Under Your Spell 5-6

Part 5

“Cordy?” Xander managed to get out, breathless from the energetic run to rescue her. Everything about tonight spelled trouble of the bad kind. “I heard you screaming…” The words died from his lips the instant he realised she was completely naked. Naked meant no clothing. Cordelia Chase was without clothing and on top of Angelus.

“Arrgghh!” Cordelia bolted up into a stiff sitting position, flung one arm over her upper half while the other went to hide the lower. She stared in surprise as Xander and Drusilla stood there, one set of eyes wide with shock and the other glittering with delight. “Get out! Get out now! You can’t see me naked!” The brunette screeched as she scooted round until she was hidden behind Angelus, who didn’t seem to care.

“MY EYES! MY EYES!” As soon as she moved off of the vampire, Xander had a second to view parts of Angelus he never wanted to see. Ever. Slapping his palms over his eyes, the boy squeezed them shut and pretended that didn’t happen.

Angelus chuckled in outright amusement as he felt the cheerleader thread her arms under his and press her body against his back, her face peeking over his shoulder. “I always did love a screamer”

“Yeah, there were rats” Cordelia pitched in quickly with a plastic grin on her face. “Big, big rats, all furry claws and big teeth”

Xander looked unimpressed at the pathetic lie. Not that he could say anything of course, he’d just lost his virginity to the childe of Angelus. Thank God she hadn’t walked in on him. “Rats. That’s exactly what it was”

“Liar, liar” Drusilla sang and twirled in a floaty circle. “Daddy was playing awful nice with the pretty girl. Screams of music they were, like bedtime lullabies”

Ignoring the vampiress, she demanded “Where’s your jacket? I need your damn jacket” Cordelia hissed to the vampire she was clinging too. Unhooking one arm, she began fumbling around behind her, searching for her leather jacket or his shirt in order to cover up. “Do something!”

A twisted smirk lit up Xander’s face as he leaned a shoulder against the door, taking in the panicked reaction of Cordelia Chase. Who’d have thought she was a timid thing under it all? “Hasn’t he done enough?” Despite spending half the night being groped, coddled and drooled on by Drusilla, he couldn’t help the bitterness that filled his voice.

A hard poke to his back had Angelus rolling his eyes in annoyance and he growled low in his throat to get the message across. The tone in the boy’s voice wasn’t lost on him and he closely examined Harris’ face as much as he could. “I’ve done plenty as it happens. Problem with that?” He asked lightly and sprawling shamelessly out on the concrete floor, smirking at the blush crossing the boy’s cheeks. Receiving no answer to, he stated “Get out until we’ve got our clothes on.”

“That’s something” the cheerleader snarked, her panicky voice a little on the high side. “Argh! Could tonight be any worse?”

A sarcastic expression washed across Xander’s face as he glared at the brunette, inwardly cursing her for uttering those words. “And that’s just the thing you wanna say when in an old loony bin with two soulless vampires”

“Seems to me you’re in the best place, Harris” Angelus casually remarked with a smirk, his words and tone of voice specially dictating he didn’t like the manner in which he used on the brunette. “Now get out while we get our clothes on”

Drusilla clapped her hands in childish delight and spun round in another circle, happily aware of her sire’s temper. “Daddy wants her all to himself, his very own little pet to cuddle and play with. We must go, my kitten, or Daddy shall get very cross”

Cordelia’s face scrunched up at the use of the word Daddy constantly falling from the vampiress’ mouth. “She has some serious issues. I know a good therapist that could help with that.” All bar Drusilla looked at her as if she were the one who needed help. “What? Just a suggestion, God!”
The female vampire danced out of the room, her deceptively fragile hand latched tight around Xander’s wrist and made him follow her out into the hall, singing all the while.


Staying in the relaxed position, Angelus made absolutely no attempt to get up and help the search for clothes. His long legs were stretched right out in front of him and crossed at the ankles. All his weight was supported on his elbows with fingers entwined and lazing on his stomach. Behind him, he heard Cordelia muttering under breath and scuttling around. “Having fun?”

