Food Of Love 1

Title: Food Of Love
Author: Scorch
Rating: Take a wild guess… (N-17!)
Category: Again, take a wild guess…
Content: Do I really have to say?? (C/A, lol)
Summary: Inspired the ‘Can Angel taste?’ thread
Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt. No infringement is intended, no profit is made.
Distribution: AO, Cal, Lil, Lio n Sara’s place
Notes: Smut maybe a little rusty, forgive me? *bats eyes and smiles adoringly*

His eyes went back and forth, following each purple grape that was happily and enthusiastically popped past two plump, naturally rose pink lips and into a warm, watering mouth. The corners of those plump, naturally rose pink lips curled up in sheer satisfaction as she chewed on the sweet piece of fruit, relishing in the delicious juice that bathed her tongue.

His right eyebrow lifted a little as the amount of grapes increased from one to two, creating little lumps under her cheeks that made him smile in amusement. Her lips were gradually turning lightly purple with the more fruit she ate, making him wonder what colour they would go when she began moved onto the strawberries that sat next to the very chunky strips of water melon.

His left eyebrow slowly joined in the right as she went from simply eating the purple grape to peeling the thin skin off before dropping them into the entrance to her bottomless pit. It was becoming obvious to the vampire just how much his seer enjoyed fruit, within the depths of her hazel orbs he swore he could see the white fluffy clouds of heaven.

When his seer decided to have a fruit salad to accompany their movie, Angel hadn’t really expected her plate to have half the grocery store fruit section on it. The purple grapes, seedless of course, were situated next to the green ones which were also seedless and in turn, the green grapes were strategically settled to the left of the water melon slices. Apple pieces lay as yet untouched between the strawberries and cherries while a single orange decorated the middle of the plate.

At the moment, the brunette was heartily munching her way through the purple ones an expression of serene happiness had the vampire struggling to hold back a rare half smile. It wasn’t often he got to see Cordelia Chase so at ease and he found it somewhat cute, not to mention entertaining. Every time a grape was placed into her mouth, her eyes would flutter and a tiny moan of appreciation would sound from her throat.

If he hadn’t had the benefit of vampire senses, Angel would never have been able to indulge in the pleasure of that sweet sound and nor would he have had the pleasure of scenting the fruit as it mingled with her unique aroma. The combination of it was quite intoxicating if he dared to admit it, the thought of how the enjoyed fruit would taste on her tongue gave him the urge to steal a tasting kiss from those pouting lips.

The urge to kiss, cuddle and torture her was becoming all the more frequent to him. It driving him to the point of madness, just knowing she didn’t have kiss, cuddle and torture urges towards him made him feel like his heart was being cut out with a blunt knife.

Turning her attention from the movie they’d watched more than twice, Cordelia noticed Angel eyeing her mouth with avid interest, his deep brown eyes almost swallowed black as he followed each movement the grape in her hand made. A smile quirked up at the edges of her mouth, a smile that was quickly returned and just as quickly hidden by the vampire when he realized a smile would probably crack his face.

“Want one?” the seer offered one of her precious purple grapes, holding up her plate for him to choose which one he wanted.

Those hypnotic orbs of his snapped to meet her warmed hazel ones, startled at having been caught staring so longingly at her mouth. Angel blinked rapidly once or twice and cleared his throat. Despite wanting, being and living with her for the last few months, he still found conversing with his seer a hard task.

Seeing the uncertainty marring his handsome features, Cordelia rolled her eyes in exasperation and let out a deep sigh. “It’s just a grape Angel!” she stated, “If you want one, get one.” For a champion specifically chosen by the Powers themselves, he could be incredibly… Was there a word to describe what he could be at times? She wasn’t sure there was.

The last time he’d had human food was when he’d been turned human on the lost day, Angel realised, and that had been Cordelia’s ice cream. Not that he had told her that piece of information of course, it would have been more than his life was worth. “No” the vampire denied the offered fruit, “Thanks” the ghostly flicker of a smile that went with his refusal told her another story.

It was downright obvious the vampire wanted some of her fruit, she could practically see the drool on his chin as he looked between her face and plate. Rolling her now amused hazel eyes once more, Cordelia’s exasperated sigh was more of an attempt of withholding sniggers. “Here” picking up a green grape, the seer teased his pale lips with the fruit trying to get him to accept it. “you know you wanna” the words held a toneless yet musical tune that made him warm inside.

