be invaded with the intoxicating scent of delicious arousal. Lifting her skirt, Angelus purred deep in his throat when the silky surface of her naked flesh grazed his calloused hand. Firm thighs parted involuntarily, giving him desired access that he took advantage of.

Cordelia moaned loudly when his hand fully cupped her. The heel of his palm pressed heavily against the pearl protected by softened petals, strong fingers pleasured the entrance through the material of her panties. Hips jerked almost violently when the vampire ceased his actions, the movement forcing those digits to push up and bestow sensation pressure where she needed it most.

“Tell me whatcha want baby” Angelus demanded, his voice thick and husky as Irish brogue slipped through. His cock was rock solid, the leather holding him in an uncomfortably tight grip as he got just that little bit harder.

Cordelia arched her back, pushing more of her body onto his exploring hand. Her breasts completely crushed up against his chest and her hot core urged more from him. Small, delicate hands reached up the grab the vampire’s shoulders as she moved with him. Full lips parted as sexual moans escaped her parched throat as her eyes squeezed tight shut against the pre-climatic throbs racing through her.

Angelus kept his hand still, letting her make all the moves while he just watched her. His pale pink tongue swept out across his lips as his gaze focused on her face as she came on his hand. Panties got wetter as liquid sex got hotter, moans grew louder and hips moved faster, harder. “Come for me baby, lemme see you come” he urged and flicked his thumb over her hidden clit, giving the extra stimulation she craved.

Cordelia’s hands fisted his shoulders as she bucked hard, her body demanding more of what he could give. The apples of her cheeks flushed pink as her blood pressure rose in reaction to the pleasure that swept her body. She could feel the way her sex pulsed as the pressure inside her increased, hot vaginal walls clutched at the emptiness with no satisfaction.

Hot female juice coated her panties and his hand, making Angelus slide under the silk garment. Two thick fingers easily found her open and ready. Pushing past the initial resistance, he groaned heavily at the feel of tight, wet and hot walls clutching his penetration. At the feel of him inside her, Cordelia’s eyes snapped wide open and her body became still with shock. For a moment, she’d forgotten who she was with.

She was with Angelus, the soulless version of Angel and Buffy’s ex-boyfriend. Somehow, that didn’t seem to matter at this very second in time. Hazel eyes shone brightly as the brunette regarded him, surprise all over her pretty face. “Angel…”

Her body stretched around his digits, holding him snugly in place. Female arousal made entry slick and easy, roughened fingers delved knuckle deep, twirling up inside until she cried out again. The soft hair covering her mound rasped gently off his skin as a lazy pace coaxed more hot honey to spill from her body.

Withdrawing his fingers from her tightness, Angelus groaned thickly as he slipped slowly past the softening walls. Her hips encouraging the vampire to go deeper and harder, while her lips allowed breathy moans to escape.

Her hand reached down to curl tightly around his thick wrist, her fingers fisting him over and over as the pre-orgasmic waves ntensified.

Noting her doing this, Angelus reluctantly left her unfulfilled and brought his fingers to his mouth. Through the darkness, he could see his skin shining with sweet honey as the tangy taste wove a web around his senses. Masculine lips wrapped around muscular fingers while his cool tongue savoured the flavour.

Slowly tugging his digits out of his tasting mouth, Angelus lapped up stray droplets until he’d drank it all. His hand was returned to his side while golden orbs focused completely on her face. “What Angel wants, Angel gets and Angel wants to fuck you”

Cordelia’s pliant mouth formed a perfect O as she tried to regulate her breathing and regain some control over her body’s reactions. There was a serious throb burning between her hot thighs, all nerves were on red alert as she stood there practically gawking at the vampire. “Not all that big on romance, are you?”

Angelus’ lips curled up as he stepped away from the brunette giving himself enough space to perform an over-exaggerated and very gallant bow. “My lady” his voice was laced with humoured sarcasm, “Would you grant me the honour of bestowing your consent for copulation?”

