Champagne & Roses

Title: 2- Champagne & Roses
Author: Scorch
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to Paradise.
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO only, as my ficage quest is strictly exclusive!!!
Notes: Since Lily was the one to win the little comp set in Paradise, this one’s all for her! 5th in my quest for fics. Enjoy!
Dedication: A big Thank You to Zanita for the ficpic for Paradise, mmwaah! (Just waiting to get a copy- Cali note.)


The deep, ruby red of the rose called to the vampire, shrouded in the lush green of their natural surroundings, the leaves hid the sharp thorns that would make a human hiss in pain. Angelus trailed a fingertip across a velvet petal of a wild growing rose, marveling at the texture and marveling at how something that thrived on daylight could blossom so well at night. The rose reminded him of how Cordelia’s lips had looked after he released them from their last kiss.

This night was nothing like the night he had first made love to her, his Goddess, in the lake. This night had the feel of death quenching the air with a foul, putrid scent that mocked his senses. Angelus looked sparingly at the graves and tombs in the graveyard around him, once again marveling at how something as timelessly beautiful as the rose could maintain it’s dignity in a place such as this.

His thoughts once again returned to his Goddess, the beautiful young woman who was surrounded by death even when she didn’t know it, still held the same strength as the rose in front of him. She brought beauty to a place where evil reigned, she didn’t let the darkness stop her from living; just as the rose continued to bloom at night, so did Cordelia.

Angelus kneeled before the rose, so perfect in the shape so rich and vibrant in colour despite the darkness which now consumed it. The vampire inhaled the sweet scent of the naturally grown flower, the fragrance consisted of the both the salty day air and the more heady night air. Moving the greenery to one side, carefully plucking the rose from its home and tracing his lips with the velvet petals, imagining he was tracing her lips.

Once again he looked around the graveyard, headstones broken and defaced by reckless, disrespecting children, litter and the occasional bouquet from a caring family missing their loved one. Offhandedly, Angelus thought back to a time long ago, to his human death vaguely wondering if he hadn’t destroyed his family if they may have placed bouquets on his grave. His father wouldn’t have done so, he knew this but he also knew his sister, sweet Kathy, would have grieved for him.

The vampire turned his gaze to the rose in his pale hand, the red contrasting shockingly against the marble background of his palm. He chastised himself for dousing the beautiful specimen in his hand with thoughts of death and merciless killing. He chastised himself for coating the fragrant essence of the rose with the horrid smell of evil.

Angelus picked up the bottle of vintage champagne resting at his feet; he studied it for a few seconds with a critical eye before rising from his knees and leaving the place behind. He didn’t want to be in there anymore, he didn’t want the tangible taste of darkness to taint his lips anymore than he wanted it to taint the lips of Cordelia.

Surprised as he was when he received the open invitation to her home, Angelus had been thrilled when she had gracefully gave him an eternal key to the place that kept her from harm. It was ironic that Cordelia would allow the one person, the one vampire who could shatter her soul, into her haven with such open trust. He would not betray her.

The climb to her balcony was effortless; Angelus stepped over the protective railing and touched the portal to a place that would take him from the cold night and into a place filled with warmth. He only resisted for a single moment, asking himself if he had the right to infect this place with the cold. The door handle turned and he left the cold, hard place behind and was welcomed into where he knew he would be accepted.

The moonlight shone through the clear glass of the balcony window, encasing her room in a soft white, shining off her vanity, shimmering off the silk bed sheets and radiating off his sculpted face. The pale light captured the vampire’s marble skin, making him glow ethereally, almost hauntingly. His glittering eyes swept over the room before coming to rest on what he came here for. Angelus took his leather duster off, draping it neatly over the chair situated at her vanity, removing the flute glasses held safely in a padded box inside his pocket.

Cordelia lay sleeping, sheathed under the Japanese silk sheets he had given her, her face held the peace Angelus longed for in his own heart. His still, cold heart warmed a little as her presence washed away the smell of the foul place he had been. Wispy tendrils of her hair fell from the ponytail she wore at night, framing the soft curves of her face. The deep blue of the pillowcase was perfect in comparison to the breath of fresh air she was too him.

Angelus felt his mouth quirking up in a whimsical smile as he sat on the edge of the bed, wondering what it would feel like to slide in there with her, not to make love but just to sleep. He would curl around her, keep her body as close to his as possible, breathe in her scent and drift off into an ocean of slumber. The vampire rolled his eyes at his fantasy, reminding himself he was a vampire and not one to dream of things like that. Before he made a move to lay beside her, he remembered his manners and removed his shoes, not wanting to ruin her sheets.