“Time of my life” came the dry reply, “Thanks for asking”

“You’re more than welcome” he replied easily, the caustic snap to her vocals only served to amuse. A quick shift had the vampire springing up from the hard floor with a feline grace. Dusting himself down, Angelus shook his head, cracked his shoulders and sighed heavily. “You do know I’m not done with you yet”

Pausing her search, Cordelia glanced up at him through her eyelashes from her crouched position. “You’re not done?” She quizzed with a lopsided smile. “You got what you wanted, didn’t you? We both did. What more could you possibly want from me?”

Some might see that as a tricky question which required a tricky answer. To him, it was only too simple. “You”

Serious thoughts filled her brain, causing the brunette to slowly straighten her body and she held the discovered leather jacket modestly in front of her. “I won’t let you turn me Angel, I don’t want to be one of your undead chippies with Daddy issues”

Pinning the presumptuous little minx with a hard stare, Angelus crossed his arms over his chest. A move which left him well and truly free from obstruction. “You have no say in whether or not I turn you. Nor do you get to make the decision to leave. I make the rules, not you”

“So what?” She huddled the jacket against her chilling body, never flinching from the gaze being directed her way. “You’re gonna keep me as your slave then expect me to do as I’m told while you make plans to kill me? I really think not”

Angelus’ laugh was cruel, making him seem so completely different from earlier. His eyebrow rose and his face simply showed his utter enjoyment of the conversation. “You leave me Cor, you know I’ll find you and when I get you, it really won’t be as gratifying as tonight. Would you really enjoy living afraid and alone? Cus that’s what you’ll be doing when others find out tonight’s activities”

Still, her gaze remained unwavering and strong under his. Clearing her throat a little, Cordelia offered him a tight smile. “No” she answered, “No, I don’t want to live in fear. I don’t want to be another one of your victims. I don’t want to be a number in a morgue with an accidental death ruling.” She shrugged. “Being a kept woman would be just as bad so it’s catch 22 really, isn’t it?”

Angelus gave a slight nod, understanding exactly what she meant. “I’ll let you go Cordelia, because I’m choosing to. But I see you with any other man, I’ll skin him alive and make you watch right before I do the same to you”

A sliver of terror turned her blood to ice as his honesty hit her ears. She figured she didn’t have the foggiest of what she was getting herself into. “I get to keep who I am, get to have my life just as long as you’re the only male in it?”

“That sounds pretty fair, dontcha think?” The vampire responded coolly. “Sharing is not in my nature”

“What about my father?” Cordelia quizzed pointedly, “Do I get to keep him in my life? Or my uncles, cousins and male friends? My hairdresser?”

“Hairdresser?” Angelus blinked, yes that’s what he thought she’d said.

“Yes! Antonio, my hairdresser is a he and I will not give that man up for anything or anyone. He’s worked in my family for over 4 years and he know’s my history”

The dark haired vampire felt his patience slowly begin to crack and break as she slipped back into a shell that made up the surface of her complex persona. “Don’t shy away, it only annoys”

His leather jacket dropped to the floor in a heap as Cordelia flung her hands up in exasperation. “God, we’ve only had one night. Not even that!” Her voice rose high. “Technically, we haven’t even slept together… And do you know how distracting it is to have a serious conversation when we’re both naked?”

His patience shattered and a snarl ripped through the air. Angelus had his strong hands encasing her upper arms in a split second, turning her to face him. She flinched at the bruising hold, her gaze cowered from his as a light noise escaped from her throat. His fangs elongated at the scent of increasing fear, the rest of his transformation followed seconds later. “You make me so furious”

“And you’re giving me a death sentence so excuse me if I’m a little on edge” Cordelia snapped back as she met his golden orbs once more.

The vampire loosened his grip but didn’t release her. He’d never given anyone the choice he was giving her, why wasn’t she taking hold of it with both hands? She could so easily agree and then have the Slayer out for his blood. “Why aren’t you agreeing to what I want? You have the chance to walk away and get the Slayer out for my blood. Why?”