The amber jewels had lost the demonic fire and were replaced by dazzling black swirls that threatened to hypnotise. Speaking, her voice was a shy whisper of it’s normal volume. “Since you asked so nicely…”

The dark haired vampire straightened his large frame, standing over the brunette until his 6′ 2 build dwarfed her. Strong fingers were placed around the tops of her thighs, parting them to give room for his body to fit. From behind the barrier of black leather, his erect cock came into direct contact with the feminine cradle and the feel of silky skin on leather appealed to the man in him.

Pert nipples caught his attention, her shirt moulded to the little buds as they became pebble hard. Angelus wondered if they tasted like strawberries or vanilla. Up her thigh, one hand travelled over the gentle slope of her hips and trim waist, pushing her top up as he moved. Long, confident fingers splayed out across her stomach, relishing in the way she instantly burned at his touch.

A fingertip skimmed the flat surface of her stomach, drawing patterns until the sensitive naval greeted him. The toned muscles in her abdomen twitched at the tickling, forcing him to turn the feather light grazing to a more luxurious massage.

His sinful lips sprawled into an amused grin when he felt a piercing through her belly button and moved to touch it. The vampire was definitely fascinated by this and it showed on his face. Eyes sparkled and twinkled in the darkness, mouth in a rare genuine smile that left her bright-eyed and breathless.

“Do ya have any more?” Angelus quizzed, hoping she’d say yes. A quick glance down at her full breasts told him she did not have her nipple pierced. Shame. They could have had some serious fun.

Cordelia scrunched her face up, still unable to tear her gaze away from that stunning smile. She opened her mouth in readiness to reply but then thought of what exactly was in her belly and went to warn him. “Angel be carefu…”

A sizzling sound disturbed the seductions, the vampire hissed in pain and snatched his hand away from her stomach. Ridges, prominent cheekbones and crinkled forehead replaced the handsome human visage. “What the fuck?” He snarled at her, shaking his hand of the stinging ache.

An apologetic grimace spread over the cheerleader’s vixen face followed by a sweet smile. “It’s a Celtic cross. Sorry”

“A silver Celtic cross” Angelus dryly corrected as his erection softened somewhat, allowing him some time to get his thoughts together. An old mental asylum was no place to seduce a sweet, delectable young thing. Then again, who really cared? If he didn’t have a problem with it, why should she? After all, it’d be her first time, not the last. Plenty of time for him to fuck her in a bed.

“Sorry?” Cordelia offered meekly, biting her lower lip and nervously fiddled with the hem of her shirt. “But Celtic symbols are so this season!”

Angelus’ eyes rolled slightly, wondering if she knew he had Irish in him. By the end of tonight, she’d have Irish in her. “Never mind” he stated, wanting to get back to seducing the hot bitch in front of him. Holding out a hand for her to take, “C’mon, let’s go get our own room”


She was more or less dragged through the door nearest to them, the door was slammed closed, the echo reverberating down the old hallway outside. She didn’t have a second to think before his mouth was crushing hers. His tongue sliced past her lips, the tip teasing the warm one as a guttural moan worked up from his chest.

Slim male lips manipulated the fuller, more pliant ones into a deeper kiss that gave him total control. Warm, slender fingers caressed his cheek and trickled down to grasp his jacket collar, fisting the leather over and over. The kiss was completely dominated by him, she was being completely dominated by him.

The deeper the kiss, the more she wanted. Her nostrils flared as Cordelia caught the gorgeous scent of leather mingling with natural maleness. The musky aroma was divine as she inhaled him in, savouring the very essence of the dark vampire. Pushing powerful hips hard up against hers, banging the solid ridge of his cock off her clit earned him a quiet scream.

Moist, cool lips left warmer ones to trail wet butterfly kisses down the hollow of her delicate throat, feeling the blood as it rushed through her veins, stirring the beginnings of bloodlust. Angelus nipped the delicate flesh with blunt teeth, grinning wickedly when the brunette tilted her head to the side and gave more of her throat to him. Did she want to be bitten?

