Paradise at Sunset

Title: Paradise at Sunset
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: One night, at a lake things happen
Disclaimer: If I owned them, do you think S4 would have happened??? As it happens, all character assassination is done by ME!!
Distribution: GT, AO & NF, if ya want it all ya gotta do is ask and you shall receive
Notes: I’ve just visited All Angelus; I’m shocked and appalled at the increasing numbers of B/Aus fics. This is me, hitting back at them! 4th in my quest for truth, justice and ficage. One more thing, I’ve included a Formula 1 analogy in here, the first one to spot it gets the 5th fic dedicated entirely to them!!!
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Cordelia peeked around the small, private cove she had come across weeks ago, breathing in the crystal clear air of the approaching night; she took in the surroundings. The small bay was captured with a soft, golden glow released from the setting sun, the hue sparkling off the slight ripples on the crisp, calm lake. The gentle sound of the tiny waves lapping the shore added to the calmness that the night held.

Everything was so beautiful. The trees keeping the cove out of sight had the soft, gold light shimmering through, bouncing off the autumn colored leaves. The clouds sparsely decorating the darkening sky; separating the strands of the fading sunlight. Cordelia closed her eyes, allowing the soft heat to warm her slightly chilled skin, goose bumps appearing at the minor change in temperature.

Opening her hazel eyes, she saw the golden hue had turned slowly to a red glow, a sprinkling of stars twinkled in the upcoming twilight sky. The effect was stunning, seeing the stars set against a backdrop of red, a blaze of purple and the tinge of lingering blue that still haunted the horizon.

With her little bag, Cordelia stepped out of her shoes, relishing the feel of the earth beneath her bare feet as she walked towards the calm water at the shore. Her skirt came next, the material kissed the flesh of her thighs and calves only to be left in a pool of green satin on the ground. Her lips tingled from the air as the breezed picked up slightly, making the waves move and lap the rocks just past the shore.

The entranced young woman pulled her shirt over her head, offering her maturing body to the last of the sun like a sacrifice. In turn, the deepening red glow reigned over her, accepting the sacrificial offering and worshipping a new Goddess. Her hands ran up her sides, skimming her warmed flesh and softly caressing her neck as she worked her hands into her hair.

A relieved moan spilled from Cordelia’s lips as the thick, chestnut waves cascaded down her back, tickling her neck, shoulders and the curves of her buttocks as she released it from the capturing hairgrips. The rich, ruby red of the sky set fire to the tresses, weaving the strands of hair with all the colors the coming twilight possessed.

Innocently unaware she was being worshipped by not only the sky; Cordelia tested the water by sliding her foot into the calm lake ankle deep. “Perfect” she whispered as she gently slipped her other foot in, walking until the water dampened her panties.

The vampire hung back, entranced by the youthful Goddess before him, his first instinct had been to kill her, to take her forcefully and drain her life flow. But when he saw her openly accept her fate, he found himself in awe of her. Not even he had the right to kill such a creature, to deprive the world of such beauty, of such magnificence. No, Cordelia would not be killed tonight or any other night, for to do so would be a sin.

Angelus watched longingly as Cordelia tilted her head, wetting the tresses in the water, her breasts encased in virginal white silk. The perfect sacrifice. What right did he have to witness the birth of a Goddess? The matching panties clung between her thighs, darkening as the water swished with her graceful movements, her bronzed skin shimmering with the droplets of the crystal water trickling down her visible thighs.

He wanted her.

The vampire moved silently, gracefully, every predatory sense tuned into the surroundings, scenting for danger towards Cordelia. Angelus shrugged out of his ever-present leather duster, placing it next to her clothes, marking his territory. The blood silk shirt revealing yet hiding his masculine chest where a still heart lay; a heart black as this night would become yet as bright as the day would be.

Cordelia heard the sound of a snapping twig, gasping and turning in the water to try and spot the intruder in her paradise. The water sensually grazed her body at the movement, making her panties wet with more than the liquid kissing her. Her lips parted in shock when her gaze landed on the vampire wading through the water towards her. Her heart beat so loud, audible to the predator whose gaze was focused entirely on her. Her body stilling in mortal terror, knowing she had to get away but yet unable to move.

His eyes delving deep into hers the vampire’s hypnotic gaze portraying a silent message to her.

