Omega Man and Popcorn

Title: Omega Man and Popcorn
Author: Sunscorched
Posted: 03/28/03
Rating: PG-13
Content: C/Aus
Summary: Cordelia steps up her stalking! Sequel to Presents and Thank You Notes
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AA/NF and anywhere else, just tell me where.
Notes: I love the thought of C/Aus pairing because I think they’d be a good match!

The vampire dropped his latest victim to the ground, “Not bad, had better” Angelus said in a somewhat satisfied manner. “Will have better when I finally get Cordelia” he scowled in annoyance at the thought of her name.

‘Damn her’ Angelus thought with a growl, ‘damn her and damn her to hell’ he was getting nowhere with her fast. If he sent her a ‘gift’ she just sent one right back, he was going to have to take a different strategy with this one.

He casually strolled down the street, trying to think up a plan that would work against the ice queen. Something caught his eye, Angelus turned to look at the cinema advertisement across the street. Omega Man was showing. It was his favourite movie ever.

Making sure there was no one around to see him, Angelus crossed the street and went into the cinema.

Cordelia watched as Angelus went into the cinema with curious eyes. Since he had turned his ‘affections’ towards her, Cordelia had made it her mission to find as much about him as possible. The best way to find out about a person, or vampire, like him is to, well, stalk them.

The amount of blackmail material she had over this vampire was unbelieveable. Now, Cordelia could add Omega Man to her list of material! She crossed the street as soon as her target was out of sight and followed him in.

Angelus went up to the ticket vender, “Omega Man” he demanded.

“That’ll be…” the ticket vender began to ask for the money.

Angelus rolled his eyes and vamped out, scaring the young boy half to death.

“J-j-just g-go s-straight i-in” the boy stammered as he tried not to pee his pants.

“Thank you, you’re most generous” Angelus chuckled at his obvious fear, now he would’ve tasted nice he thought.

Cordelia hid behind a corner and peeked round to see if Angelus had gone into the designated screen room before going to the ticket booth. “Hi, Omega Man please?” Cordelia asked politely as she took in the boy’s shaking hands and pale complexion.

“J-just g-g-go i-in m-miss” the boy stammered again as he handed her ticket over.

‘Thank you Angelus’ Cordelia thought gratefully as she hurried to the designated area for the movie which she was sure sucked. On the way, the sweet section caught her eyes, ‘I may have pigged out at Ben and Jerry’s, but there will always be room for popcorn’ Cordelia thought as she made a quick detour.

Angelus found a seat and laid his jacket on it so it wouldn’t be so hard to sit on. “I wish they wouldn’t show trailers” he heard a man to his right say to him and he pointedly ignored him.

The room got darker as the film started to play and Cordelia sat five rows behind the vampire who was looking at the screen intently. she bit her lip as she looked at the piece of popcorn in her hand, ‘I couldn’t, could I?’ she asked herself. Angelus would get angry and she wouldn’t want that.

‘No Cordy, just sit here and watch him, don’t make him angry’ Cordelia told herself as her smile widened and her popcorn-holding hand moved all by itself. She launched the piece of popcorn at the back of Angelus’ head and ducked behind the seats.

Angelus felt something hit the back of his head and glanced accusingly at the man to his right. No, it wasn’t him, Angelus turned to look behind him at the almost empty seats. Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he turned back to his film.

Cordelia smothered her giggle with both hands as she peeked over the seats and waited until she saw Angelus relax again. Biting her lip, Cordelia reached for another piece of popcorn, launched it at her target and hid.

Angelus snapped his head to look behind him but, again, he saw nothing that would indicate somebody throwing things at him. Scowling he turned back to the screen.

Cordelia’s stomach was aching with withheld laughter, oh God this was so funny. This time, she grabbed a handfull of popcorn, waited until Angelus relaxed again but instead of throwing the popcorn she waited a little longer.

One of Angelus’ favourite parts of the movie was coming up and he edged forward on his seat in preparation.

Cordelia saw him do this and right at ‘the’ moment, she launched the popcorn and ducked to hide.

Angelus found himself covered in popcorn and a few pieces had gone down his shirt and making his chest itch. Someone. Was. Going. To. Die. He was really annoyed, whoever it was had made him miss the best part of the movie and he was far from happy.

Cordelia was doubled over and clutching her sides to keep from screaming with the hilarity of the situation. She lifted a shaking hand that held more popcorn, instead of looking where she was throwing it, she just tossed it at the entire row.

This time, both Angelus and the man to his right looked round for the offending person who was doing this. “Goddamn teenagers” the man grumbled and moved a few rows to the front out of the way. Angelus was seriously pissed off now and he was close to forgetting the movie, killing everyone in there just to get the bastard who was doing this to him.

Couldn’t a vampire just relax?

A familiar scent assaulted Angelus’ senses, he frowned as he tried to place it. ‘Apples’ the vampire thought, ‘who wears apples?’ he tried to recognise who the scent belonged to.

Cordelia had risked crawling to being three rows behind the vampire, ‘I’m not doing this to be closer, I’m not doing this because I want him to catch me’ was her mental mantra. Cordelia peeked over the seats and launched a ‘very’ large handful of popcorn at the vampire and ducked.

“Hey” Angelus yelled as he turned to see who he knew that was throwing popcorn at him and ruining the movie. There was that scent again and it was stronger now. Angelus clicked who the scent belonged to. Underneath the apples was one very female, very sweet and very nice scent.


A slow smile crossed his face, she must’ve seen him and followed him in here and she was the one who had been throwing the popcorn. Angelus got out of seat and walked to Cordelia’s row and found her gripping her stomach with tears down her face.

“Good evening Cordelia, I didn’t know you liked Omega Man” Angelus alerted the girl to his presence.

Even with the vampire a few feet away, Cordelia couldn’t seem to stop laughing. Her eyes drifted up leather-clad legs, over strong thighs and a black shirt that hid a probable wash-board stomach. Her eyes continued their assent, over a visible muscular chest and finally reaching a very amused face.

“Hi” Cordelia said the first thing that came to her mind.

“Mind if I join you?” Angelus asked as he sat without waiting for her answer.

Cordelia stayed sat on her knees as she hiccuped, “Omega Man, huh?” she asked, hoping to placate the anger she was certain the vampire would be feeling.

“Can’t a vampire like a film?” Angelus asked, “As fun as this is, I prefer to talk to a woman when she’s sitting next to me” he said. Angelus reached down and gently pulled her into the seat next to his and raised the arm in the middle. He was purposely gentle, because that’s how a vampire was to treat their prize pet. And, like he had already said, he didn’t want another Dru.

Cordelia swallowed as she felt his arm wrap round her shoulders and tug her closer to him. How was she going to get out of this one?



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