Shades of Attraction 3

Hobbling on one good foot and one aching one, the brunette made her way across the bedroom as fast as her hobble would allow. “Oh shit, ow ow ow… OWW!” Was the heart felt noises coming from her mouth now as she limped towards the bedroom door. She was so close to escaping that she could taste the freedom on her lips.

She didn’t want to think about what was causing her inner thighs to feel moist, that didn’t particularly matter right now. The only thing that was of any true importance was getting the hell away from the vampire who seemed determined to make her his.

Her hands were within reach of the rounded door handle and Cordelia latched both hands tight around it and yanked it open. “Ahh, freedommmm AYEEEEE!”

Just as suddenly as the door was hauled open, it was violently slammed shut again when the vampire caught his runaway just before she made herself fair game to Spike and Drusilla. Crushing his palms flat to the solid wood, Angelus used his full body weight and strength to crunch it shut. “You think you can get away from me baby? Think that’d I’d let you go without a fight?”

His chest was pressed right up to her back, hips pinning hers to the ridged angles carved into the wood and hands at either side of her head. Cool, sensual lips expressed harsh breaths as his body still recovered from the fist to his sensitive erection.

“Shouldn’t have done that. Now you’ve gotten me all riled up, wanting things you aren’t ready for. Tell me baby, what did you think you were doing?”

“Running from your perverted self maybe?” Cordelia managed through her winded state. Manicured nails scraped the surface of the door she was pinned to as her body instinctively pushed back, trying to get his large body from applying so much pressure.

Her strength and build was nothing compared to his unnatural resource and only served to rub his hardened state against the firm curves of her ass. Angelus responded to her attempt with a quick thrust of his powerful hips. “Don’t start something you wouldn’t like, Cordeee” he warned seriously, his voice carrying a deadly undertone that caused her to still instantly.

He exerted more pressure on her when she tried to squirm away from the insistent press of his erection. “You don’t get it, do you? Why do you think I wanted you tonight huh? Your magnificent looks and good breasts?”

“No actually, I thought it was my blinding and wonderful personality” Cordelia retorted quickly and forced herself to relax under the cage of his unsafe body.

“The scent of that sweet, female nectar burning hot between those soft thighs drew me in. Reeled me right in. Made me want to taste and touch you so much, I damned my plan to destroy the Slayer. If you walk out this door, full of all that juice baby, what do you think will happen? What do you think would have happened if you’d been bait girl tonight?”

Leaning down to softly kiss the shell of her ear, Angelus carried on. “Spike isn’t like me Cordeee, he already has a lover in Drusilla. He won’t even glance at another so you wouldn’t get the royal treatment off him baby and as for Dru…” he chuckled deeply. “As far as I know, she has a fond love of young women as you are now”

The weight of truth in what he was saying sank into her spinning head and Cordelia was inclined to agree with the vampire that waltzing, unprotected, around the mansion was a pretty dumb idea. Especially since her clothes still lay in a heap on his bathroom floor.

“If I let go, are you gonna try any stupid tricks?” he enquired lightly.

Slowly, her head shook from side-to-side; having more vampires to deal with wasn’t her idea of a fun time. Swallowing back the forming lump in her throat, Cordelia waited patiently to see how far away from her Angelus would move.

His intimidating presence gradually eased as the vampire took a few steps away from her, the space between them gave him a good opportunity to properly observe the back view of her body. “I like what I’ve seen and felt so far baby. Turn around and show me the rest.” It wasn’t a request, that much was obvious.

Using her palms, Cordelia pushed away from the door and walked a few steps backwards, putting room between her and it. Once again it seemed, Angelus was determined to humiliate her by dishing out tempting, erotic orders as though he were God.

The sound of that voice was almost hypnotic as the low vocals drifted over to her on the deceptively calm air, embracing her in a wave of masculinity.

Turning to face the dark haired vampire, the brunette shoved a stray wispy strand of hair away from her forehead as it fell loose from her ponytail. Completely naked and open to whatever it was he wanted, the cheerleader picked up on the hidden domination when his fully clothed state actually registered.