“Don’t be scared,” his eyes told her, or did he say that out loud? Angelus wasn’t sure.

Cordelia had felt the change in the night air as she unraveled its untold secrets, she had known this would be the night she would perish, be sacrificed and she knew he was her executioner. And she had willingly accepted her fate.

The ends of his open shirt became wet as the vampire got deeper in the water, closer to Cordelia who stood scared, defiant and accepting, the perfect picture of a sacrifice. Angelus stood so close to her now, he could breathe in her scent, tantalizing arousal, the heady and tangible fear clouding the sweet air and the telltale sweet scent of her fruity perfume.

Cordelia had never been so close to him before, her eyes glittering against the reflection of the water around them, the red shirt contrasting amazingly with the pale, smooth flesh of his chest. Muscular broad shoulders she followed the muscles that led down muscular arms dipping into the lake. Her eyes roamed up to meet his, fire and arousal clashing in both.

“You are so beautiful,” Angelus whispered, his large male hand reaching to cup the side of her face, noticing she didn’t flinch or shy away from his touch. The touch that had brought death to so many, the same touch that was now allowed the pleasure of her.

His words made her feel beautiful made her feel worshipped but yet it felt strange hearing genuine words coming from his lips. Cordelia lowered her eyes, away from the hungry gaze of her executioner. “Thank you”

“Touch me, Cordelia”

Her gaze snapped up to his, seeing the pleaded command in the depths of wicked onyx devouring eyes, Cordelia uncurled her fists and raised her delicate hands, timidly touching the marble flesh of his shoulders. The shirt was softly pushed over the hardened curve, down his biceps until it was allowed to drift away on the surface of the lake. Angelus stood naked, only his chest visible in the rising moonshine.

The moonshine danced on the surface of the lake, reflecting in his wondrous eyes just as it reflected in hers.

There were no words to be said, nothing that needed to be said between vampire and girl, everything was clear and readable.

Angelus moved closer until her prominent, silk-encased nipples brushed his chest and his erection touched her thigh below the water. Cordelia bit her lip at the erotic contact, electric shot from her hardened peeks straight to her groin, making her hips dance lightly against his; the water erotically circling them both and holding them captive in the private surroundings.

His hands skimmed her naked flesh much like her own hands had done, trailing gently until he could cup her breasts. Cordelia whimpered at the back of her throat, arching into his touch offering more of her body for him to do with as he wished. Angelus kneaded her breasts deeply, smoothing his thumbs over her nipples, making her moan in such a feminine way.

She took hold of his arms, sliding her palms restlessly up and over the shoulders she admired; down his chest and to his stomach, her fingertips softly teased by the water hiding his lower body. Angelus drew Cordelia closer, pressing her breasts firmly against his torso, her breathing making them rise and fall with each inhalation.

His lips came to rest on hers, his cool tongue sweeping over her lower lip, asking for permission to kiss her. His request was granted; Cordelia parted her lips, allowing Angelus to slip his tongue over hers. The kiss was everything he ever wished for, passionate, hungry, hot and cold, the vampire couldn’t get enough. He stole her breath, taking it into his lungs, savoring the sweetness and committing it to memory.

“Oh” Cordelia gasped when he left her mouth red and bruised, lips swollen from the desire he poured into the kiss.

Angelus raised her leg out of the water, curling it round his hip, moving his erect penis against her clitoris, the water making the contact ten times more exhilarating. “You need to be naked my Goddess” he whispered against her flushed cheek, “I want to make love to you right here, in the lake, show the world you’re mine”

He had never made love soulless before but Cordelia deserved it for allowing him this, for allowing him be the sole witness to her becoming.

Her head tilted as he kissed his way down her bared throat, tongue tasting the water and perfume on her throat. “Make love to me, Angelus, right here in the water. I want you to” the words he needed came openly from her, making him thank every God for this night.

He unhooked her bra, sliding the straps over her shoulders, down her arms and letting it drop into the water that made this encounter so very erotic. He looked longingly at the swell of her breasts, tanned flesh that looked so edible. The darker skin around her pebbled areolas taunted his wolfish gaze as he moved to take an erect nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard and flicking his tongue over it.

Pangs of desire rushed through Cordelia as she leaned back, arching her breasts into his touch, into his mouth. Angelus closed his eyes, rocking his erection into her a little more; his thrusts in time with his tormenting tongue. He brought her up straight against him, releasing her breasts and kissing his way back to her mouth, worshipping every inch of her just as the setting sun had done.

