Ride in the Night

Title: 4- Ride in the Night
Author: Scorch
Rating: N-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to Euphoria
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO/AA, GT only
Notes: another in my PP Quest!


The quiet, night air still lingered with the long-gone sounds that made the day busy, sounds of cars coming and going, sounds of boisterous teenagers talking and laughing with each other. The night held a loudness of a different kind, animals in the distance and insects hiding in the short grass where Cordelia stood waiting to be picked up in front of the high school.

Her black, strap sandals crunching the grass beneath as she walked towards the roadside, her skirt floated around her mid-thighs, brushing against the sun-kissed skin. The low-cut red top hugged her chest and enhanced her breasts, only revealing a tantalising amount of cleavage. The stockings that encased her long, slender legs shimmered in the moonlight, held up by lace that clung to the tops of her thigh muscles.

Cordelia checked the watch adorning her wrist, the little bit of doubt in her drifting away when she heard the sound of a car pull up. Her eyes looked through long lashes; the black car greeted her sight as she looked at the convertible approvingly. Hazel eyes landed on Angelus looking back at her, his fingers tapping on the steering wheel and playfulness twinkling within the deep recesses of his dark gaze.

“Hi” she greeted, walking over to the car in confident steps and arms folded over her chest. “You’re late”

“I know” Angelus replied with a half smile tugging at his mouth, he opened the door making Cordelia step back away from the metal to prevent it from hitting her. The vampire cupped her cheek, tilting her face up for a kiss. His lips took possession of hers, tongue licking her lipgloss and tasting her minty breath; the soft kiss quickly became demanding as his lips began to massage hers and Cordelia willingly succumbed to him.

He pulled away, gently nibbling at her lower lip and soothing his bites with his tongue. “Have you decided where you wanna go?” he asked huskily, moving his lips across her cheek and placing his scent all over her. Not that it was necessary, Cordelia held his scent as strongly as he did; it was ingrained in every part of her, in her skin, in her clothes, in her hair and in her eyes.

“Yeah, it’s a surprise” Cordelia replied teasingly, letting her hands glide down his chest and trail off his stomach.

Angelus led her to the passenger side, opened her door for her and held her hand until she was seated comfortably. Cordelia was his prized possession and she was to be treated as such. “I like surprises” he whispered, going round to his side and starting the car.

The car moved almost silently over the smooth tarmac of the coastal road, the moon shone wildly and bounced off the black metallic colour of the convertible. The stars seemed to fall like a shower against the disappearing horizon, though the moon seemed to follow the car. Cordelia closed her eyes, resting her head on the back of the passenger and let the calming music of Beethoven flow over her.

Angelus moved his hand from the gear shift to her thigh, making invisible patterns on her skin, smiling a little when he felt a shiver at his touch. Her smaller hand covered his, slender feminine fingers entwining with his more masculine ones. The silver jewelled signet ring, a present from him, glinted against the soft rays of the moon making the jewel glassy with a rainbow of green fire.

He slowed the car down to take a turn at a more controllable speed while Cordelia shifted in her seat to rest her head on his shoulder. The leather of his jacket felt soft and supple on her cheek and she loved the smell of it, loved the smell of him. Musky, natural and all male mingled with the smell of the leather. Turning her face to nuzzle his shoulder, she took in his scent as much as humanly possible, breathing him deep and moving her hand to his thigh.

“Mmm” Cordelia hummed, opening her eyes to look at him, “Nice night isn’t it?”
“We’re are we going?” Angelus asked, following the road as he glanced at her through the corner of his eye every now and then.

“Just follow the road and turn left at the next exit”

A few minutes later, Angelus came to the turn she had told him to take, once again slowing the car down to the right speed and turned the corner. It was a small cliff overlooking the ocean and a rocky beach at the bottom of a very high drop, the edges of the cliff were ragged, dangerous and ultimately fatal. Cordelia walked as close as she dared too, feeling butterflies in her stomach as she peered over the edge and down at the crashing waves hitting the rocks with a deadly force.