The fruit was still cool against his lips after being the refrigerator for most of the day and he noted the temperature was below his own, making him wonder if he felt that cool to Cordelia whenever he touched her. Looking down his nose at the grape being teasingly brushed against his lips, Angel frowned and tried to pull away from the insistent woman now practically sitting in his lap.

“No” the vampire tried once more to deny her offering, “Really. You eat it!” He really didn’t want to eat the damn grape.

On the brunette’s face, a quick flash of resignation disappeared into something that put him on edge as she pulled away from the vampire and returned to her own space on the couch, settling back to watch the boring movie. “Ok, no need to get snippy” Cordelia snipped at Angel, popping the grape meant for him into her own mouth and chewing with exaggerated enthusiasm. “Mmmm! Juicy goodness”

Angel pretended not to notice the sly side-ways glance thrown his way from his seer, determined not to give into any of the tricks he knew she’d use to get him to eat. Shifting in his space, he moved to a position that would allow him the ability to subtly see what she would throw at him.

She could feel his eyes on her, making her skin prickle with heat and her brain to work over-time on ways to get him to try some of her fruit. Calculating hazel orbs roamed over every piece of delectable fruit on the plate, indecision clear in the irises as Cordelia tried to judge what she thought what would appeal to Angel the most.

Well, there was only one way to find out.

“What do you like best?” Cordelia asked after swallowing the last purple grape and shuffling on her backside in order to fully face the vampire. “Do you think the orange would be too much for your over-sensitive vampy taste buds? Do you have over-sensitive vampy taste buds? You have over-sensitive vampy everything else, so why not the sense of taste too?”


Angel blinked in rapid succession as he tried to decipher the many questions spoken in many short seconds. It was a good it was now second nature for his brain to latch onto the ending of her sentences. “I can taste” he explained, secretly hoping this was what she was talking about, “But human food doesn’t sustain me like blood wouldn’t sustain you.” God forbid he silently added.

The thought of Cordelia Chase as an immortal vampire was almost enough to make reach for the stake.

“But is your taste buds more sensitive then, say, mine?” Cordelia asked in genuine interest. It wasn’t often she got him openly talking about being a vampire and she was fully determined to milk everything she possibly could from the normally stoic vampire. “I mean, would a tangy fruit like an orange be super sour instead of just really tasty?!”

Deep brown eyes narrowed in suspicion as an orange segment became held up for him to take. “Try it” the manipulating brunette urged with a too-cute smile, “Try it and tell me what it tastes like to you”

Taking the section of citrus fruit out of her hold, Angel studied it for a few moments before biting into it. The flavor hit him immediately, causing his cheeks to hollow and his eyes to squint slightly as he found oranges were too sour for him. Despite the taste being a little strong on his tongue, the vampire found it somewhat addictive and rather nice.

Watching in barely withheld satisfaction and glee as he popped the remaining piece of orange into his mouth, Cordelia waited patiently for him to tell her what he thought of it. Wide eyes urged him to hurry up and swallow as her naturally low patience deteriorated at a rate faster than normal. “Well?” she couldn’t keep the grin off her face as she focused entirely on the vampire and his reactions.

The sweetly sour juice ran down his throat, seemingly tickling his tongue and leaving a bitter but delicious sensation in his mouth. Brown eyes full of childlike awe turned to face his seer and a very rare, large grin spread across his pale lips. The tip of his tongue washed his mouth as he tried to put what the orange tasted like to him into words. “Sweet and sour, juicy. Tasted like… Orange” was Angel’s reply.

Her grin was forced to stay into place as she received his three-word answer. “That’s it?” Cordelia enquired, searching his face for something more than sweet, sour and juicy. “Just sweet, sour and juicy? Tasted like an orange?”

“Cordy, I can’t taste food in the same way as you” Angel explained, “Blood tastes like blood, oranges taste like oranges.” What did she want him to say about it exactly? Rolling his tongue around his mouth, he tried to capture the flavor a little more in order to give her some understanding of the difference between vampire and human taste buds. “What does it taste like to you?”

“Sweet, the citrus makes my tongue tingle and the flavor refreshes me” the brunette stated as though she had been rehearsing the answer in her head. “Quenches my thirst. Bitter, but not quite like lemon, and addictive”

“I’ll agree on the bitter aspect of it” Angel quirked, remembering the response he got from the first taste. “It’s probably more bitter for me due to excess sensitivity so that would detract from the flavor, making it less appealing for me.”

Cordelia nodded, understanding what he was getting at. Maybe she should try him on watermelon instead, it wasn’t as strongly flavored or as sour as the orange. Her whole face lit up as an idea raced through her hard working brain. “Come on Angel!” the plate was shoved unceremoniously to the floor and the seer bounced up from the couch, her hand latching tightly around a thick, male wrist.