Angelus’ hands left her breasts, moving below the water, shattering the stillness of the surface and creating little waves that lapped their entwined bodies. She felt her panties being torn away and didn’t care. His hand moved to touch the apex of her thighs, so slick, so hot and so perfect for him and only him.

His finger teased her labia, sliding up and down making her rock against his touch to gain more from him, Angelus moaned when his finger slid inside her, feeling her inner muscles accommodate the wanted intrusion; Cordelia grew more confident in her own touching, shying her hand away from the broad expanse of his chest and down towards his erection against her inner thigh.

His finger withdrew and entered her deeply; sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body, making her whimper destroy the peace.

“Angelus, please…”

Cordelia bit her lip, stifling another whimpered moan while her hand sought to make him react like he was making her react. Angelus bucked against her hand as she moved up and down his shaft, feeling his erection wrapped tightly in her delicate hand, with the water it made her movements smooth and lubricated.

He had to stretch her before he could penetrate her deeply, this was one he didn’t want to hurt – she was the one he couldn’t hurt. Angelus worked a second finger inside her easily, his thumb teasing her clitoris with little flicks that made her hips arch away from the pleasure he gave her. Cordelia felt her orgasm spread throughout her body, her muscles holding his hand prisoner deep inside her. She rode her orgasm out, her hand stilling round his shaft as her body quaked and a litany of praise came from her mouth.

“Oh God…”

Angelus didn’t stop his movements just increased the pressure and pace, her whimpered moans, mewls and throaty murmurs making him achingly harder. Her hand started to move again, her hips demanding more from him and her lips seeking his, raining frantic kisses on his mouth. He felt his balls tighten, primed for the explosion, eyes turning gold as the vampire lost control. He dropped his head into the valley of her breasts; words spoken in the heat of passion were not lost on Cordelia who reacted to each and every one he said.

“Don’t stop…make me come…make me come…”

Cordelia released a strangled cry when she felt his orgasm wrack his body, growls and moans of release. Angelus tortured her clitoris wanting her to join him; he rapidly moved his fingers back and forth up and down as he held onto her. His body seizing with pleasure as felt the build-up of pressure burst from inside, coating her hand. Her second orgasm followed her first, Cordelia hissed, whimpered and her nails lightly scraped the shoulder she was clinging onto.

The silence that followed was only disturbed by the pounding of a heart, panting breaths and quiet mewls as Angelus held Cordelia close to his body, his hands making soothing circles on her back. Her arms round the vampire’s neck with her hot breath emanating from her lips as she brushed them over his chest.

“Let me love you, Cordelia, I need you to let me love you”

“Then love me”

Wrapping her legs around tightly around his waist, Angelus took hold of his erection and teased her clitoris with the sensitive tip, sliding it down her labia until he felt her entrance expand over his erection. Cordelia had one arm around his neck and her other hand fisting his shoulder, telling him she was scared.

“You’re my first, Angelus”

“Ssh, let me love you”

Angelus placed his hands on either side of her hips, inching her slowly onto his erection; he felt everything as she let him. “So tight…” he couldn’t enter her fully so he withdrew, going in deeper when he penetrated her again, moaning loudly and going deeper still. Cordelia buried her face into the crook of his shoulder, whimpering and clutching desperately.

She used her legs to lift herself up before sliding down onto his rigid shaft, taking him as deep as she could. “Do that again” he told her in a hushed whisper, penetrating her with shallow thrusts, the water swishing round making his body sing with the erotic pleasure of making love to her in a paradise like this.

Cordelia repeated her motion, lifting herself off his penis until only the tip lay inside her; Angelus placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed down as he thrust his hips up, slamming his erection fully inside her. She stifled a little scream at the slightly painful intrusion he performed.

“No Cordelia, don’t hold back” he rocked his hips gently into hers, “I want to hear your every moan, cry and scream”

The next few moments were spent with Angelus thrusting lazily inside her, Cordelia letting go of all her inhibitions, feminine moans being released from her throat as he made love to her in the water just like he said he would. She felt the tingle in her clitoris as he picked up his pace; now holding her still by her hips, the lazy thrusts began to get faster, harder, longer and deeper.

