Only Time

Title: 8 – Only Time
Author: Scorchy:
Rating: NC-17
Category: Literotica
Content: C/Aus
Summary: A continuing C/Aus fic following on from Always
Disclaimer: I own nixies
Distribution: AO/AA, GT
Notes: If anyone wants to join in and write a fic for this series, feel free to jump in. A fresh, new author would bring an extra kick to this series!!


Picking up Cordelia’s sleeping form carefully off the backseat of his car; Angelus placed his lips so gently on hers and cradled her against his chest. The ends of her thick, chestnut hair were tinged and matted with the blood that had spilled from her injury, her top stained a rich red and her sun kissed skin white-washed with the loss of blood. Rage made his body sing and deep concern swallowed him whole as he walked towards the door of the mansion.

Light but even breaths were the only signs of life stemming from Cordelia, the only sign that she had not allowed death to take her this night. After all the things he promised her, he had not protected her, had not kept her safe; instead he had let her down. Angelus shook off the familiar feeling of self-hate as he easily opened the door without jostling her body. Would she ever forgive him for that? Would she ever trust him to keep her safe again? Would she accept his offer of an eternity with him? Only time would tell.

The vampire strode inside, barely acknowledging the presence of Spike and Drusilla, his childe and grandchilde. Ignoring their curious glances and stares at Cordelia, Angelus immediately ascended the staircase. Taking each step with care, he looked into the sweet, serenity on her heart-shaped face and whispered for her to accept what he offered her. The antique oak door was easily pushed open, revealing the master bedroom and he went to place her on his bed.

He took such care; paid attention to detail as he gently laid her down, cradling the back of her head in his large hand before placing a soft pillow behind her head. Angelus framed her face with wispy tendrils of chestnut satin strands, fingertips gliding softly over the apples of her cheeks, tracing her jaw and running his thumb across her lips. Standing straight, the vampire looked at Cordelia hoping against hope she would accept him. She was the one and he couldn’t think about how he would react if she didn’t accept.

The only thing he knew for certain, the only thing that would come of her death, would be complete destruction of the Slayer. If Cordelia died, Buffy would beg for death, after he took everything and everyone away from her. She would know true suffering if Cordelia didn’t wake in three days time.
Leaving his Goddess on his bed, Angelus took a good, long hard look around the master bedroom with a critical eye.

The heavy, red velvet curtains provided protection from the harmful sun, the oak furniture dotted around the room matched the oak doors and the bedside lamp gave him a soft light which he used when he drew. The room contrasted greatly with Cordelia’s room, it was darker and heavier; cracking a smirk Angelus could hear her refer to this room as a decorated tomb. Which in a sense, it was.

Ornaments and little antiques he knew would catch her interest decorated the top of the cabinet and chest of drawers while the two original Leonardo Davinci paintings hung neatly on the walls. Though there were many things in this room which had made it home for him once, but after spending so much time in a warmer place, this room seemed cold and unfamiliar. Angelus once again turned his gaze upon Cordelia, he would need to make this her home now and to do that, there were changes to be made.

He would spare no expense in making these changes for her; he would give her any and everything she asked for. Cordelia had sacrificed herself to save him, she had spared no thought of her own safety when she had pushed him and so he would repay her anyway he could.

Turning away, Angelus strode out of the master bedroom, closing the door quietly and walking slowly back down to face Spike, Drusilla and the questions he knew they would have. Shrugging off his leather jacket, the elder vampire discarded it carelessly and headed for the kitchen to wash his hands of Cordelia’s blood, Spike closely following him.

Cigarette smoke shortly filled the air, a small puffy cloud whirled around Angelus and making him turn to face the bleach blonde vampire. “So” Spike began, removing the cigarette from his lips “What’s with the chit? New toy?”

“No” Angelus replied abruptly, looking unimpressed when his grandchilde exhaled more smoke in his direction.

“She’s for dinner then?” the blonde asked “Tasty looking piece, looks far too classy to be a simple Happy Meal. What is she, dessert? Midnight snack? After dinner mint?” he expressed with a grin.

