Title: Always
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Literotica/Angst
Content: C/Aus
Summary: 7th in the C/Aus series
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO/AA, GT
Notes: I hope this isn’t too cheesy, enjoy!!


The sound of delighted feminine laughter filtered through the night, Cordelia covered her mouth with her free hand while Angelus told her about a night from long ago. Hazel irises alight with disbelief, shock and amusement as he laughed along with her. The smile swept across his handsome face, brightening the onyx eyes to a warm chocolate colour and softening the edges of his rugged facial features.

Her hand rested in the crook of his elbow as he guided her along the almost quiet street, the only sounds were his throaty voice, her laughter and heels click-clacking on the concrete pavement. “Oh God,” Cordelia sighed through her silvery laughter, “What I wouldn’t give to have seen that”

“Not one of my finest moments” Angelus admitted, falling into a companionable silence, he took tight hold of her hand and kissed the back of it. “Did you have a good time tonight?”

“Very much so” she replied “Thank you for spoiling me again, you’re always doing things for me and you never let me spoil you back” Cordelia pointed out. Leaning against his arm, she ran her cheek against the leather material of his jacket and relishing the male scent she loved so much.

“You should be taken care of Cordelia, I enjoy it” he commented “You know I enjoy taking care of you”

“I enjoy it too, but I wish you’d let me spoil you for once” she replied before clearing her throat and getting back to the subject prior to this conversation. Cordelia laughed a little, “Okay, I know you put that hallucinogenic drug into the blood meant for Spike, how did you end up drinking it?”

“There was a family meeting for the Aurelius clan” Angelus continued, knowing she wouldn’t let this go until she found out what happened next. “Spike had the same idea, he drugged his own blood wine and switched it with the already drugged wine. So we both” he explained.

“You two are like a bunch of bratty kids, you know that?” Cordelia asked, shaking her head at him. “So what happened?”

Angelus chuckled, “I’m not entirely sure to be honest from what I was told I kept trying to warn people that peaches were falling from the sky and Spike was the leader of the invasion. But that is purely speculation”

“I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that it really happened or the fact that I can visualise you saying it” Cordelia laughed. “You must have had some good times back then”

“Yeah, we did” he agreed and halted their slow walk back to Cordelia’s house. Angelus removed his hand from the small of her back to trace her lower lip with his thumb, “I prefer here and now”

Reaching up to straighten his jacket collar, Cordelia ran her fingers over the supple leather smoothing the creases and running her hands up to cup his face softly. “You are such a charmer,” she told him, an amused lilt to her voice “And I have you all to myself”

Angelus gave her a mock cringe, “I hate to break this to you Cordelia, but there’s another woman in my life” he sighed and gave her a shrug.

She tried to keep a straight face so she could play along with whatever he was going to say. “Who is she?” Cordelia demanded, her tone mockingly harsh and hands now on her hips with her foot tapping. However, if she didn’t know he was talking about his car, she wouldn’t be mocking her anger in the slightest.

“She’s curvy, purrs like a contented kitten, easy to control and gives on hell of a ride” Angelus remarked, shoving his hands into the large pockets of his jacket. His twinkling gaze roamed her heart-shaped face, taking in her parted red lips and her adoring gaze as she looked back at him. No one could ever give him what she had, nor could anyone look at him with such love and trust. There would never be another woman because he was never letting her go.

“Aurgh!” she yelped in mock annoyance and holding up her palm “Even undead, men are all the same. Sex, that’s all your species think about, am I not enough for you?” she demanded playfully.

“Cordelia, you are more than enough for me” Angelus deadpanned easily then laughed at her indignant expression.

“Well, I guess you’re right” she sighed in resignation, “That means you’re not man enough for me so it looks like I’ll have to find somebody who is. I wonder if Spike is bored of Drusilla yet…” her teasing voice drifted off as her expression turned thoughtful.

His laughter stopped swiftly, growling at her comeback to his reply the vampire captured her face, forcing her to look at him. Possession, heat and anger sparked from the molten depths of his eyes while his body tensed. “You won’t find anybody else who can bring you to ecstasy like I can, you won’t find anybody who would treat you like Goddess and you won’t find anybody else because I won’t let you go”

Her breath lodged in her throat as she felt herself being stripped naked by the raw emotion pouring from her lover. “Is that a promise?” Cordelia asked in a hazy whisper, tracing his lower lip with delicate touches from her fingertips.