In and out, in and out, in and out he moved, moans now coming from his lips as he stole kisses from her parted mouth. The water of the lake swirled around their movements, doing nothing to calm the burning need between vampire and girl. Cordelia’s hips began to move against his erratically, her muscles fisting his erection so tightly he found it hard to move.

“Oh God Oh God… Angelus…” Cordelia cried out, her nails scoring the marble flesh of his back and shoulders, she responded to his every thrust, matching his pace with everything she had in her. She was so close, her body was tensing, and sparks were flashing past her eyes as she squeezed her thighs round his waist, wanting him as deep inside as possible.

Angelus pushed up hard, he felt the edge of her cervix and knew he was buried to the hilt inside Cordelia; he couldn’t help but feel a little proud she had taken all of him. His thoughts were interrupted when she clamped down on him, riding him hard, tossing her head back and letting out a scream that sounded like his name.

“Angelus please don’t stop”

Hearing his name in passion, feeling her orgasm crash down and her arousal permeate his body from the inside out was the catalyst for his own orgasm, Angelus held her still as he pistoned in and out of her. He needed her to ride him hard, to send him round the final chicane.

“Fuck me, Cordelia” he whispered harshly “Ride me…”

Though she was still in the throes of her climax, she heard his harsh plea and began to do as he asked of her. Lifting her hips up and slamming back down onto his cock, she cried out his name again and repeated her actions once, twice, three times until…


Angelus slammed her down, holding her impaled on his cock as his ejaculation poured into her from his climatic spasms. Her muscles throbbed around him, taking all he had to give, pleasure caused his body to still; the only movements were him filling her deep and biting deeply into her bared throat. Her high blood pressure was giving him no need to forcibly drink the blood from her – the red liquid flowing freely into his mouth coating his tongue and coursing through his veins.

The vampire stopped the blood flowing, licking at the puncture wounds on her jugular until they stopped bleeding. Angelus leaned his cheek in the plump swell of her heaving breasts, listening to her heart rate gradually decrease.

Cordelia’s hips twitched as she pushed down once more, relishing the feel of relief as her orgasmic shudders came to a standstill, leaving her a quivering mass of flesh in the arms of her executioner. Then she realized she wasn’t dead or dying, sure he had bitten her but he hadn’t killed her.

“Angelus?” she spoke up in a shaky, hitching voice and he looked at her with large, sparkling ochre eyes. “I’m still alive?”

Angelus found his voice from somewhere, “Yeah, you are, Cordelia” his own voice shaky and hitching, he slipped his softening penis from her body gently, cradling her to him. “I had to have you tonight, I watched you and knew I had to have you”

“Oh” was all she could reply. Cordelia began to recover from whatever she had just experienced and took in their surroundings, closeness and the fact they hadn’t left the water in quite sometime. As soon as she noticed the water factor, her skin began to chill and goose bumps soon covered her body.

Not letting her down, the vampire carried her all the way back to her car where he placed her sitting on the hood. “I’ll get your clothes, wait there” he told her firmly as he went to get her shoes, clothes and everything but his shirt. Angelus walked back to her, unashamedly naked and seemingly proud of it. “Stand up, let me dress you, Cordelia”

Cordelia slid off the cold metal of her car and onto the dusty road where the earth stuck to her wet feet, but she didn’t care, all she cared about was the paradise she was sharing with Angelus. The now black sky was spotted with brightly shining stars and an equally bright crescent moon that reflected off the once again calm surface of the lake. “I don’t want to get all girly on you but am I just a one night stand for you or are you going to turn me now?”

Angelus regarded her thoughtfully; did he want to turn her? Yes. Was this just a one time thing? No. Then he thought more deeply, did he want to wash the bronzed hue of her skin away and replace it with stone marble? No. Did he want her warmth gone and replaced with a cold touch? No. Did he want the passion from her soul extinguished? No.

Did he want to turn her? No.

“No Cordelia, you’re not going to be turned; neither are you just a one night stand” he turned to her, lifting her arms high in the air and tugging her shirt over her head and smoothing it neatly to her form. “You have no bra or panties”

“You threw them away” she replied, watching him pull his pants over his hips, “What’s going to happen after tonight if you say I’m not a one time thing?”

Angelus zipped his pants up, turning to her with a wicked smile; he leaned towards her and enveloped her into his arms. “That my Goddess, is something for me to know and you to find out”

End of this one

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