“No” Angelus replied sharply, he turned to face the younger vampire fully, “Cordelia” he stressed her name. “Cordelia is not a toy to play with and she is not dinner”

“Oh,” Spike pursed his lips before taking another drag of his cigarette, “She’s the Slayer’s little play mate ain’t she?”

“No” the dark haired vampire growled, pushing Spike roughly out of the way he sat down on a chair, tapping his jaw thoughtfully as he mentally ran through ideas for his bedroom. A fireplace would be perfect, not one of these modern replicas, a proper fire with an oak mantelpiece. Cordelia would like that and he had always wanted one, now he had a very good incentive to get one.

“Don’t keep a bloke in suspense mate,” Spike drawled lazily and sat opposite Angelus, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. “Wait; don’t tell me, Cordelia is here to cater to your sexual needs. You got a fascination with cheerleaders mate, unhealthy that is”

“No, she isn’t here to cater to my sexual needs Spike and I don’t have a fascination with cheerleaders” Angelus growled, not really listening to a word the blonde spoke at all. “If you must know, Cordelia is my consort”

The extinguished cigarette was quickly followed by the lighting of another, deeply inhaling, holding it for a few seconds before exhaling; Spike stared long and hard at his grandsire. “You” he gestured to Angelus with his thumb “Have a consort?”

“Yes, problem?” Angelus asked, hoping the other vampire did then he would have an excuse to hurt him. Not that he needed an excuse of course; he just couldn’t be bothered to listen to Drusilla’s version of chastising and telling him off for hurting Spike.

“Not me with the problem mate,” Spike told him, “You consorted the Slayer’s chummy?”

“Yes, you have a problem?” he asked and once again hoping Spike did have a problem.

“Not yet, but we bloody will have you twit” the blonde smoked on, his expression turned into a thoughtful one. “Unless that’s the poetry you were blabbing on about, you using the chit as a way to get the Slayer?”

Angelus shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose before moving his hand to massage the back of his neck. “Spike, Cordelia is not a way to lure the Slayer into anything. I consorted her to save her life, the Slayer will keep. Right now, I have more important things to take care of”

“Like your girly up there?”

“Yes, and Cordelia isn’t my girly, she is a part of this family and you will treat her with respect. Am I understood?” Angelus spoke quietly but the belying meaning of his words were clearly picked up by Spike who had known Angelus long enough to know better.

“One other thing concerning Cordelia” he waited until he had the full attention of his grandchilde before continuing. “She belongs to me, there will be no sharing, touching or tasting for either you or Dru” he warned seriously. “She’s mine Spike, if I find you’ve gone anywhere near her…”

Spike contemplated his thoughts before replying; he extinguished his second cigarette and lit up another almost instantly. “Well, well” he spoke after a few moments, “The great Angelus finally pussy whipped eh? Won’t this go down in the history books?”

“Knock it off Spike; you’re giving me a headache” Angelus growled at the younger vampire, his tolerance reaching his limit rapidly.

“No chance mate” he grinned smugly “So, you consorted the Cheerleader to stop the great jaws of death from munching down on your Lady Love, do tell”

Gritting his teeth together, Angelus folded his hands together and sat back he began to tell how he found her that night at the lake. Spike listened somewhat interestedly, for some reason it wasn’t as much fun taking the piss out of a vampire in love when he admitted it. “Wait up, Angelus” he stopped the elder vampire in his words, “That’s where you’ve been at? The Cheerleader’s place?”

“I have an open invitation and yes that’s where I’ve been living” Angelus replied, giving Spike a harsh glare which told him to tread carefully what he said about Cordelia.

This time, Spike raised both eyebrows at his grandsire’s words, did Angelus have any idea how he sounded? “One passionate night in a polluted lake and she has you wrapped round her manicured pinkie? What’s happened to you mate? You’ve gone soft, you’re pussy whipped and you’ve got no soul” summing things up in his head, the blonde came to one obvious conclusion. “You’re insane, always wondered where my Dru got it from and now I know, but then insanity never did paint a pretty picture”

“I’m not pussy whipped, I haven’t gone soft and I’m not insane” Angelus growled back “You love Dru, does that make you soft or insane?”