“If ya don’t wanna be bitten yet baby, then don’t bare your throat to a vampire. Especially one like me” The warning was generously given and instantly taken. This time, he was careful of her damn jewellery piece as he splayed his fingers across the toned planes of her abdomen, lifting her shirt as he swept his touch up.

Full, round and pert breasts were encased in a silky bra, the sheen reflected off the amazing black swirls that were filled with promises. Bronzed, smooth skin surrounded hard nipples that strained against the cups, the contours had his mouth watering.

Deeply breathing, Cordelia licked her dry bruised mouth and found herself arching up. His face dropped instantly to her chest, snaring a sensitive nipple between his lips. Sucking heavily, his tongue rolled around and teased her, teeth bit and nibbled, sending shockwaves straight to her core.

Her shirt was stripped off and thrown carelessly over his shoulder, leaving her stood in her bra. Fingers became hooked in the waistband of her skirt, Angelus didn’t hesitate in sliding the garment down the long, shapely legs. Kneeling before the brunette, the vampire’s gaze stared at the centre of her parted legs. The aroma of female sex was so heavy there, drawing him in like a bee to nectar.

Throwing her head back, Cordelia moaned loudly at the sudden sensation of his mouth on her pussy. Feverish heat met his lips, tracing the softness of her folds with his tongue, the vampire’s purr sent delicious vibrations buzzing through her, making her wetter and the tip of his talented tongue found the pearly bud of her clit.

Her hips rocked unsurely at first before confidence built, unable to help the urge to ride him. Her body was on fire as she moved with him. Her shaking hands held onto his shoulders when her panties were removed. The silk felt like clouds as the material was shoved down her legs, a breeze of cool air fluttered over her burning core right before Angelus kissed her.

“Angel…!” Cordelia cried out, eyes snapping wide open as she looked down at him. The vampire had his face buried right up in the crook of her thighs, his tongue slid up and down her labia, taunting her clit with flirtatious licks. His calloused fingers deliciously rasped over the petals, parting them to be able too sink deeply into her sweetness.

Angelus dipped in and out of her body, savouring every rush of honeyed sex that ran into his mouth. Even around his tongue, her walls were tight and snug. Licking faster, he groaned in delight when she cried out his name again, her hips increasing in pace as he intensified his oral seduction.

Cordelia’s fingers threaded through the vampire’s spiked dark hair, tugging him closer. Moans were getting increasingly louder and her legs began to feel weak. Her hair ran down her back, the strands tickled the smooth surface, adding to the sensational high she was already on.

Grabbing her hips in a bruising hold, the vampire held the brunette still as he tongue fucked her over and over. Driving in as deep as he could, relishing in the increasing orgasmic throbs that set her core on fire. Hot, luscious liquid poured onto his lips and into his mouth. The thick honey trickled down his throat as he swallowed every drop given.

Breathing grew heavier as her pulse went higher. Cordelia felt the orgasm shoot through her fast. Her inner walls clenched tight around his tongue, as he dragged it out of her slowly. The thought of just who was doing this to her only made her hotter, weaker and left her wanting more.

Glancing up, Angelus watched through glittering orbs as the brunette came apart on him. Skin flushed pink, lips parted and eyes shut, everything in the world but him was locked out. Perfect picture of passion. Sounds of ecstasy fell freely, his name was chanted alongside pleas for more. She wanted more, he’d give the Princess more.

Not giving Cordelia a chance to come down, Angelus left her body in the throes of orgasm and rapidly stood. It was only his quick reflexes that stopped her from falling. Having the over-heated body in his arms, the vampire wasted no time in tearing off her bra and helping her step out of her skirt and panties. “Baby, you got me so fuckin hard” he grunted, yanking his leather jacket off his body.

