Title: 3- Euphoria
Author: Scorchy
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to Champagne and Roses
Spoilers: BtVS 2, AU
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO/AA, GT only
Notes: The 6th in my Quest. I’m not as happy with this as the other two, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!!
Thanks/Dedication: Whole heartedly dedicated to Zanita for her fantastic work on the ficpics she did.
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His hand curled into a hard fist, knuckles white with the pressure exuded in the iron grip, body poised and ready to go in for the kill. Adrenalin making his body sing and muscles seize in defense of attack, nothing shone from the cold onyx eyes and no expression readable on his face. Angelus slammed his fist into the face of his enemy, sending the other vampire stumble away from him, holding his bloody nose. The dark haired vampire grabbed the fledgling by the throat, gripping tightly and holding his face within inches of his fierce one.

Not one to play with his enemies for too long, Angelus went straight in for the kill, decapitation came easily, the snap of the neck echoing throughout the cemetery and resounding through his body. The dusty remains of the now dead vampire floated to the earth below, being watching through uncaring eyes.

The skinned knuckles raw and bleeding, cracking as he uncurled his fist and stretching his hand, shaking it to rid the tension in his wrist. He flicked the dust from his leather duster, running both hands through his hair to shake the dust from the strands of dark brown and reveling in the power he had.

Angelus felt exhilarated, he always did after a fight and even more so when he was the victor; the buzz he got was indescribable, he felt elated, high and could swear his heart was pounding. The deep ochre eyes scanning the surroundings, looking for any sign of life, for any movement that would add fuel to the flickering flames he felt inside. There was nothing, no movement and the only sound disrupting the silence was that of the breeze rustling through the leaves on the trees around him.

Seeing no immediate way to release the intense throb of undulated euphoria in his body, the vampire left the scattered, ashy remains of his opponent without a second thought. He knew she was not at home tonight, a new club had opened and according to Cordelia, it was supposed to be the hottest place in town. Which given Sunnydale’s less than fruitful nightlife, he guessed that being the hottest place in town wouldn’t take much.

The thought of Cordelia made Angelus inhale sharply as the elation increased in his body, he could still feel her body held in his arms, the sight of her waking up and smiling when she saw him watching her sleep, forever carved to memory. His flesh prickled with the need to be touched, his arms aching with need to hold and his body demanding sexual release of the tension holding him captor.

The vampire felt a wicked smirk tilt the corner of his mouth as he turned in the direction of Elysium, the club she had gone too. Tonight, he wasn’t going to make love to her, tonight he was going to fuck her hard and fast, remove reality and replace it with nothing but a fusion of emotion so intense it would shatter her soul.

The atmosphere was thick and overrun with the heady sense of sin pouring from the pounding beat which sliced through Cordelia, raising her temperature and making her lose herself to the rhythm of the instrumental sound. Her heartbeat synchronized perfectly to thump-thump-thump of the baseline, her body shone with a fine sheen of perspiration as she moved. Her hands running through her hair and separating the strands as she stretched her arms high above her head.

Clasped fingers parting when they touched the supple skin of her neck, Cordelia scraped her nails lightly across her collarbone, her flesh tingling with the sensation. Her hands ran over the swell of her breasts, palms gliding across the shimmering top that decorated her; hands roaming to the sides of her hips, down her thighs, slightly lifting her skirt as she ran them back up her body. In this place, nobody cared how wantonly she acted; nobody cared about anything but being consumed in their own little world.

A shot of ecstasy echoed through her as the beat transformed into a head-rushing instrumental that drove her body to the limit. Cordelia was lost, drifting out on a wild ocean with waves crashing all around her; unrelenting, unwavering and crazed. The strobe light flashed, unleashing a lightening storm on the torrent ocean that was rapidly taking her under.

Racing headlong into frenzy, Cordelia abandoned all she knew and gave herself completely over to the sinfulness of sexual beat. An ache in her thighs, a moan spilling from the lips she was touching with her fingertips, her eyes slid closed as she moved.

