Food & Vampires

Title: 10 – Food & Vampires
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Next instalment in my Passion Personified series.
Disclaimer: If I owned any of these characters, do you think S4 would have gone down like it did?!!
Distribution: AO, Cal n Lil’s place
Notes: Hely, here’s the smut you asked for! I had to drag my smut muses off the plane before they headed back to the Cayman’s. Sorry if this isn’t as good as my usual standards but I’ve a mild case of the flu but I hope you enjoy anyway.


“Mmm!” Cordelia hummed her pleasure through closed, vibrating lips as she extracted the silver spoon from her mouth slowly. The ice cream tasted delicious just like she knew it would, the cool mint cream was refreshing and made her tongue tingle. Chocolate chips were crunchy and added a contrasting but subtle difference in flavour. Dark sprinkles stood out against the pale green dessert and Cordelia’s eyes widened then closed as she all but shovelled another spoonful of the ice cream into her mouth.

After quickly glancing at the antique mahogany grandfather clock, Angelus peered into the rapidly emptying tub of Haggen Daazs in her hand. It was amazing just how much one girl could eat in five minutes, it really was; he was forgotten about as soon as he’d given her the tub. He had heard her brain say “Ice cream or lover? Please!” and now he sat, eyes following the spoon as it went from tub to mouth.

She sat there with ice cream glazing the corners of her mouth and an accompanying pale green dot on the tip of her nose. “Urck!” Cordelia swallowed the large chunk of ice cream too quickly, her eyes squinted and she pressed the heel of her spoon-holding hand tightly against her forehead. An expression of extreme discomfort crossed her face as she suffered the sharp pang of brain-freeze, leaving Angelus with an unsympathetic smirk on his face.

“Brain freeze?” the vampire enquired lightly as he kept a relatively straight face watching her.

“Urck!” she managed a glare at his light tone and waited until the discomforting pain passed before speaking. “Wow, your caring really astounds me you know that?” Cordelia asked tartly as she dropped the spoon into the ice cream tub, deciding anymore right then would be a pretty bad idea.

“I know, it astounds me too sweetheart” Angelus replied smoothly, waiting until she realized she more or less wore ice cream over her mouth and nose. “I should get a medal don’tcha think?”

“Where’s Spike and Dru tonight? Wait, don’t tell me I don’t think I wanna know do I?” it didn’t take a genius to figure what two soulless vampires were doing outside at this time of night. Cordelia knew she couldn’t handle being told the fact they were out somewhere, possibly killing one of her high school friends. Which brought her to another factor she meant to bring up with Angelus; while she could handle the fact he was a vampire and needed blood to survive, it was the fact that he killed unnecessarily to feed.

“Not really, half the time I don’t wanna know what those two get up to” Angelus admitted frankly as he studied her suddenly serious expression. “Why do I get the feeling you wanna say something but don’t know how?” that was one of the major things she’d learned about him. The vampire was observant; it seemed he could read every aspect of human behaviour with crystal clear clarity.

Fidgeting with the discarded spoon, Cordelia bit her upper lip and raised her gaze to lock onto his intrigued black stare. “You feed, I get that cus vampires do feed and if you didn’t then you’d shrivel up and die. What I don’t get is why you kill to do it”

Ah, he nodded at her, he had known this conversation would eventually come up and had been waiting until she brought it up. Angelus leaned back in his chair, crossed his right ankle over his left knee and simply looked at her. “Humans eat animals to sate their hunger though they don’t need to” he explained in a way she could understand. “You eat them because they taste nice, though you could survive perfectly well on vegetables”

That answered her question fairly well, but she didn’t want him to be going out feeding off other people and effectively killing them. That just gave more cause for Buffy to hunt him down thus effectively killing him. Though she nodded in understanding of his explanation, Cordelia’s fidgeting turned to twiddling the handle of the spoon between her fingers thoughtfully. Could she give him enough blood so he didn’t have to kill? Would he accept her offering him that? It wouldn’t be that much different to him biting her the way he did, would it?

“Just say it Cordelia” Angelus pressed insistently, he was dying to hear what had that look quizzical look on her face.

“Would you feed off me?” he told her to just say it and there it was.

