Forever Starts Now

Title: 9 – Forever Starts Now
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Continuation of Passion Personified
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO & Cal’s place
Notes: Yummy!


She wasn’t quite sure what to make of things to be honest, that night in the lake had seemed like a lifetime ago but yet it had only been about three months. Three months since her life had been taken over by a demanding, overbearing, stubborn, soulless vampire and love of her life. Now, she found herself rooming with his vampire offspring, having tea with his eldest childe while his grandchilde watched in mirth and her so-called love of her life sat reading, ignoring her as though she wasn’t there.

Cordelia couldn’t do much apart from look across the table at Drusilla who was staring, unblinking, right back at her. The vampire’s long, black hair shone with a deep, blue tint that only natural black hair had, straight and long like silk ebony. Green irises emphasized by the pallor of Drusilla’s brow, Cordelia couldn’t help the little bit of envy she felt at the vampire’s flawless stature. She never seemed to walk, only glide as though floating on air, her head was always held high with pride.

Beauty forever carved in marble.

Cordelia knew she was anything but ugly, but beauty didn’t just reside on the outside; it came from the inside which tickled her with a strange sense of irony. Opposite her sat one of the most feared, understated vampires and she was commenting how beautiful she was. She doubted Drusilla was anything but beautiful on the inside, how could she be? She was a soulless vampire, a perfect killing machine that lived for the hunt and kill of humans.

Despite all that, Drusilla held an old-fashioned grace that had been bred into all females in those times and the vampire still held that grace now. Her hands were well kept, skin pale and smooth; red nails decorated long, feminine fingers joined perfectly to palms that soothed her doll. The green irises Cordelia had studied now sparkled, the soft glow from the lamp creating little diamonds within the emerald jewels. She could see how men would be enchanted by her, hell she was enchanted by her!

Angelus and Spike both raised eyebrows simultaneously when Cordelia admitted she was enchanted by Drusilla, obviously she didn’t realise she had spoken aloud. Angelus cleared his throat to gain the attention of his consort, a subconscious way of reminding her he was still there. Whether it was a miniscule amount of irrational jealousy or whether it was just a case of him wanting attention, it didn’t really matter. Cordelia had been sat next to the small coffee table opposite Drusilla, lost in her own little thought-filled world and she hadn’t looked, winked, smiled or sent a sultry, caramel gaze his way in hours. The vampire cleared his throat again, this time causing Cordelia to look his way at last!

“Sore throat?” she asked lightly and almost sarcastically.

“A little” Angelus responded just as lightly and just as sarcastically, he set the book he wasn’t really reading to one side and continued to look at her, waiting for what she would say next.

“I thought vampires couldn’t get sore throats” Cordelia pointed out, her clear lips quirking up in a questioning smile. This was probably the first time she had seen her vampire without his trademark leather pants, instead he wore fitted black trousers in a downy material. They looked good but just not quite the same. She was too used to seeing him in black or dark brown leather.

Spike rolled his eyes at the lame way his grandsire was trying to urge the cheerleader to go sit on his lap. If it hadn’t been so sad it would have been funny. As it was, he had to live here too and he didn’t much care for feeling sick 24/7.

“Cheerleader, I think he wants some attention pet. Give the dog a bone, there’s a good girl” he spoke candidly. It was one of the rare times he actually spoke to Cordelia directly and he waited for the usual caustic comment to follow; a good verbal hockey match was just the thing to cure the acidic feeling in his gut. He’d had hours of torture from the sly glances, the secret little smiles and the light scent of arousal. It was sick. A vampire with a human, it should be illegal.

“Spike, shut up or go be elsewhere” Cordelia provided the less caustic than usual comment as a pretty, pink flush decorated the apples of her cheeks. She wasn’t the one who had done the ignoring, he was the one who had been sat there reading for most of the day and ignoring her.

“Aw pet, n here I thought you liked my company” Spike shot her a wounded look, clutching his unbeating heart as though he were in pain. His blue eyes crinkled at the corners and his pink lips being forced into a grimace to hide the smirk.

Drusilla giggled, the light of madness shining slightly behind her eyes as she curled her tongue over her lips and ran the tips of her sharp nails down her throat. “Poor Daddy” she giggled, “All alone. Maybe Princess should make him better” the vampiress sent a glance of sheer sex towards Angelus who gave her a look that screamed ‘behave’ back.