She looked past the danger and saw the beauty in the natural force, she imagined she could feel the refreshing spray of water as it smashed off the granite. Solid arms went round her waist and Angelus pulled her further from the edge, smiling when she sighed and leaned into his chest. “Nice” was his honest thoughts, looking around the secluded section of the cliff top and down at the water.

“Isn’t it?” was Cordelia’s agreed question, “I hoped you’d like it here” she turned in his arms, resting her cheek on his chest with her arms under his jacket and round his back, holding him close.

“For me?” Angelus asked, looking around at the view appreciatively, feeling a little overwhelmed at her giving him something, even if it was a drive along the coast. He took her arms from around his body and walked forward a little, breathing in the crisp air. “Cordelia, I have a picnic blanket in the car, get it please?”

Cordelia licked her lips in anticipation of making love in such a romantic setting like a high cliff over a stormy ocean complete with rocks and wild waves. It had been a girlish fantasy awaken by a trashy romance novel she had borrowed off her mother, in it there had been the usual heroine and hero finally realising they were hopelessly in love and consumating it with an act of pure passion.

At the time, she had dismissed it as nothing but a silly farce used to feed the dreams of naiive girls and women, she believed she was to intelligent to believe such a passion could exist between two people. But she was wrong, that kind of passion did exist between two people, except it existed between a vampire and girl. Cordelia turned back to where Angelus stood, breaking herself out of her thoughts as she realised he was no longer standing there.

“Angelus?” she called out, looking through the moonlit shadows trying to see where he had gone, clutching the blanket with tight fists, Cordelia looked all around trying to find him. Surely he wouldn’t just leave her here alone, no he wouldn’t do that to her.

“Angelus?” she tried again, walking round to the other side of the car and looking around some more. Where was he? “This isn’t funny” still she got nothing. Cordelia looked towards the edge of the cliff, her stomach filling with dread and she numbly began to walk forward. Her heart was breaking through her ribcage, she couldn’t feel herself breathing and the only sound she could hear was the blood racing through her ears.

He wouldn’t have, he couldn’t have, he was a vampire so he would have been able to stop himself from falling over right? Cordelia dropped the blanket she had been clutching, her hands curled up into fists at her sides as she peered over the edge of the cliff. “Angelus?” she yelled loudly, blinking back tears and choking on her increasing heart rate, “Oh God, please. I’ve never asked for anything in my life, but please, please let him be okay”

She wiped her watery eyes, looking down at the cliff face trying to see if there was a safe way down to the bottom. “Angel?” she screamed, hoping using the name of his soulled self would anger him enough to answer back. Panic really began to set in when all she got in return was more silence.

Cordelia pushed herself off the ground, there had to be a way down there, he would still be alive hurt but alive. She turned back to the car and stopped, stunned at first when she saw Angelus relaxing against the hood of his convertible. Every emotion came over her at once; panic, hope, relief, anger and disbelief all made her head swirl with something she couldn’t place.

Angelus saw her expression, tasted the tears on her face, heard her heart racing and saw her body shaking, the realisation that his little joke hadn’t been funny for her in the slightest. “Cordelia…”

Cordelia blinked rapidly, looked over her shoulder at the cliff edge then back to the vampire in front of her. “Angelus?” she made sure he was there and it wasn’t her mind playing tricks on her, “You didn’t fall?”

“No” he assured her quickly, moving away from the hood and towards her, genuinely regretting his joke, he hadn’t meant for her to be hurt by it. He was just overwhelmed that she had thought of him enough to bring him here and he wasn’t sure how to deal with that new emotion. Cordelia stood still for a second before choking back a cry of relief as she went into his arms.

“You ass, how would you have felt if it had been me?”