“I’m sorry, what?!” he asked, not entirely sure if he’d heard right. Did she just offer herself as his dinner? She couldn’t of… No human would do that willingly, well except for vampire whores anyway.

Rolling her eyes, Cordelia dropped her hold on the spoon handle and gave him an exasperated glance. “Would you feed off of me? What, your hearing going now old man?!”

He thought that’s what she said. Angelus never found himself bored with whatever came out of her mouth, hell sometimes he’d purposely invade her space just so she’d talk! “Why? So I won’t go out and kill?”

“Partly but I don’t want you giving Buffy more reasons to dust your ass” she replied honestly. “And I don’t really want to walk in on you and Spike talking about killing a girl with blonde hair that describes Harmony or Aura. I’ve lived in Sunnydale all my life, my family has been here for over four generations and I know mostly everyone who lives here” Cordelia explained with a fond smile of acquaintances. “I don’t want to hear that a friend of mine got killed and know you did it”

Understanding her point, Angelus gave her nod before replying. “That would be like you being the Slayer and killing Spike or Dru” he put it more along his terms. “What if I leave your friends alone?” it wasn’t like he could give up killing completely, he was a soulless vampire and he needed the violence. He wasn’t his soulful counterpart. “I’m not going to play Angel for you Cordelia, I’m a vampire and prone to aggressive tendencies which I am not willing to take out on you for the sake of some other human”

“Was I offering my ass for you to kick? No! Have I asked you to play Angel? Again, I think not!” Cordelia replied, a little insulted that’s what and who he thought she wanted. “All I want is not to wake up one day and have Spike tell me you and Buffy had another bout and that you ended up dust. To keep you among the unliving, I’m offering me as your lunch. If you have to kill, can’t you kill people who deserve it? Like perverts and bad hairdressers? To be perfectly honest, it’s not just the killing and the Buffy issue that gets me”

“Oh, so what else ‘gets you’ about my feeding?” Angelus enquired as he shifted to sit on the edge of his seat so as not to miss a word that would come out of her green lips!

“When you feed on other girls, it’s like your cheating on me” Cordelia told him honestly and brought his right eyebrow up. “I mean, am I not biteable enough that you have to go bite other women? I know you like to suck blood when you’re you-know, and I can’t help but think if your feeding on women then you’re you-knowing with her too!”

“You get jealous when I bite other women? Let me get this straight, you’d be happy if I killed people who deserved it and only bit men? If you think I you-knowed with women while sucking their blood, you wouldn’t think I would you-know with men?!” Angelus was usually good at following her logic, it was a gift he prided himself on but even this was a little too curly for him to straighten out immediately. He went through a mental check list of everything she stated.

Jealous of other women he bit? Check. Wouldn’t mind him killing people like bad hairdressers and perverts? Check. Not jealous of men? Check. Willing to let him feed off her? Check. Angelus fit everything together and blinked at her.

“Pretty much” Cordelia replied with a sweet smile, “And no, I don’t think you would you-know with men, though I could see you might experiment what with living so long and all” this time, his left eyebrow joined his right in shooting up.

“Experiment with men?” Angelus looked at her for a few seconds, wondering if she really wanted to know about vampires and their sexuality.

“Have you? Except if you experimented with Spike, I’d really rather not know. It’s bad enough playing house with one person you’ve already slept with and I have a nice, very masculine opinion of you that I don’t want ruined by the knowledge you slept with Spike” she paused, satisfied with her somewhat rhetorical question. “So have you slept with a man before?!”

“What if I said yes?” he asked lightly, tilting his head to one side questioningly.

“Then I’d probably say go you, it takes a secure person to do that and you are nothing if not secure” Cordelia replied honestly, “I’m not narrow-minded when it comes to that and you have lived a long time so it’s not surprising you’ve gone there with a guy right? Just as long as your one hundred percent straight now, it would be one thing to catch you sleeping with Dru but another thing altogether to walk in on you and Spike”

“Have you ever touched another woman?”

“No and stop avoiding the question, have you ever experimented with another man?” he wasn’t the only observant one in the room. Cordelia gauged his reaction closely, seeing a smirk play across his lips and she wondered, not if he had, but how many times he had experimented.