Now Spike definitely knew Angelus was insane, he was starting to talk with sense. This Cordelia girly must have emptied the brains from one head and recycled them in the other head. Unless she’d been taking hormones and he’d been feeding from her; that could also explain things. He now had a scary image of finding Angelus wearing an apron and spouting off the reasons why he should drink milk.

Shaking the image away, he spoke up and kept his sarcasm to himself. “Dru’s a vampire, not a human” Spike countered “This might come as a bit of a shock to you mate, but vampires aren’t supposed to lose their balls in a human girly’s panties. Vampires shag other vampires, simple easy rule that even you should be able to follow. There hasn’t been a consort for quite a while, did you think it was a dying trend and suddenly decide to kick it up again?”

“I haven’t lost my balls Spike, they’re happily tucked inside my pants if you wanna check for yourself” Angelus deadpanned, he guessed Cordelia was wearing off on his sense of humour. “It might not be a pleasant sight since I don’t use any form of hair removal so they might be a little hairy. But hey, you seem like a morally ambiguous vampire so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind”

Blinking once or twice, Spike didn’t even dignify him with a response of any kind; he just gave Angelus an unimpressed glance and shook his head. “Do you want to see my balls?” Angelus bluntly asked when he got no response.

“No thanks mate, just seeing you prattling on about your sweet lady love is going to be giving me enough nightmares” Spike replied, a little perplexed at the elder vampire’s words. “Okay, you’ve told me all about the beginning of the love affair of the century, now tell me how you came to consorting Cheerleader”

“We were walking back…”

“Would this be one of them sappy, moonlit strolls through the park?” Spike interrupted with a smirk. He was only interested in what had happened that now had Cordelia as the Bride of Angelus.

Ignoring him, Angelus continued “We were walking back to my car and I decided I wanted to have some fun with Cordelia, we got into this game and I dragged her into an alley…”

“An alley, my my, aren’t we the classy vamp this evening. Go on”

“We got hot n heavy when the Slayer turned up, she thought I was hurting and raping Cordelia…”

“We all know you would never do a thing like that”

One minute Spike was sitting in his chair, the next he was staring into rage filled ochre eyes as Angelus squeezed his fist around his throat. “Don’t, and I really mean don’t, ever let me hear you talk that way again Spike, or I won’t hesitate to drive a stake up your ass before I dust you. Got it?”

Holding up his hands in somewhat submission, Spike couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated at his grandsire and the fury pouring from his being. That was something only Angelus seemed able to do; the vampire could make his anger felt in the air around him and it made everybody take notice. It made humans and demons alike move away from him, his anger was what made him the vampire he was.

“All bloody right Angelus” Spike said through a slightly nervous laugh “Take it easy mate”

Shoving the other vampire’s body hard once more against the wall, Angelus released Spike’s throat and went to sit back down. “I don’t wanna hear you disrespect her again and I don’t wanna hear you accuse me of going to hurt her”

“And you say you aren’t pussy whipped” Spike chortled back, straightening his shirt collar before going to sit down. At Angelus’ harsh gaze, he assured his grandsire he wasn’t being disrespectful to Cordelia. “Don’t take your anger at the Slayer out on me mate,” he commented with a growl of his own, “Get on with the bloody story before I beg for death from boredom” ever the cocky, defiant vampire.

Angelus gripped the edge of the table for a moment or two before relenting somewhat and responding to Spike’s urge for him to continue. “I tried to get Cordelia to leave before she got hurt, the little blonde bitch fired the crossbow and Cordelia pushed me out of the way. She took the arrow; it went into her left shoulder blade, just above her heart. She was dying and I couldn’t let her”

“So you tied yourself down then, got yourself a missus” he concluded eventually, “And your ex chit caught you with your pants down while you were exploring the passions of romantic bliss?”