Angelus locked his golden gaze on hers, satisfied to see the sparks of passion he’d lit still simmered within those beautiful orbs. Only this time, there were sparks of fury bringing an extra something to her aura. Following her features, he studied each portion of her vixen face before dropping down to the perfect breasts adorning her chest.

Tipped off with pink pebbles, her breasts looked perfect to him. Full, rounded, curvy but still firm and soft; he licked his lips in anticipation of taking each bud into his mouth and sucking until they were red and solid. Going further, the vampire paused on the swell of her abdomen and purposely inhaled, letting her know how much he was enjoying this.

Carrying on with his study, Angelus now lingered on the dark curls glistening with arousal and the hot red liquid that enhanced her femininity. A slow, thin droplet of sweetness tainted the tanned skin of her inner thighs, the scent and sight once more causing hungered lust to bubble up inside him making him crave for a better taste.

He’d licked her off his fingers twice but it wasn’t anywhere near enough to what he needed, wanted and was going to get from her. It wouldn’t be enough until he had flat on her back, legs spread wide open and his tongue deeply embedded in the soft heat he’d experienced briefly.

Just the thought of all that juice, all that richness warming his tongue and lips was the catalyst Angelus had been waiting for.

Starting with the first closed button, he opened each one in turn, slowly giving Cordelia an idea of what his clothes kept from her. Pale skin, smooth as marble was exposed as his shirt hung loosely off his broad shoulders, the edges skirting the muscular physique as his arms dropped down by his sides.

A thin line of downy hair decorated his lower abdomen, leading her widening hazel eyes down towards the leather belt holding his pants secure. The same fingers that had been inside her now worked on that belt, pulling it through the loops before the buckled was unfastened.

Cordelia’s breathing turned heavy as the top button of those pants was opened and zip slowly lowered, she had never considered that sound could be so erotic or so full of promises. It was those unspoken promises that caused a hot flush of arousal to increase the wetness already coating her sex, the sudden wave of fresh heat had Angelus looking right there.

She wanted him as naked as she was, wanted to see more of the body she was trying so hard to imagine. As if to read her mind, the vampire shrugged out of his shirt, throwing it carelessly over one shoulder before placing his hands back on the open portion of his pants, allowing her to study him like he had her.

His arms were thick with heavily set muscle, pale skin stretched over the rippling hard lines of broad shoulders and the ridged contours of neck. His pectorals flexed responsively under the admiration she gave, drawing her attention to the two small dark brown nipples contrasting with the pallor of his complexion.

Not pausing, Cordelia swallowed as she kept going down his solid, well built body until the trail of downy hair teased her eyes. She wanted to see if it was as soft as it appeared to be, wanted to tease him with her fingers like he had with her. Wanted to give some of the erotic torture back. The black leather was perfectly suited to him, she thought, all sexual and sensual, the material would probably feel good against his skin.

When he had been behind her, it had felt good on hers, sliding over her own flesh like oil. Carrying on, Cordelia travelled down his covered legs until she saw those dangerous combat boots. “Your boots” the cheerleader murmured, “You’ll trip over if you don’t take them off first”

Angelus raised an eyebrow at the hidden meaning behind her words. Now she wanted stay? Did she see beating him as foreplay or something? He shrugged, hell he could live with that. “Get on my bed baby, spread those luscious legs wide for me”

There was an understandable hesitant expression on the brunette as a wave of trepidation rushed through her at the thought of what would happen once she got onto his bed. She knew what went where and what happened after, but she didn’t know how it would feel. What if she didn’t like it? What if it, she, wasn’t good enough to satisfy him? What if it turned out she wasn’t the one to be satisfied?

There were so many questions she wanted answering and there was one sure-fire way she’d find out. Biting her lower lip, Cordelia walked the few feet to the large king size bed and sat on the edge of it, feeling the soft mattress below her bounce to the addition of her weight.