Cordelia scowled at her, snapping her head from Spike’s direction to Drusilla and then to Angelus. Now this was a new situation to her. Angelus had told her bits of what his relationship with the female vampire had entailed but this was the first time she had seen Drusilla state it so plainly in front of her. What was she expected to do? Demand Drusilla stay away from Angelus and look insanely jealous? Let Angelus make it known he was faithful to her? Or let Drusilla have her way with him? Not likely.

“Excuse me” Cordelia spoke up after a few moments’ silence, directing all vampires’ attention to her. “Yeah hi, uh, Dru isn’t it? Not to sound like a crazy, jealous Cry-Buffy or anything but can you not state you want to have sex with Angelus? That’s all, thanks”

Spike’s head instantly turned to his grandsire, sure he’d seen Angelus possessive over his toys but he’d never seen a toy be possessive over him and it was really amusing. Especially since Angelus seemed to be at a loss for words which he could be thankful for.

“Oooh! Miss Cordelia wants Daddy all to herself does she?” Drusilla purred and pouted.

Cordelia felt like saying to hell with them all, every single vampire in the room was stone cold nuts and since Angelus was the ‘master’ of the family then he was the one who carried the defective sanity gene! “Of course I want him to myself” she snapped a little causing the vampiress to mewl sadly. “I was an only child, I had two of everything and never had to share. Besides, would you share Spike?” she asked pointedly.

“There will be no sharing” Angelus interrupted loudly making his point known to all concerned in the up-coming argument over who was who’s. His meaningful tone made Spike roll his eyes in exasperation; he’d had this lecture constantly in the last few days and was, in a word, bored with it. His grandsire was like a broken record and it was getting annoying.

“That’s good to know, not that I don’t share my stuff ‘cus I do but I’m not into sharing me with every Spike, Dru and vamp” Cordelia piped up straight after him.

“So what ‘stuff’ do you share Cheerleader?” Spike asked, settling back on the sofa now the threat of a family feud was over. Stuffing a hand inside his pocket, the blonde vampire tugged out a cigarette and Zippo petrol lighter. The lighter was silver, well kept and had his name engraved on the side in black writing. He smirked, his lips furling into a thin line while the corners of his glacier blue eyes crinkled with laughter lines. “Does Angelus borrow your lippy? Or does he settle for stealing your frillies? No wonder the poof can’t wait to get your panties off they’re probably too tight for his hairy arse!”

Cordelia clamped her lips down; curling them inside her mouth to keep from laughing at his comment; if she laughed then Angelus would turn that glare on her. It was funny, despite the fact that it was Spike who said it. She’d never really seen anyone have the balls to talk like that to Angelus, she waited to see what he’d do or say in return.

“Know how tight women’s panties are from experience do you?” Angelus asked, still glaring Spike to death. “I didn’t think the rumours were true”

Cordelia instantly turned to the blonde, her eyes wide and lips starting to quirk up in a forming grin. From what Angelus had told her of Spike, she could well believe he wore women’s underwear. “You wear…” she went to ask.

“No I bloody don’t wear frillies!” Spike defended loudly, sitting forward in his seat and glared at both Angelus and Cordelia. “I’m not the poof of the family” he shot lamely, making the truth of his defending statement seem like a lie.

Angelus shrugged innocently, “Not what I heard” he looked at Cordelia and kept the teasing out of his eyes. “I heard my boy has a thing for lace thongs”

“I have some if you want, they’re silk so you might not like them as much” Cordelia stated to as though she believed the blatant lie was true. “I think a nice cerise would bring out those blue eyes and black nail polish, I even have some yellow ones if ya wanna live dangerously!”

“I don’t bloody well have a thing for thongs you little chit, Angelus tell her!” Spike demanded hotly, his eyes blazing belligerently. He was not going to have her spreading this round her little followers at school, least of all telling the Slayer he was trying to kill. Oh the shame of it!

“He doesn’t have to, Spike” Cordelia spoke up before Angelus could retort “I could totally picture you in a G-string and matching garter belt!”