“Just like I don’t wanna die, I don’t want you to be a pile dust. Telling Buffy would render you deader and me paralysed or a stake someplace unpleasant” Cordelia answered truthfully, though she doubted Buffy would really put a stake where the sun didn’t shine. “I just want to be who I am Angel, that’s all. If you want in it, fine. But don’t expect me to give up my friends”

Angelus ground his teeth so hard, his jaw crackled under the intense pressure. “So, you’re expecting me to watch while you play with others and come to me when you feel like it? Shoe’s on the other foot baby. I gotta give, so do you”

“This is impossible” the cheerleader blew out a lengthy breath that was designed to get hair out of her eyes. “What do you suggest?” Her expression, light in her eyes, posture, everything challenged him to come up with the answer to their little problem. Two people who would not take no for answer were an annoyance to each other, maybe they should quit now.

“I suggest you stop being so stubborn!”

“I suggest you remember that saying about pots and kettles”

God, he wanted nothing more than to strangle her right then. Taking a deep, unneeded breath, the vampire counted slowly to twenty before speaking. “Look, just get your clothes on Cordelia. We need to sort out the reason why we’re in this mess”



Angelus let her arms go and stood back to watch as she returned to fumbling around for her clothes. Despite their argument, he couldn’t stop his gaze from roaming over the firm globes of her ass that became enhanced due to her position. A smirk flickered up on his lips as his tongue lazily licked his fangs in serious contemplation. He had to admit, he’d found their argument to be the most arousing bout of foreplay he’d had in a long time.


She found herself looking up through her lashes again except this time, his face was set in a very different expression to the angered one from seconds ago. Maybe there was a way round this little obstacle after all. Righting her body, Cordelia locked her hands behind her back as her shoulders swayed back and forth, a half smile lilting her mouth.

His gaze was suddenly focused on her breasts as they moved teasingly, following a line invisibly drawn between her cleavage he came to rest on the curve of her mound. Thighs were crossed in such a way that held everything from view and he growled in frustration. “Maybe I was wrong Angel”

“Yeah?” He asked distractedly as his smile grew bigger.

Cordelia wondered if he was listening to her at all. “I’ll agree to live by your terms if you promise never to kill me.” Agreeing meant she would get out of here in one piece. But that didn’t mean she was actually going to live by his rules and regulations. Not that he needed to know that.

That brought the vampire’s attention to her face and his genuine smile turned victorious. “I was wondering how long it’d take you to see sense” he throatily remarked. “Now get your clothes on and let’s get outta here, huh? It fucking stinks”

She stared at him incredulously, “We’ve been down here how long and you’ve only just noticed? You know what? Never mind. Just help me find my things”

Part 6

Xander was too distracted to worry about the increasingly amorous Drusilla. He had bigger things to worry about than her lips being permanently fastened to his neck and the hand that slid up and down his thigh and the never ending purring. He had to worry about what he saw in that room.
A naked Cordelia on top of a naked Angelus.

Didn’t she get who he was? Didn’t she know Angelus was soulless? Didn’t she understand that he was bad?

He was aware that he didn’t have much room to talk but then again, he’d had no choice but to allow himself to be raped. Not that what had happened could really be construed as rape, after all he’d encouraged her more than enough. Besides, the vampiress was quite persuasive when she wanted to be and she wasn’t exactly hit with the ugly stick either and she’d certainly had enough experience to make it memorable.

Xander cringed inwardly at his thoughts. Drusilla was not attractive. She was bad. Evil. Wicked. Soulless. But by Gods he’d enjoyed it! That woman knew stuff that made his head spin.

He was dragged out of his thoughts by Cordelia and Angelus sauntering into the hallway. The boy had to look twice when he saw the vampire’s arm curled possessively around his ex-girlfriend’s shoulder and her arm around his waist. Tilting his head to one side, Xander looked clearly unimpressed by the sight and crossed his arms over his chest. “Finally decided to join us”

“Can it, Xandie” Cordelia blithely replied with a hard stare. A heavy breath was inhaled and expelled slowly, “Look we need to talk”

“Ya think?” Sarcasm dripped from the teenager’s tongue.

