Shades of Attraction 2

The sound of the heavy door closing behind the vampire felt so final to the brunette standing in what appeared to be a foyer like room. It was large, sparsely furnished and dark. The colours couldn’t be described as colours unless you counted the dark plum, deep mahogany and rich red as the shades of the rainbow.

Cordelia almost felt intimidated by the building as it towered over her, the glow of the crescent moon cast shadows all over the grey pavement and the gargoyle looked simply foreboding.

Angelus watched her intensely, black icy irises travelling over the whole of the female package standing with her back to him. The burgundy skirt enhanced the gentle curving of her ass, enhancing the firmness that seemed to be her all over.

Tanned skin decorated her legs, smooth and soft, the bronzed flesh glistened under the reflecting shine from his gaze. Dark hair was scooped up into a high ponytail, leaving slightly waved ends to float around slim, defined shoulders.

The scent of arousal had naturally decreased as he’d stopped touching and speaking to her, leaving only the scent of the oh so sinful innocence-filled blood to consume his senses. Looking at her now, seeing how she forced herself not to watch his every move, the vampire figured he would have to tap into the anger she wore better than panties.

Feeling the chilly yet hot gaze boring into her, Cordelia clenched her hands into tight fists and spun round the face Angelus head-on. “I won’t let you make me your victim. I’m better than that, better than you”

Relaxed male hands reached out to take upper arms in a good grip as he tutted his disapproval of her arrogance. “Spoilt, little rich girls like you only piss me off Cordeee. Back in the day, I wouldn’t even give a girl like you a second glance, never mind thinking of fucking her.” Angelus took another long, hard look at the visibly angry girl in front of him.

“Now, spoilt little rich girls like you really make hard. Getting into your panties is a challenge, I like that baby, being challenged. Being teased, being shown what I can’t have. It makes it so much the sweeter when I take it”

Tease? Challenge? Spoilt little rich girl? The descriptions he used only served to A small clenched fist uncurled as Cordelia aimed a well-deserved slap directly at his right cheek. Her face was turning red with anger as she listened to him arrogantly expecting to get into her panties as he so delicately put it. “I’d rather die before I…”

Her wrist was snared in his hand as Angelus caught it with perfect accuracy. “Not much better than an angry woman. Especially not one in your condition anyway”

His words smashed into her like a lead weight, the confusion riding round her brain in circles was almost enough to make her dizzy. Moving shaking legs slowly, Cordelia took a step away from the vampire. “My condition? I don’t have a condition” surely, he couldn’t mean… No, that was just wrong in all senses of the word.

Angelus’ eyes flashed for a second as he moved so quickly, she didn’t have time to escape. Caging her in an unmoveable prison, the vampire teased her mouth with the tip of his tongue; sweeping over the tightly closed lips almost lovingly.

“It draws me in baby, all that honeyed sweetness makes me crave to spread you wide open and eat you up.” The ever-present smirk on his face merely widened as he splayed his hand out, roaming down the slender arc of her spine to disappear under the hem of her skirt.

Fingers rubbed and stroked her ass, tips taunting her with the removal of her panties by first sliding under the edge and letting the elastic snap sharply back, sending a shocking little wave of stinging sensation through her. A hiss sounded through gritted teeth as Cordelia looked away from his amused, hungry gaze in an attempt to hide her blushing face.

“Interesting” Angelus commented as he traced the highly sensitive crease of her ass down to where she was burning. The hot wet heat seared his skin, making his leather pants tight around his solid erection. Soft and dewy, the folds of her sex were coated with a fine layer of arousal, the naked feel of her telling him there was no outward protection.

He pushed hard against the petals, the tips of his fingers teasing her tightness with penetration. The friction he caused had her body opening up a little, giving him the answer he knew but wanted anyway. “So whatcha wearing Cordeee? Have you been a bad girl and put something in that hot little pussy of yours?”

This time when her face blushed, Cordelia turned bright red then she blanched and tried to jerk away from him. Placing her hands flat on the vampire’s well-built chest, she pushed but only succeeded in making his fingertips brush over her sex.