She had a whole refrigerator full of things for him to try.

Angel allowed, yes allowed her to pull him up from the comfortable position he’d been in all night and allowed her to lead him into the kitchen where he had no doubt he would be subjected to a tasting session. Not that he really minded of course, especially when it put that smile on his seer’s face.

The smile that created a barely noticeable dimple in the left corner of her chin, the smile that turned those hazel orbs to spun gold, the smile that made it feel like his heart beat.

The smile that she was giving him right now over the slope of her shoulder.

His darkening eyes crinkled slightly at the edges as he swept his gaze over her body, appreciating the way the loose clothing skimmed rather than clung to her well-developed figure. Dark blue workout pants swished around her ankles, drawing his attention to the matching blue polish that tipped her toes. Following the shape of the toned legs hidden beneath, Angel let his lusty gaze wander lazily up to where it got tighter around feminine, muscular thighs.

The loose material curved tightly around the firm shape of her ass, a sight that brought a slow male smirk to the vampire’s mouth as he visibly caressed that firm ass with a heating gaze. An elasticized waist band held the pants securely round her trim waist, emphasizing the slight flare where her hips flared to create curves that moved rhythmically. Every time Cordelia’s body moved, he was treated to a tiny show of flawless golden flesh that had him biting back a purr of sexual appreciation.

Continuing the visual journey, Angel eyes the cream sweater that hung off her left shoulder, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of the tanned flesh at the nape of her slender neck. A flash of metal alerted him to a delicate silver necklace decorating her throat and he wondered if it was a simple chain or if she had a pendant attached to it. If there was a pendant, he could imagine only too well how it would rest on the soft swell of her cleavage, bringing an unneeded but not unwelcome decoration to her chest.

Dark chestnut hair that normally fell in luxurious waves down her supple back was tied up in an unkempt ponytail where the silky ends brushed against the same slender neck that was on show. His fingers itched to take that hair band out so he could feel those strands falling through his fingers as he swept them away from her flushed face.

“Okay then!” Cordelia’s voice jolted him out of train of thought, pulling him back to the here and now and what she was about to get him too do.

Bringing himself to stand to the right of the fridge, Angel crossed his arms over a broad chest hidden by a black silk shirt and watched his seer as she rummaged around in the unit. Once again, his right eyebrow rose as things were pulled into his line of sight one by one and placed on top of the fridge.

Jelly? Donuts? More fruit? Honey? Whipped cream?! What was she going for here? Chef of the year?

Ice cream in three different flavors; chocolate, vanilla and, he looked closely, raspberry sorbet. The more Angel saw being yanked out of the fridge, the more he began to worry about his seer’s obviously unbalanced diet. Was the only decent meal she ever got the omelet’s he cooked her? He made a mental note to introduce Cordelia to nutrition and healthy eating. No woman could survive quite well on ice cream and jelly.

Saying that, the physical appearance of the brunette could give him a damn good argument.

Said brunette spun to face the half worried, somewhat intrigued vampire and smacked her palms together as if to gather herself for some form of battle. Her pouting mouth curled completely up into a beaming yet suspiciously innocent smile that left him a little on the nervous side. “Sit”

Uncrossing his arms from the relaxed position over his expansive chest, Angel walked the very few steps to the rectangular table set in the centre of the homely kitchen and sat to await his fate for the evening. The wooden legs of the chair made a quiet noise as they scraped against the smooth surface of the flooring, sounding like the starting shot of a game.

With two armfuls of supplies, Cordelia bounced her way to the table and carefully dumped everything in front of a very dubious vampire eyeing it all through two orbs full of trepidation. His lips were forced to keep a tight reign on an amused smirk for fear she would make him eat one of those chilies that burned people’s throats off. “I’m sitting” Angel spoke in a rich, husky tone that made her eyes flutter, “And all yours”

“Isn’t that a scary thought?!” the brunette teased, a soft glint in her hazel irises dulled the sharp words to make a playful, light hearted banter between them. “Ok so you’re sitting, now you get to close your eyes”

This was going to far. “Cordelia…!” Angel exasperated in a hefty sigh as he stared up the young woman standing right in front of him. There was no way on Earth he was closing his eyes with her about to do God knows what to him with food. No amount of sweet and innocent pleading will get him to close his eyes.

A deep and unneeded sigh sounded as the vampire resigned himself as guinea pig and slowly lowered his lids, leaving himself vulnerable in his seers hands. Shifting uncomfortably on the chair, Angel waited for her to make the next move.