“As you said” Angelus replied easily, “I’ve been alive a long time and it takes a secure person to be able to do something that sexual” he was deliberately not answering her question, it was something she didn’t need to know. It was something he didn’t want her to know; he had of course used sex as a way to dominate his childer, both male and female. His way of dominating had involved all differing kinds of sexual conduct from pleasurable pain to pleasure and pain.

He dominated Cordelia using sex, but she was the one with the control; in circumstances where the female was the submissive, she was always the one in control whether she was the submissive or not. Angelus didn’t want her to be a part of that particular part of his vampirism, unless she was open to total surrender and in a way she was.

Cordelia looked to him for safety, for love, for pleasure and everything that went with it; she had given her life in more ways than one to him. He still wasn’t sure if it was gratitude he felt or just plain obsessive of the fact he had a Consort that gave up everything for him. Thinking about it a little more deeply, Angelus resigned himself to the fact that it was a little bit of both. Then there was the love he felt, he knew that sometimes bordered on psychotic where she was concerned. It only took the thought of someone remotely thinking of touching her and he wanted to snap their neck.

“Yoo-hoo!” Cordelia waved her hand to get his attention back to her and away from wherever he had just went. “We’re talking here, God! Even vampires are such males, I swear one of these days someone is gonna have to invent a rule book to download into males at birth! You’re not gonna answer that question are you?”

“No” Angelus told her firmly, “Enjoy your ice cream?” time to change the subject before she could continue.

“Mmm, yeah thanks for picking it up for me. Didn’t you get any for yourself?” she asked and started looking around for where he might have put his tub. Realising he didn’t have any, Cordelia looked up at him disapprovingly “You didn’t get any did you?”

“I’m a vampire, ice cream doesn’t do anything for me… Unless you mix it with blood… And don’t even think about it Cordelia, I mean it” he warned with a grimace. Why was it she had power enough to put him off almost anything? So far, he’d been put off skinning, wearing tight boxers and using sun beds; which was something he’d never do anyway and certainly not after she mentioned the sweat sharing. Now, it seemed, she may well have put him off blood, Angelus had the image of a blood-covered chunk of ice cream with bits in it.

“How can ice cream not do anything for you?” she asked incredulously “Have you ever tried it? I doubt it, here” she pushed her tub towards him encouragingly. “Go on Angelus, just cus you can’t taste it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the feel of it on your tongue”

“I thought it was the taste that felt nice on your tongue” Angelus pointed out and made no effort to take the offered tub.

“Well yeah but it’s also the way it melts, the texture and the difference in temperature that makes it special” Cordelia explained knowingly. “Go on try it, you might like it and while you’re at it, you can tell me what this party gig is all about”

He wondered if she knew about the small green dot on her nose, apparently not since she’d made no attempt to wipe it away. “Alright” Angelus leaned forward in his chair, one hand reached over and brought her face close to his. Instantly, her breathing quickened to be come shallow and her heart sped up. “I’ll taste it” his tongue flicked out, taking the ice cream off the tip of her nose.

When Angelus pulled away from her, Cordelia crossed her eyes to try too see the end of her nose, “I just had ice cream there, didn’t I?” a slight flush crept up her neck. “And you didn’t tell me!” she reached over and whacked his arm lightly “Ass”

“Looked cute” he said as though to reduce her embarrassment with a simple compliment, “I want another taste.” Reaching over he took the tub of ice cream, “C’mere sweetheart” Angelus told her.

Cordelia smiled a little shyly before going over to sit on her lover’s lap, she straddled him in a way that made her skirt crinkle up around her waist. She’d wanted to do this ever since he got back but she still felt a little unsure about doing what she wanted, more so since he became her Consortium.

“If you want me Cordelia, you don’t have to wait to get my permission” Angelus murmured, sometimes she thought there was a psychic link between them or it could be just the bond created by the Concession. The vampire scooped his finger inside the ice cream, spooning some of the mixture onto her lips; the cold cream made her mouth tingle with the sensation of opposite temperatures. Inclining her towards him, he swept his tongue in a long, slow lick across her lips tasting the ice cream on her. “Tasty”

“Lemme try” copying his movement, Cordelia smoothed some ice cream over his mouth instead of licking it off, she pressed her lips down on his and he responded by allowing her hot tongue to drift lightly over his. She darted the tip of her tongue along the sensitive underside of his, exploring every inch inside of his mouth. Tilting her head to one side, she deepened the kiss slightly; manipulating his lips with her own she took control of the kiss.