Hazel eyes widened at the sweet sensation that came from that move and her hands fisted his shirt. Oh, that felt…

He was getting to her quicker than what he thought he would. Not that Angelus was surprised of course her body, especially her tight pussy, would be oh so sensitive and responsive that he doubted she’d be able to do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride.

“I better get you upstairs Cordeee, you’ve got something to do” a perverted yet sensuous grin worked it’s way across his face as he entwined the telling feel of cotton around his exploring fingers. Making a swift motion with his hand, he stated “Unless you want me to do it of course and believe me, I’ll be more than happy to oblige”

A shocked yelp sounded as Cordelia physically felt his threat. There was still time to redeem herself before she came out looking like a total ‘ho. Girls weren’t supposed to do things like this when they were mensing, right? It was dirty and whorish, at least that’s what her mother stated anyway.

She didn’t want to be known as the town trollop, she didn’t want a reputation and she didn’t want to be made too feel dirty either. Maybe if she explained nicely to Angelus, he might stop and let her go.

It was bad enough everyone thought she was the football team’s personal slut but… God, she wasn’t a slut or anything remotely like that. “Please stop Angel” Cordelia turned huge, teary orbs up to meet piercing dark gold irises staring down at her. “I can’t let you do this, I don’t want to be anyone’s whore”

Angelus could still feel the arousal slick on his fingers as he stared down into her sad, unsure doe gaze. “One mistake you just made baby, is confusing me with the soul, name’s Angelus. For the record, I don’t go for whores these days. I prefer a tight fit in my women. As for you being a whore; we both know you’d only be mine, no matter what anyone else thinks,” he shrugged easily. “Good enough for me”

“Yours?” Cordelia made a point to ignore the reassurance his words gave her and found herself focusing on what else he said. Could she feel anymore like a silly, naive little girl? Where were her cutting remarks? The sarcasm she religiously lived her life? The ability to reduce those who dared oppose her to tears?

Her brain obviously decided to do an Elvis impersonation and left the building.

“Now get your ass upstairs baby, before I… Fuck it” Angelus shrugged again and removed his hand from her panties, much to her disappointment. Lifting his honey-coated fingers to his lips, the vampire inhaled the drugging elixir before sweeping his tongue from knuckle to tip, licking her up.

Seeing Cordelia transfixed on his erotic actions, he swooped both arms around her waist and hauled her over his shoulder. She yelled out loud in shock, the shrieking pierced his ears painfully and Angelus winced, rewarding the hellcat with a good, hard slap directly on her ass.

Her hands belted his in retaliation as he took the spiral staircase two at a time. She wriggled violently within the stronghold he had on her, forcing the vampire to pause on the top step. “I’m up for anything Cordeee, so don’t try me.” Another slap landed, this time on the bare skin of her thighs as he skirt was lifted high, revealing the pink flush that decorated her tanned skin. “Someone bathes naked!” he noted.

Again Cordelia retaliated by way of slipping her hand down the contours of his ass and dangerously cupping the vampire’s balls through the leather. “Try that one more time, I dare you” she growled and purposely flexed her fingers around the sensitive body part.

What she was not expecting was for Angelus to slam her down onto her feet, push her hard into the closest wall as he covered her mouth with his. His tongue still held the faint taste as he forced her lips to part, letting him take the right to punish her for her daring, bold action.

His tongue sliced past the dry lips and into the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. Hands slammed at either side of her head as he savagely took control of her with a kiss that left her lips red, bruised and swollen.

Cordelia’s moans were lost as Angelus began pushing his large frame further into her smaller, more fragile one. The solid wall of his chest crushed her breasts, her nipples chafed against the suddenly rough material of her sports bra and the ache between her legs got increasingly hot.

As his kiss rapidly cut off her air supply, his caging cut off all common sense leaving the brunette moaning weakly under the powerful surge of sensation he forced on her. Her hips experimentally circled against his, the hard evidence of his cock nudged deliciously at her centre, urging him to get closer.