“Why’d you stop?” Cordelia panted, blinking back the glazing in her bright eyes. Her body was still thrumming and muscles were fisting the emptiness he left inside.

“Baby wanted more, Baby’s gonna get more” the dark haired vampire didn’t bother with his shirt buttons and simply yanked it over his head. His skilful hands went directly to the belt that kept his leather pants secure around his well-kept abdomen.

The brunette didn’t hear his response, she was too busy staring at the hand carved figure that gleamed in the darkness. Arms were set with heavy muscle that led up to defined shoulders, his chest was broad, smooth and flawless. She just make out tiny dark brown nipples that contrasted with the marble flesh.

“Baby wants more” Cordelia felt her mouth move, heard the words and couldn’t believe she’d said that. Seeing how it was too late to take it back, she shrugged and went with the flow.“Now give Baby what she wants!”

Pausing momentarily, Angelus shot her a glance that portrayed his surprise she would speak so openly. Who knew the virginal little Ice Queen could be so horny? Easing the belt through the buckle, the surprise wore off and was replaced by a stare that carried a heavy warning. “Too late for you to say no.” The zipper sounded as he tugged his pants open, “This whatcha want, huh?” His voice was light, breezy but his eyes betrayed the tone. “Come and get it”

A slight rush of nervousness enveloped Cordelia as she watched the vampire push his pants down over the masculine curves of his hips and thighs. A flash of dark hair drew her wide-eyed gaze down to where his erection was hard against the flat surface of his lower abdomen. Her hands tingled with the need to touch him, take hold of his sex and do what he said.

Go and get it.

Seeing she wasn’t gonna come to him, Angelus narrowed his darkened eyes and moved towards her.

Cordelia stood helpless and naked as she watched the vampire start to fall. Her mouth opened in shock as it slowly dawned on her that he hadn’t removed his pants fully.

“Oomph!” Angelus landed hard on the concrete floor, the sound of the collision echoed through the small chamber. His face was plastered to the ground and legs were tangled up.

Biting her lower lip, the cheerleader wasn’t sure if she should help him up or leave him to it. A small thought caught her as she realised it must have been painful if he landed on certain parts. It definitely wouldn’t do her any good to laugh, no matter how much she wanted too.

Taking the initiative, Cordelia choked back the grin threatening to spread over her face and went to help him. Kneeling down at his side, she carefully placed her hand on his back and raised an eyebrow when the muscles rippled under his skin. “Uh, you ok?”

For the first time since losing his soul, Angelus had never felt more pathetic. The girl he was seducing was helping him up off the floor of an asylum chamber and asking if he was ok. “No” he grunted gruffly, not moving an inch. “I’m not ok”

“Is there anything I can do?” She asked meekly, grimacing for him. She could only imagine what he must be feeling right now and sympathised. “Don’t be embarrassed, dorkiness is kinda cute”

He went completely still. His entire body froze on the spot as she made an effort to comfort him. Kinda cute? Kinda fucking cute? He was a vampire for crying out loud. His name was Angelus. Demon with the face of an angel. The Scourge of Europe. She, a cheerleader in high school, was calling him cute?

Angelus growled, his body vibrated with the deep animalistic noise. Obsidian orbs glared down at the floor he was kissing and growled again. Cordelia carried on talking while she mapped the broad expanse of his back, fingers smoothing across the marble surface until he forced himself to roll over. His gaze now focused on her vixen face and saw the smile as it turned her full lips up.

Maybe being cute wasn’t such a bad thing.

As her hands went from stroking his back to stroking his chest, Angelus decided being cute was definitely not a bad thing. Not if it got this kind of attention. Rolling fully onto his back, the vampire leaned his weight on his elbows and the slow smile encouraged her to keep it up.

Regaining the lost confidence, Cordelia applied more pressure and pushed the heels of her palms into his pectorals, easing the tension there. Nimble fingers worked over the built shoulders and glided softly down the heavily set biceps. Chestnut hair fell around her defiant chin, the long strands trailing over his flesh.