Glaring again at Spike, the only thing now stopping Angelus from causing Spike serious pain was the fact that he had already been gone too long from Cordelia. “Spike, why don’t you do us all a favour and take a long walk off a short cliff?” he stated, rising from his chair, whacking the blonde on the back of his head as he walked past him. Pausing in the doorway, Angelus glanced over his shoulder “I meant it when I said don’t go near her”

Spike watched quietly as his grandsire left the kitchen; heavy footsteps on the staircase told him where Angelus was going. Things had certainly taken an unexpected turn.

The vampire pushed the door open, closing it silently and he walked just as silently to his bed and to Cordelia’s side. Obsidian eyes took in her motionless form before he began to remove the clothes from her body. Lifting Cordelia easily off the bed, Angelus pulled the bloodied top away from her torso not blinking as the material peeled away from the arrow wound.

“She’ll suffer ten fold if you die” he told her as he slung her ruined top away, cool fingers trailed down her sternum and came to rest between the valley of her luscious breasts. Angelus held his palm over where her heart lay, letting the light rhythm sooth flow through his body.

“This is your new home Cordelia, you’re all mine now” he continued to talk to her while he undressed her resting form. Running his fingers through the strands of her hair, he frowned when he hit tangles caused by dried blood. She would rather die than be seen with hair like this. Angelus left her on the bed to go fill the tub so he could bathe her before he tucked her in.

The next few days saw the mansion swirling with activity; Angelus had moved Cordelia to another room while the master bedroom got renovated. An oak fireplace was fitted facing the large bed, intricate patterns hand-carved into the wood surrounding and proper logs ready to used were kept near to it. Walls were repainted, a rich plum covering the old burgundy and matching plum, heavy drapes now kept out the morning sun.

Sitting in his leather reading chair, the vampire carefully studied Cordelia’s face in great detail. From the way her eyebrows arched at the corner, to the cupid’s bow of her soft, pliant mouth and the tiny beauty mark decorating her cheek. Long, thick dark eyelashes defined her almond shaped eyes, lids hiding the gold-tipped hazel irises and the apples of her cheeks still pale from yesterday.

He worked silently using charcoal to clearly show the shape of her face, light smooth strokes crossed the parchment, each line bringing the portrait to life. Changing materials, Angelus picked up a sharpened pencil and used harder movements to enhance the emotion he could read so well, he drew each and every detail with care, attention and certainty; immortalising his lover in a way that other’s could enjoy her beauty.

He drew her naked, the image coming immediately from memory and his hand creating lines of grey across the parchment; her arms were drawn covering the naked swell of her breasts, revealing only the tantalising valley of her cleavage. Her thighs were positioned so only he knew her secrets, the toned and feminine muscles highlighted by wispy lines of lead as Angelus painstakingly took his time getting the image just so.

The curve of her calf muscles came next, slender, long legs sprinkled with what could have been fairy dust, every inch of her bronzed skin shimmered like spun gold. Even now while she lay on the bed, torn between life and death, her fragile human body caught in between two worlds. Angelus set the finished portrait carefully down, moving over so he could sit at her side, ever watchful over her and waiting for her to wake.

A strong, masculine hand cupped her cheek, stroking the pale flesh of the apple and tracing a soft line over her full, lower lip. Angelus wanted Cordelia to wake up now so he could feel those lips covering his, her warm tongue entwining with his much cooler one; he would taste her sweet kiss and breathe in her life.

He wondered how she would react to him now that she belonged entirely to him, he wondered how she would react towards Spike and Drusilla and he wondered how they would react to her. An amused smile flirted around his lips; Angelus knew that there would be some amusing times ahead with the combination of Cordelia and Spike’s personalities.

The third day drew to a slow close, the sun almost finished in its dance across the sky but the heavy drapes kept the fiery colours of the night outside. Inside, the master bedroom was sheathed in a peaceful glow that emanated from the burning fire; the red-orange flames flickered, creating waltzing patterns on the walls in the room. The soft warmth surrounded the quiet vampire who sat observing Cordelia’s still sleeping form in his bed.