At the feel of her chest heaving for breath, Angelus tore his mouth away and trailed moist, icy hot nips and licks down to her throat. Hands took tight hold of the curve of her ass and thighs; lifting her high, he ordered her to wrap her legs round his waist. “Good girl” he whispered thickly before slamming his erection hard off her core.

“Oh God!” Cordelia mewled loudly, threading her hands through the spikes of his dark, gelled hair and tugging his mouth back to hers. Another loud moan was heard as he repeated the sexual action, this time it him who groaned.

The scent of sex was everywhere, the air was thick with it, the taste of mixed arousal almost made him choke with the hunger it gave him. He was starving for it, thirsty for a taste, desperate to sink fully into the tight, hot body bucking wildly against his.

Her skirt rode high to bunch around her abdomen, allowing the leather material of his pants to tease her through the silk of her panties. Manicured fingernails dug through his shirt and into hardened muscles, silently asking for more. If this was the result, she was calling him next month.

A low growl started to vibrate through Angelus, as he began to tighten his hold on her, moving with her as he gave into her urging. That low growl changed into a snarl as pure a pure molten gaze focused viciously on the little nymph in his arms. “No” he growled at her, swiftly detaching her from his body and pushing her away. “Not yet”

Glazed hazel eyes stared up at the vampire, noticing his chest was rising and falling as heavy breathing caused the motion. Black ice had been replaced by piercing gold orbs that brought fire to wherever they touched. His body was tense, shoulders were square and his hands flexed into fists by his sides. Her own breathing was shallow, sharp but no less heavy as Cordelia felt naked standing there.

Between her legs, the responsive heat throbbed and pulsed, inner muscles feeling the void as the excitement had her clutching nothing but emptiness. “What?” her voice, usually loud and never missed, was a shy husky whisper that gave away the desire that enhanced her innocence.

Closing his eyes against the passionate portrait in front of him, Angelus searched for the control she’d taken from him. All he could hear was the blood thrumming through her veins, heart slamming hard in her chest and oxygen being inhaled. Arousal, his and hers, drowned him in sin and his nostrils flared as he took the aroma in deep.

On opening his eyes, there was a controlling gleam that had been missing for the latter half of the night. “Turn around baby” his voice was cool and calm as he gave out his order. “I’m tired of playing kiss-chase”

Striding towards the slightly startled cheerleader, the vampire simply booted a door wide open and left room for her to walk through it. “Ladies first”

Cordelia felt a shudder go through her as she walked slowly and carefully past Angelus into his bedroom. She flinched a little at the sound of another door closing behind her. Excitement warred with nervous uncertainty as she looked around the bedroom, noting it held more furniture than downstairs did.

Drawers made of a dark cherry wood held silver candle holders with a vase between them, a large wardrobe lay opposite the foot of the bed and there was a door to her right. Her eyes came turned back to the bed, taking in the size and colour of the sheets covering it.

Like the rest of the room, they were a dark shade with an embroidered pattern done to perfection and she couldn’t help but admire the work.

Two hands covering her slender shoulders startled Cordelia out of her reverie, jolting her back to the situation she was in. The feel of his chest against her back, his cool lips brushing her ear and the breathless whisper tantalisingly soft against her heated skin.

“I believe, you’ve got something to do Cordeee” Angelus murmured as he stroked his hands down the contours of her arms. “Want me to do it for you?”

Cordelia never had time to reply before the vampire propelled her body forward, making her shaking legs stumble a little as he pushed a little to hard on the base of her spine. Angelus licked his arid lips as anticipation of following through with his threat gave him a thrill.

To say he wanted to do it was an understatement, it was humiliating to the point of degrading for her but he didn’t really care about that. All he wanted was for her tight pussy to be ready for him to fill.

The heavy door was pushed open and the brunette guided into a clean, decent sized bathroom. A mirror was perched above an old-fashioned style sink with silver taps, the white porcelain was clean to the point of being perfectly shiny, the bath tub was just like it and stood on silver pins. Once again, his touch jolted her out of her gazing and he spun her to face him.