He jumped a little when the feel of warm hands pressed softly on his solid thighs, pushing them apart to allow her room to place her body between. Scanning over the supplies laid on the table, Cordelia nibbled her lower lip indecisively before starting with a slice of the watermelon. Snatching one from it’s small platter, the brunette placed the curved edge of the juicy fruit at the entrance to the vampire’s mouth, teasing him.

“Tell me whatcha think of this” she encouraged, her voice sounding a little too thick to him.

Opening his mouth, Angel dipped his tongue past drying lips to taste the fruit. At the touch, he found his parched lips became moist with more sweet, fruity juice and he took a bite. It was so soft, almost melting on his tongue and a tiny moan of appreciation vibrated lightly through his form. “I like that better than orange”

He felt rather than saw the self-pleased smile that lit up her face. “Have more, here” Cordelia once again touched the edge of melon to his lips and watched through glazing orbs as the vampire took a larger bite, savoring the taste this time. The pale shading of his lips became washed with a light coloring of pink from the juice as he consumed more of it.

The muscles in his neck rippled under his flesh and his defined jaw flexed with the movement. She wondered if any other girl ever found a guy eating a turn on. “I like the way the juice tastes on my tongue, in my mouth” Angel vocalized, his voice a deep, rasping whisper of it’s usual throaty sound.

The pink tip of his tongue dipped out to lick up the juice on those lips, a slow sweep caught her attention and she stared as he circled his male pout in an almost caressing manner that caused a quick pulsing throb to run through her. Swallowing back a forming lump, Cordelia placed the slice of melon back on it’s platter and picked up a strawberry. “Next”

Twirling the rounded, red fruit in her fingers, the seer rolled the tip over his mouth only to pull back when he moved to bite. She smirked down at the irritated scowl forming on his forehead and repeated the taunting move.

It felt a little rough, the seeds made his lips feel itchy but not a bad kind of itchy. Not a bad itch at all.

Angel quirked an indulging smile towards his seer as he moved to snatch the strawberry from her hand, closing blunt teeth sharply around it. The sudden burst of delicious flavor stung his tongue and he sucked more of the juice into his mouth, relishing in the tangy taste.

“Strawberries are one of my favorite” Cordelia’s whispered confession made the dark haired vampire open his closed eyes to look up at her, not wholly amazed to see arousal brimming within the hot caramel.

Thick, male fingers curled around her slender wrist, the tips overlapping and he took control of this. All blood momentarily paused before rising in temperature and flowing through his veins at an increasing speed. Directing her hand, Angel brought the strawberry back to his mouth and ran his tongue up, licking the stay droplets of liquid that spilled onto her fingers.

Now that he could taste.

The rasping feel of his tongue made her fingertips tingle with slight sensation and Cordelia felt her breathing gradually deepen the more he tasted.

His eyes were drawn to where the intake of oxygen was forcing her chest to rise and fall, pushing hardening buds against the cotton fabric of bra and thin sweater. Hot chocolate orbs slowly faded to midnight as he found the need to taste something other than fruit.

A large male hand became gently placed on the curve of her hip, roughened fingertips sliding beneath the cream top to oh so softly stroke the naked skin. She felt so different to him; he was cool, she was hot. Her skin was silky soft and smooth, he was rough. She was pliant and feminine, he was hard and male.

A total contradiction to everything he was and Angel was enthralled by it, completely under whatever spell she had cast.

Letting her wrist go, he graced his seer with a half smile full of ideas. “Do I get to play? After all, it’s only fair”

It wasn’t just her body temperature that heightened; the whole room seemed to be suddenly filled with heat that brought a fine sheen of aroused perspiration to her face and body. Nodding, Cordelia numbly placed the strawberry down as she backed away from the vampire to allow him the room to gracefully rise from the chair.

Turning away from the brunette, Angel pushed the platter and rest of the food out the way, nudging his head for her to sit in the space provided. “Sit and close your eyes” he was going to enjoy this. His body was already enjoying this and he hadn’t done anything yet. Just the thought of those rosy pink lips tasting him and not the fruit was enough to bring to a state of aching hardness that caused a tight, but pleasurable ache between his thighs.

Easing herself onto the hard, smooth table Cordelia let her eyes softly close as she waited for him to make the next move. Anticipation threaded through her body as she tried to control her breathing and hear over the pulsing blood racing through her ears. She could scent the natural male aroma of Angel as he parted her legs in much the same way she had done and stood close enough to let her feel the breathless whisper of words float across her cheeks.