Angelus let his eyes close, sliding his hand up her back to tangle in her hair, feeling the strands thread through his fingers as he fisted the chestnut silk tightly. Her lips were both hot from her human warmth and cold from the ice cream while her tongue was slightly sticky in texture from the melted ice dessert. Cordelia moaned into his mouth when his hips began to rock against hers, pushing his hardening erection into the juncture of her thighs.

Fisting her hair more tightly, Angelus pulled her away from him to let her breathe for a second while he threw the ice cream back onto the table before crushing her mouth to his with brutal force. His tongue sliced between her parted lips, tasting the candyfloss sweetness inside the warming cavern. A rush of wicked desire blazed through the vampire when she responded to his kiss in everyway he wanted her too.

Heat was turning the leather of his pants soft, her thighs were gripping his tighter and tighter and her hands fisted the collar of his shirt. “Uh…” Cordelia moaned as she pulled away to gulp in air, “Taste good?” she asked breathlessly.

Angelus detangled his hand from her hair, sliding down to push her top up and off her, leaving her in her bra. Breasts barely concealed in green silk was his reward, tanned and flawlessly perfect, they rose and fell in synchronicity to her deep breathing. The outline of her pebble hard nipples clearly showed through the shiny material, begging for him to take them into his mouth and begging to be teased by his tongue.

“Give me the ice cream” Angelus ordered; his voice thick with naughty promises and his black eyes heating up to rich liquid amber as craving for a taste raced through him, making him harder.

Reaching behind her, Cordelia grabbed the ice cream tub and brought it to the front of her, she knew exactly what he was going to with the ice cream and she couldn’t help the rush of liquid between her thighs. His cock was like steel as he pushed up into her, grinding the hardness against her clitoris. Responding, she rocked back and forth over him, delighting in the male groan of approval that vibrated through her body.

Angelus tugged the cups of her bra down, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze as he focused his eyes on the pert, pink pebbles. Scooping ice cream from the tub, he smoothed the mixture over both breasts and made her hiss at the cold temperature. This reminded him of the night she’d been hot and he’d cooled her down with the cubes. That was the night when he’d first told her he loved her.

Cordelia’s head rolled back when she felt his tongue slide sensuously over her breasts, licking the ice cream off in slow agonizing licks. Trailing over one sensitive peek, Angelus darted his tongue out to flick the bud rapidly before biting down and tugging on it with his lips, sending sharp stings of pleasure straight to her core. Her hips rocked harder over his erection trying to relieve some of the building pressure but only succeeded in creating more. “Spike and Dru could walk in” she protested weakly.

“Don’t care” Angelus raised his gaze from her breasts to lock with hers, “They wouldn’t dare interrupt me” he told her seriously and it was true. There’d be hell to pay if Spike and Drusilla interrupted his pleasure. Turning back to lavish her breasts with attention, the vampire held both her full breasts together and suckled on each peek until the pink was a rose red. He was so hard and wanted nothing more than to strip her naked and fuck her right there on the table but he was having too much fun with the ice cream.

Scooping more from the tub, Angelus once again smoothed the cream over both her rosy red tips, watching as the melting cream trickled sweetly down over the swell of her breasts. He licked the trickles up, swiftly darting over her nipple to draw circles with his tongue before devouring her with a voracious appetite. Sucking and nibbling hard, Cordelia mewled loudly as fire spread throughout her body, grabbing onto his waist she rocked desperately over his cock, wanting him inside her.

Palming her breasts, Angelus looked at her closed eyes and thrust up against her, pushing his erection directly at her clit. “Tell me what you want” he hissed through a clenched jaw as he placed his hands on her hips and held her still as he slammed his aching shaft off her. Harder and faster she moved against him, bouncing down every time he thrust up. The friction on her throbbing clit was delicious and she leaned her head in the crook of his neck.

Angelus watched as he worked her up to orgasm without penetrating her, using the Consortium bond to heighten the feeling of pleasure. He felt the heat surge from her pussy melt over his erection as she crashed her hips down against him. He moaned loudly and tightened his grip on her skin, leaving slight bruises where his fingers lay. Cordelia felt a flush dampen her panties as the waves of orgasm gradually built but she needed more from him now.