Angelus hadn’t thought of it like that, how would he have felt if it had been Cordelia who did it to him? Not very happy to say the least, she knew she was his existance right now and if she… He couldn’t and wouldn’t think about it. He tilted her face up, making her look at him, his eyes saying things he could never find the words for. Cordelia pressed her lips onto his in a demanding kiss, proving to herself that he was really there and not lying at the bottom of the cliff, bleeding and hurt. Her mouth took control, her hands tangled in his thick hair bringing him closer.

“I thought…” Cordelia went to say but was cut off when his lips covered hers after a split second of being apart. The vampire moaned into her mouth, moving so she was straddling him on the hood of his car, Cordelia rocking her hips desperately into his, feeling as though it was their last night on Earth. Angelus curled her thigh over his, bringing her clitoris into contact with his erect cock. “Angelus…”

“What?” he hissed when she bit his neck lightly, his hands cupping her ass through the supple leather of her skirt.

“I’ve always had a backseat fantasy” Cordelia whispered confessionally, as she moved a hand down to tease his erection with firm and confident moves, she knew how to please him and she knew how to make him come with only a few simple touches.

Angelus opened his eyes, molten lava melted her instantly with the heat held within the flickering embers. He locked her legs around his waist, carrying her the short distance to the backseat of his car, putting her down, he slid in next to her and pushed her onto her back. “Leather” he stated with a smirk as he lifted it high around her waist, “Stockings Cordelia?”
She shyly smiled a little, shuffling to make room for him, “I wore them for you” she confessed again, “You like?”

Angelus smirked as he ran his hands up the smooth material, only stopping when he got to the lace at the top of her thighs and the thong she wore. He pushed her thighs apart, positioning them over his shoulders and pretending to bite her. Though he had angered her, Cordelia saw the playful mood he was in and played along with him, sensing this didn’t happen very often. “I like them Cordelia, a big turn on”

“Oh” she replied, blushing a little and feeling amazed that she still held some innocence at the very least. Her breath suddenly hitched as she felt his tongue wet her panties, fingers sliding under the silk material to inch inside her body. Her hips bucked against his hand and tongue, crying out when Angelus penetrated her slowly with a finger, massaging her G-spot expertly.

Cordelia caressed her breasts through her top, teasing her nipples while he tortured her clitoris with his finger. “That’s good…” she whispered breathlessly, her teasing became harsher when he eased another finger inside her, “Angelus…stop teasing”

“I’ve never tasted you on my tongue Cordelia, I want you to come in my mouth, on my tongue before you come when I fuck you” he told her. Angelus removed his fingers, her panties were soon torn off revealing her smooth, pink flesh to his hungry gaze. Without waiting another second, he flicked his tongue out teasing himself with a simple taste; Cordelia moaned loudly as her hands gripped his shoulders. He taunted her with little licks, making her squeal and mewl with pleasure she had never before experienced.

Angelus smoothed his tongue down her labia before penetrating her, kissing her more intimately than ever; Cordelia fisted his shoulders, back arched off the leather seat and little squeals coming from her throat. He gripped her hip with one hand while the other toyed with her breasts, cupping, massaging and teasing the nipples, bringing her close to climax.

“Oh… Oh…” Cordelia moaned out, feeling her muscles tighten harshly inside when her orgasm washed over her, he drank it all and relished in the full, addictive and drugging taste of her. Angelus moaned in absolute pleasure as she whimpered, cried and screamed his name in a climax so high the altitude rendered her breathless.

Angelus absorbed everything from her, kissed her until she shook from intense sensitivity and was pushing him away from her. He sat up, very aroused and painfully erect from causing her orgasm with his tongue, he unbuckled the belt on his leather pants, pulled down his zip and began pleasuring himself while looking at Cordelia through hazy vision. “Cordelia” he growled meaningfully.