“You’ll always be mine Cordelia, if you need to ask then maybe I haven’t shown you as much as I should” he whispered back wrapping her in his strong, protective arms as if to hide her away from the world. “Always mine, my Goddess”

“Mine too” came her timid voice as she succumbed to his arms and just let herself be held. “Angelus” she sighed blissfully, relaxing into his chest and tilting her face up to look up at him with a hazel gaze.

His mouth descended on hers, cool lips massaging her warm ones his tongue darted out to taste the remnants of her ice cream on her lips. Cordelia smoothed her hands up to tickle the nape of his neck, moaning lightly when he deepened the kiss.

Angelus brought her body closer to his, sliding his larger hands down to hold her against his forming erection as she slid her tongue teasingly over his. His mouth became more demanding, increasing the light pressure he bestowed on her pliant lips, swallowing her feminine moans and fisting his hands in her hair to hold her close while he took control of her mouth. Cordelia’s own hands gripped his jacket collar while he stole her breath ina passionate, desperate need to show her she was his.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Angelus realised that she needed to breathe he slowly decreased the pressure on her now tingling lips until he was nipping lightly with blunt teeth and staring into her dazed and starry eyes. “Wow” Cordelia murmured, running the tip of her tongue over her lips and revelling in the taste of him.

“Nice?” Angelus murmured against the soft skin of her cheek, he shifted her thighs apart so he could rock his erection against her core, delighting in the sudden shock of arousal from her. Cordelia tilted her head to one side, giving him access to his bite mark giggling when his tongue traced them softly.

“You know I liked it” she replied with little smile, “Can we go home now? I’m cold”

“You feel pretty warm down there” he contradicted with a smirk, slipping his hand under her skirt to feel the naked heat of her liquid arousal on his fingertips. Cordelia blushed, looking around the street for anyone who could be watching them, her words were stopped when she felt Angelus slide a finger gently inside her.

“Oh my God!” Cordelia gasped, trying to lock her thighs together “What are you doing? We’re in the middle of town! Somebody could be watching!” her eyes wide with excitement, shock and disbelief at his shameless attitude.

“So, let em watch” Angelus growled “They’ll know you belong to me” he withdrew his hand from under her skirt and began to walk her backwards to an alley nearby. “You want me, I know you do”

“Yeah, but at home” Cordelia yelped back though she wasn’t exactly fighting him on the subject, a half giggle escaped her lips as she tried to push him away. Angelus flashed a wicked grin, removing her hands from his chest he guided her into the alley, “Do you have no shame?!”

“Soulless vampire Cordelia,” Angelus growled, giving her a quick flash of fangs and pressing her against the wall. “I want something, I take it”

Getting into it, Cordelia placed her hands back onto his chest stroking the muscles through the silk of his shirt and loving the way those muscles rippled under her touch. “In an alley? What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“The kind that loves to be treated like a sex kitten” Angelus replied back in a rich and husky whisper that made her shiver with anticipation. He used his larger, powerful body to securely pin her against the alley wall, he nudged her thighs apart with his free hand and moved them so her legs were curled over his hips. “You’re the kind of girl, Cordelia, that makes me hot and hard”

“Angelus!” Cordelia yelped when he used his hand to push her skirt up around her waist, leaving her naked to his predatory gaze. Her eyes darted back and forth between Angelus and the entrance to the alley, she couldn’t say she wasn’t excited by his domineering, take charge attitude because it would be a bare-faced lie if she did. “Uhh…” she moaned out when the cool skin of his hand touched her heated, female sex and she squeaked when she felt his finger once again slide slowly inside her.

“You want me right now, don’t you?” Angelus growled against her throat, kissing and nipping his mark with little bites, “You’re so wet, I can feel how excited you are. How excited you are to have me here…” he thrust his hand roughly, pushing a second finger inside her making her moan loudly. “Unzip me”

Cordelia released his shirt from her grip, moving her hands to his belt and zip, undoing them both quickly she instantly took his erection into her warm hands, stroking him with a motion that shot a streak of desire through the vampire’s body. Angelus massaged her G-spot with expert moves, feeling the liquid arousal coat his hand and enjoying the way her vaginal muscles contracted around his fingers.

Moving her hand up then down before letting go of his cock, Cordelia went to remove his hand from her hoping to replace his fingers with his erection. “Angelus stop…” she moaned, though she muttered a plea for him to stop, her voice sounded more like urging for him to continue.