“Inside me Angelus. Inside me now” she urged, slipping her hands down to tackle his belt and zip with the intention of getting more from him. Angelus stood and sent his chair crashing to the floor. Keeping her legs firmly locked around his waist, he slammed her ass down on the table. His hands ran up the inside of her damp thighs to remove her panties with a quick and easy flick of his wrist.

“You’re so wet sweetheart” he purred, tracing his fingers along the glistening pink petals now revealed to his gaze. Intimately blushing flesh shone with arousal, using his fingers he traced the edge of her sex with a feather-light touch, parting her to expose the tiny pink bud of her clitoris. “I’m gonna enjoy this” instantly, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, hissing when the tightness of the leather no longer restrained his erection. He yanked his shirt over his head, discarding onto the kitchen floor and kicked off his boots. Cordelia watched his eager stripping with a smile full of yearning.

She could map every single inch of his body. Chest, expansive and smooth with pectoral muscles pulled taut beneath his marble skin. Arms thick with heavy biceps that led up to broad and strong shoulders, hard lines pinpointed the exact location of each well-honed muscle. She was distracted from her study when Angelus wrapped his hand around his shaft tightly, bringing the tip of his cock right up against her clit, teasing her.

“Angelus” Cordelia groaned in frustration, trying to use her legs to bring him in close but he wouldn’t allow it. The vampire shook his head and peered down at her with twinkling eyes.

“Impatient aren’t you?” Angelus commented casually, sliding the tip of his erection down her labia and smoothing his male liquid arousal over the whole of her wanton state. Oh so controlled, he inched inside her slowly until the edge of him lay unmoving just inside her. Cordelia’s breath hitched as she bucked up against him, silently asking for more. “Spread your legs”

She unlocked her legs and moved until her thighs were flat against the cool table top, Cordelia watched Angelus as he guided himself further inside, stretching her muscles the way he always did. To him, it felt like sliding into liquid velvet every time he penetrated her; she was always hot, wet and completely open for him. He felt each one of her vaginal muscles expand to glove his cock as he eased deeper inside her. The edge of him connected with that place he knew would make her scream.

“Oh that’s good” she moaned softly and kept her thighs apart, her skirt knotted around her waist but she didn’t have time to make it as Angelus cleanly disposed of it.

“That’s even better” he murmured to her, he pulled her closer to him and pushed her shoulder so she was completely laying on the table. Angelus held her thighs down as he started to move within her, he felt her muscles start to contract fiercely around his shaft as he pushed in hard. Cordelia grasped the edge of the table, digging her fingers into the wood and cried out when she felt the peak of his cock hit the edge of her cervix.

He felt the change over his face and body come easily; hungry tigers eyes replaced the warm amber gaze, his body grew harder as every muscle pulled tight and sharp fangs replaced his human teeth. Angelus crushed his body down onto hers, crushing her breasts to his chest and deepening his penetration. “Cordelia” he growled, the pressure in his balls was building up rapidly; her core was heating up and getting wetter as she fisted his shaft over and over.

Cordelia raised her legs from the table to curl them around his ass, using them to pull him completely against her. “Kiss me” the breathless plea was barely past her lips when Angelus covered her mouth with a deep, moist and generous kiss; his tongue matched the penetrating rhythm and his lips were held in a bruising caress on hers.

The vampire’s intense kiss swallowed her moans when he increased the intimate strokes, longer and smoother, harder and faster he penetrated her core. Liquid arousal rained over his cock as he glided in and out of her slick sex, his shaft kissed her G-spot and the tip of his erection hit off the edge of her cervix. Cordelia tore her mouth from his to scream his name when he went that little bit deeper, pushing her just that little bit more.

“Touch your clit” Angelus hissed, pulling his body off hers to he could watch her toy with her clit while he fucked her hard. Cordelia bit her lower lip and moved both hands down to the apex of her thighs; a slender feminine finger slid between the petals of her sex and up to find the throbbing bud. He stopped moving and ravenously watched her fingers pet her clitoris.

His cock seemed to grow harder inside her when she did that, Cordelia increased the pressure she was exerting on herself and hissed when a jolt of lightening went straight through her. Angelus watched as she started to rock her hips in way that upped the friction on her clit, she moved faster and her hips came up off the table, making his cock hit directly off her cervix and G-spot.