Cordelia grinned wickedly, she shifted until she was perched in his lap; taking his erection in her hand she held him still teasing the tip, pushing down then moving her hips away. “You were a bad boy Angelus, I should make you pay” she whispered, licking her lips and holding off on the instinct to take him so deep it would make her cry out pain.

Angelus looked at her, a slow cunning smirk replaced the smug expression, he moved his hands to her hips and slammed her down onto his body, penetrating her so deep within Cordelia screamed and rocked into him. The vampire growled at her urgency, pushing his hips hard into hers and pushing her down by her shoulders. “Bounce don’t rock” he hissed, guiding her hips to show her how.

Cordelia looked into his eyes as she followed what he was showing her, using her thigh muscles to lift herself off and slam her body down again, taking his cock just as deep. “Angelus… God…” it was good, he felt so good, so hard and so deep.

Every time she took him back in, Angelus moaned her name loudly, his hands in a bruising grip on her thighs now and pushing into her, touching that place which made Cordelia tremble and shake. “Harder Cordelia… Hot… Feels good” he breathed out, watching her ride him and feeling her tighten so much more around his cock.

“More Angelus” Cordelia threw her head back, shaking the loose grips and reveling in the way it cascaded down her back. She moved harder like he asked, rising faster and slamming down almost mercilessly, looking at him she once again took control of his lips and tasting herself on his tongue. As they kissed violently, she rode him harder and Angelus kneaded her breasts with firm movements through the material of her shirt.

His balls grew tight in preparation for his implosion, Cordelia pushed down hard and held still while she got lost in the orgasmic throbs colliding through her body. She saw through her haze, she whispered it to him then her heart burst when he yanked her mouth back down his. Angelus kissed her hard as his climax reached breaking point, she held still as he pushed in deeply, withdrew fast and penetrated faster.

The moaned name from his lips was swallowed by a kiss that tilted the Earth’s axis, a kiss that rivaled the ocean below and a kiss that blazed through them, creating fire and ice in the same instance. He imploded, body shaking, hands holding onto her so tight, words coming from his mouth as the built-up climax hit Cordelia as she looked directly into Angelus’ eyes, seeing him overcome with something more than bliss. He gave her everything, every male moan, sigh and groan as he ejaculated powerfully and painfully inside her body. The thought of her taking him in like that gave him boyish, erotic pleasure and he thrived on it.

Then he bit her at the perfect time, flesh pierced open by sharp, deadly fangs and the life force given freely and willingly from the human to her vampire lover to enjoy. Angelus took enough to satisfy him but never, ever too much to hurt her. Licking the wounds on her throat, he then licked her blood off his lips, loving the rich, exotic taste of human blood of Cordelia.

The only sounds that disturbed the now quiet air was that of the calming ocean as the tide began to leave the rocky shoreline, night birds sang in the distance and the faint sound of a rapid, erratic but also calming heart rate. Cordelia lay amazed, dazed and wonderous against the vampire’s chest, unblinking and not thinking of anything in particular. Angelus ran his hands in soothing patterns on her back, trailing his fingertips across her chilling flesh.

“You’re cold now” he mumured quietly and softly, “We should go home, get you into some warm clothes”

“Home would be nice” Cordelia murmured back happily then she saw some blood still tainting his lips, “It’s weird, if I see a vampire with blood on their lips I find it bad. But when I see you with my blood on your lips, I feel good”

“I feel good when I have your blood on my lips too” Angelus replied, shifting her off his lap gently raising an eyebrow when she hissed a little at the movement. “When we get back home, I’ll take care of you”

“I’d like that” she replied, pulling her skirt down and sliding into the passenger seat, followed by Angelus who got into the opposite side. “Maybe a hot bubble bath”

“I was thinking we could open a bottle of wine and laze in your Jacuzzi. How does that sound?” he suggested as he started the convertible. “Maybe I…” he looked at her and left it at that, knowing she understood that this was new to him. Cordelia smiled blissfully and simply kissed him on the cheek.

“Home now” she told him happily.

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