Angelus watched through a hooded gaze as his pet got used to his bed, running her hands over the top sheet as though it would help erase the reluctance rising up in the pit of her stomach. Not dwelling on her reluctance, the vampire kneeled to remove his boots and straightened once the task was complete. The reluctance was present on her pretty features, he guessed it was down to silent musings.

Boots kicked off, socks came next until he stood barefoot in front of the brunette and tilting her face up to look at him. “I told you to get on my bed and spread your legs, baby” his voice thick with slipping control and arousal increased by the innocence written all over her face. “Move up towards the pillows Cordeee, I’ll spread your legs for you”

Shuffling up further onto the bed, Cordelia used hands and feet to move her body to the instructed position. Her legs were shaking, inner thighs drenched with sex and honey, feminine muscles were unable to keep her knees bent and closed so she lay them flat.

Anticipation soon replaced the reluctance within the hazel orbs as she watched the vampire crawl up onto the bed until he was peering down at her closed legs. Gripping both thighs just above the knee, Angelus eased her open to his gaze and shamelessly let his eyes wander up to the shining, red folds that drew his hunger higher.

“Mmm” he purred in satisfaction at the delicious sight of the fine sheen of mixed juice sparkling at her entrance. “Just what I wanna see, that tight pussy all slick and wet, waiting for me to taste”

Fisting the top sheet in her hands, Cordelia yelped loudly when her legs were moved up so her feet kept her balanced as the vampire dipped his head right between her legs. The first sweep of his tongue over her petals was enough to bring her hips high off the bed, arching into the oral sensation.

“So fucking hot, want more” Angelus growled as the full taste of her blood and arousal covered his mouth and tongue. Delving back down, he removed his hands from her knees and used thick fingers to pull her open and, without a moment’s hesitation, penetrated the cavern of her body.

Rough skin rasped along the sensitive outer folds as his tongue entered and left repeatedly, drawing out every bit of liquid heat into his ravenous mouth. Savouring the elixir, the vampire eagerly swallowed and went back for more. Dipping inside, he slipped his tongue as deep as he could, relishing in the way those silky walls held him in a tight, moist kiss.

Her clit became harder and harder as heightened blood flow throbbed and made the little bud buzz with pleasure as fingertips teased, taunted and toyed with the overly responsive spot. God, she was so sweet and hot, he wanted to lick her all over and eat her out until she wildly screamed out his name.

Alternating between dipping in and out of her pussy, he flicked the cool tip of his tongue up to circle the bundle of nerves placed between soft inner lips, garnering him with a little squeal of excitement as he made her sex pulse with sexual energy. That was the sound he wanted to hear from her, only he wanted it louder.

Not caring how she must look, laying there wide open with his head between his legs, Cordelia fell onto her back and snapped her eyes tight shut. Her hips rose up off the bed, pushing her throbbing sex harder against him as the throbs gradually became heavier, heightening the pressure of her blood racing through her veins.

Hands left the sheet to grab purchase on his strong shoulders, nails creating red welts in the flawless marble surface.

Pulling away from her, Angelus glanced up at the brunette hearing the panting, breathy moans as they got louder with the intensifying and closing climax he was gunning for. “You want me in you, don’t you baby? Want me all hard filling you up, want to feel your tight sweetness wrapped around me?”

Even as he took time to speak, he couldn’t refrain from licking the red honey from his lips. Would he ever get enough of tasting her in his mouth? Already, he wanted more. Wanted his tongue back inside just to feel those walls crunching down around him, begging to be stroked with something harder, more fulfilling.

“Tell me you want me Cordeee, tell me you want to be mine. Mine to protect mine to play with… Mine to keep”

When Cordelia never replied, Angelus treated her to another burning lick of his tongue and tugged on the solid bud of her pulsing clit, eliciting a quiet scream from the brunette laying splayed for him. “Tell me or I’ll stop”

Part of her head refused to acknowledge he had stopped when she was so close. Close enough her walls were clutching the empty space he’d left, so close her ass was moist with expelled arousal and so close her hands itched to take up where he left off. Then he uttered the threat of stopping unless she answered.

