Second Time Lucky

Title: Second Time Lucky
Author: Scorch
Rating: NC-17
Category: Adult
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Sequel to These Things Happen
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AA, NF, anyplace else just ask
Thanks/Dedication:Burnt out am I? Califi, this one’s for you, enjoy!

Angelus looked at Cordelia, face expressionless and eyes that told her nothing. Premature ejaculation did not happen to him. Ever. He couldn’t stand the sympathetic look on her face and he couldn’t stand the fact his manhood was in question.

His ochre eyes looked down her sheet-protected body, the shape of her crossed legs making him boil with self-anger and that look in her eyes making him want to stake himself. No, no and no again, Cordelia Chase’s first impression of him was not going to be this.

Cordelia, still biting her lower lip, glanced at the vampire laying motionless next to her, unsure of what else to say. She wasn’t sure of what she expected but it wasn’t that. “So…” she went to speak up after having enough of the awkward silence.

Angelus looked at her, the expression that finally crossed his face immediately stopping her words. The narrowing of his eyes and the tilting of his head indicated he was deep in thought. That worried Cordelia, in fact the whole situation was worrying her.

What if he decided to take his self-anger and direct it at her? What if he thought it was her fault? There were so many what if’s about this situation, so many she didn’t want answers to.

Her protective sheet being pulled out of her tight grasp broke Cordelia’s thoughts and she looked at the vampire.

Angelus stared at her naked body again, “This time Cordelia” he breathed, “You’re gonna be screaming before I fuck you”

The deadly seriously look on his face told her he wasn’t lying or trying to worm his way out. Cordelia felt a rush go through her body as his gaze ate her up once more, liquid arousal dampened her inner thighs and her blood ran cold. He rolled over to her side of the bed, placing his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply. Angelus closed his eyes so all his other senses were more tuned in.

The fresh scent of her perfume lingered on her skin, the shampoo she had used still strong on her chestnut hair. Mostly, all he could taste in the air was the thick, heady scent of Cordelia’s natural scent. Intoxicating, arousing and unique to her.

He ran his hand down her arm, the skin feeling like fine Japanese silk and just as smooth. Warming, invigorating and soft. Angelus opened his now chocolate eyes that seemed onyx with desire. Deep, hypnotic onyx eyes that captured Cordelia’s hazel eyes, making them turn to the colour of melted toffee through desire.

The feel of his cool lips against the delicate skin on her neck, Cordelia jumped a little at the difference in body temperature. Her skin prickling with heat that seemed to sizzle when he touched her. Angelus smirked, brushing his lips along the column of her throat and turned her back to his chest.

Moving her thick, dark hair away from the nape of her neck, Angelus bit lightly, flicking his tongue out to sooth the invisible bite mark. Seeing and feeling Cordelia flinch, he spoke up in a low, melodious purr, “Not going to kill you” he told her. “Yet”

“Not inspiring a whole lot of confidence” Cordelia replied, her voice shaky and words coming out in little pants. She felt his lips glide smoothly down her back while his large, male hands pushed her thighs apart to allow him to do whatever he wanted to her. It felt so good, his tongue tickling the back of her thighs, the coolness of his body not doing anything against her increasing body temperature.

Angelus shifted slightly, moving Cordelia onto her back and slid between her thighs. Her clitoris glistening with female arousal, so tempting and so delectable. The vampire placed his hand to cup her, teasing her and making her whimper his name.

Cordelia couldn’t take her eyes from the vampire who was making her like this, turning her into somebody ready to beg to be touched in anyway possible. Her inner muscles already contracting from the eroticism of watching Angelus taste her so intimately. She couldn’t stop the moan escaping her parted lips when his tongue touched her there.

That one, single taste was all Angelus needed. He brought teasing fingers to hold Cordelia still while he drank her in. Angelus moved his tongue deeply in, kissing her more intimately than she had known. The warm arousal coated his lips, her hips bucked in silent pleas, asking for more.

Cordelia had to force herself to breathe as she continued to watch through heavy lidded eyes. Nothing had felt more erotic, more naughty than watching a man, a vampire, kiss her like that.

Angelus replaced his tongue with two cool fingers that made her whimpers turn to loud moans and arching hips. He felt her muscles contract around his fingers, squeezing them tightly and arousal scorched his skin. He had never known a woman to be as responsive as Cordelia, it was positively enthralling to watch her reactions and feel it from the inside.

“Angelus!” Cordelia cried out loudly, his fingers repeatedly hitting her G-spot, his tongue taunting her clitoris drove her to the brink. It was when Angelus sucked on her sensitive clitoris that sent her over the brink, crying out for him and pressing her hips to his hand.

He moved from her, penetrating her deeply and going completely still. Angelus panted harshly, absorbing the heat from Cordelia as she adjusted around him. The vampire pushed once, “Cord…” he mumbled, his head dropping to rest on her forehead.

“Please” Cordelia begged in a whisper, so unlike her to beg for anything much less the touch of a vampire. Her hands clutched his back, nails scraping his skin lightly when Angelus moved steadily inside her. Sliding inside smoothly, withdrawing fast and continuously tormenting her over-sensitive clitoris.

Angelus hooked her legs round his waist, Cordelia got his meaning and gripped tightly. Her arms brought his body completely down on top of hers, “Tell me you like me fucking you” he whispered in her ear as he moved harder and deeper.

“It feels good, you feel good” Cordelia whispered back, finding it highly arousing to hear him talk that while being inside her. Her nails dug deeper into his skin, leaving red scratches along his shoulders.

“Tell me you want me” he demanded, he could feel the pressure rising as his balls tightened against his body. It was everything, she was responding too well, he was too close and she was still feeling her last peak. He moved harder, hearing her scream, feeling her muscles fist his erection deep inside.

Hot liquid coated his upper thighs as Cordelia choked back her screams, Angelus pushed once more before. Her body trembled beneath his, her legs ached and light flashed behind her eyes. His vision blurred, her name spilling from his lips and body shook with the force of his orgasm.

Angelus had vamped long ago, the last thing he needed was her blood to make him complete. He lowered his face to her bared neck and took what she openly offered him. Cordelia threw her head back and screamed his name at first in pain then pleasure as he drank her life.

The next few minutes were a blur, Angelus collapsed, sated, crushing her body to the bed, breathing hard and unevenly. Cordelia’s head spun with bloodloss and dizziness, trying to find the way back to reality.

He slipped from her body and spooned around her, pulling her close to his chest. Promises to keep her safe, promises to keep her locked away from everyone, promises she would be his forever were whispered to her.

Cordelia turned her face to Angelus, “Second time lucky huh?” she asked with a slow smile.

The End


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