Turning to face the vampire currently taking the time to nibble on her earlobe, the brunette stated “Angel, can you take Dru and give us a moment please? We have some things to discuss”

Angelus pulled away from his nibbling, narrowed his gaze and tensed. “I’m not leaving you alone with your EX” a glare made that word seem like a sword at Xander’s throat. “He put a love spell on you”

“Only so he could dump me!” Cordelia retorted with her own glare at the dark haired boy. A glare that had him gulping and huddling closer to Drusilla. “Five minutes, that’s all I need”

This time, a glare was directed her way from the dark haired vampiress. Emerald orbs staring hard at her, a glimmer of evil flowing freely. “Naughty girl” a slim finger waggled at her and the brunette felt very chastised. “No. You can’t take my pet. Daddy…” Drusilla shot Angelus a glance, her face begging to be allowed to keep Xander. “I should be such a good girl and feed him and look after him”

Is this what she did to her father when she wanted something? Cordelia shuddered to think and vowed never to do it again. Well, until Guerlain’s summer shades came out anyway. “Angel? Just five minutes, I swear” she crossed her heart and nodded.

Angelus scowled deeply, his forehead crinkled up as his gaze went from one girl to the other, feeling the heavy weight of not one, but two pleading sets of eyes. He shuffled on his feet for a second and sent the guilty one a death sentence in the form of another glare. “You got two. Dru…”

A meowing sound came from the vampiress as she protested against being taken away from Xander. As he dragged his resisting childe past the brunette, Drusilla hissed and swiped at her, causing the cheerleader to flinch away quickly.

She waited until they were far enough away before she turned on her ex-boyfriend with a vengeance and grabbed him around his neck. He found himself no more than two inches from her face and he squeaked in surprise. “Alright, I have two minutes so listen up!” Cordelia hissed quietly, “You tell anyone, and I mean anyone about your visual exploits and it’ll be my personal business to tell the world about your wild night with Dru… And Spike!”

Xander’s lips trembled at the warning as he gasped at the implication she was threatening him with. “You wouldn’t!”

“Oh I so would” a smug grin flashed momentarily, “I’ll even throw in exactly how you found out Spike was not a natural blonde”

“I’ll tell Buffy about you and Deadboy”

Cordelia sucked in a deep breath at the returned blackmail before ice caused her hazel irises to turn cloudy. She needed to take another tactic, thinking quickly the brunette came up with the first thing that popped into her head. “You do that and I’ll get Angel to kick your ass. Believe me, he won’t stop at kicking”

The boy’s expression became angered as though he couldn’t believe she’d just threatened him by siccing the vampire on him. “Now I know you’re bluffing” she wouldn’t really do that. Right?

“Wouldn’t I?” A single, perfectly shaped eyebrow rose as she took the challenge. Her mouth opened and before Xander could stop her, Cordelia bellowed. “Angel…!”

“Alright! Alright!” He agreed and quickly covered her mouth with both hands, eyes peeked around just in case the male vampire saw him touching her. “You’ll regret it, you know. Being with him. He’ll hurt you”

“Then it’s my regret to make, not yours. Besides, how would you know I’d regret it or that he’ll hurt me?” She wasn’t so dumb to believe that Angelus wouldn’t hurt her, but she’d believe the world was flat if it got them out in one piece.

Xander pinned her with a simple expression as his green eyes searched the hazel ones. “He hurt Buffy and that was when he had a soul. What do you think he’s gonna do to you now that he doesn’t?”

Uncertainty washed away the righteous anger as she nibbled nervously on her lower lip, hazel orbs flickered towards the ground as she tried to think of an answer. Any answer would do. “Replace my silver Celtic belly bar?” She offered with a hopeless smile. “I know what you’re thinking”

“I really don’t think ya do”

“You’re thinking ‘what the hell is she thinking?’“

“Okay, maybe you do”

“And I’ll tell you what I’m thinking” Cordelia nodded emphatically, ignoring the common sense as it bit her repeatedly on her ass.

“This should be good” Xander muttered under his breath, relieved when she let go of his neck.

Easily dismissing the caustic comment, the brunette continued with her speech. “I’m thinking I’m getting us, not just me I hope you realise, out of the situation you got us into with the ability to breathe. Imagine that! Me doing something selfless. Me! Me! Me!”

His expression remained untouched as he stared at her. “So you’re great plan to get us out is to sleep with Deadboy, pretend you’re under his spell and then get Buffy?” Somehow, he very much doubted that.