A portrait now hung above the roaring fire, the oak frame matching the other wooden surroundings in the room. The glow of the flames was enhanced by a gentle light from a simple lamp on the opposite side of the bed. Cradling his chin on his entwined fingers, Angelus simply looked at Cordelia knowing she would wake up before this night was through.

“Uhh” the sound was weak, quiet and broken but he was immediately at her side; he had no doubts about whether or not she would accept his offer but he still felt humbled by Cordelia’s acceptance of him and all he was.

Angelus watched intently as her eyes slowly fluttered open, the gold-tipped hazel sparkled against the autumn colours dancing in the room. Licking her lips, she eased her body onto her side to give her aching back some relief.

“You’re awake” he stated quietly, stroking the hair away that fell onto her face when she moved. “Let me help you” Angelus carefully slipped one hand under her back while slipping the other around her waist, making sure he held her securely he raised her into a sitting position.

“Thanks,” Cordelia shuffled back against the now fluffed pillows, her throat was dry and she felt a little shy even though he had seen her naked more than once before. Lifting her hand she ran it through her hair, surprised to find it soft and silky with no tangles. Looking at the vampire, she tried to work through the fog clouding her mind and tried to recall exactly what happened.

All she really remembered was Angelus, him touching her in the middle of the street and then again in the alley. “Hi” she greeted with a slightly croaky voice and dry lips, “So this is your room I take it,”

“Our room Cordelia, you live with me now” he stated easily, looking at her to gauge her reaction at that confession. “Do you remember what happened?” he inquired curiously. Though she had spent the better part of the last three days sleeping, he couldn’t help but notice she held her beauty.

Shaking her head, Cordelia both gave her answer and tried clearing more of the fog from her brain. “My back hurts though” she added, “Why does my back hurt? You didn’t get me drunk so you could test my flexibility did you?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, but thanks for the suggestion” Angelus quipped wryly, he reached for her hand to hold it against his lips. “There was a heated discussion and you got into the middle of it. When you’re feeling more like yourself, we’re going to talk about your kamikaze act. Well, I’m going to talk and you’re going to listen”

Not really feeling up to challenging his statement, Cordelia simply nodded to pacify him for now. Her throat felt dry and a little sore through the lack of hydration “Can I have some water or a drink please? I’m really thirsty”

Those eyes that had been pitch black for the last three days were now a rich, delicious chocolate that never failed to hypnotise her. It seemed as though Angelus could show his every emotion so vividly through the colour his eyes. His gaze told you his mood but not what he was thinking; to tell what he was thinking would be impossible. “Why not come with me downstairs and I’ll make you some tea” he offered, a hot drink would do her good.

“Ok, tea would be nice” she accepted gratefully but he noticed the nervous lip biting and instantly knew what she was thinking before Angelus had a chance to assure her she was more safe here than her own home, Cordelia spoke up first. “I trust you to keep me safe Angelus, but what about…”

“Spike and Dru?” he asked with a knowing smile, at her nod he told her basically what he told Spike. “They won’t touch you Cordelia, Dru will more then likely be enchanted by you and I’m sure you can more than handle the other one”

She decided not to ask any questions regarding that particular statement, she trusted him to keep her safe but she still needed some clothes or something to wear. “I’m naked” Cordelia suddenly broke the short silence.

“Deliciously so” Angelus remarked “But you’ve only just woke up and I doubt you’re feeling up to anything remotely sexual”

“No, well yeah, but what I meant was I can’t go downstairs naked. I refuse to have Bleach Boy’s roving eyes on my butt or any part of me” Cordelia corrected quickly before coughing a little with her dry throat.

Angelus stood and went to fetch some of his clothes, he never thought of that and decided to buy her some new clothes that would be better suited to her new life. He returned with a pair of his dark brown leather pants, a belt and a velvet shirt for Cordelia to wear. “They won’t fit,” he told her as he placed the clothes at the bottom of the bed.

“Don’t you have something a little more comfortable?” she enquired, not feeling as if leather pants were appropriate for having just woke up after… “How long have I been asleep?”