“Time to play” Angelus uttered seductively as he ran both hands across the clothed landscape of her lithe body. Gathering the hem of her sweater, the vampire told her to raise her arms and lifted the top clean off in one single, smooth sweep leaving her in her skirt and burgundy bra. The deep shade complimented her tanned skin while the cotton curved over the pebbled buds, making them an instant attraction for him.

The cups of her bra were obviously designed to keep those pert breasts in place but they did nothing except emphasize her cleavage. Glancing all over her half naked torso, Angelus couldn’t decide where to place his bite mark. That cleavage, the flawless throat or her toned stomach which was slightly swollen. She looked positively edible everywhere, all golden smooth skin and softness he couldn’t wait to touch and taste.

“Sit” he instructed, nudging his head in the direction of the closed lid on the lavatory. Cordelia went to open her mouth to tell him he can stuff his help where she hoped the sun would shine but a daring glare from him quickly shut her up. “Sit Cordelia, unless you want me to skip the preliminaries”

Shaking hands clutched the sides as she sat down, peering up at him through long dark lashes that involuntarily battered invitingly as she waited for him to make his next move. Angelus clacked his tongue as he went over each move step-by-step before kneeling at her feet enabling him to take off her sports trainers and socks.

He looked down in amusement at the pretty nail polish and jewel decorating each toe, before checking her nails to see if they matched. They did.

Next, calloused palms slid up the gentle slopes of her calves, grazing the surface of that satiny smooth skin until he gripped her knees tightly. The effort Cordelia put into keeping her legs closed was no match for the extra strength he used on spreading them wide. Her face turned purple as she understood what he was obviously looking at.

The grip on the lavatory sides turned white-knuckle as those palms drifted slowly up her thighs, sliding down to caress where the edge of her panties clung to her flesh. Around his wrists, the skirt flirted and kissed until Angelus shoved the material away in annoyance before it disturbed him anymore.

“Bad skirt” Cordelia mumbled, not able to tear her eyes away from the vampire. Under his firm, confident touch her thighs quivered as the cool sensation of his hands soothed the heat threatening to burn her up. She was aching there again, not just there but her breasts were tender and she wanted him there, her mouth was tingling and reeling from the controlling of his brutal kiss.

“Lift up baby, lemme undress you” though he spoke to her, he kept his gaze trained on the wetness making her panties cling to the shape of her sex. He’d been wrong, they weren’t virginal white but a matching burgundy. Times had certainly changed since he’d been human. Women in those days never had panties or bras or things to prevent blood flow.

Lifting her ass up a little, Cordelia allowed him the room needed to slide her skirt over the curve of her hips and down her legs, revealing pretty much everything to those, hot hungry irises that seemed to devour her whole. Each part of her skin that was felt by his steely gaze burned with fire, bringing her flesh out in goose bumps with the sensation of being visually caressed.

Exhaling heavily, Angelus finally left the heart of her body and let his gaze travel slowly up. The swollen stomach, the curve of her breasts, throat and paused when he reached her blushing heart-shaped face. “Aww” he cooed patronisingly, “My Cordeee gone all shy? It makes me feel good knowing I can make you blush, but then making an innocent girl blush can’t be that hard can it?”

“You arrogant, conceited…” Cordelia hissed down at the vampire, thanking whoever for giving her the ability to speak. She had a few choice words for him and he was going to hear them before he humiliated her any further. “I’m not here for your enjoyment, I’m here because you kidnapped me and I am not your Cordeee”

“True, you’re not my Cordeee” Angelus agreed in a light, airy tone that gave away his indifference to her words. She almost relaxed in relief when he agreed with the truth she’d spoken but instantly tensed when he spoke.

“But you will be” the light, airy tone was suddenly replaced with a much darker, promising underlay that she couldn’t help but shiver at the implications he bestowed on her. “After tonight, I’ll own you. You’ll be my little pet, the one who’ll keep me happy”

“Until I can get out of here then Buffy’s kick your ass before she stakes it” Cordelia snapped right back, once again attempting to close herself off to gaze but his hands on her thighs prevented her from doing so. A big hand moved down her leg to skim over the slick folds hidden behind burgundy cotton, the tips once again teasing her most sensitive place accurately. Her hips jerked a little, sliding her core harder into his hand sending a wave of pleasure thrumming through her.