The moment was somewhat shaken a little when he felt a foot catch his thigh in an effort to remove the barrier that prevented her from stretching. Angelus looked at her sleeping face and was amused to see a sign of annoyance marring the peaceful expression only moments ago. Cordelia’s face returned to that of peace as the vampire shifted so she could stretch happily, her body rolled languidly to the side, the strands of hair gliding across her cheek and falling into her parted mouth.

Angelus blinked a little, wondering how somebody could sleep so deeply and able to ignore the fact he had entered her room, she needed a motion detector he decided.

He moved further up her bed, placing the champagne and glasses on her bedside table and taking the rose by the slender stem. The velvet petals came to rest on her the apple of her cheek, dewy with hours of sleep; Angelus smoothed the rose upwards along her forehead and gently down her button nose. Cordelia’s nose wrinkled in response to the gentle caress of the flower, unknowing of the vampire’s close proximity. His mouth quirked up at the little movement and repeated it again, only this time he lived out his fantasy and traced her lips with the petals, running the rose over the fullness of her lower lip.

Those lips pressed together against the ticklish sensation he was giving her, Cordelia’s eyebrows raised a little when Angelus placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. His mouth becoming less tainted with darkness with the contact, his lips grazed her cheek and then her lips where he stilled to feel her mouth on his. Her lips pursed in an instinctive reaction, Angelus returned her sleepy kiss as he leaned further down onto the bed.

“Mmm” Cordelia moaned, arching into the weight of his body her arms uncurling from under the sheets and wrapping around his shoulders. Angelus rolled her over until she was beneath him, his clothes and the sheets acting as barriers between them. “Angelus…”

“Cordelia, wake up sleeping beauty” he murmured into her ear, kissing the delicate shell and sending more ticklish sensations through her but she still didn’t wake, only arched into him some more. Her lips expelling a low very feminine moan when he placed more of his weight on top of her.

Angelus leaned up on his elbows and looked at her, heavy breathing, traces of arousal and perky nipples showing through the silk sheets and cotton of her bed shirt. Resting on one arm, he used his hand to push the silk and cotton away from her breasts, revealing the tanned flesh and pebbled areolas; he hungrily devoured the sight of the luscious curves with piercing eyes. He took the rose, sliding it down her nose through the cupid’s bow of her lips and down her throat before stilling between her breasts. The vampire ran the velvet petals around the nipple of one breast before bestowing the same attention to the other.

Cordelia gripped the sheets, pushing them off her as her temperature heightened, her breathing was laboured and hitching slightly, the faint traces of arousal had grown stronger. Lowering his lips, he took a sensitive tip into his mouth, his eyes now on her face as he sucked softly, flicking the edge with rapid licks of his tongue. The rose replaced in favour of a more personal touch.

Cordelia’s hands ran languidly down his back, moaning at the sensual way the she was being touched, her back arched and head rolled to one side. Her dream felt so real, too real and too good that she didn’t want to wake up and not have him there beside her. Angelus released her breast, going back to the task of waking her up.

“Wake up, Cordelia” Angelus whispered into her ear for the second time, he shifted so he was spooning her body with his arm curled over her stomach and his lips brushing the skin at the crook of her neck. His hand run up over the sheets until he could lather attention to her exposed breasts that begged to be touched. “I’ve brought you a gift”

She stirred lightly, turning over fully into his arms, wrapping her own once more round his shoulders; even in sleep she knew her favourite body part. Angelus looked down at her face buried into the material of his shirt and her leg kicking away the sheets and curling over his thigh. The simple light grey cotton pyjamas surprised him, he was expecting her to wear a chemise or maybe sleep naked but yet again, Cordelia gave him food for thought.

He tilted her head up, placing his lips on her parted ones and kissed her, giving in to another whimsical fantasy of waking her up with a kiss. In her sleep Cordelia responded to his kiss, her lips so softly massaging his own while her hands caressed the nape of his neck, nails scratching teasingly. Angelus reluctantly removed his lips from hers, flicking his tongue out to taste the skin on her throat. Another moan spilled from her lips, enticing him back to her mouth, “Wake up” he groaned a little louder.

Cordelia’s eyes fluttered open slowly, blinking against the sudden change in brightness and noticing Angelus was truly with her and it hadn’t been just a dream. “Angelus…” she arched into his touch, “Oh”

“Hi” Angelus said to her, desire making his voice husky and throaty while his gaze locked onto hers.

“You came and I was asleep” Cordelia replied, her own voice husky with both desire and sleepiness, her eyes puffy and lips tingling. Her fingertips touched her mouth lightly, tracing where his mouth had just been. “I missed you”

“You did?” Angelus asked, not able to help the little shred of doubt creeping into his voice, even though it was fading fast the cold darkness still enveloped him in solitary confinement.