How was she supposed to answer? What did he expect from her? Seven days a month? What would she get out of it?

“Lemme have you, lemme own you Cordeee and you can have anything you want. Just tell me what I wanna hear” Angelus urged darkly, his eyes avidly watching and gauging her response as she shook away the thick of the haze he had her in. “I want you baby”

“Anything?” His expression was the silent answer and Cordelia struggled to make the decision at the most inopportune time. Why was he asking and not simply taking like he had been all night? Not that it mattered of course, she knew even if she got away he’d find her. Did she want to get away? “Can’t you ask me in the morning?”

“You don’t let me own you and I can’t guarantee you’ll see tomorrow morning” came the honest statement. “The taste of your innocence, your blood has me hungry. I take good care of my possessions but not of things I have no attachment to”

That wasn’t very comforting of him, the ultimatum of being completely owned or possibly killed weighed like a lead ball on her foggy mind until she pretty much came up with the decision she did not want to die but she didn’t want to be forced into it either.

“Why me? Is it just because I’ve got…” her eyes glanced downwards, “I know plenty of other girls who would be more than willing…”

“I don’t want other girls” this time, Angelus snarled out the words, definitely getting her full attention. “I want you. Yes or no, last time I’m asking. Before I simply take you for myself”

Swallowing what was left of herself, Cordelia nodded her consent. Guess choices didn’t come into it when a vampire wanted you. “Good girl” was her reward from him as he moved away from her unsatisfied core. She watched as the vampire got off the bed and proceeded to finish removing the last of his clothes.

Black leather was shoved down over his waist, first giving her a tantalising hint of dark hair nestled at the base of his shaft, standing out amazingly to the paleness of his sex. As the pants were lowered and finally completely thrown away, leaving all of his body naked for her to look at and see who she belonged.

Just like the rest of his build, his thighs were strong and solid enough that the ridges of muscle were evident under the stretched flesh. Settled between powerful thighs, Cordelia let huge eyes travel the full length of his erection from base to tip.

He looked soft to touch, like pale velvet but she knew he’d be hard as steel when he was inside her. Already, her body was preparing for him slick walls growing softer and wetter as slow acceptance of him crept through her.

His erection had lessened somewhat with his concentration being utterly focused on working her up but now, standing there under her sultry inviting gaze, Angelus found himself responding and growing harder.

Deep in the pools of melted hazel, traces of red shone brightly as the feminine sweetness consumed the brunette and made the blood pour from each inch of her tight body. Curling a hard grip around the sensitive shaft, Angelus slowly slid his hand up; easing the flesh down past the blunt tip as he worked down. Now, he really had her attention and he could visibly see her nails stroking her sides.

“Don’t” he stopped her with a single word and let his hold go in order to rejoin Cordelia on his bed. Licking remaining traces of her juice off his mouth, the vampire kept her gaze for a split second before engulfing the rosy pebble of her breast between his lips, sucking hard.

His tongue flicked rapidly back and forth over the turgid little peek, sending jolts of energy down to her core and set the throbbing shockwaves begin all over again.

Sharp points scraping over her nipple indicated the change that came over the vampire, replacing the handsome features with that of his true face. Finding herself looking at him curiously despite the high pressure building up slowly, Cordelia saw the ridges, prominent cheekbones, nose and outline of his jaw. It wasn’t ugly or horrible like other vampires, there was a strange kind of beauty there too. He was still Angelus no matter what he looked like.

He sucked hard on the peek, constantly laving it with sweeps of his tongue and sharp nips of his fangs, letting her know the pleasure a little pain could bring. Her hips began to rock, raising up off the bed and touching her sex to his before the dual stimulation had her jerking away. Every time, his cock lightly kissed her clit and the tip teased her outer lips with penetration, telling her body what it was missing out on.