Angelus sauntered through the entrance, blatantly ignoring the doormen and pushing people out of his way as he paused to absorb the screaming atmosphere inside the club. The scent of sex hit him immediately, the human response to the erotic beat belted out from massive subwoofers. Though the loudness hurt to listen too, the vampire couldn’t help reacting to both the atmosphere and blazing heat that now surrounded him. The adrenalin, thunderous passion and sex all combined in one dangerous, explosive concoction within Angelus.

The vampire moved steadily, his predatory gaze wove through the crowd, searching for his prey, searching for Cordelia. His body primed for hunting, muscles tense and every sensory function working with him to pinpoint her location. Then he caught her scent, arousal matching his own; fierce, unhindered and unabashed.

Moving forward, he pushed more people out of his way, a simple look stopping them from complaining against his aggressiveness. She was close, he could feel her inside as if she was a part of him now and in a way she was. Cordelia was the one he made love to, Cordelia was the one who warmed him through and through and Cordelia was the one to bring him back to Earth. Angelus circled the edge of the elaborate dance floor, the object of his affection within reach but seemingly so far away as the music carried her to a far off place.

She gasped and jumped when strong arms encased her waist, large hands smoothing down her stomach and straightening the creases in her top. Cordelia knew within seconds who held her tightly, his presence intensifying the raw hunger rushing through her veins. Her hips pushed back into his, ass teasing his hardening cock, her arm reaching back and entwining around his neck to bring his face to hers. Angelus moved his hand up to cup her breasts through the silky material, massaging firmly and confidently, her moan lost in the ocean of music.

Her nipples were pebble hard as he teased them with his palms and pressing her breasts together to create a generous cleavage, which he could see perfectly. The ultraviolet lights gleaming off the fine sheen of perspiration coating her body, making her skin slick to touch and salty to taste. The vampire rocked his erection against her ass, growling against her cheek and the vibrations causing her body to hum with pleasure.

Guiding her off and away from the throng of people on the dance floor, Angelus took Cordelia to a sheltered alcove situated towards the back of the club in a darkened spot. “Hi” he whispered in her ear so she could hear him clearly.

“I didn’t think you’d turn up” Cordelia whispered, her body enclosed in the safe cocoon of his arms again, “I wasn’t sure if you’d want a drink”

“No drink, just you” he whispered, rocking his hips hard into hers, feeling her push back against him and the scent of sex now coming off her in waves. “You smell so good”

“You feel so good” Cordelia turned to face him, the healing bruise on his face giving her an idea about what had held him back as did the now barely red skin of his knuckles. Bringing the back of his hand to her mouth, she kissed each knuckle softly to make them better. “Better?” no judgment, no disgust and no hatred for him in her voice, only concern.

Angelus smiled at her way of showing her worry over him, “Better” he confirmed, his voice low, melodious and husky as he spoke to her. He removed her arms from his neck and turned her back round, placing her hands against the cool stone of the wall. He could taste her arousal in the air, could feel it permeating his skin making him painfully erect it was hard to think straight. His hands pulled her hips sharply against his, making her feel the effect this night was having on him, Cordelia reacted immediately. Moving his hand from her waist to make him touch between her slick thighs, and moaning when Angelus pressed his fingers hard on her.

The vampire’s lips went to her neck, sucking the blood to the surface and simulating penetrative sex with his hips. Angelus inched her legs apart, lifting her skirt up so he could slide his hand into her thong to pet her clitoris. Cordelia’s nails dug into the stone wall, looking at him through hazy vision and eyes the color of melted caramel, a look which screamed at him to fuck her right there and then.