His theory was proven right when Cordelia began to unconsciously fidget with her top. “Maybe not the Buffy part but let’s not talk about that!” Her hand waved that piece of information away as though it was unimportant. “The point is we’re getting out and you’re getting away from Drusilla… Or would you rather stay with her forever, and it will be forever”

She smirked when he looked positively horrified at the prospect at being a vampire sired by Drusilla. Leaning in close to the boy, the cheerleader lowered her voice to a sultry whisper. “You do know she isn’t the one you need to worry about, don’t you? Just think who’ll be out for your blood, quite literally, if he finds out about tonight…” the sultry whisper drifted off.

Lifting her hands, Cordelia flipped her hair over her shoulder and spoke with in an airy tone that was far more scarier than her angered one. “You do know that Spike has already killed two slayers, don’t you? Buffy’s only been a slayer for, what, almost two years now. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’d be kicking who’s ass”

“You’d rat me out to Deadboy Junior for sleeping with his girlfriend?” Xander’s voice reached unprecedented heights as he stared at her incredulously. “First, you threaten to sic Deadboy on me, now you’re threatening to sic Deadboy Junior on me. You’re insane, you know that? You really need help”

“Ok, first off not threatening. More like forcefully getting my own way and second, wouldn’t you wanna know if your girlfriend had been sleeping with someone? Not to mention the fact Dru was under a spell, which makes it that little bit worse. What would Spike say if he thought the spell was intended for her?”

Cordelia mentally congratulated herself as she twisted everything around to suit the situation and herself. Damn, she was good. If only this worked on her mother then maybe she could get that really cool Celtic tattoo. Out of everyone, her mother was the only one who could see through her games.

Not that she could hold that against her mother of course, she learned all she knew from that woman. Especially the powers of persuasion.

“You’re serious aren’t you?” Xander knew that no matter what he came out with, she’d only find a way to turn it round. “Seriously deranged that is. But hey, if it suits you then why should it bother me? After all, everyone’s used to you being the centre of the universe”

“Good to know I’m living up to my reputation” Cordelia stated evenly, not letting that remark get to her. It wasn’t her fault he couldn’t see she was saving his life and keeping the skin on his body. “Now will you keep schtum?”

“Do I have choice?”

“Not if you want to keep your vocal chords in perfect working order” Angelus’ rich voice interrupted as he returned with Drusilla in tow. His sudden arrival scaring the living hell out of Xander. Dark brown eyes went immediately to the cheerleader who stood back with a mixture of hurt, triumph and frustration on her face.

Despite having already heard what had been said between them, the male vampire wanted to hear the boy speak like that to his face just so he would have a good excuse to snap his neck. If he killed him without good reason, he’d have to deal with both Cordelia and Drusilla, then he’d get a headache and be forced to do something he’d already agreed not to do.

True, he didn’t always keep his word but if there was something worthwhile in it for him, then keeping his word he’d do until there was a way around it.

Quizzing the dark haired teenager, Angelus looked on him knowingly. “What did you say to her?”

Xander was busy clutching his heart, trying to cease the coronary from happening. Wide, startled green eyes landed on the male vampire who was directing a stare that could freeze hell his way.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle, isn’t that right Xandie?” Cordelia replied for him and crossed her arms defensively. She had half a mind to tell the vampire exactly what her ex-boyfriend had said but she wasn’t that wicked. Not much anyway.

Angelus narrowed his black gaze menacingly, “I doubt there’s anything he could say you couldn’t handle.” As if to prove his new ownership on the cheerleader, the vampire turned his most charming smile on her and brought her close to him, his arm once again curling protectively around her shoulders.

“I think we’re done here” Cordelia cuttingly stated with chilling eyes. “Let’s get out of here. Angel, you’ll have to carry me again cus it’ll be a cold day in hell before I’m walking barefoot through those sewers”

He shrugged easily, not really bothered by the burden of having her once again over his shoulder. It’d give him ample opportunities to gaze at her deliciously firm ass.


The outside air was a welcome change to the foul stench of the tunnels and the dungeons under the mansion. The stars and moon gave the midnight sky a gorgeous glow that seemed a little too bright after the darkness that had covered them for most of the night.

Standing tall and proud against the diamond speckled sky, the large grey structure of the mansion looked as foreboding as it ever did. From the highest point which touched the starry blanket to the ugly, mythical gargoyle that watched over the entrance. It never ceased to appear as though it were alive and laying in wait.