Lifting his hand, Angelus lavished attention on her other breast, rolling and caressing her nipple with same treatment his tongue was giving it’s twin. Her nipples being overly-sensitive, responded more heavily to his erotic torture and Cordelia moaned deeply when a stinging sensation had her begging for more.

Snaring one little bud firmly between his teeth, Angelus bit down enough to send a harsh, vibrant buzz all the way through her body, making her arch her back tight like a bowstring as his teeth scored the tip until he released it. “Ready for me yet baby? You want me inside you? Fucking you till dawn?”

His answer was her legs relaxing, inviting him into the feminine cradle, inviting him to make her his. “Good answer, Cordeee” moving his body, the vampire situated the edge of his cock at her entrance his hand stroking it up and down her folds. The reddened, desire swollen lips parted enough to embrace the very tip and he slipped it up to hit off her clit with sharp, bouncy kisses that had her clutching his hips.

“I want you” Cordelia stared into those piercing demonic orbs and told him straight what it was she wanted him to do. “Please? I can’t hold out much longer”

Keeping her gaze, Angelus slid his cock back to where he wanted to be and eased the broad tip down along the lower inner lips until he felt her opening all tight and wet and ready. Pushing forward, his mouth swooped down to smother the moan as he inched further into the hot passage fisting his rigid shaft mercilessly. Right around him, silk velvet wrapped around his cool sex heating him up. Slowly, Cordelia felt her muscles expanding almost painfully around the thick feel of his excitement until a dull ache spread throughout her hips and stomach. Holding herself still, she waited for it to pass but it didn’t and she glanced down to see if he was fully inside her yet. “Oh… I can’t take… Ow!”

“Ssh baby, lemme just…” Angelus was quaking with the amount of control it took to suppress his need to simply thrust high, hard and fast into her, branding her the right way.

No, not yet, that could come later. If she associated him with bad sex, he’d be forcing her all the time and she’d never beg for it. Withdrawing from the tightness, he gave her a brief reprieve before penetrating deeper.

The dull ache was disappearing leaving a wicked pleasure in it’s place. Flexing her hips timidly, Cordelia moaned quietly when his shaft stroked a place inside that had a red hot flush of liquid spilling down his thighs. Repeating it, the brunette pushed a little harder this time and the move had him groaning, calling her a vixen.

Taking back the control his pet had once again stolen from him, Angelus used a controlled strength to rock into her core, delving a little deeper each time he entered. Rough, dark curls brushed over the pearl, tickling her enough to make her wiggle and squirm below him.

His balls were getting heavy as the pressure gradually built, forcing them tight to his body as his cock got harder. The feel of her soft folds teased the sensitive parts with wet caresses whenever he entered the over-heated alcove. “C’mon baby” he whispered, “Ride me”

The little slice of encouragement was just what Cordelia needed to boost her ego. Placing first one leg around his back and then the other, she locked her ankles at the small of his back, using her legs she pulled him completely down on top of her, the move driving him fully into the hilt.

Sweat covered them both, each sipping kisses from lips, neck and wherever else they could reach. Hands gripped, touched and urged as actions became faster, heavier and harder. Feminine moans mixed with distinct growls as the mood changed from gentle and introducing to feverish and greedy.

Beneath his solid body, Cordelia was arching and bucking up to equal each thundering thrust with a one of her own. Above her, Angelus ground his teeth together as he willed away the climax threatening to happen all too soon.

His balls were painfully tight and his cock was pulsing in the wet fisting hug of her delicious sex. In and out, he moved with a fluidic grace that left her breathless and crying out his name.

Hearing his name fall freely and willingly off her lips was a shocking catalyst that threw his control out the window and he made her pay for it. Tilting her hips up, Angelus smirked down into the desire-filled features of Cordelia as he used every bit of passion he had in order to make her scream and cry out his name again. “That’s it baby, tell me who owns you. Who do you belong too?”

“You, I belong to you! Argh!” Cordelia let go as her body went stiff and all moving apart from the violent, harsh fisting of her muscles around his shaft stopped.. Throbs ran right through her, blood pressure seemed to go rocket from her heart to everywhere all at once and her lungs burned with the shallow panting breaths.