“Angelus please” she pleaded with her lover.

“Please what?” he demanded of her, still keeping his body from moving.

“Make me come”

Angelus withdrew from her body at a controlled, slow speed before penetrating her hard, “Uh” he grunted deeply. Repeating the same movement again and again until the building pressure in his balls got painful and he let go of his control.
“Oh God… Oh God…!” a litany of praise spilled out of her mouth as his penetrations became erratic, furious, harder and faster. Cordelia closed her eyes and turned her head to one side, waiting for him to reassess his claiming mark on her throat.

“So fucking tight” his eyes were snapped shut as he felt his climax rock his body sooner than he would have liked. His balls were tightly nestled against her as Angelus thrust once, twice more before the pressure in his body gave. Ejaculating deeply within her, he felt her muscles clench right round his shaft as he throbbed with orgasm.

Angelus tangled his hand into her hair again, yanking her head to one side and sank his fangs a little too hard into the delicate flesh, re-opening his claim. Cordelia’s eyes widened and she flinched with the sharp sting but instantly melted into him. Her blood flowed without force into his mouth, coating his tongue in orgasm-filled richness. Sweet and spicy, she tasted of the ice cream she’d eaten and she tasted like his.

Her arms went round his back, nails made welts in his skin and the climax hit her almost suddenly as his. Angelus felt the overheated liquid of her orgasm burn him from the inside, she got tighter as her muscles clenched desperately around his shaft while she rode out her climax. Gradually, the intensity wore off and Cordelia felt like she was able to breathe at last.

Collapsing on her, Angelus inhaled the heady scent of sex suffocating the room and revelled in the spicy and intoxicating feminine arousal. He nuzzled his mark on the right side of her throat, tracing the tip of his tongue around the puncture wounds before planting a moist kiss on her salty skin. “I knew I was gonna enjoy that” he murmured in her ear. “Mine, all mine”

“I told you the ice cream would taste good” Cordelia breathed out through a little giggle as she stroked his back soothingly. The brunette felt utterly used after that and her body simply refused to move. “Can you move? Your body’s crushing me and while that would normally feel really nice, this table’s a little hard”

Sighed deeply, Angelus hauled himself up on his forearms and curl the ends of her hair around his fingertips. “Lemme look” knowing instantly what he wanted to see, Cordelia turned her head to the left exposing his mark that was a little sore off his deep bite. He wasn’t sorry he bit that deep, he wanted to reclaim her and that’s what he’d done. “Looks red”

“Duh! You nibbled on my jugular, of course it’s gonna look red” she responded with a roll of her eyes and tried to lift herself up a little to take her back off the hard wooden table. “Ouch, hey that hurts”

“Poor baby, want me to kiss it better?” Angelus asked as though he were talking to a child. “Or do you wanna band aid?”

“Funny. Let me up” Cordelia tried to push him off her again but he didn’t budge.

“Say the magic word” he teased lightly between nibbling on her lower lip with his fangs, “Do you know what the magic word is?”

“Yes, let me up so I can get my clothes on before Spike and Dru see me like this” her eyes went from flashing frustration to wide eyed innocence in a split second. “Please Angelus, you wouldn’t want another vampire seeing me naked would you?” those wide eyes batted and fluttered up at him.

“C’mon, I’ll take you upstairs and we’ll take a bath” Angelus pulled away from her lithe body completely before picking her up easily. Cordelia wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her head on his shoulder, kissing his skin softly. “A nice, long hot bath with bubbles and red wine”

“Have I mentioned I love you?” Cordelia sighed and relaxed into him a little more and got a smile from him as a reward for her words. “love you” she gave him a kiss on his chin, “Love you” she kissed his nose, “Love you” she planted a smooch on lips.

Angelus set her on her feet, cupping her face gently and tilting her face up slightly so she could look at him. Intense seriousness lit his gaze as he stared hypnotisingly into her caramel eyes, no matter how many times she said that to him he didn’t think he’d ever get tired of hearing it and it still surprised him to know she meant it every time. “Keep saying that to me Cordelia” he stated in a rare, soft voice that made her smile at him shyly.




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