Ice Cool

Title: 6 – Ice Cool
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/Aus
Summary: More erotic adventures!
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO/AA, GT
Notes: 11th in my Quest and 6th in my C/Aus series. Thanks to Lily who kept kicking my ass while writing this! Enjoy!!!


Cordelia lay bathed in the heated night air of the strong California summer; the breeze was none-existent and so the temperature was almost unbearable. Her body was coated in a fine sheen of perspiration making the satin material of her thong bikini cling to her overheated skin. The air was saturated with the remnants of the high afternoon sun, the waves of heat could still be seen emanating off the ground and the rooftop of her pool house.

Twinkling stars were beginning to show in the cool blue coloured sky as the sun drifted down over the horizon. Streaks of red and orange blazed across the sky, infusing the indigo with strands of fire. Turning onto her stomach to relieve her front of the sweltering heat, Cordelia raised herself up on her elbows and cradled her chin in the palms of her hands, flicking her damp hair away from the slick flesh of her neck. The rich chestnut tresses held protectively in an unkempt ponytail, wispy tendrils framing her flushed heart-shaped face and hazel eyes snapped shut as she wished for a breeze.

Carrying two glasses filled with ice in one hand and a bottle of crisp, white wine in an ice bucket in his other, Angelus gave a quick glance at the sky before exiting through the French patio doors and into the private back yard. A slow, appreciative smirk tugged at his soft lips when his gaze landed on Cordelia stretched out on her hammock. The curves of her ass clearly defined by the thin piece of red satin rising high on the swell of her hips, one arm lazily hanging off the side of the hammock.

Strolling languidly across the manicured grass, the vampire placed the glasses and wine on the ground, slipping his hands across her eyes and making Cordelia sigh at the cool temperature of his skin against her own flaming skin. “Hey darlin” he spoke in a quiet growl, his Irish brogue slipping through a little.

Cordelia rolled onto her side, removing his hands away from her eyes allowing the hazel irises to silently praise the muscular expanse of his upper body. “Hey yourself, did you have a good shower?” she asked, moving to make room for him to relax next to her.

“No, I was alone” Angelus replied, mischief twinkling in the darkened orbs “Like some wine?” he picked up the bottle and a glass.

“Mmm, yes please” she breathed, thankful for something cool and refreshing on a night like this. “You spoil me, you know that?”

“You love it” Angelus commented as he poured her a glass of the chilled wine and gave it to her in such a courtly manner.

“That’s not all I love” Cordelia took the glass from him, taking the time to caress the back of his arm with her slender fingers before placing the wonderfully cool glass to her forehead. “Mmm” she moved it down to kiss her cheek then following on to her décolleté. The chilled drink provided a welcome relief from the evening heat, it made her skin tingle when the icy glass kissed her skin and soothed her lips when she took a timid sip.

Angelus settled back on the hammock, wrapping a strong arm around her shoulder he pulled her against his body, placing her cheek against his naked chest. His gaze flittered from her closed eyes to her parted lips and flushed cheeks, the heavier breaths she inhaled caused her breasts to rise and fall rhythmically. The glistening perspiration covering her delectable body glistened and made her flesh beg to be touched.

He took a drink and placed their glasses on the ground before tracing her sternum with his fingertip, following the same path as her wine glass. “You’re sweating” he commented and continued to smooth fingertips over the slick skin of her breasts moving the triangular cups of the bikini top to expose them to his hungry gaze.

“I don’t sweat, I perspire” Cordelia replied, turning her face into his arm and relishing the cool feel of his skin soothing her cheeks. His large hands held the weight of her breasts, thumbs grazing her hardening nipples and smirking when she began to draw in heavier breaths.

“My mistake” Angelus purred, flicking his tongue out to taste the wine on her lips and sliding his tongue inside the hot cavern of her mouth in a slow, deep kiss. Her warmer lips sensually massaged his, tongue exploring his mouth and moving her body closer against his much cooler one. The vampire moved so he was on top never once losing touch with her mouth, he slid his hands to the nape of her neck and untied the halter strings so the bikini top could be removed completely.

Cordelia’s whimper was lost as she felt her breath being stolen, she arched into his body and a tremble sliced through her when the sensitive peeks of her breasts grazed his smooth chest. The cool body above hers calmed the heated feeling on her flesh and Cordelia wanted more. Breaking away from his mouth to take in oxygen, she wrapped her arms around his back and tilted her head exposing the puncture wounds for Angelus to kiss.