“Strawberries Cordy?” Angel enquired, saying her name in a way that made the apples of her cheeks flush with a pretty pink hue. The blush gave him her answer and he acted on it, trying to keep a lid on his own building excitement. Swiping up a strawberry with one hand, the vampire got the whipped cream with the other.

Her perfectly shaped brows rose a little when the noise of the cream disturbed the heady silence in the kitchen. She had a vague idea what he was doing but, until she tasted, she couldn’t be certain and Cordelia guessed that’s exactly what he wanted. To keep her guessing, keep her on the edge and anticipate his every move.

The soft texture of cream mixed with the lightly rough surface of the red fruit grazed her mouth and a an almost unnoticeable moan escaped her contracting throat. Involuntarily, her pink tongue dipped out and licked up a drop of cream, feeling it instantly melt in her mouth.

Angel bit his lower lip hard to stifle the sensual sound that threatened to spill out as he watched her enjoy the strawberry and cream. Circling the fruit all over her full lips, he got harder when the brunette suggestively lapped up everything in a way that caused the tight feeling in his balls to increase. He didn’t think he’d ever been so sexually aware of a woman in his existence; her scent, actions and hungry noises all centred around him and what he was doing.

He’d never had such openness or such simplicity before, it was something he could definitely get used too but only with her. Angel doubted he would, or could, ever feel so free to express this amount of indulgence with another. It wouldn’t feel right at all.

“Angel” his name on her lips spurred the vampire into dipping the strawberry into her parted mouth, watching through blackened orbs as she bit the fruit in half and heard a moan quickly follow.

“Yeah?” Angel whispered, his gaze searching her expressions for something he wanted an answer too. He second guessed waiting to see if she would turn him down like he expected her too and for once, he went for what he wanted. Taking a small bite of the strawberry before discarding it, the vampire swallowed and took a deep, necessary breath and lightly touched his lips to hers.

Immediately, Cordelia snapped her eyes wide open in time to see Angel pulling back unsurely. Anxiousness was clearly evident on his handsome face as he stood there, waiting for a slap or her to tell him where to go. Long, dark eyelashes blinked slowly as she brushed her mouth with her fingertips, still feeling his caress. As light as it was his soft kiss had her lips plumping up in readiness for more.

“Is this, I mean, are we…?”

The strange sensation of laughter bubbled up in his chest at the very unfamiliar sound of her stammering, it was good to know he caused the unflappable Queen to flap. “I hope so” Angel replied with what seemed to be hope under his confident tone, “Now for once shut up and let me play.” A finger to the opening, ready-to-speak lips had the seer doing just that.

Seeing his confident heightening, Cordelia inhaled a deep breath and gathered her own. Sweeping her tongue out, she sensually caressed first his fingertip and then the shaft of his finger, forcing his eyes wide as thoughts raced through his suddenly over-worked brain. Warm, pliant lips wrapped tight as she sucked his finger into her mouth, lavishing erotic attention he wished were elsewhere on his body.

Wet heat from the cavern of her mouth had his gaze heating rapidly and Angel became intensely still, focusing on what she was doing to his finger before slipping out and dragging his touch over the swell of her lower lip. “Tasty” Cordelia purred, her features lightening up with vixen mischief that burned in her hazel pools.

The smirk the lifted the corners of his mouth told her exactly what he wanted her to taste. “Let’s see how you taste” Angel trailed his hand down the centre of her female form, lingering for a single second in the valley of her cleavage allowing his skin to absorb the heat emanating from her body. Further down, he went until both hands were placed at the edge of her workout pants. “Lift up”

Realization dawned at the hint of where he planned to taste, bringing the pretty flush of pink to a light red as Cordelia followed the path taken by the vampire to look at his hands skimming the band of her pants. Glancing up through darkened lashes, she sent him a cheeky smile “Be gentle, I’m very fragile”

Helping her to stand steadily, Angel sucked in a breath as he lowered the pants slowly so to tease himself. Eyes watched avidly as the navy blue fabric skirted the curves of her hips and slid down the feminine, toned thighs to reveal simple white cotton panties. She was gold all over, each inch of her skin shimmered as though she had been sprinkled with diamond dust.

Unable to look away from the apex of her legs, he took a moment to get control on the urge to pin her to the table and drive into the tight, lithe body until she screamed. Starting on the insides of her hot thighs, he slipped the pants down scraping the rough skin of his palms over the silky surface of her legs.