She nodded, “Yeah” her answer breathless, her hand reaching up to cup his face gently and timidly, “I did” a shy smile caused her lips to twitch at the corners. There was enough truth in her voice, her expression and her touch to take away his doubt. He felt the warmth capture his being, replacing the chill of his existence. Cordelia raised her head, pressed her lips to his; without fear, without hesitation and without judgment.

He rolled them both so his body covered her, his lips seeking hers again only this time more demanding. Angelus moved her hand to the small of his back, telling her to remove his shirt; his back muscles tensing when he felt her warm, soft hands lifting the shirt as far as she could. “Cordelia, I need to take it off,”

Cordelia moaned when he pulled away from her to take his clothes off, “No, wait” her words halted his movements. Angelus looked at her questioningly as his hands paused on his belt, “Can I?”

The cold, harsh darkness that had enveloped him at the beginning of this night faded a little more as she openly welcomed and accepted him, Angelus let his hands drop to his sides and nodded silently, watching her come to him willingly. Cordelia kneeled on her bed, breathing even and slow as she unbuttoned his shirt from the bottom up. Exposing his hard stomach first, her fingertips gently tickled the skin and making his stomach tense at the sensation.

The next few buttons were opened, revealing his chest and pectoral muscles which Cordelia now tickled with her fingertips. Angelus flexed in response to the sensation, his lips expelling a sudden breath he didn’t realise he had been holding. She looked up into his intense gaze as she smoothed the shirt over his shoulders and down his arms, leaving him naked from the waist up.

His hands went to grip her slender waist, tugging the cotton bed shirt over her head and flinging it onto the floor behind him. Cordelia knew she had no need to feel self-conscious about her appearance, the erection and devouring eyes told her of his desire. Angelus lifted his hands to cup her naked breasts, palms grazing the pert nipples, making her draw in a sharp breath and arch into him. She ran her fingernails down his chest lightly, trailing away from his body when his skin met the leather of his pants.

His belt made a slight sound as she pulled it from the loops, the metal buckle tinkering softly when it hit her floor, the sound of his zip followed before Cordelia paused in taking his pants off completely. “I want you to do it for me” she answered his questioning gaze.

“I want you to take yours off for me” Angelus returned her words with matching desire coating his voice as he took a step back to allow her to stand steadily on the floor. The leather was pushed slowly over his male hips at the same as her pyjama pants teased her hips. Copying his teasing slow movements, Cordelia let the material of her pants go just as he did.

He walked her back to the bed just a few steps away, gently pushing her shoulders telling her to get comfortable. He moved to the edge of the bed nearest the bedside table and the champagne and the all but forgotten rose. Her eyes widened as she noticed the gifts for the first time, “For me?”

Angelus kissed the red velvet petals and gave it to her, “For you” he confirmed, feeling the cold drift further away when Cordelia turned to him with a smile that rivaled the magnificence of the moon against the black backdrop. He reached over for the green bottle and boxed flute glasses, “Champagne?”

Cordelia shuffled on the bed, moving so she could wrap her arms around him, “If I’d known, I would have stayed up. Thank you, wow. This is…” she struggled to find words to fit the situation and how it made her feel.

“Nice?” Angelus offered, his lips quirking up again at the corners when she nodded and kissed his shoulder softly. The vampire turned the bottle away from her and popped the cork, feeling warmer than ever when he heard her laugh as the bubbly liquid poured onto her carpet. “Here” he offered her the first glass before pouring one for himself. The fragile glasses tinkled musically as Cordelia touched the tip of hers to his and took a sip of the vintage drink.

The bubbles washed over her tongue, making it feel tingly and making her giggle a little, “Tickles” she explained watching him take a sip from his own drink and then settling both glasses safely on the bedside table. Tonight wasn’t for heated passion or desperate sex, tonight was for lovers who belonged in their private world, where no one could intrude and destroy what was created between two very different beings.

Angelus turned fully to face Cordelia, gently pulling her onto his lap and locking her legs around his waist, his hands resting on the curve of he ass, stroking softly. As his lips touched hers, he felt her cleanse him of scent of death, her own drugging fragrance taking him to a better place. Her tongue asked to be played with and he gave willingly, playful and sensual; soft and leisurely she tasted the champagne on his tongue and lips. His hand slipped round and down between her thighs, toying with her clitoris, noticing the absence of soft hair that had been present at their first encounter.

Cordelia moved closer to his erection as her desire began to grow from a sensual feeling to a more sexual one as his touches made her arousal coat his fingers. “Angelus…” the moan was swallowed by a demanding kiss, the guttural sound making him harder than he already was. “Oh, that feels good”

Angelus moved his fingers in slow circles over her clitoris, enjoying how she encouraged him to give her more, to make her come. “You like that?” he moved a little faster, his words slurring as he became drunk on the thick, heady scent of her arousal; this time there was no breeze and no water to distract his senses and he was consumed by the unique smell of her.