“Hot” she moaned sliding her hands down to hold his ass through the leather of his pants and squeezing gently. “How can you wear leather in this heat?”

“Vampire, no body heat” Angelus mumbled against her neck, “Want me to cool you down?”

“You only make me hotter” Cordelia replied holding her chest against his as much as she could, she brushed her lips along the column of his throat before pressing her cheek on his cool skin. He felt so good tonight.

The wicked gleam in his eyes matched the naughty smirk tugging the corners of his lips “I’ll cool you down,” his voice full of promises and naughtiness. Angelus moved off her body, reached down and picked up some ice cubes from the bucket. Seeing her curious gaze land on the frozen water in his palm, he smirked a little more when apprehension replaced the curiosity.

Taking one cube between his fingertips, Angelus held her attention while lowering the ice onto her lips, gliding it over her mouth and trailing it down her neck. Cordelia’s breath hitched as she tensed when the ice cold object came into contact with her sizzling flesh, he slowly drew patterns on her skin with the cube inching over the feminine curves of her breasts and teasing the skin around her nipple.

The peek instantly hardened, eliciting a gasped whimper from Cordelia at the sensation, her hands gripped his muscular forearms and her thighs separated a little. Droplets of melted ice decorated the tiny, pink bud with a pearly glimmer of heavenly cold water. Angelus glazed the ice cube over to her other breast so he could lavish the same attention on it. He swiftly engulfed her nipple in his mouth, causing a feminine moan to escape from Cordelia’s parted lips. Circling his tongue around the pink tip, he licked the trail of icy water from her breast just as he grazed her other nipple with the cube.

“Oh” Cordelia gasped, her head rolling back and arching up into his touch, “That feels good” her nails glided up his back and down his arms. Angelus shifted so he could lick the melted ice off her other breast, little appreciative growls made his body vibrate slightly as she touched his body. He’d never known anybody be so reactive to his touch, it didn’t seem to matter what part of her body he touched, Cordelia always reacted in the same way.

His tongue left her breast as Angelus sat up a little more, the ice cube now almost fully melted due to her body temperature. He took another cube from the ice bucket and began to tickle her body as he moved it down to her firm stomach. Cordelia’s abdominal muscles clenched when the cold cube hit the boiling flesh there. The vampire smirked again when she jumped at the sensation and circled her naval with the ice.

“Like that?” Angelus asked, his voice coming out in a rich husky tone which told her he was enjoying this as much as her. Here eyes fluttered open and locked onto his darker ones, drowning in the hazy lust in the obsidian orbs. Warmth was flooding inside her as she parted her thighs a little more, a subtle hint for him to place his body between them and make love to her.

“Cool” Cordelia moaned out, her hands moving down to the thong briefs and cupping her inner thigh muscles. “God Angelus” she keened loudly when the ice cube touched her core through the damp material, making it transparent to his eyes. Angelus leaned down, capturing her mouth in a demanding kiss, lips ravishing hers and showering her in an explosion of savage need. The vampire groaned her name when her nails scored his stomach, fingertips unbuckling his belt and hands slipping inside the leather.

Cordelia took hold of his erection, making him harder to touch, she moved up then down slowly and lazily. Angelus ran his tongue across her lower lip and tossed the cube to the floor so he could take the thong off her body. A little tear pierced the sounds of her whimpers and the red satin fell to the grass, he quickly reached for another ice cube and immediately pressed it between her thighs.

She stilled her teasing hand movements and relished the cool feeling soothe the heat down below, the vampire trailed the cube over the silk petals of her labia watching as liquid sex mixed with the melting ice. Angelus used his other hand to part her folds, exposing the tiny pearl-like clitoris and ran the cube over and around it. The sounds now coming from Cordelia’s throat as he worshipped her body was enough to bring his desire to fever pitch.

He moved away from her to discard his leather pants and tore her bikini top from the upper body. Cordelia raised up on her elbows lips bruised red, cheeks flushed and legs parted, Angelus took a deep intoxicating breath and found himself once again drugged on the heightened arousal coming from her. She looked so perfect right then, he knew how she felt about him and knew how much she wanted him, he could see it so clearly and that was perfect.

The cheeky grin now lighting her face caught his attention, she reached down for an ice cube and began to run it over her own body. Angelus watched as the ice cube traced the outline of both her nipples, down the valley created by her natural cleavage and directly to where he left off. “Like this?” she asked breathlessly, swirling the cube over her smooth core.