Gently sloped calves led the way down to dainty ankles; Angel traced the tip of his index finger down her leg to toy with her unpainted toes. Dark eyes full of humor flicked up to meet her lighter, brightly lit ones. Cordelia scrunched her toes inwards, trying to prevent that exploring finger from tickling the ball of her foot.

Beneath the white material, he could see the dark neatly trimmed curls that decorated her mound that led him to where the white became sheer with arousal, making her panties cling to the softened contours of her sex. Breathing in harshly, Angel took the musky scent into his lungs and savored the honeyed taste on his lips, giving himself a teaser of just how hot she would be on his tongue.

Small hot hands came down for purchase on the corded lines of his shoulders, manicured nails digging through the silk and into his flesh, letting him know she wanted it, wanted him. Stepping out of her pants, Cordelia never took her own lusty orbs from the vampire as he rested on his knees, completely focused on her sexuality. Did she dare?

“See something you want?” oh yeah, she dared all right.

Hypnotic pools laced with gold snapped straight up to lock with hers, low purrs gradually turning into deep growls as he read the self-assured gleam on her face and heard the teasing challenge in her silvery voice. Easing his figure upright, Angel kept the vixen in place with a piercing stare until his six-two form allowed him to tower over her.

Cool hands gripped hers firmly, bringing her touch into bold contact with his erection, making her gasp in surprise and involuntarily close her fingers as much as she could around his cock. “That answer your question?” Angel’s tone held an underlying, almost violent nature that thrilled and shocked her. “I can scent your want all around me Cordy, it’s like an addictive drug that makes me high. Being near you, even when you’re not wet for me, is enough to get me hard”

Her mouth formed a perfect O as his words danced through her ears to settle forever in her memory.

A male chuckle sounded as he leaned closer to her, “Do you have any idea to know what it feels like to have you wanting me the way I want you?”

Cordelia shook her head.

“Want me to show you?”

Excitement quickly gave way to extreme confusion, discomfort and nervousness as she brought up the one thing that could keep them physically apart. Saddening orbs still locked with blackened gold, conveying what she was about to bring up. “Angel, the curse. Unless you’re either suddenly not cursed or your soul is glued, I don’t see how you can show me” now she felt awful for crushing him. “And don’t you dare say I couldn’t give perfect happiness bub, or you won’t even get a kiss much less the promise of future romance”

“Then you’ll just have to satisfy both my demon and soul, won’t you?” Angel tried to keep the laughter out of his voice at her unneeded worry over his curse. Not that she exactly knew about the Oracles vague but meaningful words on the day that no-one remembered.

“You wish to return to what you were? A demon with a soul?”

It had taken three weeks and a secret trip to that kooky little karaoke club to figure out they had meant the distinct lack of curse surrounding his soul. Then, it had taken an extra week for it to sink into his skull followed by a further 8 weeks of thinking about the possibility of asking his seer out.

All in all, Angel had been living in a world of hell and torment for a full 12 weeks, or 3 months, of being around Cordelia Chase while he worked up the guts to do something about it. He had too witness her swanning around in flirty little skirts that taunted his imagination, tops that clung to her curvy figure.

Had he said what she thought he said? Cordelia visibly stiffened when he spoke about he pleasing demon and soul. How did he expect her to please his demon exactly? Whips, chains and blindfolds? Maybe they would sound more shocking if she didn’t think the idea of Angel totally at her mercy was hot.

His mouth worked up into a wicked smirk as he watched her gaze glaze over and her fingertip pop between slightly parted lips. No doubt she was thinking of what pleasing all of him would entail. “I believe” the vampire’s throaty voice brought the seer out of her daze and her focused sight back on him, “I was about to find out if you taste good on my tongue”

Keeping pools of liquid caramel locked to his onyx jewels, Angel teased the woman with a slow lick of his lips as he slowly trailed soft fingertips up the shape of her legs, lifting the hem of her sweater as he travelled higher. The heat emanating off her bare skin scorched his touch, warming his blood up and bringing the vampire to a low boil. Inch by silky inch, he got closer to where she was hottest until he stilled where his fingers met the edge of her panties.

Cordelia let out the breath she had been unconsciously holding, her thighs closing together in an effort to get him to touch her. Raising her hands, she fisted two handfuls of his shirt and tugged him nearer. A male hand slapped down on the table top as his handsome face came to stop mere centimetres from hers. He could taste the fruit flavouring her breath as her chest expelled deep, even puffs of air that caused her top to stretch tight over the swell of her breasts.