His body gradually warmed under the almost loving touch, tense muscles relaxed with the massaging motions. Angelus’ head lightly rolled back, a low baritone purr bubbled up from inside at the pleasure of her feminine caress.

Wet heat gathered between her thighs as she ran her hands lower, causing a reaction of her own. His legs drifted apart when he felt her go lower. The sensuality of it all had him getting hard again. At the male groan, Cordelia stifled a gasped moan and glanced down at his abdomen. Now that she was closer, she could see the trail of soft, downy hair that led towards his erection.

“Touch me baby, I don’t bite unless begged” Angelus saw the expression on her face as she openly gazed at his cock. Maybe if he was cuter, she might get a little more confident. Flashing the brunette a raunchy smile, the vampire took her hand and led her down the centre of his stomach until dark hair rasped against her fingers.

“Want me to touch you?” Cordelia asked, her voice sultry and soft at the same time. She smiled shyly when he released her hand and took the invitation. Moving her slender fingers down, she timidly slid along the solid shaft, listening at the hiss of pleasure that followed.

“Like this” Angelus got out, covering her hand with his larger one and showing her how he liked to be handled. Guiding her, he moved her hard and slow, taking the time to make sure she felt every inch on his erection. His hips arched up, pushing more of his cock into her hold and grunting with the buzz he got.

Cordelia couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. He was cool but not cold, the sensitive skin was like velvet while he was steel hard. Every slide of her hand taught her something new, every male groan taught her he was liking it just fine and every breathy sigh she made told of her own enjoyment.

His other hand crept up her thigh, tracing invisible patterns on her golden skin before going further up. Cupping the fullness of one breast, Angelus caught the little pebble between his fingers and tugged lightly, eliciting a sudden mewl from the brunette. Repeating that, he tugged harder and flicked his roughened thumb over the pert bud, stimulating her entire body.

In her hand, his cock seemed to swell as he dominated the movements. Hips bucked up harder and faster, his grunts got louder until her name poured out of his lips warningly. “Gonna make me come Cor”

Cordelia went to increase the pressure and pace, curling her hand tighter around his shaft and watched as the pink tip glistened with pre-come. His fingers left her breast to entwine in her hair, yanking her attention to his face. Pulling her down, Angelus captured her pliant mouth with a heavy, bruising kiss that swallowed her breath.

His tongue violently cut past her lips, slipping into the hot cavern to toy with hers. Control was fought for, neither side willing to give it up. Her body surrendered and fell down onto his, her hand crushed his sex and caused him to stop. “No, not yet. Wanna be inside” he whispered as his tongue licked her lower pout. “I want your legs tight around me, want my cock to fill you up”

Cordelia nodded her consent and reluctantly unclasped her hand. Before leaving him, she grinned cheekily and snared his balls in a light hold that had more of an effect than she expected. His powerful hips rose high off the floor, a curse was snarled out and he knew he needed to get her to stop. “Unhand me, wench” Angelus growled at her with a dark look that made the brunette shiver.

An elegant eyebrow rose as the cheeky smile vanished to be replaced by a sultry flicker of her lips. Treating him to last stroke, the brunette moved her hand in such a way that got another deep groan. “So Captain Leather Pants, you wanted to be someplace?”

“Aye lass, I do” Angelus’ voice was thick with a strong Irish brogue. The words of his reply rolled off his tongue in a manner that had her heart rate increasing. Completely sitting up, he winked at the brunette who’d turned into mush at his original accent and crooked a finger at her.

He didn’t need to ask twice. Cordelia had her mouth fused to his and arms around his neck before he could blink. Long legs shifted until her ankles were crossed at the small of his spine, leg muscles tugged her further into him.