“I like it Cordelia, keep pleasuring yourself” he ordered, settling back on the hammock to watch her.

Her free hand parted the folds inching the ice cube along her inner lips, hissing when the frozen water collided with her scorching heat. Angelus devouring gaze watched intently as she worked herself up in front of him, breathy moans and pleasured sighs told him she was enjoying every bit of this. Cordelia’s hazel eyes flashed when she moved the ice cube to the entrance, teasing herself with the feeling of having something cool and hard inside her. The expression of wanton lust told Angelus exactly what she was fantasizing of having inside her.

A low growl rumbled through him as he moved the melted ice cube from her hand to his, Angelus covered her body with his naked, very masculine one and dipped the cube slightly into her core. Cordelia arched her hips and quickly moved them away from the icy temperature of the melted cube. The vampire nudged her head to the side, allowing him to lavish attention on his bite mark, the flood of liquid sex coating his hand and he slipped the almost melted cube just inside her. Cordelia’s back arched, a loud moan spilled from her and she moved to place her lips on his neck, biting lightly.

“Cordelia” Angelus moaned when he felt her bite him, he pushed the remnants of the ice cube inside her with a smooth thrust of his finger. He felt every single one of her vaginal muscles contract tightly around his finger, he knew she was more than ready to have him inside her but he was enjoying playing. Cordelia placed her hand back around his painful erection, resuming her torturous hand movements.

“Faster” he whispered harshly against her neck, nipping at his bite mark and sucking on the skin around it. His hips moved against her hand as he entered her with a second finger that had her keening loudly once more. Cordelia slid her hand up then down slowly, ignoring his order and began to suck on the hollow of his throat, copying his movements. “Faster Cordelia,” he ordered again, trying to urge her to move faster.

“No, I want you to come inside me Angelus. I want you deep and hard, making love to me slowly” Cordelia whispered. His fingers ceased their movements and he withdrew, making sure to massage her G-spot before leaving her completely.

“I can do deep and hard darlin, I’ll give it to you however you want it” Angelus murmured back in reply. He moved her slightly onto her side, folding her right leg over her left, tightening the place he was going to enter hard like she asked of him. Taking hold of his cock, the vampire slid the tip of it up and down her wet labia, coating himself in her heady liquid sex before brushing the little pearly, exposed clitoris with little bouncy movements.

Cordelia bucked her hips back against him trying to get him to penetrate her right then but he wouldn’t give her what she wanted. “Please now” she hissed moving one hand between her thighs to cup his balls, kneading them the way he liked best. Angelus guided his cock down to where he wanted to be and pushed hard inside her.

“Fuck Cordelia so tight” he growled, holding still when he felt her expanding to accommodate him. She screamed a little at the deep entry he initiated, he felt deeper inside her than he had ever been and it hurt just a little as the edge of his erection slammed off her cervix. Angelus moved her thigh just a little further over her left and bent her knee a little more, creating more delicious tightness.

He pulled out slowly only the tip of his penis lay inside her; Angelus used slow, shallow thrusts at first until he had her begging for the hard, deep love making she wanted. “Please Angelus, hard and deep like before” Cordelia turned her head slightly so she could look at him over her shoulder.

The vampire grunted as he became engulfed in her tightness once again, her inner muscles gloving him in velvet with liquid sex melting around him. She bucked back against him, clenching her muscles around his cock, holding him deep as she moved slowly and just a little harder. Angelus leaned down on his side, wrapping one muscled over her right leg, holding her body in position and hissing when the heat burned his balls as they became nestle against her core. He pushed in deeper and moved his hand to caress her breasts, toying with the pert, pink pearl buds.

Cordelia kept her hand between her body, stroking his balls and her own feminine sex as he pushed in deep, withdrew torturously slow and entered with a slow but hard rhythm. Angelus felt his orgasm bubble up from inside, he couldn’t allow this to end so soon so he tried to slow it down.

“No” she whimpered when he made a move to stop, “Fast now, love it when you fuck me fast” she gave him a sultry look over her shoulder. Angelus groaned, burying his face in her neck as he now moved in and out of her, keeping the entry deep and increasing the pace of his thrusts with every hit against her cervix. The pleasured screams he was getting only served to heighten his arousal more, making him harder and swell inside her. Cordelia pushed back, meeting every one of his powerful thrusts with one of her own and hand gripping the edge of the hammock as he brought her closer and closer.