“Good girl” one hand left her hips to tangle in the damp strands of hair and he yanked her head to the side. “You’re mine baby” sharp, deadly fangs sliced the sweat-slicked skin covering her jugular and her blood poured into his mouth like a hot shower of tropical rain.

There was a momentary stab of pain from his bite before she seemed to drift as though she were floating out of her body.

All she felt was the burst of cool liquid soothing her core as his cock throbbed and pulsed wildly against her tightly clenched muscles. Angelus groaned as the pressure left his body, ejaculating in long, luscious bursts that left him feeling replete, sated and warm.

Once, twice more and he stopped, everything halting as he dropped on top of her, his softening sex still held deeply in place by her but he wasn’t gonna complain. Slipping fangs out of her throat, he sealed the newly made puncture wounds with healing saliva; kissing, nipping and licking them until he was perfectly content.

Rolling his body to the side, the vampire took her with him and caged her to his chest, allowing her to feel the vibrations of low purrs rumbling in his chest. Fingertips stroked length-ways down her spine, soothing and comforting for both Cordelia and himself.

Cordelia could barely keep her eyes open, the night’s activities slowly catching up as exhaustion began to replace the after-glow of having sex for the first time in her life. Laying there in the arms of a noted killer, she couldn’t help but feel safer than ever as he tucked her closer into him.

“My Cordeee tired?” Angelus mused, his voice gruff and hoarse as he turned his head to look down at the obviously shattered brunette. Something occurred to him as the scent of her honey lingered strongly around him. “You’ll need things, won’t you?”

“Things?” She asked distractedly as her eyes took in the sight of his facial features still in that of a vampire. “You’re not so ugly like this, or so scary” if he’d approached her like this earlier that night, she’d have run screaming for the hills. Now, laying with him like she was, she couldn’t see what her problem had been.

“Mm-hmm, so you don’t bleed everywhere and mess up my bed”

Her sleepy eyes popped wide open at the realisation she had absolutely no protection against clothes ruination on her. Her bag with all of her supplies in had been left by the fountain and it wasn’t as if she could wander out to get stuff either.

“Great, just great. This is all your fault you know. You and your ‘Or do you want me to do it?’ self. Now I’m totally stuck and my clothes are gonna be ruined!”

“I take care of my possessions baby, you’ll learn that soon enough. Now tell me what you need”

It was a nice night he decided, the crescent moon shone down on the streets the Hellmouth, illuminating all the dark alley ways, creating shadows here and there while twinkling stars were speckled along the midnight sky.

Whistling merrily to himself, Angelus picked up his pace as he moved in the direction of the chemist on emergency 24 hour duty that day. He’d left his Cordelia in a relaxing piping hot bath and his toiletries, shampoo, body wash and other stuff that would completely cover her in his scent.

Ahhh. He couldn’t think of anything better than having your own personal pet waiting for you at home. It felt like such a homely thing to him, it was high time he curbed his womanising ways and settled down to enjoy the pleasure of a good woman. He couldn’t play the field forever, could he?

After all, if he did then he might get damned by another soul if he played with the wrong chick again. The happy vampire shuddered at the thought “Satan forbid” he mumbled and carried on with his upbeat walking.

The bright light of the chemist shone out through the large windows, lighting up the darkened street better than the orange lamps on the edge of the sidewalk. Making a sharp turn, Angelus turned and entered the shop, his whistling being replaced by humming.

His obsidian orbs glanced above the aisles at the signs, seeing where he needed to be and followed the correct directions to the 5th one. Those eyes scoured the female sanitary products lining the shelves until he found the first item he was here for.

Cotton silk, easy applicator, small fitting, expanding ones. There was a lot of choice, heavy, medium, moderate or light flow; basically everything a woman could need was there.

With a wicked lick of his lips, he made the choice. “Heavy!”

The Bloody End.


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