“No, I want you to come on my hand” Angelus told her, he withdrew his fingers so he was thrusting inside her with shallow, teasing thrusts that had her keening louder and more whispered pleas for him to fuck her replaced her pleas for him to stop. The vampire gently eased a third finger into her core, she was so wet he didn’t need to push; he gave her a few moments to accommodate him before using his hand to bring her slowly to ecstasy.

Cordelia felt her hand being guided back to his erection as he showed her how he wanted to be touched, her hand was moved up and down quickly. “Angelus… please…” she begged, pushing her hips harder onto his hand, “Oh God…” she reacted instantly when his thumb began to mercilessly tease the tiny, desire-swollen bud of her clitoris.

“Faster” Angelus hissed before laying claim on her parted mouth, his tongue dominated hers and his lips bruised hers, the tip of her tongue teased his and she bit down lightly. The vampire fucked her fist as he thrust his fingers deeply inside and tormenting her clit with rapid flicks of his thumb.

“No in…” Cordelia began to demand he be inside her, a loud cough from the entrance of the alley startled them both and she snapped her head to see who the intruder was. Hazel eyes widened, lips opened but no words would come out, she stilled her hand movements just as Angelus did.

“I think you better listen to her” Buffy’s hardened voice sounded through the now quiet alley, the blonde Slayer tapped a crossbow against her thigh and waited for Angelus to let Cordelia go.

Angelus’ gaze turned hard, cold and emotionless as he settled Cordelia on the ground, he smoothed her skirt down and zipped up his leather pants as he turned around to face the Slayer with a smirk on his face. “Hey Buff” he greeted casually and easily, “What brings you to this part of town?” he asked, rolling his shoulders and cracking his neck in preparation for a forthcoming fight.

“Wannabe rapist vampires like you” Buffy replied harshly, not wanting to think about what would have happened to Cordelia if she hadn’t got there when she did. “Cordelia, walk away slowly he won’t hurt you I promise” she assured the brunette.

“Buffy, It’s not what you thi…” Cordelia began uncertainly, ready to defend Angelus against the Slayer’s accusation.

“Go on Cordelia” Angelus urged causing her to look at him, hurt and questions sparking in her eyes, “Do as the nice Slayer tells you” he wanted her out of way if he was going to be fighting, he didn’t want her to get caught in the middle. He could tell that he was all but killing her, but he couldn’t risk her getting hurt, wouldn’t risk her getting hurt. He especially didn’t want her around if one of them didn’t survive.

“No, you weren’t raping me!” Cordelia half yelled at them both, why was he doing this to her? Was their whole relationship a lie? Would he really use her just bait Buffy? The brunette turned to Buffy, eyes blazing with the truth and face showing signs of defiance. “He wasn’t raping me Buffy and he wasn’t hurting me”

“You’re only saying that because he’s threatened you” Buffy spoke back, keeping her voice as calm and as panic free as she could. “Just walk away Cordy”

“No” Cordelia snapped, “I won’t because he hasn’t threatened me with anything and he hasn’t hurt me the whole time”

“Cordelia” Angelus turned to look at her beseechingly, “Do as she says”

“The whole time what?” Buffy asked, her grip on the crossbow trigger flexing and unflexing as she looked between vampire and cheerleader. The air began to crackle as it dawned on the young Slayer what exactly Cordelia was talking about. She’d obviously slept with Angel, with Angelus, the soulless vampire who had made her life a living nightmare. “Oh God…” her stomach clenched as she once more looked between the girl and Angelus.

It didn’t matter anymore, it was obvious she knew what they had slept together and Angelus knew that getting Cordelia to leave with the Slayer would be a bad idea. He walked the one or two feet to stand next to his girl, “Aren’t ya gonna congratulate us?” he asked casually as Cordelia looked up at him with a frown.

“Y-you can’t be serious” Buffy gasped, her grip becoming loose on the crossbow “That’s Angelus Cordelia, he’s soulless and evil. You can not be sleeping with him… You’re doing this because you couldn’t get Angel aren’t you?”

Angelus frowned and looked at Cordelia, what if she pretended he was Angel when he made love to her? “You don’t…”

Cordelia shook her head, “No, it’s you that makes love to me Angelus, not Angel. It’s your arms I fall asleep in and it’s your arms I wake up in. It’s you who spoils me and it’s you I love”

“You can’t love him” the Slayer bit out, “He’s a killer, he’s what nightmares are made of. He wanted to kill you one time, remember that?”