The tip of his cock connected with her cream-slicked folds, liquid sex made him slide down the petals until he felt her entrance. A gasp of surprise sounded as the cheerleader froze a little. Just having him there, between her thighs, was enough to get her responding. Her hips pressed down, pushing the tip of him past the initial tightness and she gripped the vampire’s body when a shot of lightening hit.

Her inexperience showed in that very moment. Angelus grinned inwardly and reached between their slick bodies to guide himself into her. His eyes snapped shut at the tight feel of her body opening up. Starting with short, shallow penetrations, the vampire eased her into it, taking each move with care and attention. The inner walls furiously fisted his shaft gloving him in a wet grip that he doubted would let go.

Every time he pushed up, Cordelia felt the breath being forced from her lungs as her body adjusted to his size. There was an ache spreading through both hips from the deep penetration, causing her to stifle a pained sound.

Angelus bucked up once more, the power he used and the creamy sweetness made it oh so easy for him to take that final step and sink into the hilt. Holding perfectly still, he gave her body time to adjust while having to keep the brunette from circling her hips in an effort to find relief from the burning inside.

Her chest rhythmically rose and fell with each breath, blood pounded so hard she could hear it and the pressure so high it left her dizzy. Manicured fingernails dug into the flawless skin of his shoulders, disturbing the perfection with pink welts and her legs squeezed his waist. Gradually, the ache was replaced with a dull, heady throb that had her biting her lip.

Showing her how to move, the vampire grabbed two healthy handfuls of her ass and lifted her up until only the tip of him lay inside. Keeping his gaze locked onto hers, he ever so slowly lowered her down onto his cock. The hard shaft eased through the remaining resistance to treat the sensitive spot inside that had her mewling. Angelus expelled a cool breath as all heightened senses picked up on everything.

The way skin-on-skin sounded as the rhythm was built, the little moans and hot sighs that escaped. The sight of hazel eyes glazing over with hazy lust, the sight of those perfect breasts and. the sight of her body swallowing him whole. Heady arousal, male and female, hung in the air, strong enough to make him choke, rich human blood full of sex and sin. Hot honey seared the flesh on his thighs, velvet muscles frantically squeezed his cock and soft hands massaged his shoulders. Moist kisses were shared, cool lips scraped over warm ones, tongues flicked out and tasted the other.

“Ride me” the vampire urged then groaned heavily when Cordelia crushed her hips right down on his, sending the tip of his erection slamming against the edge of her cervix. His fingers gripped so hard, reddened marks appeared but the sting only enhanced her nerves. Her little cry of pained pleasure was lost in the cave of his mouth, allowing him to absorb the reaction in all possible ways.

The slow pace got too much for him and he let go of any restraints. Angelus ignored the protesting voice and took control. Entering her with a long, slow thrust that set him alight, he teasingly withdrew and enjoyed the way she demanded he return. Giving in, he penetrated deeper than before, grunting as pressure built in his balls, bringing them tight to his body.

Rocking her body in time with his, Cordelia pushed down as he pushed up, forcing the base of his erection to taunt her clit. Blunt manicured nails clawed his back while her thighs closed tightly around his waist, muscles dragging him closer. Angelus gripped her ass, fingers flexing around the firm, silky flesh as he moved with her.

A fine sheen of perspiration coated the feline body, his fingers glided smoothly up her back to hold the nape of her neck to bring her mouth back to his. His tongue sliced through her lips, taking the sweet breath into his lungs. Under her, his body was stealing heat and light, forcing him to touch the sun as she turned into an inferno of bliss.
Angelus’ head was spinning, his body was getting hotter and hotter, and his moans got louder as she rode him faster. Driving into her, he relished in the way the slick walls held him.

Her thighs flexed around him as orgasmic vibrations started in her core. Inner muscles grew tense around the solid shaft buried deep and hot rain scalded his flesh. Throwing her head back, her back arching up causing the vampire to secure her in an iron grip. He felt the change come over her and moved fast, hard and confident in an effort to give her what she needed.