The sound of his belt and zip went unheard as the beat kicked off into a furious cataclysm of harmonising vocals and enhanced instrumentals. Angelus moved her thong down, the material easily sliding down her thighs and landing at the metal heels of her shoes, bending down to quickly pick them up he clenched his fist around the sex coated, jewel red underwear. Cordelia spread her legs a little more when he took his cock and slid the tip along her labia; this wasn’t time for long, drawn out love making this was a time to release the frustrated sexual tension built up inside. His stemming from his earlier fight and hers drummed into her from the wicked hardcore beat.

Angelus faintly heard Cordelia moan when she felt his cool flesh sizzle against her heat and pushed her hips back, making him growl as her liquid sex now coated his shaft. He knew she was ready to take him inside her body; he could feel it on him, see it on her face and taste it on his lips. One quick, powerful thrust of his hips and he was held in rapture as her inner muscles contracted viciously with pre-orgasmic shudders. His large hands covered hers, keeping her facing the stone as he penetrated her with shallow thrusts to torment her; Cordelia pushed harshly against him forcing him deep and crying out his name when he hit that place which made her weak.

He lost control and vamped out, scraping the edges of his fangs down her shoulder and biting lightly, Angelus wrapped one arm around her stomach to bring her up against his chest, deepening the penetration. “Cordelia…” he hissed through gritted teeth, pulling all the way out and slamming into her fast, “God…”

Cordelia clawed the wall as he violated her willing body, driving her insane with his physical torture and knowing he knew how close she was to falling. “Angelus let me come,” she begged.

He heard her spoken plea but he couldn’t let this end just yet, he had to play this out just a little longer. Angelus moved his hands to her hips, pulling back so he could watch as he slid into her, seeing her body gloving his in a tight, burning inferno of heat. He changed, moving harder into her and feeling the tip of his cock hit her G-spot inside, hearing her cry out his name as he drove her to mindless, reckless passion. Growling loudly when Cordelia reached between her thighs to cup his balls and tease them just as he had teased her. She kneaded the soft skin, ran her nails over them and feeling as they tightened against his body.

Giving in, Angelus fucked her almost mercilessly, sliding in deep with hard and furious movements that had her screaming in agonizing ecstasy, increasing the euphoric high her body was bathed in. Muffling her orgasmic screams against her shoulder, Cordelia rocked back against him, riding out her climax and choked out his name as her screams turned to muffled whimpers. The burst of overheated liquid showered him, her muscles throbbed around him and her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm.

The vampire’s body exploded, biting hard into her jugular, his body holding her human one prisoner as he pistoned in and out of her, his ejaculation pouring from him and coating her labia, ass and the tops of her thighs. Angelus squeezed her arm as he took her blood, stopping before she was lightheaded and drowsy; he retracted his fangs from her delicate skin, relishing the relief he found from the intense emotion he had been invaded with. Though he was more than sated, his body still hummed with the combination of their simultaneous orgasmic rush.

Cordelia moved her hips, unsheathing him from her body and pulling her skirt around her hips; she turned to face her lover with glazed eyes. Angelus was redoing his pants, a smug look on his face as he looked back at her, normally he would kiss, hold and try his hand at sweet talk but this wasn’t a night for sweet talk. Leaning into her, his smug look grew more than wickedly evil, “I’m all wet, maybe you should dry me off”

Though she was somewhat used to his blatant sexual remarks, Cordelia still flushed a little but retorted with something equally naughty. Bringing her mouth next to his ear “I’m all sticky, maybe you should clean me out…” she whispered.

Angelus’ eyes darkened, the amber turning to deep ochre as he licked his lips at her erotic words and reveling in the way she was opening up to him more and more, confidence about her sexual nature shining through. It wouldn’t be far wrong to say he was falling in deep for something untouchable to everyone else. “Feeling naughty?”

“Naughty wouldn’t be the word I’d use” Cordelia replied, her wickedly teasing grin mellowing out to the smile that banished his darkness. “You wanna go home?”

Angelus smirked wolfishly, “Yes Cordelia, I wanna go home” he had a home, a girl who was in as deep as he was and that brought the euphoria right back to his body.

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