Each expression marring the brunette’s vixen face was etched in his memory as he oh so lightly caressed the apex of her thighs, making her hips buck up in a demand for a harder, more fulfilling touch. Angel swallowed back a moan of appreciation as arousing wetness coated the tips of his fingers and he had to feel more of it, feel more of her.

Tentatively at first, Angel snared the plump lips under his using his cool tongue to ask for permission by way of treating the female mouth to a naughty, suggestive lick. Dipping between the flushed lips, he flicked across her warmer one before pulling back from her. Cordelia let out a frustrated, quiet noise that drew his mouth back down on hers.

This time, the vampire exerted enough force that she had to steady herself with her hands as her neck arched into the deeply harder kiss. Working her up with a sensually oral attack, Angel’s body vibrated with moans that rang out from the back of her throat. His tongue slid, licked and stroked hers as his lips manipulated the supple ones until he’d won all claims to dominance and his right to play.

Parting with a final nip on her fuller lip, he looked down in satisfaction at the reddened colouring that had replaced the natural pink. Liquefied caramel irises were cloudy with lust and heavy lidded as the heady desire she felt made her body hum, showing all sexual emotions through the glassy windows.

Taking advantage of Cordelia’s distracted state, his hand easily slid from it’s resting place on her thigh until he was fully cupping her sex. Angel felt his body temperature a little higher as hot wetness soaked through the cotton to spill onto his intimate embrace. The pad of his thumb lazily brushed against the contours of her core, eliciting a hiss of pleasure and responsive arching into his touch.

Black orbs suddenly became surrounded by a bright corona of gold as he started to move, gently and unsurely, stroking her and relished in initiating deeper intimacy. Increasing the pressure of his fingers, Angel left her face to watch the erotic sight of his hand moving between her legs and a low growl alerted to just how enjoying he found that.

Seeing fascination and awe as his expressions, Cordelia tore her gaze and looked to see what he found so good. Hidden beneath the edge of her cream sweater, his thick wrist moved in such a manner that gave her the idea of what he was doing and it was only then her brain caught up with her body.

“Oh God!”

He was touching her, Angel was actually touching her in a lover-like way. She could feel his masculine hand as he roamed confidently over her body, learning secrets she didn’t even know she kept. The vampire circled the sensitive labia with a gentle pressure that left her reeling and inner muscles clenching with throbs that forced her blood to flow faster.

The cotton was getting wetter, his fingers getting hotter and he rewarded his new lover with a full caress. He left her momentarily, taking both sides of her underwear in a tight hold and cleanly tore the material in two. “Much better, don’t you think?”

Taking his time, Angel started at her mound where that triangle of neat, dark curls tickled his hand as he threaded his fingers down until he felt where her body opened up. A groan ripped from his chest as liquid sex hit his skin, the scent grew intense and the taste so thick in the air, it made his mouth dry.

Separating the petals of her sex, Angel slipped down and gathered up the creamy pool of liquid expelled from her body. Smoothing his touch up, he grinned when the first sweep of his fingers against the bud of her clit brought her hips high off the table and a sound of lust from her mouth.

Swirling around the nub, he spread the female juice over the responsive little pearl and moved his hand into a V, stimulating all of her at once. The rough flesh on the heel of his palm rasped over her clit as his fingers teased her body with penetration.

Cordelia grasped tight hold of the table edge, her nails digging into the underside as Angel explicitly pleasured her. Hips bucked wildly up to meet his every touch, eyes rolled back in her head and soft, soundless moans escaped parched lips.

“Not yet” he whispered, “Not until I’ve tasted you”

Another grin curled those sinful lips up as he looked up to see her eyes become black as pupils dilated wide. Excitement warred with uncertainty as Cordelia swallowed back a heavy lump of nervousness.

“I know” was the vampire’s arrogant yet truthful statement in regards to her limited experience where all things sexual was concerned. “Trust me Cordy, I won’t hurt you”

“Just watch those fangs” she remarked coyly, fluttering her lashes and smiled prettily for Angel. “I’ve seen what they can do!”

A mock hurt expression scrunched Angel’s forehead up until crinkles appeared at the bridge of his nose. “That was low” he retaliated, putting as much heart ache into his words as possible before the held back cheeky grin broke out. “Now about that taste…”

Much to her frustration, Angel withdrew his hand and gave himself enough space to kneel down. Hands took a firm hold of her legs, gliding up over the smooth surface until he was able to grasp her hips. Bringing Cordelia towards the table edge, the vampire licked the tiny drop of perspiration that appeared on his upper lip.