“Yes I do” Cordelia replied calmly, “But he’s different now, he hasn’t hurt me and he won’t hurt me”

“I bet he won’t, he’ll just use you to get to me. Even with him, you’re still second best” Buffy hissed out, trying everything to get her away from Angelus. “Come on Cordelia, you must have some issues you want to work out with me. I’ll give you a free shot”

“Are you insane?” Cordelia yelled with wide eyes as she looked at Buffy as if she were insane, “Like I’m gonna hit a Slayer, what do you think I am? Ditzy? And don’t even think of replying to that” she added quickly. “I know he won’t hurt me because I trust him with my life Buffy, I’m sorry for what you’ve gone through but Angelus isn’t what Angel was. There’s more to Angelus than what you see so just stop with the killer and rapist accusations”

The cold emotionless gaze now looked back at her filled with hot emotion, he remembered just what it was about her that had him so captivated, so enraptured by who Cordelia Chase was. No one, not even Buffy was going to take her away from him. The vampire raised his hand to gently tilt her head to the side, forgetting the Slayer was ten feet away, Angelus leaned down to kiss his mark when he felt himself pushed to the side and Cordelia’s body jerked against his.

Buffy stared as the arrow left the bow in a direct line for the vampire’s heart, she had seen him go to bite Cordelia and she simply fired. Everything happened in slow motion for her, the arrow pierced the air, going to kill Angelus before he bit Cordelia when she had pushed the distracted vampire out of the way. The blonde watched in horror as the arrow entered the back of Cordelia’s left shoulder and blood stain her top a deep red.

A crash sounded through the once again silent alley as the crossbow landed on the concrete.

Angelus looked down at Cordelia in confusion, her gasped breath made her chest heave against his and he felt her weakening grip on his upper arms. Shock took over as the primary emotion running through his body, he slid to the floor cradling her body in his arms and looked into her glassy eyes. The hazel shining like jewels as the tide of death began to take her under, she felt her body going light and she felt all floaty, though she wasn’t sure why.

“Angelus” Cordelia whispered, smiling at him and touching his face softly, her breath became ragged and uneven as blood ran down her back. “Why am I lying in something wet?” she asked in confusion “You didn’t pour some water down my back did you?”

“I’ll get an ambulance” Buffy’s distant voice shattered the silence that followed the brunette’s words.

“No time” Angelus replied, “She’s dying” he took a hand from her back and went to touch her face but stopped when he saw the blaze of blood smeared across his pale skin. Her glassy hazel eyes were staying closed longer and longer every time she blinked. The decision to make her his consort made, he initiated the claim on her. “Cordelia, forgive me but I can’t lose you” he allowed the natural face to replace his human one, ignoring Buffy’s screamed pleas for him to stop.

She needed to taste his blood, a confession of love and the promise of eternity.

Splitting his wrist open, Angelus placed the slash to her mouth and urged her to drink, “Accept this, accept me to be with you always and I’ll love you always. Give me forever Cordelia, please”

“I won’t let you turn her” Buffy yelled through her shock and tears, picking up and aiming the crossbow again.

“I’m not turning her, I’m saving her” Angelus snarled, looking at Buffy with such hate that it caused her to shudder in fear. “If she dies…” he left the threat hanging and turned back to Cordelia. He looked into her glazed eyes, saw what he needed to see there and used his other hand to close her eyes. Removing his wrist from her lips, the vampire leaned down and kissed her gently, relief flooding him when he felt her sweet breath escaping from her nose.

Picking her sleeping body up, Angelus walked casually down the alley and stopped when he got to Buffy, “Don’t go anywhere near Cordelia ever again Slayer, it’ll be the last thing you do” he warned very seriously. Being careful not to shake her, he walked stealthily towards his parked car where he would then take her back to the mansion and their new home.

“You belong with me Cordelia, always” Angelus told her, he stroked strands of chestnut silk from her damp forehead and looked at the girl he was forever bound to. “I’ll take care of you and then I’m going to make sure you never do anything like that for me ever again” he vowed and made her comfortable on the backseat before settling into the drivers’ side.

As he drove, random thoughts crossed his mind about how he was going to get her used to Spike and Drusilla.

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