“Angel!” Cordelia mewled, tearing her mouth from his and burning her face in the crook of his shoulder, muffling her cries. Her body became still as the climax raced through her like lightening. A burst of hot, thick creamy arousal spilled down his sexuality, muscles contracted viciously around him as she came.

His face changed; handsome visage disappeared into his true face. Prominent cheekbones, ridged forehead and golden orbs; blunt white teeth transformed into deadly fangs that gleamed. Angelus groaned, his whole being vibrated with sensation as she slowly came down from her high. His balls were tight, the pressure unbearable and all he wanted was to come hard and fast.

Pushing once, twice, three times, the vampire let go and the heavy pressure filling him left his body in long, painful bursts. Cool ejaculate soothed her, his sex pulsed and throbbed frantically inside as his hips piston into her core. The vampire panted and groaned, oxygen breezed over her flushed skin as the scent of blood drew him to her throat.

A fistful of dark hair enabled Angelus to yank her head to one side, ignoring the shriek of surprise as he pierced the delicate casing covering her jugular. Rich, red human blood shot into his mouth and he closed his lips firmly around the skin, drinking her down. Her blood was like the finest port, was amazing, drugging, wild and hot, it left him in a state of grace as his orgasm subsided.

At the sudden invasion, she screamed loudly and went completely stiff in his arms. His shaft drove up into her, stimulating the G-spot with enough force to eke a second, thrilling orgasm that left her senseless.

He barely felt Cordelia give more of her neck before letting go, his saliva instantly protecting the bite mark after he took enough to sate. The tip of his tongue traced the redness, cooling the heat and licking up stray droplets, making sure he didn’t miss a thing. “Baby…” his lips drifted into a lazy smile as he swiped locks of hair from her damp cheeks, more than a little pleased to see the pink shading to her skin.

“Hmm?” Cordelia’s eyes were heavy lidded as she returned his gaze, hazel irises glazed over with the erotic moment. Placing her lips softly on his, the brunette purred against his mouth as her body began to ache. She’d never in her wildest dreams imagined her first time would be like this, but if she had the choice she wouldn’t change it for the world. “Thank you”

Angelus frowned for a second, “Believe me lass, it was my pleasure.” The vampire moved them until they lay on the concrete floor, using his arm to cushion her from the hardness. Fingers stroked the silky tresses as his lips brushed over her forehead. He lay there, with the cheerleader and enjoyed being cute. “Remind me to thank Harris for wanting to dump you”

“Remind me to thank him for that, too” she’d thank him alright, she’d thank him on his thick head the second she got the chance.

The conversation drifted off into silence only disturbed by her breathing and heart beat, leaving the vampire in secret contemplation of the night. “You know” he began lightly, “We could do this again”

Her eyebrows rose as she lifted up to look at him. “What? Xander casting a love spell and us hiding out in the dungeon?”

Angelus shot her an exasperated expression and sighed impatiently. “No, us fucking”

“Oh…” Cordelia didn’t quite know what to say to that so she kept perfectly silent and waited for him the elaborate.

“In a nice, large bed and it just so happens, I have a nice, large bed in my rooms”

“Would this be the bed where you take your seduced sweet, delectable young things?” The words were accompanied by a light-hearted smile that took the sarcastic sting away.

The vampire grinned wickedly in return and pulled the brunette back down on top of him. “You’re a seduced sweet, delectable young thing who’s gonna be taken to my nice, large bed so yeah! Problem with that?” Nope, he didn’t have any problems with being cute if it got him this far. He didn’t know why he hadn’t tried it before. Though he doubted if cuteness would have the same reaction.

Cordelia’s warm breath puffed out in a thoughtful sigh as she leaned her head on his chest, fingers brushed over the lines of his pectoral muscles and she watched as they flexed. “Would it matter if I did?”

“See my kitten?” A throaty female voice shattered the spell. “Daddy is playing ever so nice with the pretty princess”

Part 5

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