“You think I care about the Slayer? You really think I give a fuck about some whiny, insignificant blonde when I have you to play with?” Angelus enquired with a smirk forming on his cruel mouth. His fingers made slow circles over her covered mound, pressing down each time he felt a delicious throb vibrate through her heat.

“You’re so full of it Cordeee, I can smell it on you. The heat, the blood; it’s like honey. Thick, rich honey that I wanna taste on your slick, sweet lips”

Cordelia gulped at the explicit way he spoke about his wants, naughty words poured past that heartless mouth of his while his eyes flared up with a light show of desire. A wave of arousal alerted the dazed brunette to the fact he’d gotten more responses from her and the sadistic, knowing smirk on his face she knew Angelus knew he’d turned her on just that bit more.

Leaning forwards, the vampire closed his eyes and inhaled the strong, intoxicating scent of femininity in it’s purest form. A low groan of appreciation sounded out as he pressed his mouth to her thigh, flicking his tongue out to taste the salt covering her flesh. Nipping gently, he moved closer to where the scent was sweetest, Angelus increased the strength behind his grip and pushed her legs farther apart.

One small hand left the white porcelain to take hold of his broad shoulder, fingers clenching around the muscle under the silk shirt unwittingly testing his masculinity. Cordelia watched him through bright, shining hazel orbs as Angelus nuzzled her right there.

A sharp gasp slipped out when his lips casually but sensually brushed over her sex, making her hips buck up to his face trying to get more. All she received for her response was a chaste kiss on the very middle of her core before he pulled away, leaving her more than unfulfilled and an increased ache between her shaking thighs.

Gracefully uncurling his body from the kneeling position, Angelus stood and towered over the panting brunette as her hand slid down from his shoulder to press flat against the hard muscle on his stomach. “Stand up baby, I wanna see more”

Her legs were all but numb as she rose to her feet, ignoring the startling chill of the cold floor on her bare feet. The hand on his stomach was taken into a mock gentlemanly hold as the vampire helped her up. Her breath was coming in quick pants that left her chest heaving, pushing her bra tight around her full breasts while the dark cotton stretched around perfectly pebbled areolas.

“I think I’ll start with this…” Angelus let go of the hand before he carried out the insane urge to hold it and latched onto her upper arms. Turning the silent young woman round, the aroused vampire smoothed his hands up her arms to sweep his rough fingers down the feline arc of her spine until he reached her bra strap.

A quick, arrogant smile flickered right before he unclasped it with one hand. “Don’t turn yet baby, I wanna watch you take off those panties”

A moan escaped her still tingling lips as she heard him tell her exactly what he wanted her to do. Slipping her slim fingers inside the waist band, Cordelia pushed them down and was about to let them fall when he stopped her. “Not like that, you know what I want you to do baby. Don’t play pretend”

“Pervert” she uttered under her breath. A feeling of vulnerability swept over her as he took her hips and brought her back against him, swaying his hips gently into her making her feel his erection.

“Seeing you like this gets me so hard Cordee” he whispered what she already figured out. “Be a good girl for me, I won’t have to force you”

Closing her eyes and heart against the sheer humiliation of it all, Cordelia pushed her panties down, bending at the waist to do so. She was expecting him to take advantage of her and simply go onto to further degradations but he didn’t. To her surprised relief and a strange disappointment, Angelus stepped away from her and simply looked.

The hot, erotic sight of her core crushed between shut legs was enough to heighten the arousal in his body, pushing his regained control to the limit. He could clearly see her pink folds glistening with juice and a hue of an intimate red blush decorating the softness. “You look so pretty baby” he breathed, his hand cupped his hardness as he attempted to relieve the pressure building under his skin

A wicked smirk flashed as he watched the brunette raise her body upright and kept her back to him as instructed. “You know what I want from you, are you willing to give it to me or do I have to take it and make you enjoy it? I’ve got you wet and slick, made you moan and had you riding me, you know I can pleasure you better than anyone on this planet. What’s it gonna be Cordeee? Give me what I want or should I take it from you? Either way, you’re mine”

Thank God he couldn’t see her expression Cordelia thought as panic began to well up in her stomach. If she didn’t willingly submit then he’d made it clear he’d…

She shook her head slightly, forcing that word out of her brain quickly before she tempted fate and he went ahead with the threatened promise. Snapping her eyes shut, the brunette hated what he had made her into in just few short hours.