Angelus snorted, Drusilla blinked not really understanding the nature of the conversation and Spike growled at Cordelia. “I wonder how much I’d get if I sold this piece of news to the Watcher’s Council” she mused thoughtfully, tapping her finger on the coffee table.

“Don’t you dare” Spike hissed and narrowed his eyes dangerously at her, if she so much as went to see the Slayer’s Watcher she’d pay, Angelus or no Angelus.

“I suppose I could always go see Giles…” Cordelia purposely let her voice drift off as though she were serious about it. The blonde vampire’s face held thunderous fury that she was even thinking about it.

Fine, he thought, two can play at this game.

“I suppose your little friends know about your nose job eh?” Spike gave her a tight smirk in barely controlled fury. If his reputation was going down then he was going to take hers with him!

“I haven’t had a nose job” Cordelia defended against his pathetic attack.

“Oh, just walked into a door did you?” Spike dropped easily, his fury ebbing away at her outrage. Her jaw was opening and closing, her eyes were wide and blinking while her finger ceased it’s incessant tapping.

Angelus turned to look at Cordelia, waiting eagerly for her response; this was fun.

“Your brains must be blocked by your thongs cus there isn’t anything wrong with my nose” she replied, superficial insults flowed over her head. She’d dealt with these types of insults all her life from Harmony and she doubted Spike had a patch on that girl. “Your nose on the other hand, closely resembles a ski slope!”

“It does not” he shot back.

“How would you know? You can’t see yourself” Cordelia pointed out smugly, “Your nose could be the size of your ass and you would never know!”

“What’s wrong with my arse? It’s smaller than yours!” Spike bristled at her insinuation towards the size of his ass. He had a nice ass, not that anyone had ever commented on it mind you.

Angelus sighed, making the decision to stop this before it turned anymore childish and petty. “My ass is not huge!” Cordelia half screeched loudly before snapping her head to the dark haired vampire. “Do I have a huge ass?”

“No you don’t have a huge ass Cordelia” he told her automatically.

“He has to say that don’t he?” Spike taunted, “Poof’s biased and he wants to get lucky tonight!”

“Are you telling the truth? Do I have a huge ass?” Cordelia demanded hotly, her hands going to cup her ass and patting it just to make sure. “I do don’t I? My ass is the size of a small country”

“Spike” Angelus growled, telling him to behave and to stop teasing. The blonde didn’t have a clue about women; didn’t he know you weren’t supposed to comment on a woman’s ass? That way led to trouble and a man’s worst nightmare, namely his worst nightmare.

“What? She started it” Spike snapped with a frown at his grandsire.

“I did not, you did”

“Did bloody not”

“Did too!”

“Actually pet” Spike smirked at her, “It was Peaches who started it”

“Hey!” Angelus growled, “I wasn’t the one who said she had a large ass. That was you”

“So I do have a large ass?” Cordelia snapped and climbed to her feet, stomping them both on the floor and grabbed her empty tea cup off the table. “Well, I’m gonna take me and my large ass to the kitchen so I don’t take up more room”

“Oooh” Drusilla purred, her lips twitching up at the corners “Not very happy is Princess, poor Daddy”

Spike snorted at her, it was obvious she didn’t get just how true that statement was. “Right there poodle. Poor bloke certainly not going to get any”

Cordelia let her mug drop into the sink, her lower lip pooching out in a large pout as she mimicked Spike’s voice and words with a high-pitched voice. “My ass is smaller than your ass. Immature idiot, couldn’t think of anything better to say”

Angelus sauntered lazily up behind her, debating whether or not to try and scare her. Deciding it would be healthier for him if he didn’t, the vampire made a move to touch her when her voice sounded in a high pitched voice.

“Don’t even think about it buster” she spouted when she felt him behind her. It was like her skin prickled with little electric impulses, not a bad sensation but it would take some getting used to. “You said I have a large ass so you don’t get touching privileges”

“I didn’t say you had a large ass, I said I wasn’t the one who said you had a large ass. And you don’t have the right to deny me what I want” Angelus stated in her ear, his lips brushing her cheek softly. “If I want to touch you sweetheart then I’m gonna touch you. You seem to have a problem understanding what the word ‘Mine’ means”

Cordelia moved to turn around so he could feel the weight of her death glare but he kept her facing away from him, his hands unmoveable from her waist and his hips pressing hard against her ass. “I know what ‘Mine’ means but you don’t deserve to touch me. You didn’t say that I didn’t have a large ass”

“Fine. You don’t have a large ass. Happy now?”