The tip of his finger found her core hot, ready and waiting for penetration from him but he didn’t give her release with his hand first, he wanted to feel her first explosion when he was inside. He wanted her to feel his first orgasm wrapped around him as he filled her deep. “Angelus please” Cordelia pleaded softly, bucking her hips against his hand and moving hers down to touch his erection and give him some pleasure back.

“No, I want to be inside you, feel you tighten around me and burn me from inside” Angelus whispered back, nipping at his bite with blunt teeth. “I can feel how wet you are,” he slid his finger inside, massaging her G-spot, making her yelp with a sudden pre-climatic shock. She tightened around his finger, telling him she found his voice, his words as delicious as the physical torture he was giving her. “When I make love to you tonight Cordelia” his voice lowering with the erotic lilt making her shudder. “I’m going to be so deep inside you,” he pushed another finger inside her and rocked his hips into her hand now fisting his shaft. “Making you moan, making you beg for more and making you come all over me”

His fingers felt her muscles tighten in preparation, against her wishes Angelus withdrew and removed her hand, he cupped her ass and brought her close to his erection. “Take me in deep Cordelia, I want to love you”

Cordelia placed her hand around his shaft, placing him so she could ease herself down and take him deep. She moved slowly, taking him inch by agonising inch into her body and seeing the look of torture followed by a look which could only be described as sheer ecstasy as he felt each and every one of her muscles contract around him and feeling the edge of her cervix telling him he was as deep as possible. She bucked, the tip of his penis hit that edge and it made her weak, moaning his name she did it again.

“Oh do it again Angelus” she pleaded when he bucked, once again hitting her cervix and making her muscles tighten harshly around him. Angelus felt the change come over his face and felt no need to hide from her, for he knew the full range of her acceptance for his being. Cordelia gripped his shoulders, resting her forehead on his and looking into the amber eyes of her lover and feeling no different to what she did when he looked human.

Angelus moved one hand from the small of her back to the nape of her neck, the other holding her tightly against his body, his erection completely buried inside and his balls nestled against her own body. Her gaze held so much trust, love and open acceptance for him it brought him to his knees, the blaze of passion he knew she felt for him lay undisguised in her stunning hazel eyes. The cold vanished from him; the warmth was fading now too with only primal heat filling his body, mind and making his still heart ache with awe at the Goddess in his arms.

Cordelia pulled away from him, looking down to watch; his shaft was glistening with her arousal as he moved in slowly, her lips parted but no sound came out so she looked back to his face with erotic sensuality the sight brought her. Angelus pushed up harder inside her, once again hitting the edge of her cervix.

“Cordelia I want you to come, I wanna feel you come,” he hissed, pushing up harder and faster, all the while staying fully inside. She pushed down as he pushed up, the base of his erection taunting her clitoris just as the tip of him hit the edge. Her nails clawed his back and shoulders, she cried out his name and her thighs gripped his waist. Angelus gripped the sheets, twisting them in his fist and moaning her name loudly.

“Cordelia…you need to slow down…” it was going too fast, he was going to explode if she didn’t stop, she had to stop and she had to do it now. Angelus’ head was spinning, his body was getting hotter and hotter, and his moans got louder as she rode him faster.

Her hips moved wildly against his, pushing faster and harder down on him, throwing head back, making her hair become loose and the ends tickle his thighs. “Angelus” Cordelia imploded, she buried her face into his neck, muffling her climatic screams as she came undone in his arms. He felt her essence coat him in a shower of liquid sex, the heat scorching him as he succumbed willingly to her pleas for him to join her.

Angelus thrust once, twice more before releasing his own climatic essence, stilling her frantic movements, he held himself inside, filling her deep. He knew when to bite her, and knew it was time for that; there was no need for him to tilt her head as Cordelia instinctively offered her throat to him. There was a momentary pain as his fangs pierced the skin of his present mark and her blood ran freely down his own throat.

Everything stopped, the room stopped spinning and the world stopped turning. Angelus and Cordelia once again found themselves locked in a tight, unbreakable embrace and falling to the soft bed. He eased his penis out of her body, enveloping her in his arms the vampire waited to be asked to leave.

“Are you staying?” Cordelia asked from her resting place against his chest.

“You’re not asking me to leave?”

“No, I like having you here” she replied, looking up at him and biting her lip as if slightly unsure, “I feel safe and wanted… And loved…”

Angelus simply smiled, giving his silent answer, instead he turned her body round, crushing her back against his chest and curling his larger body around hers.

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