She was aching, tingling and burning everywhere, her stomach was filled with hunger and fear at the same time while her centre was buzzing with anticipation. Was this what half the world raved about? Was this what turned Harmony and Aura into men-hungry sluts?

If so then she wasn’t sure if it was what she wanted. There was no out and out pleasure, it was a mix between a hard, pounding desperation, a need and a cry for help all at once.

“Too late to speak now baby, time’s up. I’m gonna take you and it’s up to you if you like it” Angelus told her as though he was bartering over something. Closing the gap he’d put between them, the vampire shoved her a little too roughly towards the lavatory. The lid was flipped open and he moved her further forward, placing her right at the edge, his intentions so embarrassingly clear.

Cordelia shrieked a little and she rebelled against him, trying to get herself to a safe distance so that he couldn’t do… That. It was unthinkable, allowing him to do what no man should ever be allowed to do was more than unthinkable, it was… Surely there was a law against that.

“No, you can do whatever the hell you want bub, but like hell am I gonna let you… No! Absolutely not, no way!”

A dark, wicked laugh shattered the silence following her words as Angelus found humour in her firm declaration. Who was she to stop him doing what he wanted? If he wanted to have her tightness open for him, then he would. Didn’t she see he was offering her a reprieve from more humiliation?

Oh well, if she wanted to play it like that, he had no objections.

Besides, he’d never done that to a girl yet; tampons had sadly been invented after he suffered the damnation of a human soul. Now, he was himself again and fully in control of his wants, desires and needs. Maybe the little fire cracker in front of him needed to learn he always did and got what he wanted.

She didn’t have time to figure out what that dark, dangerous laugh meant before Cordelia found herself straddling the lavatory with his hands exuding enough strength to keep her in that position. “No, I’ll do it myself. Really, I can do it. No need for you to…”

Ignoring the rapid-fire words, Angelus kept one hand on her shoulder and reached down in front of her with the other. “You’ll learn not to make me wait. And you’ll also learn not to tell me what I can and can’t do baby, I always do what I want.” His hand stroked down an invisible line marking the centre of her body until neatly trimmed curls tickled the tips of his fingers.

“Natural brunette” Angelus commented, adding fuel to the anger now swallowing any fear Cordelia had felt. His fingertips delved and parted the folds, dipping down into the wet place where he quickly located the thin strip of cotton. Entwining it around his index finger, he slowly eased the tampon out of her sensitive core.

His fiery gaze was completely locked onto it as Cordelia tensed and gasped with fury and the odd sensation removing one always gave. This was just beyond a joke, beyond what she was willing to take from any sadistic vampire. Let alone one growling and breathing with arousal.

This was so much more than a turn on for him, every part of his being was loving this. Watching her, seeing, scenting, feeling it all as he left her body free of anything that might prevent him from sinking into her. Discarding the unwanted thing, the vampire was immediately drawn to the place previously full and latched a firm, healthy grip over her pussy as a whole.

From his position, the heel of his palm grazed and rasped against her over-sensitive clit, his fingers teased the opening with slight penetration and his cock could be felt against her back. “I knew you’d be this hot, knew you’d be this ready. Think I can make you cum on my hand baby? Think I can give you your first climax with these?”

Slipping the tip of one thick finger, Angelus pushed inside the entrance and groaned when her hot, silky walls instantly caved in around his touch, clutching him a hot grip.

Her hazel gaze was no longer clouded by a mix of fear and arousal. A tempestuous storm of sheer fury raged within the irises as she watched his hand slowly move between her spread thighs. His fingers dipped inside, pushing up before massaging her walls in long, deep strokes that set off more than her anger.