“No, you’re only saying that cus you want touching rights” she snarked at him over her shoulder as she attempted to ignore where this was going to go.

“I don’t have to want Cordelia” Angelus curled his hands round her waist; the length of his hardening erection grazed her ass. “I love your ass, it screams ‘spank me’ and spanking will be done if you deny me” he held her hips still and crushed his cock powerfully into her. The pressure for him was delicious as little pleasuring vibrations pulsed in his shaft. “Refuse me sweetheart, I dare you”

Letting her grip on the sink go, Cordelia covered the backs of his hands with her soft palms, moving them down to rest on his upper thighs where her nails scratched through his pants and into his flesh. “I don’t wanna refuse you” she whispered back and relaxed into the hard muscled body behind her, simply enjoying the way he held her. She pulled his pelvis closer to her, increasing the pressure and pleasure for him.

Angelus turned her round and picked her up with a graceful ease to settle her on the kitchen table, her legs not quite long enough to reach the floor. Cordelia grinned cheekily, sliding her arms around his neck and locking her legs around his waist. “Are you gonna refuse me?” she asked lightly, hazel eyes dancing in the dim light of the kitchen.

“If I did, I’d be thinking with the wrong head” he replied crudely with an equally crude smirk which earned him an eye roll. Angelus faintly heard “Nancy boy” come from the direction of the living room; ignoring Spike’s comment he continued to give Cordelia his full attention. “I was thinking”

“So that’s the burning smell huh? I thought Blondie’s cigarette had set alight to all that bleach” Cordelia replied nonchalantly, smirking at the coughed insulting reply that came in from the living room.

“You really want to be spanked, don’t you?” the vampire asked teasingly, however the serious gleam in his eyes told her he was anything but kidding about it. “You wanna go out to play?”

“Where though?” she asked, chewing her lip in thought; she’d love to go out with him but if they saw the gang? God, she’d barely given any thought to them at all, she’d been too busy trying to get used to her new status of vampire’s wife. Sometimes, she could smack herself for the way she worded things, little wife. Urgh! She preferred sex slave, kept woman or mistress at a push! “If we go to the Bronze, we’d bump into them” her eyes searched his beseechingly and pleading with not to go there just yet, she wasn’t ready to deal with them so soon.

“Not the Bronze” Angelus told her, “And I didn’t mean tonight either I meant the weekend actually. It’d take that long to send out the invitations to the others” he explained. “I know they’d be interested in meeting you”

Looking at him in confusion, Cordelia frowned lightly “Others?”

“There isn’t just me and Dru who are part of this family” Angelus purposely left Spike’s name out of it and got a coughed “Ahem” from the living room. Her expression show understanding then confusion again and finally to an expression which clearly stated ‘No Way.’ “Don’t you want to meet the others?” he asked.

“When you say others, I assume you mean more vampires?” it wasn’t a question, “I can handle being around Spike and Dru, Angelus. But…” Cordelia let her hold on him go, didn’t he understand she was overwhelmed as it was? One moment she’d been a full human and the next she was human with minute vampire assets. Some of those assets happened to be in the living room right now, talking amongst themselves. Or Dru was talking and Spike wasn’t grunting rather.

“You’re scared” Angelus deadpanned, “Do you believe I’d purposely put you in danger? That I wouldn’t protect you?” the episode with Buffy came back to haunt him and he wondered if she thought that was the reason he couldn’t protect her. “After everything, that’s what you think?”

“God no!” Cordelia replied, her voice hardening as she supported her hands on the table edge. “I know you’d protect me, you don’t have to prove anything like that to me Angelus. But this whole thing, it’s going to take some getting used to for me. One minute I was all my woman and next I’m all your woman. Now I’m living with two other vampires, one of which is the undead version of Billy Idol cross-bred with Johnny Rotten. The other vampire is like this quiet, creepy doll that moves. Ever heard of Chucky?!”