Her arms curled around each other in an attempt to ward off the late night chill as the cool breeze whispered through the small surrounding trees, hazel eyes watched in mild amusement as the dark haired vampire left Spike to console Drusilla. She could hear the feline whimperings coming from the vampiress as she fawned all over the blonde.

Drusilla had literally dropped Xander on the spot as soon as the spell had worn off, leaving the teenager in a heap on the dirty, damp ground in the tunnels. Angelus had thought the moment was hilarious and naturally, so did she. Cordelia hadn’t been able to stop the laughter from bubbling up and figured her ex-boyfriend deserved it for planning to make her fall in love with him just so he could dump her first.

“What a dork” the brunette uttered with a little half smile which flirted at the corners of her mouth. Tonight’s activities certainly weren’t what she had expected in the least. Her plans had been school, cheerleading practice, mall, home and finally the Bronze with her friends but well-laid plans had a nasty habit of going wrong.

Now she stood next to her hot wired car and waiting for the vampire to return from taking Drusilla into the mansion. As he’d been told, Xander had left for home after another promise not to tell which Angelus had pretty much choked out of him.

Glancing down at the state of her clothes, Cordelia grimaced and looked away from the horror story that was her. The very nice and very expensive green top was caked in dirt, the black skirt was on inside out and her panties were missing. No doubt there was a logical explanation for that and her gaze drifted to the dark haired vampire now sauntering her way.

“Everything okay?” She didn’t know why she was asking that question but the sound of her voice gave her some comfort in the situation she was now in. Offering Angelus a tiny smile, the brunette kicked her useless shoes away, scrunching her face up in extreme dislike when the coldness of the ground met her bare feet.

“Apart from Spike swearing bloody vengeance on your EX? Yeah, everything’s good” he replied with a simple shrug of the broad shoulders she had spent most of the night travelling on.

With the light, Cordelia had a clear view of him now and she took her time in studying every inch of the vampire. Dark chocolate hair was rumpled and hung messily around his forehead, deep set orbs swirled with mirth and delight while slim lips curved up into a sensuous grin that made her skin burn. Black leather hugged his legs perfectly, skimming the muscles in the powerful limbs while enhancing his masculine form.

Fire and ice simultaneously radiated from his every pore, his mere presence had the air vibrating with enough electric to make the atmosphere crackle with energy. Each step was purposely measured as though he knew it’d build her anticipation, his gaze kept her pinned in place as he continued with his slow approach and his smile grew into a lover’s caress.

Stopping only a few feet from Cordelia, Angelus placed strong hands on his hips and simply stared at her. “I’ve kept up my end of the bargain and let you both live”

“You did” she acknowledged with a nod. “Thank you.”

“Not running for your sweet little life?”

Not withdrawing from the challenging stare, Cordelia took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. She knew she’d be giving up part of her life, but at least she would be able to live the other parts of it. “Would it matter? You’d find me”

“I would” he granted the truth of that statement “But maybe I’d like the chase” Angelus resumed walking towards her, an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Maybe I want to be chased”

He got closer.

“Maybe you don’t wanna run”

The only space separating her from him was a few small inches.

“Maybe you don’t want me to run” she returned easily, a genuine smile flickered across her pouting lips. “After all, I might go and tell Buffy to come stake you”

Angelus mentally congratulated Cordelia on her blackmailing techniques and treated her to a cute, lopsided grin. “What you’re saying is if I let you run, you’d get me killed?” His reply was a nod and shrug. “Do I have a choice?”

“Would it matter if you did?”

“Not really”

Leaving a part of her life behind, Cordelia allowed herself to be led towards the mansion and whatever awaited her.

The Bloody End!!!!!


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  1. everything about this fic!!! It was freaking hilarious!!!!
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  2. Omg I love this fan fiction just the growing attraction between the two! Please write another one like this, I really like the slow growing attraction, how angelus doesn’t give a shit about her in beginning but then the hormones start acting up and they are both seduced by each other’s presence. Want more angelus and cordelia fanfiction. A never ending story would just be great! And this time can Cordy be the one to seduce Angelus? Just show to him and prove how attractive she is <3

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