“Three days, and I suppose I could get you some clothes I use for Tai Chi” Angelus answered and offered. He moved round to her end of the bed to help her stand, catching her when she stumbled a little. “Still weak?”

“Yeah” Cordelia replied with a frown, she didn’t want to have him help her get ready, it made her feel like a child. “I can dress myself you know I don’t need you to help me”

“When has that ever stopped me?” Angelus pointed out simply, “You might not need me to help you get dressed but I want to touch you. I’ve waited three days for you to wake up so I can touch you”

“You didn’t…” she looked at him then gestured to the bed she had lay sleeping in.

“Take advantage of you?” he offered with a smirk, “Wanted to, wanted to make you respond and acknowledge me even in your sleep. But no, I was a good boy”

Cordelia gave him a look at his last words, “You could never be a good boy if you tried, you wouldn’t know the word ‘good’ if it fell on your head!”

“I’m a bad boy but you love it Cordelia, and you know it” Angelus purred, his hands sliding down her naked back, avoiding her healing injury. He brought her to stand between his thighs, massaging her ass firmly and nuzzling her hair as she leaned her cheek against his chest. “Let’s get you dressed and get something hot inside you”

“What about something cool?” she looked up at him through her eyelashes flirtatiously.

“After something hot, you need to get your strength up before I fuck you senseless”

Now dressed in a pair of the vampire’s training pants, the bottoms of the legs rolled up to prevent tripping and a simple cotton shirt; Cordelia was guided along the hallway to the stairs. Her eyes took in the new surroundings, the dark rich colours on the walls and the occasional painting decorating the colour. To her, it looked like a stereotypical, old fashioned mansion complete with candle holders on the wall.

The carpet was a little thin but then she doubted vampires had much thought of flooring or decorating in general. That was why she found Angelus master bedroom such a surprise, the rich plum paint and the gorgeous furnishings really caught her eye. Though he had promised to tell her about some of his possessions later, Cordelia knew she would have to pester him about them.

“EEEEK!” she shrieked when she felt herself being hauled up into his arms, hands locked tightly around his neck in shock. She hadn’t been expecting Angelus to do that!

“What?” Angelus asked and walked calmly down the stairs, taking care not to jostle her body.

“You scared the living hell out of me that’s what!” Cordelia yelped, her heart still pounding with his sudden movement and she shook a little.

“Thought you weren’t scared of me” Angelus reminded her as he walked past Spike and Drusilla. The vampiress eyes lit up, Miss Edith forgotten about she followed her sire into the kitchen, Spike sauntering after her. He was dying to see what would happen now, knowing things were about to get interesting.

“I’m not scared of you but geez Angelus, give a person a heart attack why don’t you?” Cordelia snapped a little as her heart calmed and her shocked breathing became normal. “I was so not expecting you to do that, it was a shock”

“With a face like his I’m surprised you haven’t had one already” Spike added his comment quickly.

Cordelia immediately became a little subdued, noticing the presence of the other two vampires in the kitchen and subconsciously tightened her grip on Angelus, preventing him from setting her down. Her eyes watched them carefully, eyeing Drusilla’s slow, graceful walk bring her into fully into the kitchen. Her lower lip started to get bitten on as her gaze went from Drusilla to the blonde vampire looking at her as if she had two heads.

“So very precious she is” Drusilla spoke first, her voice just barely above a conspirational whisper.

Angelus looked down into Cordelia’s face, amused to see fear mixing with confusion at the whispered words then he watched as she looked back to Spike, who was still gawking at her.

“What? Have you never seen a girl before?” she snapped.

“Don’t mind me pet” Spike relented, just happy to be witnessing what would surely turn out to be a comical situation.

“I don’t” Cordelia retorted quickly, moving her gaze up to see Angelus looking down at her with a raised eyebrow. He had never really heard or seen her defensive apart from when it had been directed at the Slayer’s bosom buddies, some of that had actually been funny but he didn’t want her feeling defensive in her home.

“Spike” Angelus glanced at his grandchilde, the name spilling out in a low protective growl telling him to back off.