“Those creepy vampires Cordelia, have accepted and treated you with respect” Angelus pointed out reasonably. “I think they deserve the same treatment from you” yes he loved her but he wouldn’t allow her put his childer down like that, not after they had made some sort of effort towards her. “It’s understandable you’re scared stiff, we’re vampires and you’ve been taught vampires are evil. And we are” he added off her look. “But, evil deeds aren’t all we’re capable of and you should know that my little Consort”

A look of contrition crossed her face as she sighed and pouted a little, he had a point and made it in a way that made her feel as though she should be smothering Spike and Dru with kisses or something. Shuddering inwardly at the thought of kissing Spike, Cordelia’s shoulders slumped and she peered up at him through her eyelashes.

“Alright, alright. You’ve made your point” she told him and earned herself a smug smirk as a response. Lowering her voice to a not-so-quiet whisper, “Actually, I kinda have a soft spot for Spike to tell you the truth” Cordelia told him in a conspirational tone with an added wink.

“Sod off you chit!” got bellowed in from the living room “Soft spot my arse”

Angelus rolled his eyes, “Shut up Spike and stop listening. This doesn’t concern you”

“Too bloody right it does, if you’re planning on showing off your trophy to our little family then it does bloody concern me” Spike bellowed back, being louder than he needed to be. “‘Sides, who’d be the twit that would spread the word round eh? Me. Cus no-one speaks to you because they don’t like your sorry arse and won’t talk to you!”

“Spike” the elder vampire growled, “Shut up” he turned his attention back to the brunette still perched on the table. “It’s been a long time since a Consort has been created Cordelia and I know my family would be very interested in meeting you”

“I don’t know, I mean I’d be in a roomful of vampires and that’s no different to what’s happening now” Cordelia countered her own argument in the same sentence. “But what if you leave me for five minutes and you come back and I’m nothing but a mass of stripped flesh?”

“You have a great way with words you know that?” Angelus asked as his face curled up in slight disgust at the thought of stripped and bloodied flesh littering the floor. Choosing to ignore the fact he’d been put off skinning for life, he got back to the subject. “No-one would hurt you; they respect the Master vampire…”

Spike’s snort of laughter rang out before being quickly covered by a cough.

“You’re a master vampire?” Cordelia deadpanned with obvious disbelief, “I know you’re an old, evil and pretty hot vampire but a master one? Are you sure you’re not exaggerating just a little?”

Another coughed snort of laughter rang out.

Who was she to question his title? She was just his Consort and had no right to joke about his rightful claim as head of his Order. And another thing he wasn’t old, he was 240 and that was young for a vampire and not old! Angelus stared at her, not impressed by her questioning at all.

“I am too a master vampire” he growled at her, not caring how much he sounded like her at that particular moment. “The real Master sired Darla and she sired me. The Master got dusted by the Slayer after I dusted Darla. That makes me, the Master’s grandchild, now Master of my Order”

“Didn’t that Darla woman sire anyone else besides you?” Cordelia asked pointedly and kept from sniggering in his face when his expression grew a little more furious at her words. “If Darla sired you then she was older than you right? So don’t you think she would have kids older than you?”

“He’s the oldest kid I’ve ever met, Cheerleader!” came a coughed comment from Spike.

“I’m head of this line so what I say goes” Angelus tried to growled menacingly to those daring to contradict him. Sadly, he came as far from menacing as he could possibly get, if anything it sounded like a croaked whine!

“I know you are” Cordelia agreed with emphatic nodding and a straight face, “You don’t have to tell me you’re head of the line, I believe you one hundred percent. Cross my heart!”

The vampire sarcastically sneered at her, their earlier intimacy all but forgotten about in the wake of the childish bickering. Once again, he got back to the subject at hand, “I promise you’ll have a great time Cordelia, you’ll be the center of attention I guarantee it”

“That’s exactly what the bint wants” Spike added, “It’s her life’s dream to be the center of vampires attention… Pratt!” he made sense and Angelus ignored the insult that got added at the end.

“I promise no-one will lay a hand on you Cordelia” Angelus told her, “You’ll have a ball sweetheart”

“Do I have a choice?” Cordelia asked somewhat vaguely aware her point had gotten lost somewhere along the way. Taking a deep breath, she locked her wary hazel eyes onto his dark and promising orbs, “What will I wear?”

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