Cordelia moaned as her head rolled back, hips bucking up against the vampire’s touch forcing him deeper and higher inside. God, she was so close to cumming right there and then. She was so sensitive everywhere that every single stroke, caress and thrust of his hand garnered a responding moan and arching of hips.

The pale skin on his hand was slowly washed with red honey as he coaxed the feminine juice out of her body, increasing the slick, heady wetness making his entry easy. Angelus couldn’t take his eyes from there if he wanted too.

He was entranced by the way his finger was swallowed whole by her pussy. “You like it huh? You like me touching you here? You like me, don’tcha baby? You love that it’s me making you moan for more”

Cordelia gritted her teeth together at the stretching feel of a second, thick finger being worked inside her untried tightness. Her body slowly expanding to glove the intimate touch in a soft cushion of silk that scorched his skin. The slow, teasing thrusting stopped and he focused all his attention of making her climax.

Penetrating knuckle-deep, Angelus felt the throbs of climax shudder around his fingers as her heavy breathing turned into quiet, sultry moans and he worked harder, faster. Pushing in deeply only to pull out, each move increasingly more pleasurable than the last.

Latching a shaking hand around his wrist, Cordelia held him still as she ground her hips down hard onto his hard, riding through each wave of her climax. Eyes were now trained on the action between her legs as she let herself go.

“Oh… You… Fucking… Bastard!” Then she was lost as the waves, harsh throbbing washed through her body. Her inner muscles fisted his fingers violently as he let her do what she needed.

“That’s it baby, good girl. God, you’re so hot when you cum” Angelus breathed heavily, smirking when she screamed out at him in the heat of the moment. She was riding his hand hard, her head had once again fell against his abdomen and he was able to get a good look at her face and was pleased with what he saw.

The waves gradually died down to an erotic and pleasurable memory that she was sure wouldn’t go away for a very long time. Her hold on his wrist relaxed and her body became lax as relief flooded her system. That vampire was going down as soon as she was able to move.

Through her pants, she heard him whispering in her ear, signalling he was now leaning over her. Probably wanted to sate the perverted old man in him no doubt. Well, if he wanted sating, she’d certainly oblige.

Opening her eyes, she treated Angelus to a sweet, awed smile that belied her cunning plan. “That was… Um… Yeah. You were the one that made me orgasm, so I figure you know how it was.” Her air was demure, soft and oh so temptingly feminine as she gazed up at him in wonderment. “Don’t suppose I can get up now?”

Angelus offered her to a delicious grin as a reward for her good behaviour. That grin got wider as she hissed at the feel of his fingers leaving her body, neither he or she could resist staring at the pale skin coated in a fine sheen of rich, warm liquid as it mingled with creamy arousal.

Angelus wanted to taste and so he did. Lifting his hand to his mouth, his tongue darted out of his mouth and he cleaned the juices off before sucking them deep past his lips.

Seeing his distraction and feeling his hold on her shoulder let go, Cordelia stood up and forced her legs to stop their shaking. She took a deep breath as she steadied herself in preparation to fight back against him.

“Sing” she whispered to herself and put it into action.

The sharp, bony edge of her elbow became rammed into his solar plexus “Oomph!” he grunted as he slightly doubled over.

Following through with a good, hard stomp to his foot. “Owowowow!” Cordelia hissed angrily as her foot throbbed with pain as her bare foot connected with his steel-toe capped combat boots. Her fist went flying back and up to land directly on his nose, causing his eyes to well with tears “Ow!” she yelped again in anger.

Then came the finale, her fist swung downwards and between her parted legs to connect with the vampire’s pulsing erection, causing his watering eyes to cross.

“Who says TV isn’t educational?” Cordelia sarcastically muttered before pushing back against a very surprised and pained vampire to make her escape.

Unfortunately for her, having hurt her foot in the surprise bout of self defence, she could only hobble away as a shooting pain rushed up her foot every time she placed it on the ground. Behind her, all she heard was a “Now that I respect!” just before she slammed the bathroom door shut behind her.


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