She was soft and pink and the petals of her sex glistened with arousal he had caused. The pearly clit exposed; red, swollen with stimulation and desire, Angel wanted to tease that sensitive little bud with his tongue and lips while sliding thick fingers into her core. Opening her up, preparing her for being made love too by him.

Closing his eyes off from her scrutiny, he pressed his face into the soft but toned portion of her abdomen, inhaling the unique aroma that spelled Cordelia. Brushing his face over her stomach, Angel’s hold on her hips got tight enough to leave imprints on her golden flesh, not that either cared.

The tip of his tongue flicked out past arid lips, touching the responsive nub and was rewarded by a loud gasp and quick buck of her hips. Parting the dewy folds, Angel slipped his oral caress past the outer petals and indulged her body with a long, slow sweep of his tongue.

Cordelia latched her hands onto his strong shoulders, her mouth opened and closed wordlessly. The unnatural coolness of his body temperature first soothed then built her own right up, increasing her blood pressure to the point where it began to get louder in her ears.

The taste of her coated his lips like liquid fire, urging him onto bathe in the hot rain a little more. Delving further down, Angel felt where her body opened up to allow him entry and he took her widening legs as permission. Wasting no more time, he lapped up the arousal with a hungered touch, the flat of his tongue rasping against her hot inner walls.

Rich, warm rain slid down his throat like honey as he vowed not to lose a drop of any of it. Curling up inside, Angel deftly withdrew, leaving Cordelia mewling in both pleasure and annoyance. Dancing the peak of his tongue up, he caught her clit and wrapped his lips around it.

Using a harder hold, he pinned her writhing hips to the table so he could continue without being interrupted. Words of praise, begs for more and needy little moans was what he got in reply. Each response she gave only served to make him harder, make him ache more than he already was.

His shaft pressed heavily against the fly of his pants, his balls were pulled tight to his body and his body was humming with deep throbs that threatened him to hurry things along. His chest rose and fell with unnecessary breathing, enabling him to inhale the intoxicating scent of female arousal and commit it to memory.

Sweet, spicy, heavenly. All he could think of, all he knew right at that very moment was just how good she tasted to him. Every last drop of it was his.

Pulling back from her supple body, Angel ran his gaze across her sex and was pleased to see a red intimate blush staining the sensitive flesh. Taking a restraining hand from her hip, the vampire touched her once and felt a pre-climatic shudder pulse through her.

“Don’t stop Angel!” Cordelia half growled as she saw past the foggy haze to glare down at him when he didn’t give her more. If it hadn’t been for the incessant yearning, she might have felt embarrassed at being so exposed in front of someone who, until tonight, had been nothing more than her best friend and secret recipient of love.

No sooner had she said those words than Angel slipped the thick shaft of a single finger into the tight core, groaning loudly when the scalding heat burned right to the bone. She was everything he wished for and more, tight, hot, wet and open to whatever he wanted to give.

Penetrating further, he pushed past the tightness of her velveteen muscles until the tip of his touch connected with the most sensitive of places inside, making her cry out. That’s the sound he wanted to hear, the sound that told him that for once he was doing something right.

Her nimble hand clasped around his wrist, guiding him harder as her hips arched higher off the table, pushing him further inside.

Angel reluctantly tore his gaze away from the erotic sight to see her face. Head rolled back, eyes squeezed shut and mouth parted, allowing breathy moans to be heard around the room. Chestnut hair falling loose from the hair band and wispy tendrils floating down to brush against her flushed cheeks.

Cordelia was the perfect picture of passion right then and he knew just how perfect she was for him.

“Like that?” he purred, withdrawing to work in a second finger before entering a little harder. “Or do you want more? Do you want me?”

“You, I want you” Cordelia managed, using the remaining threads of sanity to see clearly about what he was asking. Spreading her legs wider invitingly, the brunette yanked her wits together not wanting to climax before he did. Inexperience probably wouldn’t allow her to go another round and she wanted to see this through, wanted it to be right for him too and not just herself.

Angel pressed a lasting little kiss to her core before moving away and standing gracefully upright. His fingers breezed over her clit once, garnering him the pleasure of a final hiss before he made her scream. “I want our first time to be in my bed, not on a table” a wry chuckle escaped as he lowered his head a little, stealing one more glance at her body. “Since my bed is your spare air one, I think we should take this to yours”

Wiggling around on the smooth, hard surface of her kitchen table, Cordelia was inclined to agree. She made a move to hop down to the floor when she was suddenly scooped up and cradled firmly against a solid chest. Nails dug through silk and into flesh as surprise caused a squeak to be released and her body to tense.

“Bed time”


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