“Just wanted to say hello to the chit mate,” Spike said, relenting a little more and gave an acknowledging nod to Cordelia.

“Well you’ve said it” she snapped at him.

“Only being nice pet, welcoming you to the family is all”

“She’s very frightened, aren’t you my sweet?” Drusilla asked, a half smile flirting at her ruby red mouth, her fingers slowly tickling her throat.

“Dru, Spike go away” Angelus ordered them, realising he still held Cordelia in is arms, no wonder they found this so amusing. He made a move to put her down, silently asking her to trust his protection when she held on for dear life. A silent understanding passed between them after a few moments, and the vampire set her onto the floor, making sure she was steady.

Cordelia glanced back and forth between Spike and Dru, waiting for one of them to speak to her again and trying to keep calm. Being in a house with two soulless vampires who she didn’t trust wasn’t her idea of a good time. Okay, so she was in a house with three soulless vampires and technically three/fourths of the little group that scourged Europe. But hey, at least one of them was her soulless vampire right?!

“I think coffee would be better than tea” she spoke, not taking her eyes off either vampire, “Yeah, definitely strong coffee. Do you have any coffee because if not I could go to the store and…”

“I have coffee but I think tea would be better” Angelus placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging lightly to reassure her he was there and she was safe. “That way, the caffeine won’t keep you up tonight”

“I’ve been asleep for three days, how do you expect me to sleep tonight?” Cordelia asked, turning her eyes to look at the dark haired vampire behind her.

“That wasn’t the same as sleeping Cordelia, you’ll still be needing to rest” Angelus replied firmly, leaving no room for argument.

“Yeah, I think not. My back is already aching, if I lie down any longer, my whole body will be aching” Cordelia contradicted his tone with a matching firm tone of her own.

“You will get some rest” he countered, watching as she turned in his arms to face him fully.

“Who’s going to make me?” she challenged, forgetting all about Spike and Drusilla for the time being.

Angelus stared down at her, did she really want to go there right now? “I’m going to make you, if I have to I’ll chain you to my bed so you will do as you’re told and get some rest” he growled down at her.

Cordelia’s hazel eyes darkened, her jaw dropped slightly and she crossed her arms over her chest, their postures matching and showing equal measures of defiance. Angelus clenched his jaw tight shut, his strong hypnotic gaze boring deeply into hers. A few eternal seconds seemed to pass by while they stood in a face off, each trying to out-do the other while the other two vampires watched in outright amusement.

Angelus was the first to speak, “Fine” he growled through his clenched jaw “You can stay out of bed for a few hours, then you can get some rest”

Cordelia struggled to keep the triumphant smile off her face as she looked up into the defeated gaze of her lover. “My hero!” she batted her eyelashes “Two sugars in my coffee” she quipped before laying her most charming smile on him.

“Sit” he growled at her, almost yanking the closest chair out for her to sit on, Angelus then turned to Spike and Dru. “You two go away”

“Why? It was just getting interesting” Spike commented, tickled pink at seeing his grandsire back down from a challenge from a human girl. What he wouldn’t give for Darla to see what her darling boy was reduced to by a pair of panties and a polluted lake!

“What is so amusing?” Cordelia turned her gaze to the blonde, “It’s like you’ve never seen a human girl before”

“Seen plenty of human girlies pet” Spike drawled, leaning against the doorframe and relaxing. “Just not one that can stand the sight of Peaches ugly mush for that long without getting sick”

Raising an eyebrow at him, “He takes pills, what’s your excuse?” Cordelia shot back quickly.

“Hey!” Angelus snapped at her, whipping his harsh gaze from Spike to her, was she saying he was ugly? Ahh! He got the insult now, raising an eyebrow at Cordelia in amusement the dark haired vampire waited for the verbal war-fare to continue.

“Ouch” Spike commented dryly, rubbing a hand across where his heart lay still “That hurt luv”

“Spike, just take Dru and go away” Angelus told his annoying grandchild. Yes, things would definitely take an amusing turn that’s for sure.

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