“You love it when I fuck you in any way” a smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth, his unbeating heart clenched when he heard her gasp out a little laugh. He pushed in deep, groaning when he felt his cock bounce off her cervix cutting off her response. Cordelia bucked back when he touched the part of her that made her weak, somehow just knowing he was in as deep as possible increased her arousal.

Angelus vamped out when he hit the edge, his balls tightened in preparation for the stirring orgasm ready to rip his body apart. He held her back against his chest, fucking her with all the passion he felt for her showing her physically that she was the centre of his existence. “So hot” he moaned when he felt the rush of heated arousal coat his cock from the inside, “So fucking good” he ground out through gritted teeth.

Cordelia felt the peak of her climatic release wash over her, nails digging into the vampire’s thigh, her body quaked in his arms and she came apart with the last, powerful thrust of his hips.

“Angelus… don’t stop…”

The vampire’s thrusts became erratic, frantic and deeper, a primal growl shot from his throat as he bit down, re-opening his bite and relished the spicy, human blood given to him willingly. Ejaculate poured from him in sharp, agonisingly pleasurable bursts, he moaned out her name in the moment of heightened passion and continued to ride his climax out.

“Cordelia” Angelus purred while he languidly stroked his fingers in calming motions up and down her arm. “That was something else” he whispered lazily into her ear, the Irish brogue slipping out in his accent again causing Cordelia to shift around to look at him. She hissed when the sated male sex fell from her body and sighed when she got full contact with his cool skin.

“What happened to cooling me down?” she asked, her voice vocalising a woman who had been thoroughly ravaged.

“I thought the ice cubes were a nice touch” Angelus touched his nose against the tip of hers and traced her lower lip with a fingertip. “You seemed to enjoy them”

“I did, but you know what I enjoyed the most?” she asked looking up at him through her eyelashes, batting them flirtatiously.

“Me inside you?” he asked egotistically, “My kisses? My touch? My body?”

“Close but I enjoyed you being my love slave, you did as you were told” Cordelia giggled lightly. “Maybe I should buy you some special treats”

“Cordelia, I do not do as I’m told” Angelus retorted and wrapped his arms around her.

“Of course you don’t” she agreed innocently, “You’re Angelus, you give orders not take them”

“Naturally” he agreed entirely with her “I am a master vampire you know, so I don’t take orders”

Cordelia’s lower lip jutted out in a tiny pout, her fingertips glided along his collarbone and drifted down to his stomach. “Will you pour me some more wine please?” she lowered her gaze, looking up at him through her thick dark eyelashes hopefully.

“Of course darlin,” Angelus answered simply and went to top up her wine as he realised what he was doing. Turning slowly back to face her, the vampire kept his expression neutral. “Very amusing Cordelia” he commented dryly.

“I thought so,” she replied easily and gave him a huge, blinding smile as her shoulders shook a little as she laughed musically. “I never knew you were so easy”

Angelus took her hand and kissed the back of it, trying to ignore the way her smile brightened the hazel irises to a beautiful gold and the way that smile made him want to melt. “You still hot?” he asked huskily.

“What do you have in mind?” Cordelia asked, holding onto his hand tightly as if to say she would never let him go.

He didn’t answer her, within the blink of an eye, he had her slung over his shoulder grinning at her shocked squeals and planted a smack on her ass. Angelus turned in the direction of her pool, the yelping sound was music to him as Cordelia landed in the water. “I told you I’d cool you down” he commented evilly.

“Aurgh!” Cordelia growled as she surfaced, swimming over to the edge to take his hand, instead of letting him help her out, she grabbed onto his hand with both hands and pulled with all her strength. Angelus wobbled precariously before a final tug from her dragged him into the pool with a splash. The vampire shortly surfaced, surprise written all over his handsome face as he stared at her smugly grinning face.

She swam the few feet towards him, “Did you have a good swim?” she teased, hooking her arms around his neck and pressing her breasts against his chest.

Angelus just looked at her, they may have a playful relationship at times but it still amazed him how much she trusted in him to feel she could be so free around him. At one time he would have killed anybody who had the nerve to be this way around him but with Cordelia it was different. He enjoyed her being open, he revelled in her trust and he loved how she felt about him.

Bringing her close to him, Angelus smiled against her mouth and whispered something to her which made Cordelia throw her head back and laugh in delight. He captured her face with a gentle touch, making her look at him for a few seconds before slamming his mouth down on hers. Everything about her was perfect, her smile, the way she laughed, the ease which she trusted him with her life and the way she told him he was the one. It was as if someone had hand-carved her every detail and he loved it all.

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